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15th January, 2008

Blessings, dear Hearts: I AM, the Magdalen: focus of the Violet Council of Love, at this moment.

In the words of beautiful song*, this is a beautiful, most sacred adn profound time of transformation on the Earth plane:

From a distance, there is harmony,
and it echoes through the land.
It’s the voice of hope, it’s the voice of peace,
it’s the voice of every man.

From a distance we all have enough,
and no one is in need.
And there are no guns, no bombs, and no disease,
no hungry mouths to feed.

From a distance we are instruments
marching in a common band.
Playing songs of hope, playing songs of peace.
They’re the songs of every man.

Dear Heart Lights, this time of transformation is one of great awakening, to the Inner Truth: that which you are, is of God, is of Creation, is of Spirit: it is you, who must now seek out, the steps to take, to bring your Divine plan, your inner Harmony, into the focus of the third dimension of this Earth plane of awareness, that it transcend into the Light of the fourth fifth Lights: to BE a voice of Peace, a voice of Love, steadfast, in the knowingness, of our Oneness in the ALL of Creator’s Love.

Those of you, who are sensitive to the energies, already feel it: it is a time of great shifting and changing of powerful transformation processes underway, that is present now. It is no longer, to be concerned with this disagreement, or that, that you might have with your neighbour/your brother/your sister/your friend: it is, to be so in Love, that the Love of Creation runs strong within you: the weave of the Goddess Light, empowering you now, to BE IN LOVE.

How you choose to bring forth of this Love, is for you to determine: be assured, that as you open yourself up to the Love of Spirit Light within you, the Joy is great, the Peace is present, and the Harmony of Love and Peace in the Chalice, assured, taking the entirety of the plane of Earth, into the space spoken of in this precious song.

Speak as you would speak, from your Heart: be willing, to stand forth, to say to another, “this is not my Truth, any longer – I choose now, to walk a different path”; and in that, the Core Light of your Essence, stands tall within you, and speaks of its knowingness, to the one before you.

Let the Love prevail: confine it not, and allow, for the Truth of You, to be present: a Truth, that has you fully empowered, busily co-creating with your Spirit Light, perhaps with others of the Human plane, a journey of the Heart. This Truth, speaks to you, of what you came to the Earth plane to Be, to do, at this moment: most assuredly, it was to listen: to listen, with all your Heart Light and Soul presence, to the voice of Love now, deep within you. It speaks softly to you at first, then louder and louder, that you might truly know of its wisdom: let it be received and welcomed in Love: thus it will prosper and grow; for there is none who need see, or know, the Creator as a far distant Light any longer: it speaks, most clearly, within each of you, now.

You, as the Light of Creation You ARE, embodied in the Human experience, are of Love: as you speak of Love, from Love, as Love, you express your true essence.

Simply ask of yourself, “how may I be of service, in the Love that I AM”, and the words will flow freely, for you, for those around you, to receive now.

Where you might be willing to be of service to the Light of Spirit, in bringing forth of these messages that you know to be of Love, you will do all a great service: it is no longer, to stay on the sidelines, watching, waiting, for the Shift to be here: it is already, upon you now.

Take the step, that you have been contemplating: be assured, that your plans reach a beautiful place of fruitfulness, as the Love guides them well: Listen, with your Heart, and all is in Divine Perfectedness – it must be so; for the Love that guides you, will see you accomplishing of your goals, your dreams, your desires, where they do indeed, stem from the inner core of your Light. It is that Inner Essence, that shows you the path: release of the Human concerns of lack and not enough, and choose to step forth, to accomplish your dreams, in the knowing, that the vibration of Love, that guides you in that moment, will find its path through and before, any obstacles that you might contemplate and bring forth, can take their place within your vision.

It is to dream, to celebrate, to awaken, to realise, to know: a knowing of the Love, strong, delicate, powerful, gentle, in its embrace of your Light: it is the Chalice, of Love and Peace, that comes forth now, within each and every Heart: let it awaken, and blossom, in yours.

I AM the Magdalen, of the Seventh Light: I welcome you, and enfold you, in my Love: let yourself feel, of its Truth for you: BE, in the Love, of Who You ARE.

And so it is.

* Excerpt from Lyrics to From a Distance by Bette Middler


Dearest Heart Friends, as this new year unfolds, the potentials seem to strengthen daily…the journey, is to keep choosing Love, letting the fear go, when you find yourself receiving of the mass consciousness or overmastermind. The media is a vehicle of fear, much of the time…choose to make it an imperative, to sit each day, in the Love of your Guidance, your Higher Self/Core Light Essence, and allow that Love, to cleanse your energy, freeing you, to Be Who You ARE.

Dream, create, our new world of Love, Peace and Joy…where fighting is never the answer; listening, walking in the other’s shoes, is. With understanding, comes the answer, that allows for the Love to prevail over fear: let it be so, in your world now.

More than ever, I rely on the Ten Principles of Consciously Creating, to show me my path: what is my Truth, where is my Trust in the Love, and what is it, that is my Passion to create in this moment…am I lacking in Clarity, or my Communication; have I Completed, what I set out to accomplish, that I am ready for a new journey of Love? And I constantly use the four tools of Prayer, Meditation, Sleepstate Programming (to work with the Higher Self), and Masterminding – creating a vision of reality based in Love – to show me what is simple, easy, and appropriate, to do next, or to hold as an energy in my Being, to allow the Love to be free, to create with me/for me. I do Trust, that those of you who would wish to work with these Ten Principles on an intensive basis in Sydney, will take the step of honouring your inner Light, that this path offers to you now.

And if you would like to receive confirmation, or to clarify your journey in this One year of Creator Force, I am offering a wonderful weekend workshop that will have you understanding your journey in a new and more empowered Light. It is called Life in the One Year: Creation of the Heart.

I have found myself very busy in the co-creation with another (and Spirit too, of course!) of a dream of ours in the past weeks, to establish a Centre of the Heart, that will provide assistance for those who feel themselves at a loss in these great energy shifts we are experiencing now, whether it be in need of healing or new directions, refocusing into the Love…I know, that this Centre will come into form, and I am very honoured and blessed to have it come together, so powerfully now 🙂

Until our paths meet, in the Love that we are, I hold you in the Love of the Magdalen in her gift to us of the Goddess Weave of Love; in the InLightened Thought of Peace, of the Master Jesus, creating the powerful vibration of Love, Peace and Joy that is the Chalice Light – a gift to us all, of Creator’s Love,



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