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Cosmic Time 9.23.07 – Harvest
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In this issue . . .
Harvest Home
Galactic Alignment
Tidal Momentum
Support and Sharing
Star Portals

Harvest Home
What an adventure. We’ve just experienced a major passage with the eclipses and are now approaching a momentous alignment in late October. The cosmos has plenty more astro offerings in store before the year is out.
The Lunar Eclipse in late August and the September 11 Solar Eclipse shattered longstanding illusions and ushered in a new era. Right now Mars is facing off with Pluto just as the Lord of the Underworld transits the Galactic Center. Jupiter, the Guru, squares Uranus, the Awakener. Initiation is the name of the game.
On the Autumn Equinox today, we begin four days of celebration in the Northern Hemisphere. (In the Southern Hemisphere, new life emerges with the Spring Equninox.) The harvest, abundance, a multitude of blessings manifesting in our lives by the moment. This is a new day, a time of infinite possiblities, quantum growth, instantaneous transformation. Nothing is like it used to be, and never will be again.
The Autumn Equinox – known as Harvest Home or Mabon in pagan traditions – is a point of balance in the solar year. The Sun enters Libra, sign of the scales. We yearn for justice, balance, harmony. Corn signifies the harvest, abundance, fertility in our lives. In the Earth’s journey around the Sun, darkness and light are equally expressed on this special day. As daylight begins to fade, we prepare now for winter, even as we celebrate fall’s harvest.
The energy crescendos as the enormous Harvest Moon rises Tuesday night. She hovers in her perfection, ripe and full, illuminating our deepest knowing. Celebrate with harvest ritual, the grain and the staff, connecting in spirit with others around the globe who choose a new day. Manifest and create, more joy, by the light of the Harvest Moon.
To read more about the eclipses and other celestial happenings from previous issues of Cosmic Time, visit the archives at this link:
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Galactic Alignment
“My God, it’s full of stars.”
– Dave Bowman, 2010
Renegade Pluto, out there on the fringes of our solar system, is fast approaching his third and final conjunction with the Galactic Center. The first pass was in December last year, and the second was on July 17. The final conjunction will be exact on October 26-27, never to be repeated in our lifetime.
The potential for transformation, for transcendence, is profound.
As Pluto aligns with the black hole at the center of our galaxy, our thoughts and belief systems are shattered, reconfigured. This transit – so perfectly, divinely timed – is designed to open our hearts and minds to the realm of infinite possibilities where creators dwell. Welcome home.
Imagine, for a moment, merging with the vortex of creation at the center of the Milky Way. Tiny, icy Pluto (who really doesn’t care if we consider him a planet or not) is doing just that, and he invites us to join him.
To honor this passage and ride the quantum wave, we’ll gather in a remote area of northern New Mexico for a Transformational Weekend Retreat in the land of the Anasazi, the Ancient Ones, next month. The retreat is timed with the Taurus/Scorpio Full Moon and this historic Galactic Alignment. We still have space for a few more participants. Details are posted at this link on my web site:
Register today to reserve your spot for this most sacred journey. Namaste.
You can read more about Pluto and the Galactic Center in the Cosmic Time archives:
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Tidal Momentum
Waves of change, crashing to shore. This is the time between world ages. Concsciousness is expanding. The old is falling away. The new is yet to be born. The only thing we know for sure is that e-v-e-r-y-thing is changing, evolving. The acceleration is unstoppable.
How are you feeling it? Humans are amazingly adapatable, and yet, the rate of change these days is so intense, most of us are noticing an upsurge in physical and emotional anomalies. Headaches, dizziness, pressure, muscle aches, emotional outbursts, changes in sleep, eating and menstrual patterns are all common. So is a sense of deep, deep fatigue, weariness in the soul. Breakouts of bliss, extreme peace, are just as common, as all levels of our being are calibrated to the incoming energies.
We live in the times the Hopi call the Great Purification. This is true of our bodies as much as the Earth. Here are some ways to ride the wave and allow the changes to flow through . . .
Purification – Detoxify with herbs. Sweat. Fast. Soak in mineral waters and sea salts. Drink at least eight glasses of purified water every day, with fresh lemon added.
Nourishment – You know what your body needs (not what it wants, what it needs) to thrive in these times of intense change. Add more fresh vegestables, especially dark, leafy greens, to your diet. Enjoy raw, living foods. As our friend Dan Winter says, “Eat life as much as possible.” Supplement your diet with whatever else your body needs to support your evolution – vitamins, minerals, herbs. Exercise every day.
Nurturing and balance – Feed your soul. Walk on the Earth, bathe in her waters, gaze at the stars. Play, dance, create. Exercise every day. Find out what makes your heart sing, and do more of that. Relax with a cup of tea. Rest. Get a massage. Meditate, connect with Source.
Throughout this special time, we’re offering services and gatherings to support your evolutionary journey. I look forward to connecting with you!
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Support and Sharing
Sacred Journey – A Transformational Weekend Retreat – October 26-28 – Ojo Caliente, New Mexico
The stars are aligned, and our Transformational Journey in Native New Mexico is set for the weekend of the Scorpio Moon and Pluto’s passage of the Galactic Center. Talk about your power portals! Join us for a weekend of deep transformation with ceremony, drumming, chant, movement, communion in Nature, and experiential learning with a variety of transformational techniques – all in the sacred landscape of northern New Mexico. For details, visit:
We look forward to sharing in this life-changing experience with you!
Special Rates on Personal Sessions
To celebrate the Fall Harvest, we’re offering special rates on Astro-Tarot Consultations for Cosmic Time subscribers through September 30.
This customized reading includes an intepretation of your natal chart and transits focusing on life path and purpose, soul evolution and natural timing. We also access the wisdom of the Tarot to bring through energy and information from the highest spiritual realms to support your journey as we address life path issues including career, family, health, finances, travel, study and more.
60 minutes – $185 US, includes audiotape of the session (digital recording/archiving available – add $10)
90 minutes – $245 US, includes audiotape of the session (digital recording/archiving available – add $15)
To schedule, please e-mail me and include the time zone you’re in.
Raw Spirit Festival & Personal Sessions – October 12-14 – Sedona, Arizona
Join us for the Raw Spirit Festival, the annual raw vegan eco-celebration amid the vortexes and red rock landscape of Sedona, Arizona. Feast on gourmet raw foods and attend demos, lectures and classes. Learn from leading-edge raw foods experts, shop in the exhibitor booths, and enjoy live music and a special film festival. I’ll offer a guided meditation at lunchtime on Saturday and personal Star Readings/Cosmic Activations at my booth throughout the weekend.
For tickets, see the event web site: Please give my name in the referral box when you sign up.
I’ll also be offering Personal Consultations in Sedona on October 16-18. A limited number of appointments are available. Please schedule in advance by e-mail.
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Star Portals
Holy Wow. In nearly a decade of writing this astro-ezine (previously incarnated as “Alignments”), I’ve never seen a year quite like 2007. It’s one cosmic extravaganza after another, and we barely have time to integrate in between. So much change, so much growth, so many possibilities. The best is still to come.
The next three Full Moons (September 26, October 25, November 24 ) are the biggest and brightest of the year as Sister Moon approaches perigree with the Earth. Pluto crosses the degree of the Galactic Center once more in late October. Then Jupiter catches up with Pluto in late Sagittarius in December for a cosmic conjunction guaranteed to light up your life.
The remainder of 2007 is such a power portal, it’s important to your monitor our thoughts constantly. What we think is what we create, and that process is accelerating. Here are moments of peak intensity. Plan now for prayer, ceremony, honoring your self and Mother Earth during these ultra-potent times.
September 22-26 – Equinox Gateway
September 25/26 – Harvest Moon in Aries/Libra – exact at 3:45 PM EDT September 26
October 25/26 – Full Moon in Taurus/Scorpio – exact at 12:51 AM EDT October 26
October 26/27 – Pluto conjunct Galactic Center (exact)
October 31-November 6 – Samhain Crossquarter Gateway
November 24 – Full Moon in Gemini/Sagittarius- exact at 9:30 AM EDT
December 11 – Pluto-Jupiter Conjunction with a stellium (Sun, Mercury, Jupiter Pluto) in Sagittarius
December 21 – Winter Solstice
December 23 – Solstice Moon in Cancer/Capricorn
Naked-Eye Treat
Venus watchers, don’t miss the rare line-up of Venus, Saturn and the fixed star Regulus forming a tight triangle that the crescent Moon will pass through in the early morning sky on October 6 or 7 (depending on your time zone).
The heavens are smiling. Peace on your journey.
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In Cosmic Time, Allison Rae explores 2012 and cycles of time, our relationship to the cosmos and what’s to come as the evolution of consciousness accelerates on Earth. A gifted natural clairvoyant and passionate teacher, Allison offers individual consultations and training by phone, and workshops, retreats and sacred sites journeys in the Western U.S. Visit her web site for more information. Allison offers individual consultations and training by phone, and workshops, retreats and sacred sites journeys in the Western U.S. Visit for more information.
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