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~Dhyana Markley~

via Dhyana Markley

May 16, 2008

Good afternoon, I am Quan Yin and today I would like to speak about homosexuality.

There is much confusion about sexuality on our planet.  I say “our planet” because I have lived upon and within Mother Earth for many, many lifetimes and am a Regent Master in the area.

Religions and past conquerers of Earth have placed sexual restrictions upon mankind and called them Laws, laws that perhaps served a purpose in the past, but no longer need play a role in the lives of ascending humans.  Conquerers were concerned with the multiplying of slaves and religions are interested in multiplying their followers and therefore their income from those followers.

So, you see, those in control always have their own agenda and this has little or NOTHING to do with truth or what is “for the good of the whole”.

To me that which is “for the good of the whole” means that which will bring you to Oneness and aid your continuing ascension.  TRUTH will do this and the truth is, sex doesn’t matter at all.

It matters not if one is considered male or female or both or neither.  The only important thing to consider is that each individual is an expression of Soul… that which is a part of God.

In the past it has been beneficial to conquerers and religious leaders to keep their slaves and money producers in check and under control, so that no one would start thinking for themselves, but be held in place by tradition or the customs of their created society.  In that way, the controllers could just appear as if they were doing “God’s Will” when they told you, you were “going to Hell” if you did this or that.

Now, I know they WERE NOT doing “God’s Will” and hopefully by the end of this discourse, you will also.  They knew all along that if you were ever allowed to think “outside of the box” that one day you would figure out that all they were doing, rather what they were mainly doing, was creating yet another way to keep people separated. 

They didn’t want harmony and Oneness of thoughts or actions.  They have wanted all along for each and everyone of you to argue amongst yourselves about who is right about the varied and many subjects put before you.  Their intent was to keep you fighting and separate.

Many of you are in a major ascension right now, so if you have any attitudes about what is right or wrong about sex or the sexual habits or preferences of anyone, it is time for you to face your prejudices and resolve all of these issues, because they are going to be in your face in the higher worlds and upon other worlds.  You won’t need to change your preferences, only your attitude about allowing everyone else to have their preferences too.

You of Earth have been living in a world of duality for so long that many of you have totally forgotten what it is like to live 24/7 in LOVE.

When one loves, and I mean loves everything all of the time, judgment and criticism drop easily by the wayside and all one then sees is LOVE.

True love and the effects of that love upon your life and everyone around you will soon prove to you how restricting and actually “loveless” your relationships with the rest of mankind on Earth has been for the past 10,000 years or more.

It is time to change that archaic attitude of thinking you know it all and especially that you know what is best for anyone else.  If you don’t you are going to be very uncomfortable in the new world, because while everyone else radiates love for each and everyone of God’s creations, you will be filled with fear, doubt and anger.

Of course, you will find those who think as you do and will gather with them to tell each other that you are right and everyone else is wrong.

Ladies and Gentlemen and Others… I am here to tell you that there is no “Right” or “Wrong”.  It just IS.  What is, IS.  It is all just a choice that the God within you makes so that you can have a different experience.  That’s ALL.  That’s IT.  You have been brainwashed into thinking one way for so long that you are now programmed to program your children!

Of course, you are allowed to do this, but like I said, one day very soon you are going to be very uncomfortable if you insist on maintaining such small minded attitudes about the Universe around you.

There are many, many inhabited planets where their main population is neuter.  Now, these individuals are not clones or robotoids, they are creations that carry the same spark of God that you carry.  “How do they reproduce,”  you might ask.  They just “intend” to reproduce themselves and they do.  They don’t even need a partner unless they choose to have one.

Now, when one talks about loving everything and everyone, it is much easier to understand individuals of the same “sex” loving each other.  In fact, it is as natural as individuals of the opposite sex loving each other, and individuals of totally different sexual orientation loving each other.

Many of you love your animal friends.  Is that so different than loving a rock, a tree or another individual of a totally different species?

It is true that in some lower dimensions one cannot successfully merge with one of such a different species and produce off-spring, but this has more to do with God’s Divine Plan for the Universe than it does to create an impossible dream for those who love.

You are love.  The Universe is love.  Everything and everyone was created in love, with love, by love.  And, living within such love is the most wonderful experience that anyone can ever have.

This is what I am asking of you today.

Love.  Just love.  Be love.  Know love.  Give love… to everything and everyone.

I am Quan Yin and I thank you for your consideration of my words.




  Dhyana Markley wrote @

Thank you so very much for adding Quan Yin’s recent AMS discourse to your site.
Since your site focuses on Goddess Light, perhaps you might also be interested in my Ascension Lessons From Lady Masters. There are 85 of them on my site:
Thanks again for your support.

Dhyana Markley, scribe for the above article.

  Sue Halstenberg wrote @

Thank you for using my painting of “Kuan Yin” that was commissioned by Dr. Doreen Virtue for her Hay House “Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards”. High quality artist-signed prints of this piece are available on my website. Thanks for your support.

Sue Halstenberg

  Rachel wrote @

Thank you so much for posting this! Just today I was having a debate with another individual about this. And let’s just say my defense for bisexuals (which I am one) and homosexuals (which a few good of my friends are) was fairly weak due to my lack of knowledge or solid facts in terms of spirituality.

In my heart I knew all this information and yet I felt like it wouldn’t present a strong enough defense. And now I regret not using it. But if it should come up in conversation again, I now have something to remind me of the inner truth that love is love and sexuality does not matter at all!

With great thanks and love,
Rachel xoxoxo

  Pan wrote @

Thank you for this post, I am so relieved to see it.

  jolly wrote @

First when I read this message it put me into great confusion as I saw it from worldly consciousness, later when I opened my heart and went through this message the higher understanding began to flow it explained male and female energies are limited and are present only for the world outer view but internally we are neither male nor female, we are just two energies which has to be balanced… Thanks for the beautiful post 🙂 love N light

  Veronica wrote @

Love is Love but that doesn’t make it sexual. I love my cats but I do not have sex with them. Two of the same sex having sex is wrong. It is an imbalance and produces nothing positive in the universe. A truly advanced soul and lover of humanity would realize that sex when not operating on a higher level (procreating) is then operating on a lower vibration. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Homosexuality is operating on a lower vibration.

  Lesley Symons wrote @

@Veronica… Spiritual Higher level works even higher than you state; & lower level simply created the dualities instead of our Oneness & Wholeness…& degraded energy to only be defined as “male” or “female” rather than masculine & feminine ~ (Both attributes of God – all Ascendants, Angels possess within their Whole) .. thus diminishing our full consciousness of love. As co-Creators, we originally did not even need physical sex in order to achieve higher level sexuality fulfillment or reproduce. Literate, analytical & dualistic personalities (the human condition) rationalises love when it only has a survival function, not a spiritual purpose. Perhaps homosexuals, just like Angels, and defiantly in this Aquarius Age is a way of returning this knowledge – the Soul is of God & it is the Soul that Loves. People try too much to box the manifestations of Love & put it into a place of Fear. Since it seems, the sphere we are in, we are getting closer to our Self , why not?!
Aquarius says … “The more individualised our consciousness, the more universal. The greater our connection with our Self, the greater is our vision of the One that is the Self.”
Love & Light ❤

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