Jeshua* Parable of The Camel Trader


11 October 2008

Beloved and holy and only Child of our heavenly Father, Child of the
one Source, Child of Light, divine. That is who you are. Take it
deeply within the consciousness and contemplate what that means.

I am the one known as Jeshua ben Joseph, Jesus you have called me, and
it is in great joy that I come to abide with you this evening in your
timing as you have chosen once again to call me forth.

Great joy of reunion; great joy of remembrance, for truly, all of you
have walked with me in that lifetime that is so famously written
about. All of you have known me throughout the ages in one way or
another. That is why you feel resonance with my love, with my words,
and with the rest of the grouping of family so gathered here. All of
you within the sound of my voice, you have been with me as well.
Otherwise, this would be as foreign to you, but it is not. It
resonates within the heart.

You are a great ray of light sent forth from the one creative Source
before time began. You are a great ray of light, of energy, that
thought itself to expand; to ask of itself, “What can I create?”
Because, being the extension of the one creative Principle, creativity
is your nature, and so you create and you experience and you express,
and you change your world.

Right now your world is changing. There is much that you have felt of
vibrational change. As you have gone through even the past few days,
and definitely within the past month, you have felt a change, a shift.

Your news media will bring to you many suggestions of duality. You are
seeing within your political grouping a great clarity of the belief in
duality. Ones have asked, “Why is there such divisiveness within this
country? Why is the country so divided?” And ones have often pointed
fingers at this one or that one or this cause or that cause.

But truly, it is the holy Self of you that is showing forth the
duality in great clarity, even in what you call your politics, in the
choices that are being made, in the voices that are being raised. It
is showing you most definitely the long-held belief in duality.

And yet the holy Child is One. The holy Child, as a great ray of light
come forth before time ever was thought of, is One. You are a great
ray of light. Even as you claim an individuality of body, of
personality, of experiences, you are the great ray of light, and that
great ray has come forth to shine upon everything that is unlike
itself, and you are seeing much right now in your world that is coming
to light.

We spoke of this some years ago, that there would be a time, in a
process of time, when many things would come to light. That which had
been swept under the carpet and ones felt was going to never come
forth into the light, never going to be known, you have seen in the
last few days much that has been uncovered.

You have asked, “How did this come about all of a sudden?” because
seemingly what has been happening with your news media reporting it to
you, it seems like it came out of nowhere. But in truth, it has been a
process that has been well on its journey for a long time with ones
who thought that they could live in their power, temporal power of the
world, and that other ones would not know what they were doing, or
that they were above anyone else’s calling them on the carpet, to lift
up that corner of the carpet to see what was under it.

Well, now the carpet is being rolled up, taken outside and dusted off,
and the floorboards are seeing the light. You have wondered, “What
part do I play in this?” You play a very big part in this. You are the
light that has come forth into this time and this reality in order to
be part of a collective consciousness that is changing, that is
demanding change. I am not speaking on a political platform when I say
that. I am only saying that you have agreed that what you have been
experiencing is not heaven, and you have wanted heaven on Earth, and
in order to have heaven on Earth, some things must change.

And so at the soul level you have chosen to be part of the great
change that is sweeping not only this geo-political grouping, this
country, but other countries as well. But as we have spoken recently,
there is a globalization that is happening. It has been in process for
most of your lifetime. It goes back to previous centuries, and there
is no longer any space in the collective consciousness for
isolationism. You are tied to the brothers and sisters through your
technology, your world-wide web, and your workings of the various
companies which have outsourced the work to various geographical

And so ones of you gathered here this evening, and also those within
the sound of my voice, you find that you may be dealing in your
employment with someone who is halfway around the planet of our holy
Mother, the Earth. There are ones who have to adjust their time clock
in order to be in sync with ones who are working for and with the same

It has taken a bit of adjustment of the collective consciousness to
find its way through the technology that creative ones agreed to in
their contract, that they would come and make it possible that you
could work with brothers and sisters halfway around the world and that
the technology would prove to you in an outer way the Oneness of the
brothers and sisters who yet think themselves to be individual,
individual points of light, and yet you are a great ray of light: one
ray come forth to make this reality and to change this reality, to
play in this reality, and yet to know, even as you sit in this
reality, there are many other realities that are happening within time
and outside of time.

In your meditative quiet times you have had visions that have
surprised you, because those visions have expanded throughout what you
know this reality to be and have suggested other realities, and have
suggested ways that you can be, and are, part of other realities.
There is coming a time, not too long from now, when there is going to
be evidence of other realities that have and do exist side by side
with this reality, even within this reality in another dimension as
you call it, another level of this reality. Very soon there is going
to be the “evidence” that you have asked for.

Many voices have been calling out, “I want to know who I am.” Many
voices have been asking, “Why am I here? What is life all about? Why
did I choose certain parents? I have been told that I chose my
parents. I don’t think I did. They are very different than I am. They
believe differently that I do.”

And yet, you did choose your parents. “Well, if I did, why did I
choose those parents?” You chose them in order to interact with them
so that you could be an opportunity for them to love, to serve, and
perhaps to remember who they are. And they chose you in order for you
to see also how everything comes from love.

As you served them, they served you as you were little, you gave them
opportunity to serve, and you served them in that opportunity. You
loved them; they loved you in their own way, and through that, there
was opportunity to remember. I’ve heard many asking, “Why is this
reality so harsh? This is not the reality,” ones will say, “that I
wanted to live in. I expected that I would be surrounded by love. And
even with the parenting that I have had, it was very difficult, very

It was for you to know with clarity the duality of this reality, to
know how it feels to be loved. All of you have found love, sometimes
in the most surprising places, and all of you have felt the harshness
of life. And all of you have felt and heard the voice of separated ego
that would say, “You chose wrongly. You should not have said what you
said, did what you did, come at the time that you’ve come.”

But everything, beloved ones, has been in divine order, and your soul
knew this before the incarnation. Your soul knew that there would be
journeying that you would be doing, and your soul knew that you would
meet up with other ones who would have the same questions, who would
have some of the revelations to give to you, some of the answers that
you were seeking.

Your soul knew that you would make trek to many far countries, and yet
you would find family wherever you went. Your soul knew that this was
the divine time for you to be here as the extension of the great ray
of light from the creative Principle to be here, to change that which
you now see changing.

What you are standing upon now in your reality is very much like an
earthquake. You are not quite sure what is secure, because everything
is shifting and changing daily, hourly, and sometimes you feel a bit
insecure with it, because you’re not quite sure that the old paradigm,
the old beliefs, are serving you.

“What I used to think was true and what I thought was secure is no
longer there. The body speaks to me differently. The friends,
sometimes they say to me things that surprise me. They act in ways
that I didn’t think they would act. Why do they do that?’

They give you opportunity to look past the action and to be in love
with them as part of the great ray of light that they are as well, to
look past their choices of behavior and see the Christ of them. That
is why sometimes they act in ways that are un-understandable.

Where you stand is in a place of great divinity, and yet you sometimes
feel that you are at the end of your rope wondering what you can hold
onto. As advice that was given to one this week, when you reach the
end of your rope, what do you do? (Aud: You let go) No, you tie a knot
at the end and you hold on (Laughter) You tie a knot at the end of
that rope and you hold on until you know that it is safe to let go.

All of you have more support than you recognize. You do not walk this
path alone. You cannot walk this path alone, for there is, in truth,
no separation. There are many in your unseen realms who are present in
this room right now who walk with you day by day, encouraging you,
whispering in your ear, holding you in their arms and telling you how
beloved you are, because you are beloved. You are love itself.

That great ray of light is love pouring forth to change anything that
is not like itself. And what happens in the change is a shift in the
perception, where you move beyond what seems to be an appearance to
the place where you see the Christ at work.

As you will listen to various friends, sometimes they speak to you in
a place that resonates and you feel your heart open. Sometimes they
will speak to you from a space where you feel you have to be armored,
and you stand back from them, and as you have practiced, you give them
their space to have their own opinion, but you sometimes don’t want to
be with them too long because it doesn’t feel all that good.

What you are doing is moving past the place of the belief in duality,
moving into the space where you know Oneness with them as the Christ,
as that great ray of light. You see them as the individual that they
are. You see the choices that they make. You see their behavior.

Separated ego comes rushing onto stage very quickly and says with
judgment, “This is not…whatever.” And then there is a shift that
happens. Because you are willing, you can look past what is going on
in appearances and look to the Christ of them and look to how they are
effecting a global change that in time—and it will not be all that
long a time—will bring about harmony and respect, that harmony and
respect that you have been praying for not only in this lifetime, but
in many other lifetimes as well.

This is a most divine time to be here upon holy Mother Earth and to be
in touch with all of the brothers and sisters and to give them their
space and then to look beyond it to the true heart of them. As you do
that, a most miraculous thing happens. You find that there are more
and more of ones coming to you who speak the same language, the
language of the heart, who are as friends.

You have been gathering to yourself, through this lifetime and other
lifetimes as well, friends who are truly of your own nature, the
nature of love. More and more of the ones who come and are in your
space are in love with you, courting you, guiding you by whatever they
say, if you will have the willingness to stand in that place of beholder.

Sometimes you are right in the face with one. “Ah, this feels good.”
And sometimes you are right in the face with someone and they say
something and it takes you back a bit, and literally you can stand
back from it and say, “I know that there has to be another way to see
this. I am determined to see things differently.” That is what I am
speaking to you about now, speaking of the Christ of you and the
Christ of everyone.

You have much of turmoil that is going on right now. Many are
suffering, for their houses are crumbling; sometimes the physical
houses, sometimes the financial foundation of the house. But their
houses, their dwelling places, are crumbling, and this is good,
because they have to now look for a new dwelling place. I do not speak
here of a physical dwelling place. I speak here of a dwelling place
within the heart, within the consciousness, that is willing to change,
to look for a new dwelling place.

You have many who are “homeless” and they feel, in some cases, that
they don’t know where home is. In other cases, by being homeless they
have found home. They have found others in a certain grouping where
they are at home. Even though they have no physical dwelling place
perhaps above them and over them, they have found home, and so they
are homeless, and yet they are at home.

That is the most miraculous happening, and that is happening for many
who have had the attachments to the physical, material comforts. They
are finding now that that is not where their dwelling place is, and
they are lost for a time. Sometimes you are the answer that comes
along and smiles at them, offers them a hand, perhaps, or a word that
gives them a new way of looking at things.

You are the great ray of light. You have agreed that you will be here
in this time to share that light, to share the support, and to find
ones who are homeless in the emotional sense and show them that they
have the dwelling place within, and that they can come home any time
they choose to recognize that home within themselves.

You are the teachers. You are the ones who have come through the fire
of the challenges. You know how it feels to be homeless. You may have
had the physical dwelling place, but you have known times when you
felt completely estranged from anything that would be supportive. You
have felt far, far from home, and yet there has been the homesickness
that you have felt.

I have heard you as you have called out and you have wanted to know,
“Where is home? How can I find home once again?”

Many times ones will feel that if they return to the place of their
physical birth they can find home, or if they go and connect up with
the biological family they will find home. Oftentimes it is a
disappointment, because that which has been imagined or even hoped for
is not there.

But you carry home within you all the time, and you carry the
remembrance of home with you all the time. That is why there has been
such a yearning to have change upon this plane, to have ones come
through whatever needs to be in their perception and in your
perception of the turmoil.

So right now you are in the midst of a great earthquake. There is much
that is being turned upside down, and there are many who are suffering
because they have attachments to the past, to the past that they
thought was their security, their salvation.

Even the ones who go unto your religious edifices and maybe go every
day and say the holy words, they maybe are not finding the security
that they want to find. You are the friends who are making the changes
for them.

You are the collective consciousness that feels that it is in the
minority, and yet you are not. You are truly the majority. All of the
brothers and sisters will come home in time. Many of the brothers and
sisters feel the same desire and longing that you have felt and that
you do feel, that you want to know, “Who am I? Why am I here? What am
I supposed to be doing in putting these pieces together? How can I
find food for my small ones? How can I find a physical dwelling place
for my family? How can I live in peace? How can I live in chaos around
me and yet find peace within?”

Many of the brothers and sisters are finding, as a most miraculous
process, that they can find the peace within even though the noise and
the chaos is all around them. They are teachers, and yet they would
say, “I am just doing what I have to do. I am doing the best that I
can do.” And they are, and you are.

This is a time when you have wondered, “How can all this be happening.
I was brought up to believe,” many of you, “in a God outside of
myself, in a Savior known as one Yeshua, one Jesus, and that there
would be a divine emissary that would come at some time and make
everything right.”

Two thousand years ago there was an expectancy of a messiah who would
come and put everything right, who would send the Romans packing and
would set the Jewish hierarchy on their ears, and set everything in a
place of love. This messiah was greatly waited for, expected, and I came.

I spoke of love. I spoke of seeing things in a different light. I
spoke of the Father’s love, that one creative Principle, and I called
it Abba, meaning Father, in the sense of a loving Father who would
protect, nurture, guide, and care for his children. In the language
that I spoke there were many different words for father. I chose the
word Abba because of the nuance of meaning, the nuance of the caring
father; not the strong patriarch who would lay down the law and say
this is how it has to be, but the loving father who would always be
there for you, and is always there for you.

Many of you heard my message, and you began to look at things
differently. Many of you—after I physically left the scene and then
came back again in a most unexpected way—many of you in the next
century remembered my words, remembered the miracles as they seemed to
be, and you remembered and had such a great belief that many of you
were the martyrs who stood up for their belief to the point of
releasing the body.

Many of you carry yet within you that memory and you have said, “I
don’t want to go through that again.” And many of you have said, “I’m
not going to say certain things if I don’t feel it’s safe, because I
remember what happened in other lifetimes.”

I have assured you that that will not happen in this lifetime. You
will not be asked to release the body in a horrific way. When it comes
time and you want to release the body, it will be a choice, a choice
that you make, and it will be a free choice, for truly no one can take
the body from you.

Sometimes they have given you motivation that you thought you had no
other choice to make, but it will not be that way in this lifetime for

So many of you are speaking your truth and finding that there are
others who believe the same as you do. You are, in truth, the
majority; not the minority that you have felt yourself to be, but
truly the majority that wants goodness in your life and goodness for
your family and for the small ones, and to raise up the small ones
with love and caring and guidance that allows them to move into the
realization of all of their divine potential.

This is a most wonderful time to be in this reality. It is a changing
of the guard. It is a changing of the collective consciousness. It is
a changing of the Age. And it is not the first time that you have been
at this point, for truly you have ushered in a new Age other times,
because you are the masters who remember the light. You are the
masters who are in this reality walking in the world, but knowing that
you are not of the world, that the world is of your making.

And if that be true—take that deeply within your consciousness—if the
world be of your making, what then can you do? You can change it. If
you have made it in the first place—and you have—you can change it,
and that is what you are doing right now. You are changing it with the
brothers and sisters through what seems to be great turmoil, and yet
the most powerful change that you make is within yourself as you make
that change in perception, to look for the Christ at work in all of
the upheaval, in the old carpet being taken outside, hung over the
rope, the dust beaten out of it, and looking at the floorboards and
saying, “These floorboards…good wood, but needs a polish, needs a good

That is what is happening right now. Count all as good, for it is.
Even when ones will leave a relationship, there is a feeling of
attachment, a feeling of loss sometimes, a feeling of, “What did I do,
or what didn’t I do, that this one that I was in such a relationship
with would see me differently than I see them? What did I do?”

The truth: you did nothing to send them away. Everyone is free to make
choice. Everyone has their own journey to come to that place of
awakening, that place where they say, “You know, none of those little
things really matter. I see you now in a new light.”

Relationships come and go. They change. You bring them around because
you want to know the various nuances of relationship. And you have
found that no matter how securely you thought you held onto a
relationship, you cannot, but the thing you can do is to love. If one
leaves you and they are still activating the body but they want to be
with someone else or they want to move somewhere else, you let them
go. You have to. You also let yourself go, because you don’t need to
be attached to the past.

If ones whom you have loved have laid down the body and deceased the
body and you feel like you don’t know their telephone number and you
can’t call them up and they never send a postcard, they are with you
always. They are right here next to you. They walk with you, and they
are still interested in what you are doing; more so now than perhaps
they were when they were incarnate, because they had their own focus
of things that they needed to attended to. Once they have released the
body, they are freer to see the whole picture, and they are free to
walk with you and to offer advice, counsel, love. And they speak to you.

So sometimes when you feel their presence, you do not deny it. You
say, “Yes, I hear you.” And sometimes they will get powerful enough
that they will do physical things in your dwelling places that give
you the “evidence” that they are still around, still the powerful
energies that they have been when you knew them in the incarnate form.

For those of you who haven’t felt that physical evidence of the loved
ones around you all the time, it is there, and you can trust it,
because you will have a feeling. They will come to mind, or you will
have a dream, and in that dream they are very much with you. Then you
wake up, and you have for half a second or so the remembrance of them,
and oh, that’s so good…but they are no longer here. Yes, they are;
otherwise, you would not have had that dream. They are very much with
you, and they want to be recognized and they want to be energy that is
being used in this time of change. Call upon them, because there is
much that they can do from the other side.

Allow yourself to take advantage of all of the energy of that great
ray of light that came forth from before time began, and allow
yourself to know how powerful you are; not in the way of the power of
the world. That, as you have seen, changes. It shifts and changes,
sometimes very quickly, as you have seen in your past weeks.

But the power of your divinity, the power of the great ray of light
that you are…allow yourself to feel how you have shaped your world,
because you have made…the world is of your making. And yes, I know
there are times when you feel that you do not have the power to change
it, or that if you do have the power, it sure is taking a long time.

Yes, but that, beloved ones, as you have felt, is speeding up. You
have seen the evidence of how quickly things can change. You have
agreed that you will accelerate the time that it takes to have new
experiences. Other incarnations, other centuries you would live a
whole lifetime in a certain mindset. In this lifetime you can look
back to when you were the small one, when you were a bit taller, and
when you are now where you are, and you can see how your perceptions
of things, your belief system, has changed.

Other lifetimes you were in just one path, one belief system, and it
stayed there. This lifetime you have changed partners, you have
traveled, you have had perceptions that have turned upside down so
that you could see everything from the top and from the bottom and
from each side. You have seen in this lifetime how things are not
static. Your world is not static. That you have seen in the past week.

But I say unto you now, take that one step further and know that the
world is of your making and that what you hear about the happenings
that seem to be far away from you, and yet they touch your lives, they
are in your consciousness and you are changing them. That is how
powerful you are.

I want you to know two things from this time we spend together and to
take these two things deeply within the consciousness. The first is to
recognize how powerful you are and how you are changing the world. The
whole globalization of experience is changing rapidly, and you,
because of your consciousness, are changing it. You are that powerful.
So envision what you want it to be. Believe in your power. Look back
in your lifetime to see what you have changed, because you have
changed much in this lifetime.

The second point I want you to remember and to take deeply within the
consciousness and to wear it as raiment around yourself, is how deeply
loved you are, how deeply loved you are. You walk in a bubble of love
always. From before time began, you were that love, you have brought
it into this reality as you, and you are loved with a love greater
than anything the peers have told you, the parents have told you, your
teachers, your rabbis, your ministers, your pastors, your authorities;
greatly, greatly loved.

Remember how loved you are, how fortunate you are to be alive,
breathing, walking in this time in this reality. Do not curse this
reality. I have heard ones feel very upset. Do not curse this reality.
Know that truly you are so deeply loved that never can anything be
outside of you and outside of the love that you are. Wrap it around
yourself as you would take a shawl around; love in physical form.

Wrap yourself in it first thing when you wake up in the morning. Take
those covers that are on the bed. Wrap yourself in those covers. Wrap
the whole self in those covers, every bit of you, in love. Know that
it is my love that I give unto you, but it is your love, because truly
I have nothing that is apart from you.

I give unto you my love, but it is your love, and give it back to me,
please. As you are wrapped in that love, you have so much love to give
that you give it unto other ones (Laughter as Jeshua wraps the shawl
around Peter’s head and shoulders) There you are, all wrapped in love.
That he is, definitely. Most cool, wrapped in love.

Remember your power. Remember how you have changed and how you are
changing things, and remember how loved you are. Never can you walk in
any day without love. It is who and what you are, and it surrounds
you, it permeates every cell of the body. It permeates everything that
you think and that you say and that you share with other ones.

That is why ones are attracted to you. They feel instinctively that
they are safe with you, that you love them, no matter what they’re
going to say, no matter how “wrong” their choices might be. They know
that you love them, and you will love them through everything, no
matter whether they are next to you or whether they are miles away or
if they are in the unseen realm.

Those ones who were of the parents and relatives who may have allowed
the body to be deceased, love them, forgive them for whatever you
might have felt when they were with you. I know that all of you have
called unto yourself challenges of lifetime with parents.

All of you have come through the rough times of the parents not
knowing how to love this package that came to them most surprisingly.
They sometimes would look at this small package and they’d say, “But
we were only having an evening’s fun, and look what came.” (Laughter)

Other ones you have prayed for, you have worked to have them come
consciously into your life, and then you have said, “Now what do I do
with them?” So many of the parents—it is most humorous, in a way, to
watch—bring home the small one, lay it on the mat, and then say, “Now
what do we do? Where is the guidebook?” And so they do, as they have
been brought up, the best that they can do.

And when your small ones have come to you and you have looked at them,
“My goodness, what do I do with this one? How do I raise this one up?”
And I say unto you it is very much a two-way street, because the small
one that comes unto you does not come perfectly innocently, as has
been said to you in order to make the guilt upon the shoulders that
perhaps it was all of your doing if they go one way or if they go
another way.

They come as masters in order to be the catalyst to work with you as
they are remembering who they are. And so they come with their own set
of remembrances and their own set of self image from other lifetimes
and their own inclination to a certain way. So you work with them. It
is a journey that you share with them for a time period. And then, off
they go or off you go.

Changes; life is about change. But you now stand at a most wonderful
place of change. You will see in the next few months of your timing,
as we have spoken earlier a few months ago, we spoke that in the next
six to twelve months of your timing you were going to see much of
upheaval, much of change, and it is because you are ready for it.

You collectively have asked for change, that you want to clear out all
of the dross, the old bits that no longer serve heaven on Earth, that
no longer serve the self image of the divine One.

And so you are going to see upheavals, and you are going to sometimes
reach out to another one and say, “Hold my hand while we go through
this, because I’m not quite sure what’s happening.” And so you will do
this physically. You will do this by your internet of corresponding
with ones. You will do it on your most wonderful technology of the
telephone or the little blue tooth—most wonderful.

You will do this, sometimes reaching out to another one saying, “Help
me for awhile. I’ve almost…not quite, but almost lost my understanding
of what’s going on here. Give me a word, a little guidance. Show me a
little light.” And the other one will, because you are all of the same
great ray of light. Remember that.

You are all sisters and brothers under the skin; the same one heart
beats in all of you. So you will weather the storm, and there will be
storms. You will weather the storm. You will take yourself to a higher
place to look upon what is happening.

Now, I know, first of all, you may get caught up in what is happening
and in the, “Oh, my goodness.” But then you will step back from it and
you will say, “I know that this has to serve the atonement.” And it
does. And there is a pony in there somewhere. I saw you smiling at
that—the horse people.

I would share with you a story. This used to be called a parable, but
it is a story. Once upon a time, as you would understand time to be, a
little boy was born. And this little boy was born into a family that
raised animals. They had their sheep, they had their goats, they had
their camels. The father of the family carried on what had been,
within the generational lineage, the family business of raising,
breeding, and trading camels.

This family was fairly well off, because camels would demand a good
price. They were on a certain caravan route that went to a very busy
seaport, and so there was much trade that the father did.

Over the years, as the father grew older, the family business passed
to this little boy who was now a grown man, and because he was the
oldest of the family, he was chosen naturally to carry on the family
business of the camel raising, breeding, and trading. It was a good
business that he knew. From the very beginning, he saw how it provided
for the family, and more than that, he had a fondness for the animals.

He enjoyed being with the sheep. He enjoyed being with the goats. He
saw how it was an exchange, that the sheep would give the wool for the
garment making and the goats were there for their milk, for the meat.
The sheep also gave of their meat, and the camels brought in a good
price when the caravans would come by and would need some new camels
to carry the burdens of the trade that they were taking to the seaport.

As a young boy he was able to spend time with the animals to the place
where he had a common language with them, an instinctive language.
There was much that he shared on a level that went deeper than just
the words, and there was great love.

As he became a man and took over the family business, he took to
himself a wife and began a family of his own, and the camel trade
proved for them a good livelihood, and he felt very good about being
able to provide for his family.

But as is the way of the world, the caravans found a new route to a
new seaport, and the new seaport was busier than the old one. And so
the caravans started going a new route, not where he was raising his
camels, where his family had lived for many generations, and so the
business, the gold coins, dwindled.

He wondered, and he cursed the new seaport and the new business and
the ones who would be attracted to the new seaport. After all, in his
thinking, what was wrong with the old seaport? What was wrong with the
old trade route that went by his village? He became very bitter; so
bitter that his friends didn’t want to be around him. His brothers and
sisters who were raising their own families didn’t want to be with him.

He was very unhappy, so he reached a decision that he would have to
take a group of his camels across land to find the new route of the
caravans and to set up a new business somewhere else. At first he said
to his family, “I will set out and I will see what the new route is
and I will see how the trade is, and when I have established a place,
I will send for you.”

None of them were happy about this, because they liked living in the
village where they had known the father, grandfather,
great-grandfather, great-great-grandfather, etc. and all of the
cousins and aunts and uncles.

So he set out with a group of his camels to see where the new trade
route was and to see how business would be. Along the way one evening
during the nighttime, robbers came and stole all but three of his
camels, so he was left with only three. He became even more
embittered. Why had this happened to him? Life had been good up to a
certain point. Why had things changed?

He railed against his God, and he railed against the caravans that had
changed their route, and he railed against the new seaport, and most
of all he railed against the robbers, the thieves who were very good
at setting upon a solitary person traveling. That is why the caravans
traveled in caravans, as protection.

He went on with his three camels to the seaport to have a look at it
to see what he could do to set up a new business there, but he found
that the land around the seaport was not to his liking. It was too
busy, and too many people were living on the outskirts of the seaport,
and they were as bad as the robbers on the way. He did not feel happy
being there.

His idea was to set up a new place where he would breed more camels
and establish a new farm, but he knew that he was not going to be
happy there, and it was not a place where he wanted to bring his
family. The more he thought about his family and he thought about his
village, he knew that he did not want to be in that new location at
the new seaport.

One evening it came to him that what was most important was his
family, the friendships that he had turned his back on, the happiness
that he had felt with the sheep, with the goats, and with raising of
the camels, and the simplicity of life; not the business of the
seaport; not the unscrupulous business way that they would deal and
try…he had sold two of his camels for much less than what they were
worth, and he was left with one old camel. She was very old. That is
why no one wanted to buy her. She was too old for breeding, and she
was too old to do much heavy work. She was his companion.

So he spoke to this camel and he said, “Let us return unto the
village. I see now that what I was looking at, what I was chasing
after, is not where my treasure lies, but it is with my family and
with the village and the villagers that I have known.” And with that,
his heart opened; the heart that had been closed, tightly armored for
a long time as he saw his camel trading dwindling and as the caravans
no longer came near his place.

And so with this one very old camel that had been his friend for many,
many years and had bred for him many small young camels that he then
sold for a good price, with his very old friend he traveled back to
the village. He didn’t know what to expect, because when he had left,
everyone was happy to see him go.

But a most miraculous thing happened. His heart had opened. He was in
joy with the stars of the night, with the sun in the daytime, with the
grass that he would see, the flowers, the birds, every little bit of
life in every different form. He began to see in a new light.

The camel, his companion from the time he was a little boy, spoke to
him and pointed out to him the treasures of life itself. And because
he had this communion with the camel, his old friend, when he arrived
at the village there was a feeling around him that was new, that was

He did not care if others didn’t speak to him, but he loved them. And
so, of course, they spoke to him, because they could see that there
was a smile upon his face, and they welcomed him home. The family was
very happy to have him back home again, and he found that there was
enough of the goat milk, of the meat, of the wool, and he had left a
few of the camels at home that he could start a new breeding program
with them, so that he could give camels to the rest of the village.

He lived out the rest of that life as a great-grandfather, loved for
his wisdom. He had come through generational thinking into the family
business. He had broken with the family, turned his back, cursed
everything that had been near and dear to him, and left. He had gone
afar, had everything taken from him except for the old, old camel that
was his dear friend, and everything changed for him.

So when he returned to the village, he was no longer the bitter man
who had left. He went on to father some more children who loved him
dearly. He had great-grandchildren who loved him and villagers who
came and spoke to him about, “What is it like out beyond the village?”
And he would say, “It is a grand adventure, and if you want to go, go.
But if you have everything that is near and dear and important to you
right here, then you do not have to travel abroad to find happiness.”

So some of them, being adventuresome, set out on their own, and many
of them returned to the village. But most of them stayed in the
village and are there yet to this day, raising their camels and their
sheep and their goats and being very happy in the sunshine and in the
rain and in the caress of the wind and in the storms that show great
power, appreciating all of the variety of life.

Now, if you want to draw from that story any parallels into this day
and time, you are free to draw your own conclusions.

Oftentimes two thousand years ago, I would sit with you and I would
tell very simple stories, because nothing was written down in those
days. It wasn’t as you had a certain paperback or hardback book to
take with you. You didn’t even have the papyrus to write on, usually,
because you were traveling. You were simple folk.

It wasn’t until much later that my stories were written down, but they
were simple enough, as this one is, that ones remembered them and
passed them down generation to generation until finally someone
decided they would write them down and they ended up in your holy
collection of biblos, the Bible. And so you have in this evening the
parable of the camel trader; not unlike your investment traders of
this day.

Now, beloved ones, it has been my great joy to speak with you of the
changes that are happening, of the earthquake that is happening in
your world right now; of the homeless ones who are finding home
within; of the newly homeless ones who are quite bitter; to speak to
you of your light, the great ray of light that you are and to remember
that great ray of light; to remember your power that you have made the
world, and so you can change it. And you are very much changing it
very quickly.

Remember first, foremost, and last, how beloved you are; how greatly I
love each and every one of you; how always I travel with you, I laugh
with you, I joke with you; I love you; I support you. Allow yourself
always to look upon the glass that is half full as opposed to half
empty, and to count, simple as it sounds, your blessings, for this is
a good life. Beloved ones, I am in love with you.

So be it.

About Oakbridge University

With the emergence of a new consciousness of Light and Love comes a
remembrance of who we are. Stirrings in the heart echo whispers in the
mind and a yearning to know, to express, to experience more of the
Light and Love is awakened within us. Oakbridge University, founded in
1989, was born of the desire to provide an opportunity for such

Mission Statement
Promote peace in the world, respect all life and the empowerment of
each person to fulfill his or her highest potential.



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