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Master Djwhal Khul* Oct. 2008 Lesson Plane-to-Plane Memorandum

Plane-to-Plane Memorandum


October 2008 Lesson



Beloved Students:I greet you once again as we enter the month of October.  As the seasons show their changes, pay particular attention to the type of beauty Nature shows you.  Those of you living in the northern hemisphere have opportunity to be awed by the dazzling colors of autumn – however it presents itself in your region. Those of you living in the southern hemispheres will be enjoying the softer colors of springtime.  Never miss the wondrous signs that Earth is alive and always offering some type of beauty for the awakened eye.  Celebrate your planet daily!

How quickly our year of great potentiality is flying by!  A number of you are having some issues with the whole matter, aren’t you?  Some of you are feeling that, if this year goes by without your having realized your enlightenment, then, you will have failed in some way.  I would like to caution you a bit here.  This is a slippery slope to negotiate, for while you may have missed some of the opportunities that were available to you this year, still, thinking yourself a failure truly works against you in a very big way.

While it may feel great to believe you have managed to position yourself auspiciously enough to have seen every spiritual opportunity present within a given year, it may also be a little act of ego aggrandizement.  Some of you are actually thinking that if you hurry up and get at your spiritual practice before the year is up, you can enter 2009 feeling better than you are feeling now.  What are you going to do – meditate faster? 

While I heartily recommend that each of you deepen your practice and increase your mindfulness, this is one area in which “hurrying-up” will not get you to the finish line any faster.  The energy many of you carry in your bodies while “stressing out” about what you have not gotten done is really quite remarkable.  Yet all that “stressing out” does not serve you in any constructive way.  You may make yourself depressed, irritated, or grumpy, but accumulating stress, and engaging in obsessive mind actually takes you farther from your goal of spiritual accomplishment.

Now I do realize that many people are literally driven by stress.  They have difficulty appreciating the happy moments in their lives because the internal pressure they feel keeps them perpetually estranged from the present moment.  The Monk of Obsessing Mind steps to the forefront and takes control.  There is no relaxing when that taskmaster shows up!  No part of the psyche is spared, and a critical stance is applied to all – both inside the self and out.  How is it that the precious mind (that vehicle of consciousness that will realize your enlightenment) has come to this?

Perhaps, as 2008 dies, it is time to let the internal taskmaster die, as well.  Now for those who think such to be a ruinous proposition, let’s explore a bit further.  Those of you who have very active task-masters may actually think s/he helps you in some way.  After all, you might not get anything done if suddenly the taskmaster were to die.  You have become so accustomed to that taskmaster running your life and mind that you not have not the vaguest idea who you would be without him/her.

 You allow your precious bodies to be filled with tension and unconscious holding patterns, all for the sake of the taskmaster.  You simply accept the physical punishment (what else could tension be?) because the taskmaster just seems to have come with your “package” this time.  Now I realize that not all of you have such a mental tyrant within you.  Indeed, some of you could probably use a bit more of a task-master to keep you on track.  However, I do think it is important to revisit the ways in which your own psyches drop “fire and brimstone” on your heads.  This is true whether you have the taskmaster of obsessing mind, or that of lazy mind.  Either way, you are paying a great price for the presence of that inner force (or lack thereof).  Either way, you feel tension, and in both cases, you can never get to a place where you feel accomplishment — neither as regards your spiritual progress, nor from those matters that require all your time, talent and energy.

The most important message I can give you here is that tension is your greatest enemy in the process of realizing your enlightenment.  Stress has never pushed a person through illusion to enlightenment.  In fact, stress takes up precious internal “space” that could be inhabited by Essence Mind, or your spiritual teacher.  In the September teaching, I gave you the formula that I was given to achieve balanced and effective meditative states:  25% mindful awareness, 25% vigilance, and 50% relaxation.  It is the last part that is most difficult for Westerners in today’s world, and, it turns out to be 50% of the process!

It is important for you to recognize that relaxation is a conscious act, while tension is an unconscious response to stress.  Recognizing this truth is important, since all unconscious movements of the mind and body drain your energy.  Thus, living mindfully requires that you become aware of the points of unconscious movement in your life.  In fact, what is the state of being awake other than having your attention under control and located in the here and now?  Truly, such is what being “awake” is all about.

If you slip off the “now,” you can fall into the great void of “hypertime,” which is where stress arises and causes tension in the body.  When you come to understand the mysteries of time and space, you will ultimately know that space divides people, while time unites them.  If understanding of that statement eludes you at the present, let yourself contemplate it over and over, until you have one of those “light bulb” experiences.  In truth, when you find those areas wherein the mind does not serve you, perhaps your best course of action is to simply allow that part of your mind to die.  You might even want to “lose your mind” so that you can come to your senses. 

Find those attributes of mind that no longer serve you, and let them die.  You must, indeed, ask yourself whether you are willing to be in some other way than that which you have identified as “me.”  Are you willing to be “not me?”  This is important because the “old me” is a victim – whether of circumstance or of something you regard as a power over you.  Your “new me” lies in purpose and intent.  Indeed, creating the “reality” you want is an option.  In order to do so, you must be able to envision what you want, and you must take responsibility for creating it.  This is as true in affairs of the mind as with affairs of money, position, and/or influence.

You must lead yourself to a new personal reality.  As a leader, you must have a vision of who you really are – not simply continue blindly following the “who” you have previously assumed yourself to be.  Actually, the vision part is an application of head energy.  However, true leaders have not only a vision, they are able to communicate it with passion – a heart energy.  If you want a better life, or a better world, that is indeed possible.  You must realize, however, that the “better life” or “better world” is created first in your imaginal realm.  Thus, what are you willing to let die to get to that “better life?”  If you truly want a better life, then you must put some creative energy into it by first imagining it, and then stepping into it.  Create a picture of the relationship with your mind that you want, and put some real energy into the project.  There is, of course, another ingredient, and that is taking action to bring about what you want.

If you want a life without the taskmaster ordering you around, or punishing you, then you must take steps to accomplish that goal.  While it may seem overwhelming at first, you must take a long, hard look at how your mind manipulates you.  You must identify the obstacles that impede your creative process.  For most Westerners, creating a chosen life comes down to using time well.  If you do not take control of your own time, believe me, the taskmaster will!  Once again, perhaps it is time for the taskmaster to die.  If this is true for you, you must envision freedom from that internal monster, and then, live as if you have already mastered the monster.  Let the monster die, and then reframe your new life.

Please join me this month in considering deeply the lesson, Releasing the Fear of Death, my teaching for you for this month.  You may want more than a single hearing to grasp it fully.  Of course, there is first the conceptual level to handle; but if you are to truly recreate your inner life through the death of one “reality,” and the vivification of another, then you will need to understand this material at several levels:  conceptual, creative, and active.  Perhaps you will want to become the “new creature” of which St. Paul spoke.  Hurrying-up, however, will only offer you more stress and tension.  Recreating yourself from inside out will yield a much more favorable result.

    May you realize the force and power of your mind, and may you consciously choose to utilize that power to create what you want – rather than succumbing to those habituated patterns of thought, feeling and reaction.  In recreating yourself from the inside out, you can lay to rest those old victim patterns.

Your loving teacher,


Djwhal Khul


Djwhal Khul* “Future Here Now”


“Future Here Now”

August 14, 2008

This is Terri Newlon from Sedona, Arizona, USA.

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(Channeling begins)


Djwhal Khul here.  Tashi Delek.   (Tibetan greeting, pronounced tash-ee delay-k)

Alright I have quite a bit of excitement in my voice and that is because the topic is something that I really enjoy:  how to create the future that you want and how to start living it in the moment.  That is what we are talking about today. 

So last week we worked with the invocation of “Past Be Gone” and we worked also at a global level, not just the personal level, with a little bit of a different invocation. 

And this week we are working with the “Future Here Now”; how to absolutely create what you want in the moment and also how to roll out your future in front of you.  Just like you are rolling out your very own red carpet, if you will, that you get to walk on and experience and feel and enjoy.

This is an exercise that I often recommend.  The reality that you’re in you could put in one hand.  And then the reality that you want, your future, you can put in the other hand.  Then, you can just simply just bring them together in prayer fashion. 

Now the literal moving of the hands in prayer fashion is meant to neutralize opposition and to bring it into a unified Oneness and then usually there is either bowing of the head so that the Crown and Ascension Chakras are going heavenward or lifting the eyes skyward so the Third Eye is going heavenward, while the hands are in prayer fashion.  Position of prayer has a very deep meaning.

For example, if right now your health is a little low and in your ‘Future Here Now’ you are vibrant and healthy, what you can do is put one in each hand and bring them together.  I am also going to work with some affirmations.  Or more precisely, ways that you move your consciousness out of your current reality into your desired reality, without just simply playing a trick on the mind or lying to yourself, because lying just doesn’t work.  You have probably experienced that. 

So you would say, “I acknowledge and accept that right now I am feeling like I am catching a cold”, or whatever, or “I am feeling tired every day” or whatever it is.  And then you can kind of flip that palm back down and flip the other one up, it doesn’t really matter which one you use, although if you want to go with which one represents your past and which one represents your future, I would say usually that left hand is past and right hand is future.  But it can be reversed on some people, so go with your intuition on that. 

You flip up your future palm, whichever one you have decided that is, and you say:  “Right now, I am feeling really wonderful.  I feel great.  I feel healthy, vibrant, on top of the world.”  Then you wait for the subtle shift in the body.  It’s almost like the body shifts a little bit into the future, on that command. 

Now, for example, you could take a financial situation.  Now left palm upwards you could say “Right now, I have a cash flow constriction; or right now, I am pretty much broke.”   And then you flip down one down, you flip the right one up and say “Right now, I am extremely wealthy.  Right now, all my means are being met.  Right now I have more than most on the planet.  Right now I am really prosperous and fortunate.”   Then you wait for a moment and again, it’s almost like the body goes about an inch forward, energetically.  It is a feeling that the body is bringing the Future Here Now. 

Alright so there are many areas in your life that you can play with this exercise and have a very good time with it.  And as always, thank you and my love to you,  

Djwhal Khul

Channeled by Rev. Terri Newlon

(Spirituality Article, Transcribed by Micheline Ralet)

Channeled Teachings for Everyday Spirituality
Training for Modern Mystics

© 2008 All Rights Reserved – Terri Newlon Holistic Consulting Co., LLC




Djwhal Khul : Extraterrestrials


By Djwhal Khul

via Dhyana Markley


This may be freely shared as long as it remains in its entirety
and proper credit is given.  Thank you.
~Dhyana Markley~



Master Djwhal Khul June 2008 Lesson

Beloved Students:

Once again, we come together to celebrate passage into a fresh month, as together we celebrate the opening of the month of June.  As most of you are painfully aware, it is a very busy time on planet Earth, and your time may be spread thinly as you negotiate the tasks and responsibilities before you.  May you find inspiration and encouragement as you move into the summer months, and may your spiritual work blossom wondrously in the garden of your heart.

In the recorded lesson for this month, Stepping Beyond the Conventional Reality, you will discover that the focus I set for your consideration lies squarely in that “conventional reality.”  The theme is learning to keep your heart open and nourished while facing such matters as the up-coming elections, even the prophesied recession.  I do think it appropriate to keep a wise eye on your hearts, so that you can fully ascertain where your ego mind “buys into” the conventional reality, and where you are able to use the conventional reality to aid you in cutting through the illusions with which you are continually assaulted.

While cutting through the illusions projected by the collective human expression is clearly the goal, you probably realize by this now that those illusions can be very compelling.  Further, because the levels of collective agreement are so significant as to the appearance of arising events and circumstances, it can be a bit tricky for the mind to accept that these provocative events and circumstances are, after all, merely illusion.  Although illusion, they often arise with such compelling presence that you simply cannot believe they are void of any “reality” of their own.

The moment you plunge into the illusion (often accompanied by a significant emotional charge), it has you.  If you actually happen to believe it has inherent reality, you may find that your mind gives the illusion even more energetic potential than it had in the moment of its arising.  Yet, because you are calling yourself to move to a notch or two beyond the influence of the conventional reality, you may feel a bit torn in the actual negotiating of the events and circumstances making their presence known to you.  How convenient for the Essential Self!  How confusing for the ego self!  Since you are living in a time that is laden with potential points of break-through concerning the boundaries of the conventional reality, you must be ever vigilant in monitoring the mind and catching all its little habituated ways of seeing and perceiving.

    As I have mentioned multiple times this year, 2008 is a year filled with opportunities and break-though points.  On the surface, such would appear to be a very exciting, optimistic matter.  However, when the potential for enlightenment is increased, so is the potential for “endarkenment.”  Remember, all potentiality is artfully strung along an experiential continuum, or spectrum.  Thus, when one end of the spectrum is energized, so must the other be energized.  As the potential for clarity in increased, so is the potential for confusion and chaos. As the potential for planetary solutions is increased, so is the potential for planetary problems.

Perhaps you are seeing in a more complete way the importance of having sound and thoughtful intentions and clear vision.  Indeed, in highly charged times, you will find it all the more necessary to govern your mind.  Your thoughts become the “food” of your inner system, the source of nurturance for your heart and mind.  If you investigate the matter thoroughly, you will discover that you are, in fact, literally “eating” the thoughts your mind creates and projects.  Thus, this might be a propitious time to consider the current diet you are serving up to your inner being.  When you have a fearful thought, you not only think it, you consume it; when you have a hateful thought, likewise, you must consume it.  Digesting the wild array of emotional charges that your mind projects can prove a pretty interesting diet, and not necessarily of the highest quality.

Thus, as we have noted so many times in the past, everything begins and ends in the workshop of the mind.  How can you “feed your heart” when all around you are the negative projections of many who can only approach a national election through bitterness, fear-mongering, slander and/or libelous attacks?  What “delicacies” are placed on the table for your heart by the mind that fears recession, or blames others for the circumstances that present in the course of daily life?

Clearly, your heart is best fed when you serve it a feast of love, generosity, patience, joy, peace, compassion and much, much bodhichitta. It becomes quite obvious here that you cannot count on the conventional reality to supply the ingredients for the heart feast.  But further, when you consider the overall health of the diet you have been feeding your heart heretofore, you may even wonder how that precious heart has survived this long.  Remember, your heart must eat the thoughts your mind generates.  While this may be a rather sobering concept to lay hold of, if you want to strengthen and nurture your heart, it becomes quite obvious that your work begins in the “kitchen” of the mind.

What are you “cooking” these days?  While most of you do realize by now that your diseases and illnesses begin in the mind, you may not have seen as yet the full importance of taking charge of those “mind-less” moments wherein projections of fear, meanness, impoverishment, greed, anger, disgust, contempt, or even anxiety arise.  However, when you consider that these are the food staples you are offering to your precious heart, it isn’t any wonder that so many people have issues with disease and decay in their bodies.  The body becomes the waste dump for the toxic elimination when the heart is fed contaminated refuse!

Of course, most of you do attempt to manage your thoughts.  What you must notice is that there are times when you are quite successful at this, and other times when you realize your past successes do not guarantee continued successes – particularly in those instances when you allow the mind to prowl about unchecked.  Perhaps what you are discovering is that you must be continually attentive to the mind, for while you may care about its thoughts and projections, it does not.  You may hold respectful concern for what your heart is forced to eat, but it (the mind) cares not in the least.  It will think, or project, whatever comes into its awareness

I bring these matters to your attention not to make you feel bad in any way, but to help you understand how important your thought-monitoring activity is.  In the journey to realize your enlightenment, you must acknowledge the power of the forces continually operating in the conventional reality.  These powerful forces result from bakchaks imbedded both in your own mind, and that of the “collective mind” – as well as the myriad projections that follow in due course.  While you can control neither these forces, nor the moments of their arising, you do have considerable input into the relative amount of power they exhibit in your own creative process.  Your precious mind, it turns out, is “fair game” for the playing out of all the distortions and misunderstandings that flow rampantly in the conventional reality.  Thus, what could be more important to you in these transformational times than the thoughts, feelings, projections and perceptions you allow to take up spiritual space within you? 
Since these thoughts, feelings, projections and perceptions become the diet of your precious heart, you surely want to consider carefully just what you allow to be placed before your heart on the “table” from which it dines.  I hope this discussion yields a new, hopefully deeper, meaning to the colloquial phrase, “junk food.”  If you have junk thoughts, your heart is eating junk food.

In times of national elections, a plethora of junk thoughts will likely bombard you from every conceivable direction.  You will, of course, see more and more junk thoughts being circulated by the two political “machines,” as each seeks to install its respective candidate in office this autumn.  But the problem of thought poisoning flows into a much bigger arena.  Negative campaign ads provoke negative mental states for all who hear them.  This is true even when the veracity of the ads are rejected outright.  The ads often create a macabre fascination with the alleged dark side of a particular candidate, and entertaining such notions brings no nurturance to that precious heart of yours.

The same if true for the fear mongering that is circulating in reference to an economy in recession.  These kinds of thoughts do not nurture the heart; rather, they engage the head in a way that often brings forth additional junk thoughts of judgment, insufficiency, arrogance, helplessness and victimization.  Clearly, this is no diet to serve your heart – nor your mind, for that matter.

Of course, there are many other areas in the conventional reality that end up being “proving grounds” for distortional thoughts; these are but two in a wide spectrum of possibilities.  However, I hope these are sufficient to raise your curiosity enough to join me in listening carefully to this month’s lecture.  May the words and ideas contained therein serve you well in this often strange, but powerful, time.  May you see through the areas of distortion that have overtaken areas within your precious mind.  May you categorically reject “junk food” at every level of your being, and may you open to new possibilities – for yourselves, of course, and for the planet.

Your loving teacher,

Djwhal Khul


Master Djwhal Khul:May 2008 Lesson

Beloved Students:

As we together create the flow of enlightenment by which to bless Earth this year, I greet you in joy and anticipation for what our joint efforts will bring forth. Was there ever a time more exciting than this? I have great excitement – not only for the world at large, but for each of my beloved students, as well. Thus, I encourage each of you to make the very most of all the spiritual opportunities afforded you this year.

I would like to suggest that each of you determine right now to face the remainder of 2008 in a flow of excitement also. As you observe the conventional reality in which you experience, it is probably quite clear that the energies affecting and afflicting most people are fairly intense. Many are experiencing levels of fear and anxiety in their personal lives that is both unexpected and unprecedented. While such offers an opportunity for you to generate much compassion, it also utters a call to go deeper in your own journey.

In truth, you cannot always change the events and circumstances that appear to be causing, or at least contributing to, the cumulative effects of the fear you have experienced (and perhaps continue to experience). This is, of course, precisely as it should be, since your own transcendence has nothing to do with controlling the outer, perceived reality. True transcendence comes about when one sees through the fears, points of anger, levels of greed and other mental afflictive states that arise in the journey of ego dissolution.

The “problem,” if we label it such, is that most people prefer controlling their outer conditions and circumstances rather than putting forth the effort to control how the mind perceives those conditions. Most people attempt to deal with their fear in one of two ways: either they try to alter (control) the perceived outer circumstances, or they use plain old denial as a coping strategy. Of course, neither of these tactics is adequate to cure fear. Thus, they either become “control freaks,” or attempt to live their lives disconnected from their own emotions. Since the tactics are flawed, so are the re-sults, and generally speaking, the perceived “problems” become more pronounced, the suffering increased.

If we investigate the energy that underlies the fear reaction, we discover that it is the same as that of excitement – the only difference lies in the perception and designation the mind applies. Clearly, this is an important matter to understand: the primary difference in “fear” and “excitement” lies in the interpretation of the experience. For example, recall for a moment the free-falling sensation that occurs when riding in a roller coaster car that is speeding down hill on a long and very steep track. To some, this experience poses sheer terror; to others, it is an exhilarating episode of pure excitement. Notice that the two experiences are identical in every way except interpretation.

Since you live your life steeped in, and surrounded by, the conventional reality, you cannot avoid encountering the energetic flow that is facilitating trans-formation on the planet. But also, because others around you react to that energy flow with, and through, fear, you also cannot avoid experiencing the arising of fear within your own ego mind, since all those “other” sentient beings out there are actually only other parts of yourself. Obviously, you must feel what “they” feel. Even so, you can “pierce the veil” of illusion by learning to reinterpret your sensations and perceptions.

Imagine for a moment that instead of being fearful about the current financial picture coming into focus in the West, you could see it as exciting. To do this, however, mandates that you not get stuck in the signals and input your ego mind presents to you. After all, if you persist in your prior ways of seeing, you will continue to feel the prior levels of suffering. If you are unable to view your current national economic situation with excitement, do you think you could at least view it with curiosity? To accomplish this feat, you will need to first enter the “don’t know” field. You can be certain that something is going to result, but you hold off knowing just how bad it will be for you (or others) and take the position of a neutral observer.

Either way, you open yourself to a new way of facing your life, and truthfully, either of the resulting new perspectives you adopt beats just hanging out in the fear, doesn’t it? Thus, you begin to investigate the areas in your life where you experience fear, or chronic worry, and try to see these areas differently. Try on the excitement perspective or the curiosity perspective first, and then look for other interpretations you might adopt, as well. Pay attention to what happens for you when you choose a perspective other than that of fear and/or worry. You might want to even take some notes as you carry out this personal experimentation. The Buddha encouraged his students continually to experiment with their minds in similar fashion. He held that the most important gem is gaining first-hand knowledge. Teaching, he said, is the second to this.

It should be fairly obvious that the goal, here, is to put you in charge of the fear, rather than allow the fear to take charge of you. There is, however, more to this exercise than merely attaining the goal. While attaining the goal will surely ameliorate your suffering with regard to fear, transcendence requires going deeper by recognizing the importance of the process used in getting to the goal. In some ways, the process generated may be even more important than the attainment of the goal. You see, in this case, it is the process (not the goal) that becomes your vehicle of liberation. By transforming the mind, you demonstrate the creative power of using your mind well. This is not only good for fear eradication, it is empowering for you to witness your ability and know that you, indeed, can liberate yourself from the suffering intoxication of fear.

I have used the example of fear not because it is the only emotional quagmire you will likely need to resolve, but more precisely, because of the negative effects fear perpetrates upon the open heart. As you move closer and closer to your awakening, your heart expands, ultimately becoming the “ground” for your awakening experiences. Simply stated, there is no greater threat to an opened (or opening) heart than that of arising fear reactions. Just as the practice of love expands the heart, the practice of fear contracts the heart.

When I mentioned at the beginning of this writing that I am “excited” for the results each of you will create this year, notice that I did not say I was afraid that some of you might not fully utilize the tremendous opportunities that are offered you. While I think it is likely that you will, in fact, miss some opportunities now and then, still, I hold and extend excitement. Please see that what I am putting forth here is much more than merely some form of “positive thinking.” I am holding a rarefied field of creative potential, which I hope each of you will enter and emulate. Clearly, this is quite different from “thinking positively” on your behalf.
I hold that field of potentiality quite consciously, and I am fully aware of what I am doing. This I do because I understand the power of “fields” of energy in the process of manifestation, and I also know the source of those creative fields. However, I bring your attention to my process so as to set an example for you. Surely you can see that it is not less important for you to be fully aware of the field of energy you are generating and holding than for me. To accomplish the highest level of service to/for Earth at this amazing time mandates full attention and application of knowledge. Besides, as you come to fully understand the power of conscious manifestation, you simply will not allow yourself to fall back into those trance states that perpetuate your suffering.

When the Buddha gave teachings for his “time deprived” students of old, one of the key elements he offered them was the realization that they already possessed everything they needed for tapping transcendence. He maintained they had no need of special accoutrements to enhance their spiritual practice, for they had within a special teacher – the breath. He taught them to literally breathe their way through anything. Breathing in, they remembered calmness; breathing out, he taught them to release all stressful mental states. The breath, he taught, is a bridge between the inner and outer worlds, and this is particularly “good news” if you find yourself projecting fear in response to witnessing current conditions in your world.

Rather than contracting in fear (and risk getting stuck in), the muck and mire of the mass projections of recession, economic downturn, housing fatalities, etc., put your energy and focus on prosperity and healthy relationships. You will, of course, need to deal with the challenges that arise for you, but restrain your mind from obsessing on how terrible the next moment could be. If your mind really wants to “get stuck,” let it stick to focusing on prosperity, success, healthy relationships and generating bodhichitta for all who are oblivious to the power they possess.

Using the practices the Buddha gave his “graduate students” is certainly applicable for you. Begin by simply accepting your breath. If you try to accept all the conditions in the world at large, that is clearly too big a task for accomplishment. However, if you attend to the breath and accept it just as it is, you are on your way to profound changes, because you are entering neutrality.

After relaxing into acceptance of your breath, take about 10 breath cycles in which you mentally repeat prosperity affirmation with your in-breath. Then, as your release your out-breath, simply say your name. Try these: “Every day in every way I’m becoming more and more prosperous.” “I am grateful for all the goodness with which I am blessed.” “I am a good money manager and I responsibly handle my financial re-sources.” “The wealth of my spirituality draws prosperity to all areas of my life.” “I am continually attracting opportunities to create prosperity.” “I give my best efforts and focused attention to creating a prosperous world.” “I reject all laziness and procrastination, and I demonstrate to the Universe that I am worthy of prosperity.” “When I need a helping hand, I look to the end of my wrist.” “I possess the ultimate power, the power of choice.” “I choose to be happy, loving and prosperous right now!”

Your loving teacher,

Djwhal Khul


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