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Adama on Integrating the Equinotical Energy

Happy Equinox!
I know this is a rather difficult month for many, especially physically, so I wanted to reassure you again that this is not only a collective experience, but a temporary one as well….albeit a long temporary….
It has been especially taxing for many this entire summer, but this month seems to be most challenging. If you are experiencing anxiety, rage, anger, frustration, irritability, spinal soreness, lower and middle of the back pain, sinus discomfort, (3d eye headaches) hyper-sensitivity to smells, left sided discomfort, low immunity, upper and lower neck stiffness/soreness, difficulty sleeping with extreme fatigue (nice combo, right?), lack of motivation to do anything, obnoxious food cravings, hormonal hell (including feeling pregnant, extreme water retention, sore breasts, abnormal menses, hot flashes, night sweats), swollen glands, temperature fluctuations (inability to stay warm, then sweating) and whatever else i am forgetting…rest assured, your not alone.
It feels like we are at breaking point and according to Adama, this may arrive as early as tomorrow.
In the meantime, to ease the physical/emotional discomfort I suggest a few things as a reminder:
1-sea salt baths (a good way to clear your energy field and assists in grounding the energy in a purified way.)2- naps (chances are sleeping at night is a challenge, so naps are necessary)3- drink lots of water (adding crystals always a good idea)4- yoga5- walks in nature6- psyllium husk/bentonite clay shakes (to assist in detoxification)7- Boiled fresh ginger tea with organic honey (stimulates blood flow to lower body and supports adrenals)8- Bragg’s Organic apple cider vinegar & organic honey tea with Cayenne pepper (boosts immunity/ stimulates blood flow/ adrenal support/clears sinuses)
And as always, I highly recommend Integrated Energy Therapy as a wonderful jump-start to aligning with the higher frequencies. For assistance in clearing the way to your full and potential on all levels, IET uses a higher vibration of energy from the powerful violet angelic ray to open the flow of vital life force within the human body and energy field. It facilitates the self-healing process at all levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) to clear blockages which cause imbalance and disease. While working directly with your 12-strand spiritual DNA to re-align and re-balance the body, IET assists in releasing suppressed feelings, memories, emotions, trauma, distress, thoughts and beliefs that limit your health, relationships, abundance and creativity. For more information or to schedule an appointment , see services below or email
Wishing you a graceful integration,Lauren
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Adama on Integrating the Equinotical Energy(Trouble Viewing this message? Click here to view online)
Greetings from the foundation of your inner earth societies, I am Adama of Telos.
I have come to speak on behalf of the civilizations of inner earth and in service to humanity. There is a message of hope contained within this transmission and I wish to offer solace for those who are enduring challenging times.
Presently you are engaged in releasing the final outworkings of many miscreated and collective thought forms coupled with grieving over many departed souls choosing to leave the earth at this tumultuous time. It is in this way that you are holding extraordinary amounts of light as you ground the potential for new earth through your cellular forms. We understand the amount of physical, mental and emotional challenge endured during this time of realignment and would like to offer you insight and hope for this especially difficult time.
With the equinotical energy approaching you are rapidly completing the final rebalancing phase of your cosmic journey into oneness, which officially beings on the first of your new year. The equinox and unto the entrance of your Harvest moon you will be realigning with your omnipresent nature. This restructuring period can be intense especially on the physical body due to the high voltages of electromagnetic frequencies pervading your biological systems and the earth.
We wish to reassure you that though this period is particularly challenging, that this realignment phase is near completion.
As a result this rewiring, we anticipate that many of you will be reaching states of clarity and comprehension never previously experienced in your lifetimes upon earth. The capability of your genetic wiring is encoded with encrypted triggers akin to a trip switch that detonates upon arrival at varying levels of conscious connectivity. Those who have genetically altered their DNA due to the thorough release and detachment from karmic/miscreated thought forms and experiences will be in a position to leave behind the struggle of duality to enter more solidly into the state of Oneness.
There are many of you reading this who are preparing to embark upon very new journeys in your physical form. Some of you will be experiencing true health for the first time in your human forms. Some of you will be extending your network of association to include new sectors of society to enhance community and production of technology upon earth. Some will be entertaining ideas of self-employment and new ventures to include deeply embedded ideas for new earth societies and networking platforms.
The results of your life changes will vary, but these changes will begin to institute and implement your life missions based on service to humanity and the general longing for community and oneness felt by so many at this time. The scales have tipped in your favor, and now the collective consciousness must bargain with fate. The new holistic approach to living and loving will introduce new ideas and radical life assessment by many who are willing and prepared to journey into a more rewarding life, one of shared moral value and global upliftment.
The energy of the equinox brings balance and renewed vigor for a better way. The balance felt within will undoubtedly be the balance that is projected onto the earth and environment and as such you who recognize this as truth will be offering humanity the gift of shared passion for a new way.
The ramifications of this are far reaching, for those with the courage to embark upon new journeys of the soul will feel rewarded for this decision. The rewards come from freedom and expansion outside of the limited parameters of 3d existence and into a new realm of development and evolution. Technology is one venture that will rapidly alter life on the surface of earth and we Telosians have much to offer in this regard.
At present, many of you are witnessing sudden revelations and awakenings to your ancient heritages and embedded within this knowledge of your true self is the blueprint of your contribution to the planet. The blueprint was specifically designed among a network of of advocates prepared to take earth to the next level of sociological and technological advancement.
The inner earth network is one that is comprised of many advanced technologies and those of you who have incarnated upon this plane with ancient genetics will undoubtedly feel the pull of this aspect of civilian progression. Already, there are new devices in particle technology (???) being studied that will greatly enhance your living conditions. Your ability to connect to your ancient heritages will benefit you greatly here as new ideas are ascertained and implemented based on your multidimensional capabilities.
This is partly how the new earth will come to realize itself, through the access and implementation of your multidimensional awareness. Each of you have within a specialized area of expertise to contribute to a developing civilization. Each of your contributions then are necessary for the whole of humanity and evolutionary climb into higher states of awareness and ultimately, connectivity.
Though this will happen over time, the beginning of this revolution for advancement is now, and begins with those of you who consciously chose to awaken to your divine gifts and abilities. The results of such a paramount effort will be momentous and in the creative endeavors of the soul, each of you will come to find the resting place within, the center point for being and the essence of ascended living.
Ascended living is a step by step culmination of those with the awareness of a greater reality and the wisdom of micro/macro cosmic interplay. As you begin to disconnect from the outworn paradigm and step more fully into ascended living you will come to realize balance in a complete way. To be the example for those who need guidance is merely the ability to focus on the internal desires within you, ground and institute those desires into a workable platform for participation in the upward spiral of evolution.
The results of your individual and soulular projects will be the magnet for attraction of like-minds and shared passion. The creations of your soul are those that incorporate a zest (passion) for life, inter-dimensional awareness and aptitude, and consideration for the whole. These signature traits set your soulular intentions apart from the old paradigm relations. As well, the creations of soulular intent often lead to great abundance and ease due to the high level and magnitude of frequency. Though your intentions have macrocosmic ramifications and benefit, they also benefit you, the microcosmic, with grace, synchronicity and attraction of soul mates for the continued development of your cause…as above, so below.
Brothers and sisters of upper earth, we are delighted at your achievements. Your motivation and continual drive to create heaven on earth has had far-reaching effects and the results of so much effort will astound you as they begin to take form in the physical dimensions of earth. A new cycle in history approaches and the silent revolution is in full force to create the most beneficial co-creative endeavors of the collective, for the people and by the people.
As the equinox brings you the gift of balance, notice how rapidly your intentions manifest in this space of detachment. Your creations of inspiration will lay the groundwork for future generations to come, generations with much to offer and great wisdom to share.
I AM Adama of Telos and together we will lift the great mother to her proper destination. On behalf of the entire civilization of Telosians, we bid you farewell and great tidings on your cosmic journeys into oneness.
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