The Blue Star Speaks* “Contactees, Soul Contracts of Soul Clusters and the relativity of each to the Other”

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Soul Clusters

10-25-08 to 12-25-08 

“Contactees, Soul Contracts of Soul Clusters
and the relativity of each to the Other”


Greetings Earthizens-I send “delighted to be with you again salutations” to all my relations as well. I always give careful thought to all the topics I wish to discuss with you ones during the course of a year. At times I may ask my Celestial daughter how she feels about my choices, however even if she does not agree with the topics, I do not change them. This is an example of her free-expression as well as my own. This time the transmission will essentially cover 2 topics and the relationship of each to the other clearly delineated for your better understanding. Because I never say anything without just-cause, you can rightly surmise that indeed I KNOW what I am about to speak of is vitally important to all. Now, I shall proceed. It is important that each of you ones understand not only the necessity for certain ones among you…and there are many…who have been asked to fulfill the vitally important role of “Earthbound Communicators” but also the relativity to their own personal evolvement as well as for planetary evolvement. Here, on the Earth Star planet, these ones are referred to as “Contactees.” Some have obligingly and lovingly fulfilled this specific function for “as long as they have been.” Others who have achieved a level of maturation which is vital in fulfilling this type of destiny are not always volunteers. Many have been selected by us for a variety of reasons-some which I shall now name: dedication to others rather than dedication to self, in-service to the Universe for the betterment of the Universe and the planetary evolution of Earth AND all her life forms, loyalty that cannot be compromised or breached, those who have always sought the good, Souls desiring to achieve the unique distinction of being all They can be. Clarity, receptivity and pureness of mind, heart and Sprit are a MUST. Also, being strong of mind and heart is a necessity, far beyond the confines of the physical state.


Oftentimes the Earthbound Communicators, who I shall simply refer to as “E.C.s,” gender leap for the purpose of better fulfilling their mission here. Each is aware until moments prior to their descent here that they will be unaware of this unique function we have asked them to fulfill until such time as they are they are ready, willing and able to receive and transmit without any qualms, without any fears which are induced by Earthbound conditioning. So it is that the E.C.s wander through their mortal lifetime, accomplishing other goals and achieving other objectives which they had already planned to take care of here, as a personal part of their Soul Life Path. Now, things always get interesting when a specific timeline, a gridline of spatial time and linear time co-join. When this conjunction arrives in its predestined state and bringing with it its own Universal wallop, the E.C.s are always taken aback by the consciously unknown to them, new state of awareness and the experiencing of further feelings of alienation from the human race as a whole. Although Soul knows well of the arrival of this timeline and the mission about to be revealed it is the personality of the individual which suffers the shock. Their worlds are now topsy-turvy. All they thought they knew and all they thought they would eventually know about life, has just become a minute facsimile of a detail in comparison to the grand state of be-ing which they now encounter.


We and their Spirit Guides and their other incarnate and discarnate mentors make every effort to have the initial approach as painless and shock free as possible. Of course we can only do what we can do to alleviate the “human condition.” Now, before I continue with the protocols and the results of individuals’ awareness of what is occurring, I shall speak to you ones about why E.C.s are a vital and necessary link to us and to Earth. I have been trying to think of a way that I can simplify my following explanation. So as Earthizens like to say, “here goes:” The Creator is an Infinite CREATION of the CREATION ItSelf. As such it is the Creator, who is also at times referred to as “The Creator God,” who is the Prime Director of ALL the Universes. Creator does counsel and seek opinions of the Gods and Goddesses of each Universe. It is in this manner that the CREATOR and the CREATION can co-join their energetic masses and transmit when deemed necessary, further ideas and suggestions to the Care Takers (Gods and Goddesses) of each Universe. When it had been foreseen long, long ago, by the Creator and the God of this Universe for instance, that the deleterious conduct which is still being acted out upon the Earth Star planet, had been willfully and premeditatedly set in motion by Illuminati forces and their heinous minion, then a Divine Plan HAD to be initiated in order to not only assist all Earthizens but to counter the terrorism, to balance the scales which the unilluminated ones had been busily and merrily tipping in their own favor.


Now, I am speaking to you ones of a massive undertaking; one that was so enormous a cosmic movement that many High Councils were convened with ambassadors and emissaries from all over the universe. They participated by taking part in offering their own suggestions, or listening to the plans that had to be incorporated to protect and serve Earth as well as other planets under the same hideous attack. It was then so very long ago, that the inspired plan to have E.C.s was birthed. It was then that the core of the plan began to form and be developed. Akashic records were reviewed, endless successions of meetings with each Being who had ever watched over a Guardian Child were held; Light filaments were studiously examined for the purpose of determining scientifically and Spiritually the exact amounts of Light a Soul would be required to radiate in order to be able to hold and receive transmissions without causing any harm to the personality walking in human or humanoid form. Or in the case on other planets, those living as life forms that you ones have no conscious memories of, YET. Great Councils were held with very old Souls who had incarnated many, many times; also Councils were held with younger Souls all for the purpose of ascertaining which Ones could best “serve and protect” and which could most effectively transmit and receive WHILE staunchly withstanding the ridicule and physical threats that would be thrust upon them by other inhabitants of the planets.


You see, this processing method was imperative in order for the Universe and ALL of its Caretakers to beat the beast at its own game. The best most efficient method to do this is to ALWAYS play the game against the beast BUT play it better. From the time of their arrival here many, many years ago, the Illuminati forces had begun trapping the minds of humans thus stagnating the Spirits of the Earthizens. Sometimes this was accomplished through outright coercion but mostly thorough their tried and true method of captivating a person’s mind with the veils of illusion; stroking their egos, sharing titillating stories with them of power and unimagined wealth that would be these unwary humans’ rewards. It was too easy to convince these peoples that they were receiving information from Divine Sources. It was not so much a matter of dealing with peoples with weak minds; rather the beast always FIRST goes after the peoples whose Spirituality is in question. Because the Illuminati are the creators of all religions, they had no need to hurl themselves against the religious minds. All they had to do there was to continue to exercise deadly control and expand upon the fears which they themselves created and instilled into the peoples’ minds through religions. It was the Spiritually devoid and the Spiritually attuned they sought the most. Those who were then just as those who are today, mentally and emotionally challenged do not count as “coup.” These ones are appetizers and have proven themselves to be useful for the unjust cause.


Now, as soon as the black legions became aware of the Divine Plan to have E.C.s here on the Earth Star planet they began to amass great numbers of men and women of their same-like-mind groups and intensified the messages they were giving to these peoples, purportedly from ancient Ascended Masters. This kept these peoples further under control and truly submissive to these suggestions, for they had given over their individual power to the beast. If ignorance is bliss, then there were some very happy people here who were the prototypes of today’s False Prophets. Now, here on the Earth Star planet the early pioneers of the E.C. movement were living in the harshest of times imaginable. You ones cannot CONSCIOUSLY understand how bad “bad” can be. These were among the worst of times for these ones, for their “kind” had not been here before. They were treated far worse than lepers. They were shunned, murdered, raped, tortured and ostracized by their fellow Earthizens. For eons their words fell on deaf ears. BUT, the process of “sowing and reaping,” with the sowing aspect occurring then, manifested BIG TIME as the reaping aspect when the deaf ear Souls left each mortal incarnation and resumed their places as “Souls in Growth.” They then assimilated the experience of all that had gone before. Many, many of them then recanted their previous experience of being “lost in illusion.” I also call this “being lost in the creation of time.”


Simply stated this means that with each forthcoming incarnation these Ones were less and less likely to fall into the black hole again. Obviously Souls who enjoyed being in that state, even yet today, CAN choose to remain there. As time progressed and more and more Time Walkers entered into this dimension those simple beginnings of the advance of the E.C. guard began an incredible movement. Now, each generation of Earthizens here has since those beginning times brought forth more Highly Evolved Souls who are the receivers and transmitters of Sacred information. What peoples here have failed to realize is that this one-time advance guard now numbers in the millions who are here, FOR THE GOOD OF ALL. Obviously I speak not of the False prophets or the puppeteers pulling the strings. The Creator and the God of this Universe in Their accumulated Divine Wisdom had originally sought the aid of all of our Star Keeper races. This was to not only ensure that the E.C.s would be provided with as much protection by us as possible, but that we who helped seed the human races could also watch over our descendants. It is the “thing you do because you love.” Do you see?


Now, I will explain a bit about the actions, reactions and interactions which all E.C.s undergo regardless of how evolved a Soul may be or what their degree and state of evolvement is. No, this does not preclude walk-ins from the state of transformation. All E.C.s enter here with s specific DNA encoding that you could identify as a “bell tone.” Although thousands of the E.C.s may share the same tonal decibel each tone is in someway slightly altered. It may be the duration of the ring, the length of the sound, the pitch, it can be many things. This is to insure that each of these Souls can only answer to the ring that is their own individual one. So, I can say with great accuracy that each bell is the same, yet different. Now, please to pay close attention here, the bell you hear may be your own: ALL E.C.s possess a predestined gridline which is a matching intersection between Universal Time (spatial time) and a preset linear timeline. These gridlines function as an immediate catalyst which spontaneously sets off the “bell tone” in response to the required timing. Although for thousands upon thousands of E.C.s the bells may INDIVIDUALLY begin to chime AT the same time, NONE of the bells chime for ALL E.C.s at the same exact moment. Again this is a part of pre-destiny. IF there are occasions when probability crises exist on the planet that will adversely affect an E.C’s high-risk mission suddenly becomes of immediate concern to us, we CAN and MAY, set off a bell or bells earlier BUT place them in a “silent mode of running.” Now, although this is not a common occurrence yes, it does happen. The volatility of certain emotional crises afflicting the races here and the emotional and Spiritual wars still being waged are but a few of the reasons why we may have to alter a few, or at times many, E.C. courses. At least temporarily.


The silent running mode simply means that the E.C. can react to a type of internal nudging, a feeling of needing to be somewhere else, a need to sever relationships with certain peoples etc. It is after they comply and retreat in great dignity I might add, that certain occurrences of deadly or intended hostility which would have engulfed the E.C. now become apparent to the retreating E.C. Yes, they do indeed learn to comply. The longer they hesitate the worse they feel. It is after that incident(s) that the bell will resume its quiet mode until it is placed into aggressive action. Many of you may think of this as a different type of “wake up call.” As such it can jar the body and the mind until the chime gets the attention of the E.C. Tis but another example of, “for whom the bell tolls.” Now, all adult E.C.s share an awakening commonality. First they experience shock at the voices they are telepathically hearing, some have been known to look under the beds and in their closets for the voices; then fear of insanity begins for some, some immediately begin checking their family’s mental health histories. Some fall to their knees and pray to God or some other Deity for help, some have been observed entering churches, self-analysis usually begins at this point. HOWEVER, the E.C.s who are the most evolved Spiritually are the ones who arrive at the truth more quickly than do the others.


Each E.C. must arrive at the truth of the matter in their own time, at their own pace. The chimes which were preset were predicated upon the individual Soul’s past performances when living a prior E.C. existence. In this manner we can all realistically gauge the probability factor of when, where and how long, it will take for any E.C. to respond with peace in their hearts, joy in their minds and harmony in their Souls. Now, as an E.C. begins the usually slow process of achieving a comfort zone and becoming expectant rather than anxious about the incoming transmissions, the matrix of that one’s Soul begins to expand exponentially. The “voices” which are in reality those of the individual’s off-world family, Spirit Guides, Master Teachers and other evolved Beings form a harmonic cord, one that is not easily disrupted. Of course Soul Voice is “in presentation” as well. As the E.C. listens and the sentience of that one becomes more expansive the “ now receiver” of the telepathic information then can consciously and/or unconsciously transmit information, questions, feelings and so forth back to the transmitters themselves. You see, the more these E.C.s evolve while in mortal form the more the data received by these ones then reforms itself into simple understandable human language using terms known by the individual E.C. It is then by using the languages of the human races that we can scale down our own geometric and light language and translate them into telepathic communications using the languages of this world. It is in this manner that vitally important information is now reaching all of humanity, more so than at any other time in the Earth Star’s history


I do not have time to go into the abduction theories, however I will state for the record that abductees do not clearly remember what they think they do. Now, although E.C. information is crucial to those receiving the telepathic communications, our data bases off-world contain all information not only sent to the receivers but also the information they send back to all of us. Earth has “monitors;” these are the Beings who are responsible for alerting various other Beings working or guarding other planets of what is currently transpiring on Earth that may affect or infect other planets in this Universe, or can cause more detrimental harm to Earth herself. The monitors I speak of are vitally important as they are the ones who must be “keeping their fingers on the pulse” of this planet in order for all forms of information to be dispensed to all other Beings of both the Spirit world and the Star Keeper races. One of the greatest and saddest aspects of the Spiritual War which has now reached epidemic proportions here is the silent battle between the war lords engineering the newly hatched false prophets and the E.C.s struggling valiantly to maintain their contact and dispense information in a harmonious fashion. It was well known since the inception of the E.C. phenomena that this timeline would also arrive. Tis why I have implored you ones again and again to use discretion in all parts of your lives and to reach for the stars rather than settle for humble pie.

Soul Contracts of Soul Clusters and the E.C.


Now, Soul Contracts that each Soul commits ThemSelves to obviously must include the gender leaps necessary if They are to fulfill part of Their mission here as E.C.s. All considerations in regard to the Soul Cluster is attended to; the easiest way I can explain this is that a grand “map” is drawn indicating the person that a Soul has chosen to be, the geographic location that will initially be the home here for that Soul and the families each has chosen to be born into with the compete consent of those Soul Families. Volunteers who have requested to share their Earth Star lives as E.C.s are carefully scrutinized by those in the Cluster as well as by many other off-world Beings. This is why Some who have requested permission to be of assistance in this complicated undertaking are denied authorization to do so. As I have said, it is not an easy task and the path is fraught with great dangers. So, for the sake of all only certain Souls are accepted. Now, there are always Souls who have not volunteered but would better fit the protocol required for this task. These Ones are selected by God and Others to be the Special Emissaries of Communication. Yes, They do indeed have the right to reject the proposal but They never have.


Now, it is clearly understood by all Souls within any Cluster that Each Soul can and may indeed magnify and intensify the Light and the very Essence and the very reason for that Soul’s existence. This is accomplished by the course of action Each engages in and evokes many passive Soul Memories when a Soul walks in mortal form. This is not in any way to imply that if or when a Soul from any given Cluster backslides and chooses a desultory life, or one that is engaged in the unilluminated ways of life, in ANY fashion diminishes their Cluster. It can diminish that individual Soul but all these actions, or the possibility OR probability of them, has already been taken into account and safeguards set into place. One aspect of a Soul Cluster is that Each Soul clearly understands through the nature of their own individual Soul that if and when an Entity from their unified Cluster weakens and falls then the responsibility for that action rests entirely upon that Soul or Souls, whichever the case may be. Soul Contracts CAN be amended while a Soul is in mortality. So it is that if a Soul Entity decides that It cannot continue here as a reliable and fearless E.C. there are others waiting in the wings so to speak, to take the place of the former Soul. You see, each Soul within a Cluster possesses an unbreakable connection with each Other Soul within the Cluster. Souls who do not for whatever reason succeed with the original intent of performing as an E.C. do not face any recriminations by the Others within the Cluster. In the continuum that would be unacceptable and unthinkable behavior.


All right now, think of all Soul Clusters as individual continuums of rainbows, which actually They are. The hues, the vibrancy, the pureness of each color denoting Each Soul during EACH and every moment of Soul Life is so radiant that human eyes could not withstand the brilliance. All Soul Clusters are “attached” in a sense to the One main Cluster. In this manner all that Each Soul experiences while “walking the walk” here are in themselves serious transmissions. All of these types of transmissions “bounce” back to the individual Soul Cluster. Because Each Cluster is a cohesive mass which adheres to all Other Clusters and naturally travels upwards to the main Soul Cluster, each nanosecond of each thought you have, your wishes, dreams, aspirations, sadness, gloominess, all transcend humanity’s sometimes too intellectual minds and then function on many levels you are oblivious of. I will speak now only of what you need to know as far as these aspects of yourselves that are functioning as learning tools and building blocks. One of the grand beautifications of these types of Soul Integrations are the facts that all Souls here on the School House planet are teaching Others within Each Cluster what NOT to do as well as what TO do. Yes, the radiant effect which Each Soul can emit does alter itself; all is dependant upon the moods, actions, thoughts and so forth of any Soul at any time. Think of it as Light infractions in many cases and Light infusions in many others. Light CAN and DOES infuse itself. It CAN and DOES infuse other meters of Light. All Light possesses music, remember? Ergo the numbers of chords interact and integrate with the level and state of Light predominant within Each Soul Cluster. Now, Souls who experience permanent loss of Light while they are here, are unable or perhaps unwilling, to transform themselves into the Light Mass which is Their birthright and Their beginning of Their beginnings. Please understand the reasons, for these occurrences do not lie in the Soul Voice. It is the individual’s personality which is oftentimes colored by its intellect that can effectively bring Soul Voice to a standstill.


Now, E.C. Souls here whose initial Contracts required that the Soul journey on without the comforting presence of other E.C.s may amend that part and request that others who are E.C.s make contact with them. This does indeed enforce their initial determination to remain as clear, untarnished receivers and transmitters. We return to the fact that All Souls here do indeed perform at Their best when mind-linked with Others who are the same. In the case of the E.C.s, it requires very little time for people who are also E.C.s, or are in the process of becoming E.C.s, to “find them,” one way or another. As Soul Clusters are continuously altering their rainbow prisms so that the Clusters Themselves reflect the energetic mass of Each Soul Member, the lessons I spoke to you ones about, the ones received by the Clusters from you yourselves, are always preparing the future incarnation-ees of what to expect; what pitfalls to look for, the best method of enhancing Their Own growth and so forth. This also keeps all Souls abreast of all recent developments among the human races. You see, we do not subscribe to the “no pain, no gain” philosophy. What possible sense does that ridiculous thought make anyway?


All E.C.s here are attacked by those other E.C.s who are receiving false information from their pseudo “ascended masters.” Too many of these false prophets live in constant fear that they will be unmasked or they are too afraid not to believe in what they are told. No, these ones do not trod the middle road, they walk the walk of the “waking asleep.” Regardless of any Soul’s ultimate decisions to walk various paths even if it is not in the best interests of Their Soul Cluster, The Clusters ThemSelves are invincible. They cannot be brought down or penetrated by the actions of the Souls. In other words yes, They can be strengthened but They will not be weakened. You see, even Souls who are less evolved are contributing to the maintenance of the harmony of the Cluster. The term “Cluster” delineates exactly what the entirety of this Entity is. The entire mass of Souls learn as one unified Being BUT the more the Ones who are less evolved learn the better prepared They are to step out into the “hot spots” of the Universe. Many who will at one phase or another on the levels of Their Soul growth move forward to function as credible E.C.s can better understand all which is necessary to maintain Their Spiritual composure prior to walking the walk. When Each E.C. Soul returns to the Cluster after having left Earth mortality, Each is warmly and with great love welcomed back into the fold again. As I said before, there are no recriminations hurled through thought or deed against any Soul who has made “missteps“while wearing a mortal form. Through our natural language of Light Each returning E.C. provides any additional information that has not yet been received by the Cluster. In time, even those Souls who are on the last rung of the evolutionary ladder will evolve. Their own individual radiances will also be breathtaking to behold.


Now, I wish to address a subject here that is in relation to Soul Clusters, Souls and E.C.s. While I was listening to my Celestial daughter and our David discussing the dangers and anomalies present as people seek to reside in Spiritual Communities, I thought that this would tie in nicely with this transmission. Yes, yes, I do eavesdrop…at times. Now, it is because peoples have been searching almost frantically to co-join with others who share the same beliefs, same visions and same mind-thoughts, that inevitably the “Spiritual Communities” issue have become almost darn near a tunnel vision proposition. Yes, this has been occurring for many a year, however since the ’60s it has taken on a massive energetic movement. Please do not speak to me of the “great hippie movement.” I was there too, although not in human body and still today I do not like what I saw and heard. BUT, remember the hippie years of that time were originally welcomed by peoples as a coming together of a “time of innocence and a future of love.” Although there were most certainly great numbers of men and women, some who were actually more child than adult, who were dedicated to achieving that conjunction it was rapidly taken over by heavy drug use amid free sex. The hippies either forgot or did not want to have personal responsibility.


How many of you ones, whether you were part of the so-called “hippie generation” or not, ever bothered to see the real reason WHY that movement took place? I said—the real reason! Now, I cannot think of a better way to explain the “then” with the “now” to you ones than the important information I will share with you. I ask you ones to use your keen senses and watch for the commonalities I am about to show you. Those tumultuous times, just as today’s, caused men and women to band together with those they could relate to; those they could speak to of love and above all “peace.” Many people were desperate to achieve harmony in their lives. They scoffed at those other peoples who wanted war and did nothing to help the masses of poverty stricken peoples of this world. Remember however, there were thousands of these love children who simply did not want to do anything for themselves.
Their movement was doomed to failure the very nanosecond they indulged in larger and larger amount of drugs and lived a free sex style of life. These ones did not question the SOURCE of the seemingly unending supply of drugs they were suddenly inundated with. And with each week bringing more and more of the drugs which unbeknownst to them was laced with deadly toxins. Many of these toxins caused sterility in both sexes.


They were suddenly wholeheartedly and unabashedly enjoying a bathless and rule-less society, life without all their previous constraints and unknowingly descending deeper and deeper into the dark night of the Soul. Now, but of course there were enormous numbers of fledgling E.C.s as well as advanced E.C.s among this movement. If you wonder how that lifestyle impacted upon the totality of the E.C.s’ abilities to function I will tell you quite simply….it ruined them. You see, it really was not a rally that the flower children believed it was; it was actually two things and they knew naught of either.
#1- The entire movement was a contrivance; the very dark horde you battle still today produced that devious plan and paid quite handsomely to have their designated “speakers” not only make public a perceived need for the movement, but also ensure that certain ones in the media would continue to bring attention to this regressive organization which hippies believed would effect change.


There was no need for coercion for the people were unhappy, emotionally void and their personal lives were either in a flux, or at a stalemate. Think of this as “striking when the time is right” and oh my stars….was it ever! The fact would be amusing if it were not so deadly about how so many millions of peoples on this planet were looking for a band-aid to fix a gaping wound. The unilluminated ones used the divide and conquer technique back then knowing full well that the particular hippie era would not actually cease for many, many years. They would make sure of that! And it has not. In fact, in many states in America large clusters of hippies are alive and well and still living that old existence. So tell me Earthizens, could the dark forces have possibly sponsored a more magnificent way to hold these Souls back, to further separate people from people, misplaced beliefs from true beliefs and to keep the wheat WITH the chaff? You see, even those who actually believed they were making a difference in this world by living as flower children did not take into account the fact that other peoples saw them as “bottom feeders.” Those hippies would say they did not care but in truth they did. It was as the hippies moved steadily forward in attracting larger numbers of peoples that the wheat that had been among them became chaff.


Now, test your sentience here Earthizens: besides the reasons I have already given you for the vast disparity of thoughts between the hippies and those who were not, I also told you of one of the “whys” and “who caused it to happen” issues. What do you think #2 is? All right, I will give you the information. My brethren and I have stated time and time again, “never underestimate the cunning, the tenacity and the ambitious nature of the unilluminated ones.” The ones of which I speak are the darkest of the Illuminati lineage. Those ones had great need to not only continually stir the cauldron but to bring potential E.C.s and other Spiritual Leaders to their knees BEFORE these shining Souls’ abilities achieved full bloom status. So the proverbial carrot was dangled and one by one, one Soul at a time, they acquiesced. It came to a point that they were living those unhealthy lifestyles while convincing themselves that it was the only way they truly felt alive. And so the balance of the scales of justice tipped even further in the dark ones’ favor. Those misguided Souls never knew that the unilluminated forces of the time knew well the deep yearning these Ones had to be “in family” again. Now, today’s surviving hippies and their descendants still want to have that private clique, the place where they can feel isolated from the madness of the world. Although many still spend their times living aimless lives in coffee shops there are others who have spoken often to anyone who would listen about “the good old days.” For none of these ones can we render any assistance. However there are newer generations of Souls including those who once lived that same-old, same-old lifestyle who are seeking to establish or be a part of a Spiritual community.


Here is the downside to that enterprise. No matter how well-intentioned that project seems to be to all good Souls there are complications there that are not known about. There have been many, many Spiritual communities established throughout the centuries by all races of peoples. They did not refer to themselves as Spiritual communities. They used whatever names were indigenous to the races of peoples of those times. There has never been a single community that was not invaded by dark Souls. To form these types of societies will bring much consternation to the originators of the projects. Firstly there is the segregation factor; if all good Souls convened and lived in small communities closing their doors to those who were the opposite of the like-minded groups, what would the community-bound Souls continue to learn of the practical everyday world? Remember, people change. When a Soul, ANY Soul has learned as much as It wants to learn in a lifetime then there is a problem if that person housing the Soul is confined within that evolving group. The need to be free of the group’s forward momentum becomes great for the now “person in distress.” It will be with great alacrity that he or she disengages from the group formation. There are always recriminations from the other members when this occurs. The members tend to forget that they cannot force-feed the person who is perceived to be falling from grace. In truth that individual is not.


The perception of the fall is jaundiced. A person should always be respected for whatever amount of knowledge they have chosen to accept. Because this does not happen with fond goodbyes and well-wishes, everyone loses. The community becomes a bedlam then of gossip and “what did we do wrong” issues. The primary objective of each person learning only as much as they choose to had been forgotten. The departing person is angry because of his or her perception of being badly treated and in many cases chooses to shun all Spiritual people from that point on. Then of course there is the “hydra personification.” No one can keep other members of the community from privately indulging in drugs. The drug usage can be sensed and felt throughout the society as the smarmy energy taints the entire community. The Light within the community falters and fades. Sound familiar? It should! When drug usage begins violence and theft are not far behind. I strongly suggest that you each mind-link with others who are like you and love you just as you are. Form your communities in this manner. This allows all to be Creative and design great Spiritual enterprises for the future “yous.” None of you ones need to be elbow to elbow with all other good Souls. Now, think too of what would happen if all evolving Souls were permitted to cluster together in small groups rather than be spread out around the world. The impact Created by the absence of strategic mass placements around the Earth Star planet would have serious ramifications with teaching others who are “different” from you. Also, if you were permitted to simply live within these communities and teach only “the choir” what good would you really be doing anyway? You ones were not sent here for the purpose of isolating yourselves from the masses. That would defeat the entire purpose, would it not?


Your individual minds ARE communities; your thoughts are offshoots of your communities. You see, the mind can travel to areas where the physical-self cannot. Please concentrate on living and being a community of link-minded Souls. You ones will always be placed in a proximity to others such as yourselves; some may be more evolved than you while others may be less evolved than you. At that point it is possible to teach the less evolved and then move forward and mind-meld with the more evolved Souls. Stop making things more difficult for yourselves. Isn’t the Earth Star planet a difficult enough place to be? Why make it more so? Why do you think the internet was really Created anyway? You have thoughts… use them. Be your own “Google!” As for the E.C.s currently fending off Spiritual intrusion by dark Souls and those other fledgling E.C.s who have not yet experienced their “baptism by fire,” I must tell you ones there is a valuable tool you are overlooking. One which you have temporarily forgotten. Although this option is open to all good Souls, all Earthizens everywhere, I am currently merely reminding the E.C. communities of what they should be doing and are not. When you have qualms about issues or situations you are confronting, when you feel the “aloneness” closing in on you, or perhaps sensing the pervasive loneliness surrounding you because you have not yet aligned with the “other yourselves,” then please remember this sage advice, we are here to help you always and in all ways, so please:

E.C., call home!!

Salude….Blue Star the Pleiadian



“There is a valley where that which is Spiritual stands on one side
and that which is religious stands on the other side.
In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation.
In time, all shall be as one…I shall meet you there.”
….Blue Star……Email Celest at; 



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