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Tikele: AWAKENING INTO LOVE – 15th August, 2008


15th August 2008

Dearest Heart Lights, I AM The Chancellor, of Le-MU-Ri-A…I greet you with Love in my Heart, for you are most precious and special to me, in the Light of Creator’s Love, and in my own Light.

I await in great anticipation and Joyful cognisance, the moment of the Great Shift in Consciousness, when all seemingly disappears into the Oneness of All That Is…a moment, when each of you will become aware, without any hesitation or concern as to what is taking place, for you will Know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the Beauty of the journey of the Heart’s Light that unfolds for you in that moment.

Like the Light of the Sun, suddenly appearing from behind the curvature of the Earth in the early hours of the dawning of a new day: brilliant, in all of its beauty, from the moment those first rays shoot across space and time to reach your face turned towards it – filling you with the unmistakable knowing of the safety and beauty of your world, for all is held in Creator’s Love – you will know, there is only Love to receive now.

The time of wars, of greed, of desperation and struggle, of power over/under – all will be replaced with the unmistakable knowing, in that moment, of the absolute perfection and Oneness of Creator’s Love. Have not your religious scholars, many wise shamans of all paths, all spoken of this time as the moment of transition into a new and profound state of bliss, Oneness, deepest closest connection, into the Heart Light of all Life force: that of the Creator? I assure you, it is…and as you transcend your awareness of Human Light, into one of Self as Divine, Self as Love, Self as eternal, constantly in Loving synchronicity with All on your Earth plane, for it still exists, and you with it, you will know that which you have hungered for, for so very long. The knowing you would have previously received at your passing from the physical plane of consciousness into that which is of Spirit Light, will be yours in that instant, without the need to leave the body process at this time.

As the brilliant Light of Christ Consciousness enfolds you in its profoundly Loving embrace, welcome it with Joy in your Hearts: the moment of change is upon you, for that which you were, as the caterpillar, laboriously crawling upon its leaf, is now to be the butterfly…seemingly, bypassing the pupae stage altogether. Are you not aware now, of the difficulties of many upon your Earth plane, as they struggle to comprehend in some fashion, that there is even the hope of such a new understanding as this, available to them?

You, the ones who hold the knowing of the wisdom of the ages, are awakening into this state of deep and total connectedness in your Love of Creation, for you are the Creators now: of a new Earth plane, that is a Joy to behold. Its pristine waters, clear blue skies, verdant and lush vegetation, grown according to the desires for food and shelter, also, for their beauty, their service to the whole – all, in deepest closest connectedness with Gaia/Mother Earth.

Gaia is transforming, shifting of her own energies, into a form that allows for this transition to take place. Long has she held forth of her Love, to allow those of the Human Light to journey upon her surface, in her waters, under the earth itself, in whatever way they might have chosen…and they have. Now, it is her time of transition into a higher state of Being, for her service has been great: in this, she brings forth the precious gift, of allowing you of the Human Light to journey with her, as might have been chosen to on a conscious basis, were you in greater awareness of how much she has endured, yet freely given, in the profound Love and service of her own most beautiful Goddess Light.

Deeply asleep, the Human Light has been dimmed down to the merest hint of its own capacity for Love…no longer, will this be so. All lessons have been learned in the collectiveness of consciousness: there is no need to further prolong this journey, to play out the final parts of your processes – these experiences will be made available to those who would seek them, in other realms now.

It is time to begin the transition process, from the caterpillar, into the butterfly: to allow the beauty of Love to transform that which was ordinary, into that which is almost incomprehensible to you in its beauty. For even the caterpillar, knowing of its life plan to transform itself, initially fights this process of transition, to remain in its state of unawareness and seeming safety of Being. Were it to remain as a caterpillar, it would eventually grow too large, requiring too much food; and it would be more vulnerable to the sharp eyes of the bird population, and so forth – it would outgrow its environment.

In the same way, the Human world must transform now, into that which serves the whole: radiant, in its extended awareness of itself, and its place in the greater Omniverse. The safety of remaining in the state of sleep and unawareness of the impact of the Human energies upon Gaia, is an illusion. Even as this begins to seep into the mass consciousness, there is little understanding of what may be done, to alleviate the situations that you are aware of.

I say to you this: turn your face to the radiance of the sun, and bring forth of its Love into your Being. Turn your mind’s awareness to the radiant Magnificence of Creator’s Love, in every smallest possible part of physical matter, and celebrate, that there could be such beauty of Creation to behold with your physical eyes, wherever you might look upon it. Turn your thought patterns to ones of Loving intent and kindness towards others in every possible moment; and feel the Divine Truth of your own Heart Light.

Focus now, on the energy of Love in your Heart, and allow the gifts of your emotional body to make themselves apparent to you: for your emotions take you right into the Heart of Creator’s Love. Release the energy of suffering or endurance, wherever you may find it within your Being: it serves you not. Let yourself be in celebration: for the whole of mass consciousness, is shifting rapidly now, towards that moment of transition. And your part at this moment, is to hold strongly, as powerfully and vibrantly as you might, to the knowing of Self as Love…of yourself as a beautiful aspect Light of the greatest part of your awareness, that is never separated from the Infinite Grace and Beauty of Creator’s Love. This greater part of you will guide you to co-create with it, to meld with it, to BE part of it in your awareness, as radiantly as possible, at this stage of your transformational processes.

You walk the path of Love now, shifting that which is out of Love in your own awareness of Self, into Love, by and through the Grace of Creator’s Love that You ARE: simply through your intent, and your willingness to constantly choose to refocus your awareness into a Love-based thought system, energised by the beauty and the power of your own Divine Love within. While requiring attention and diligent effort initially, soon, it is a way of life…one that is your natural state of Being, uncovered from the layers of darkened energy that accumulated over time, space and experiencing on this plane of consciousness, and beyond.

The moment of transition that I speak of, is an initiation into a new journey of Light: one so filled to capacity with that which brings you Joy, Heart’s Love, complete and utter acceptance of your own knowing of Creator’s Love. In that, I rest: content, to ever do the journey unfolding, in the most beautiful and profound states of Being that could be comprehended and desired. For this is Love in motion: Evolution, at its highest and greatest capacity to ever co-create, in Love, that which serves the greater Beingness in its unending and constant desire to know itself in every way possible, that takes it into ever greater experience and knowing of LOVE. I call it Creator Light, Creator’s Love: you may know it by other names – it matters not. For that which is Creator’s Love, is at this time largely unknown in the Human expression of Light: soon, it will be known to you; and we will celebrate together, you and I, the knowingness of Self, of Gaia, of the All That Is, in the Divine Oneness, that is Creator’s Love, and our constant and never-ending gift to receive.

I AM The Chancellor, of Le-MU-Ri-A…Be at Peace; go in Love; and EnJoy, the gifts of Creator’s Love: for it shines within you, in readiness for the Love of your own Self’s inner knowing of that which I speak, to open the pathway into the Light again.

Mahalo: I Honour You, in the Highest of Love, for You ARE LOVE.

And so it is.


Dearest Heart Friends, we are each of us, shifting in consciousness, letting go of old energy, accepting and honouring the new within us, and feeling our way through what comes…and making our plans boldly, to step into our new understandings of ourselves, so beautifully now.

In that Light, my plans are shifting too…I have begun a Goddess Circle with those here in Sydney who are wanting to make a difference in their own lives, in the weave of Goddess Love…there is great potential to really shift some energy of a less than nature into Love, for Gaia/Mother Earth, and for Humanity, in the work that we do there. In this, I am guided by the journey of the Silver Wings of Light Goddesses at the Honolulu Church of Light. It is providing life-altering shifts in understanding of the Self for those attending.

I am also writing another book, which I am very pleased to be doing 🙂 The current title is Journey of an Incarnate Goddess…it is about the Shift, in general and in me 🙂

And…the beautiful Lemurian Sacred Journey of the Heart to the Hawaiian Isles in early October is shifting into an even more beautiful form: I will now be sharing part of the journey with the Silver Wings of Light Goddesses – there are some very special ceremonies planned for the Big Island part of the trip especially, with a highlight being a very powerful and life-changing Baptism Ceremony at Pu’uhonua O Honaunau (City of Refuge), with Kahu officiating…an absolute WOW! These changes mean swapping the itinerary over, with the Honolulu part of the journey first, followed by the Big Island part last, with the final day being swimming with the Dolphin Light – what better way to end an incredible journey of awakening into Love, such as this will be! I have also let go of any arrangement with Flight Centre, it wasn’t working out, and I found that no flights had been booked/held…so, I am now organising it myself in terms of the land transport and accommodation, with everyone finding their own way there…so much easier! I will have the new itinerary out to you as soon as I can 🙂 It also provides the opportunity for those who wish to be in Honolulu for the Signature Cell Healing course on 3rd-4th-5th October, to participate in that as well 🙂 I know, deep in my Heart, that this is one of those times when Spirit is working with those of us who are planning the itinerary for this journey, to have it be a pivotal moment in the lives of those participating…do check with your Guidance, to see if it is one you are to be part of 🙂

And…my workshop in Adelaide is now a one day event, to honour the busy-ness that everyone is feeling 🙂 and…it allows more time for private sessions 🙂 It will be so wonderful to be there next week…although, I hear the temperatures there are very low, in the coldest winter for a very long time…it has been like living in Vancouver (Canada) in winter, up in the Adelaide Hills for almost the last couple of weeks…I send Love to Gaia, in the trust that she will allow for it to be somewhat warmer, at least while I am there 🙂

With everything that is going on, I have decided to release from the monthly Sydney Circle of Light gatherings – my apologies to those who have been part of it in some way – the discussions and other information shared have been stimulating and enjoyable…however, my priorities have shifted in the past week or so 🙂

I have also shifted some energy regarding my moving date to Hawaii…it is now to be late January 2009 🙂 It gives me more time to get the visa organised etc etc…a good thing!

Wishing you a Love-filled, fascinating and wonderful journey of Heart Light in the coming month, as we transform and become more of our true Being,

Love, hugs and many Blessings,

Takeli / MMagdalen of the Onyx Rose Light.


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