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Monthly EnLightenment from Mother Mary* November 2008


Teachings from the Sacred School of Om Na


Monthly Enlightenment

November’s featured Mentor is

Mother Mary

Channelled Though Natalie Glasson

Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary





I am Mother Mary; I am the great spiritual Mother of all on the Earth and surround every soul in the love of my heart. I am a beacon of light leading all forward away from darkness, fear and negativity into the illuminated loving arms of the Creator. All are vast beings of light in my eyes and I love all as an aspect of the Creator. My energies are greatly integrated into the Earth like threads of light which flow into all situations, influencing the lives of humanity on the Earth. I appear to many as a beacon of light to give hope and inspiration to all. It is my mission to encourage everyone to access the truth that exists within their beings, to accept themselves as love and to emanate love across the Earth and the universe. It is my duty and assignment to care for all acting as a nurturing energy, developing the feminine vibrations and qualities of the goddess within all.

I am love in manifestation; I have learnt to embody the love of the Creator trusting in the Creator’s guidance at all times of my evolution. I am so integrated with the energy of the Christ consciousness; I have even born a child of the embodiment of love to aid the anchoring of the Christ consciousness which is the purest form of

love into the Earth. When you call on my energy I will always share with you my loving energy. I will care for you as a loving mother. Through love every aspect of the Creator will be anchored onto the Earth.

I, Mother Mary am a great spiritual mentor; I hold a vast amount of wisdom within my being and mind due to my studies with many of the masters in the great sacred mystery schools both on the Earth and the inner planes of the universe. This I will discuss later but know that I am here as a beacon of loving energy that you can always call upon. When you need assistance or guidance, I shall be by your side and I shall wrap my energy body arms around your body, holding you tightly because you are all my children of the light and I am here to guide you forth.

Mother Mary and Her Work

I appear to many people differently but as I stand before you now I wear a deep navy hooded cloak, that wraps around my body, when you look into the cloak it will show you the entire universe; the stars, planets, realms and dimensions that compose of the Creator’s universe, this is a symbol of my connection and integration with all as well as my understanding of life beyond the Earth and its limited reality. It is I who you can call on to remove boundaries and limitations from your reality, actions and your thought processes. You may also ask me to transport you to different aspects of the Creator’s universe during meditation or your sleep state to aid your comprehension of the world beyond the Earth.



I am the Nurturing Mother,
Lady Mary


Mother Mary -“Guiding our children”

My dear friends,

I salute you. We are most pleased with your presence here today and we celebrate your being on earth at this time. Before I shall say anything about the subject matter of today, the children of the new age, I wish to draw attention to you. Each and every day, you try to embody more of your light and inner being on earth. You often experience heaviness in your lives and it seems sometimes like you are imprisoned in your body or in moods and emotions that suffocate you. We would like to tell you that we trust and respect you for all that you go through and accomplish in your lives. We love you just as you are and we wish that you would have more respect for yourself and all that you have already done in your life so far. By staying hopeful, cherishing your dreams and goals even if the light around you is temporarily fading and you have to deal with setbacks, you show your greatness and enormous strength. You are planting seeds of light on earth and these will bear fruit. Thanks to your inner work, you have created a bridge for a newly incarnating generation of souls who wish to shine their light on earth. It is about these souls we wish to speak today.

Before we talk of them directly, I ask you to go back in time and feel who you were when you entered the realm of earth as a newborn. Feel the innocence and beauty of your energy. Sense the sincerity of your intentions and the delicacy of your energy. Ah, you have been connected to earth for so long! So many times you have plunged into the deep as a small babe. Now feel what your intention was this time. You probably carried some personal baggage that you wished to solve in this lifetime. There may have been wounds deep in your soul that you wanted to heal and overcome. But apart from that, you were also guided by a vaster and more universal ideal, which is to enhance spiritual awareness and growth on earth. You knew you were going to be born in an age of transition, an age of crisis as well as opportunity. You knew there was “work to be done”, work on the inner level that would open up new pathways in thinking and feeling. You felt a connection with this great global transformation on earth and you were prepared to take the plunge into the deep once again to help make true this old vision of a peaceful earth: a new consciousness of unity among men and a renewed harmony between all living beings on the planet.

Time and time again you have broken through old boundaries of thinking and feeling. Every time you felt suffocated in traditional structures and rules, knowing deep inside that your soul could not flourish in a fear dominated environment or relationship, you have felt the necessity to break free. It has been painful at times, to say goodbye and travel new roads, yes difficult and very heavy, but you had to stay true to your sense that something wasn’t right, that it did not make sense to you or that something was missing. This nagging sense reminded you of the original intentions and goals of your soul. You have not been able to become well adjusted to the demands and ways of society, because they did not correspond with what you as a soul wanted to live by on earth. You were destined to be “different”, not because God or any other external authority planned that for you, but because you are who you are. You have, at some point of your soul history, become inspired by a new consciousness, that we may call Christ consciousness, awareness from the heart, or love. It is not so important how you call it. What matters is that you have been touched by it, that you have been hit by a sparkle of inspiration that has ever since propelled you to go on searching, dreaming and expanding your consciousness. The sparkle that is kindling a new consciousness on earth is now hitting many. For that reason, the “children of the new era” feel called to come. For that reason, they have been incarnating on earth for several decades now in great numbers. They are here to complete what you have started.

You who belong to the previous generation of lightworkers, roughly born before 1980, were the forerunners and trailblazers. You were inspired by the same ideal as the “new children” now; it was the same calling of the soul. But the grounds that were opened up by you, especially in the sixties and seventies of the 20th century, were much more marked by conventional beliefs and deep-seated fears about freedom of self expression, emotions, creativity and sexuality. When you go back forty of fifty years in time, the collective energy field of earth looked much different from now. It was less transparent, more dense and clouded and therefore less accessible to the loving and clear energies that are now finding their way to earth. One of the things that have enhanced this gain in love and clarity is the rise of equal rights for women (starting at the beginning of the 20th century) or in other words, the growing awareness of the equality and unique qualities of the female energy. The badly needed rehabilitation of the female energy has supported a growing awareness and validation of the dimension of feeling in life. During the sixties and seventies of the last century, much has opened up in the area of emotion, intuition and creativity.

Much work has been done by the older generation of lightworkers and it has cost them much, for they have crossed the inner valleys of self doubt and loneliness, before they could open up a new horizon for the generations to come. If you are part of that older generation, know that you have set a beacon of light for the ones after you.

Now you are passing on the torch to a new generation. And as you are passing it on, you can provide them with support and encouragement, while they can inspire you by their passion and the purity of their hearts. They are “different” to an even larger extent than you were. While you could temporarily or partly adapt yourself to an environment that didn’t truly resonate with you, they are unable to do so even at the level of outer behavior. In other words, they cannot even fake it for a bit. Their emotions and their physical body protest at a deep level as they are confronted with the limiting energies of many traditional education systems or ways of raising children. Adaptation is not an option for many of these children. Especially the most sensitive among them will physically and emotionally crash in an old energy environment and their behavior will become so problematic that the environment has to respond and change. Repressing or ignoring the problems is not possible anymore. The children that come in now will force society to deeply reflect upon its own assumptions about children and about life in general.

The children who are being born now (and have been incarnating on earth for some decades) carry a larger part of their full soul consciousness into the earth realm than most of you did. As you enter the earth realm, you go through a “veil of ignorance”, which keeps you separate from the dimension from which I presently speak. This veil is like a pair of glasses which, once you wear it, makes you believe you are a separate I, locked into your body. In fact, the veil of ignorance enables you to experience duality on earth, so it has its value, but at this moment the time is ripe for the veil to become more transparent and allow more communication from one side to the other. There are more and more people who reach through the veil and who realize they are one with something bigger than just “this body” and “this personality”. The more people do this, the more a channel is formed through which loving cosmic energy pours into the dimension of earth. On this wave of cosmic energy the new children ride in.  

Try to feel the energy of these children for a moment. Sense the wave of cosmic energy they are riding. Don’t think about it, just open your heart and allow the sensations to come through you. They vibrate at a higher level. Their energy may feel playful, light and butterfly-like but at the same time uncommonly wise and deep. They choose very consciously to embody a greater part of their soul, their divine self, on earth. They do this as they want to contribute to the transformation of consciousness on earth and they fully realize it might get them into trouble. At the level of their higher self, the most aware part of them, they have consciously made that choice. But on the level of the emotional self (or “inner child”) they might get traumatized by the clash they experience with the reality of earth. They run the very real risk of getting lost and troubled in the realm of earth, as they cannot switch off their sensitivity and higher vibration when they are in a less developed environment. Thus, they will have to either find a space on earth to express their energy safely and freely, or they will have to cope with intense doubts and frustrations inside. You can see how courageous and loving these souls are, running the risks they do. The same courage and power of love were displayed by you, when you incarnated on earth.

I will now go into some of the characteristics of this new generation of children. Not all children are the same of course, and some children display these characteristics more than others. There is a sense in which all children are “different” nowadays. They enter through a different (thinner) veil and with the intention to express more of their soul into matter than ever. But every soul has its own development and within the new generation of children there are the extraordinary sensitive ones, which are more different than the rest and which are often called “the children of the new era” or simply “the new children”. I will now list some of the most important characteristics of this specific group of children, and bear in mind that these characteristics also apply to a lesser degree to all children nowadays. Actually, by the development of consciousness on a collective scale, a “new human” is arising on earth. An evolution is taking place towards a socially and spiritually more intelligent human species, capable of living in harmony with nature and connected to its fellow humans by a sense of unity and respect. The development towards this “new human” is foreshadowed by the children. 

Characteristics of the new children

– The new children are increasingly clairsentient, empathic and telepathic. They easily absorb other people’s moods and emotions. The boundary between the world perceived by the five senses and the invisible world of feelings and energies is very fluent for them. They perceive the inner side of things often as easily as the outer (physical) side. They are not misled by outer behavior that does not truly mirror what is going on within. Their intuitive perception is astute.

– The new children are peacemakers.  They feel the impulse to bring together opposing parties and appease conflicts. Together with their intuitive abilities this often means that they mature early and are wise beyond their age. They often understand their parents at a deeper level than the parents understand themselves or each other. They try to help them or build a bridge of understanding between them. They easily become the “parent of their parents” and this may take away from their spontaneous, uninhibited, childlike part. When they identify strongly with the role of helper they may carry too great a burden of responsibility.

– The new children are idealists. They are spiritual, philosophical and imaginative. They are inspired by ideals such as equality, fraternity and respect for nature. In their aura you can often notice that the upper two chakras are wide open. Through these higher energy centers they often receive plenty of inspiration, insight and enthusiasm. But on the other hand they can easily get restless, overly dreamy and unrealistic because of these widely opened higher chakras. Their energy has not become fully grounded yet; it still has to connect fully to the body and the earthly plane of reality.

– The new children are feelers more than thinkers. They have trouble adjusting to preset structures and rules that leave little room for intuition, unpredictability and individuality. They are actually here to teach us how to break free from a tradition in which thinking and analyzing was overemphasized. All children are to some extent feelers rather than thinkers. But what distinguishes the more sensitive new children is that for them it is physically and emotionally impossible to adjust to a rigid and overly structured environment. They become sick or display severe behavioral disturbances. They are already anchored into a heart-based consciousness to such an extent that they cannot go back anymore.

– Because of their strong intuitive awareness and their inability to adapt, these children may be viewed as obstinate, rebellious and “different”. It is actually not their intention to be rebellious. They just want to be themselves. But if they feel there is no room for that, they can become isolated and even drop-outs living at the edge of society. As they are less driven by fear and the need for self-preservation, they are less responsive to discipline and authority. Yet they can suffer intensely and be confused by the lack of understanding they encounter. They can feel alienated and lonely because of that and wonder what is the meaning of their presence on earth. If they do however find their way in life and start to express their creative and spiritual energy in material form, they will flourish and many people will be touched by the profundity of their ideas and by their gentle, non-competitive way of dealing with people.

Problems faced by the new children

Summing up these characteristics already shows what problems the new children may run into. The biggest problem is that their specific energy is not recognized and understood by the people around them. When they are not given the means or opportunity to express their feelings and there is a lack of real communication, several “behavioral disturbances” may arise.

Children may become rebellious, hot-tempered and hard to handle. They feel misunderstood and mistreated, and they really want to say “no” to that, but they do not know how. They do not have the right expression and communication skills yet. What happens after a while is that they themselves do not understand anymore what is going on inside. When their inner life is not mirrored back to them by an understanding parent or teacher who gives a name to their feelings and listens with an open heart, they can get locked inside themselves and act out in ways that seem unmanageable and irrational. At that point it requires a lot of attention and a deeply attuned awareness to understand what is moving these children, as they themselves have lost touch with their feelings.    

It can also be the case that children, feeling not welcome or misunderstood, withdraw and disconnect from the environment. They do not vent their emotions through aggressive or unruly behavior. They are locked into their own little world and it is difficult to get through to them. Often these children are extremely sensitive, reacting strongly to discordant energies around them. As it is hard to imagine what it is like to be so sensitive, their boundaries are easily overstepped, and to survive emotionally they shut down their feeling center. This survival mechanism is generally called “autism”. It is a paradox that autistic children are called non-empathic (i.e. not able to see things from another person’s perspective) because they are extremely sensitive. One might say that they have so much trouble holding onto their own boundaries, that they cannot allow themselves to reach out to others, to expand their consciousness in such a way that it includes the other. They feel their world would break down if they do so, and they would be swallowed by chaos. The non-empathic behavior of the autistic child therefore stems from an enormous impressionability regarding the energy of others. It is in dealing with this overwhelming sensitivity that the autistic child seeks to protect itself and shuts down emotionally. The non-empathic or non-social behavior of autistic children is a survival mechanism and not an essential characteristic of the soul.

Children who try to solve their problems in an extraverted way (rebelliousness, agitation, lack of concentration) as well as children who seek an introvert solution (withdrawing and shutting down emotionally) share a number of common features.

– They feel unwelcome, unrecognized or not truly appreciated for who they are.

– They are not firmly rooted or grounded in their physical bodies. This you can literally perceive in their aura which often does not fully connect to earth at the underside. Practically it means that they lack an emotional foundation or anchor of safety inside from which to explore the world in a relaxed and open way. There is a basic “not feeling at ease” which makes it difficult for them to “just be” in a carefree way.

– As a result, they may display physical symptoms and disorders and/or react strongly to certain foods or substances.

– As they grow up and become teenagers, it can be difficult for them to find their place in society (by finding the right form of education or a job that suits them)

I would like to say a little more about the ways in which these children and teenagers can be supported to feel more welcome and find proper ways of self-expression. But first I wish to emphasize that it is very important not to think in terms of guilt as we speak about the causes of the problems the new children experience. The parents of these children often do their utmost to support and take care of them. A number of parents is very aware of the special qualities of their child and is getting more and more intuitively tuned into them. By their openness and willingness, an enormous learning process takes place. It is these parents who, together with their children, will pave the way in society and prepare the road for new ways of dealing with children.

The sometimes painful confrontation the new children experience with the reality of earth has been consciously chosen. They come to bring something new and they know this in their heart. This puts their difficulties in a different perspective. At the soul level, they take responsibility for what they encounter in their life; they accept the setbacks and obstacles. Society is not “against them”. Society is sleeping in many respects. It is the sleep of old habit and the coming of the new children is a wake-up call. Yes, they are a bit like you, can you feel it?! The previous generation of lightworkers has gone through the same dilemma’s as these children, with this difference that in the current age things are gaining momentum and reaching a turning point. The new children are both cause and effect of this acceleration. 

Guiding the new children

In guiding the new children, as their parent, teacher or therapist, the starting point is always an inner connection to that individual child’s reality. The foundation of all real help is the willingness to open up to the child’s way of experiencing life and the ability to tune into what it communicates to you verbally or non-verbally. The most important quality one can possess if one want to coach these children is the ability to listen and be open to something new.

It is less relevant whether you have specific knowledge or skills. These can even be in the way. Theories about (new age) children often depart from general classifications of outer behavior. Syndromes and diagnoses are based on externally observable symptoms. But what’s missing here and what’s vital for successfully reaching out to these children is that an inner connection is made to what the child is experiencing: the feelings and emotions that give rise to the outer behavior.

To look at someone in an open and unbiased way, one has to let go of preconceived notions and expectations. You can only genuinely connect to someone else (who ever) if you first release everything you think you know about the other. Only then is there room for being present in the now in a truly sensitive and intuitive way. This also is a beautiful way of welcoming someone, for you are now allowing yourself to be touched by their very soul’s energy.

From such a fundamentally open attitude, which is feeling in nature rather than thinking, you can enter into a communication with the other person that is beneficial and enriching to both. The interaction with a child is never one-way traffic. In the relationship the both of you are teacher at some points and student at others. This is what characterizes all spiritual meaningful relationships.

When the relationship between guide and child is defined is such a clear and transparent way, there are many possibilities for supporting the child in its development. I will indicate some ways in a general fashion, which does not pretend to be complete but rather to point to a certain overall direction.

Positive appraisal for their unique qualities (which make them “different”)

Help them remember who they are. Help them realize that their high sensitivity and idealism belong to the most beautiful qualities they possess. Let them articulate themselves in what respects they feel “different” and encourage them to find out how these qualities enrich and contribute to the world. Find creative ways of expressing their (high) sensitivity so that they can experience joy in it. Bring them together and let them exchange experiences and share their energies.

Intuitive development

To train their intuitive skills in a playful way, helping them to connect to their body and their emotions, reinforces their self awareness. Grounding oneself, knowing your boundaries from within and using your intuition to find out what is good for you, are skills that these sensitive children can easily learn when they are young and unrestrained. When they are older, they may feel more inhibited regarding their natural tendency to feel, imagine and fantasize. If that’s the case, it is important to first help them become aware of the emotions or limiting beliefs that block the flow of their intuition. If there are problems in this respect, almost always the energy flow in the lower three chakras has become blocked. There are fears, frustrations and disappointments in these children as a result of which they may feel insecure, depressed or even wanting to die.

Respect their maturity as a soul  

Know that their high sensitivity and “being different” has been a conscious choice on their part and trust their inherent capacity to solve their problems. Do not treat them like victims. Appeal to their gifts and talents and, as much as possible, let them find their own answers and solutions. Encourage them to get in touch with their passion and inspiration and help them find out how to express and manifest their inspirational energy on earth in a practical way.

Make room for self expression

The energy of the new children or teenagers can be so ethereal and idealistic that it may seem intangible. It is important for these children to express themselves in material form. This may be a creative form such as painting or making music, or it can be through sports or games. What matters is that they know how to ground their energy and make it visible to others. In that way they channel their energy to earth. In all of these things, the starting point should be that they enjoy expressing themselves in material form. When they are encouraged to freely explore and experiment, they will find the forms that suit them on their own.

Alternative medicine

Gentle, holistic forms of treatment such as reading, healing and alternative meds can be very helpful in dealing with physical symptoms in these children which are related to their overall energy and psychological condition. As they are so sensitive toward energy, these children respond easily to ways of treatment which are focused primarily at the energetic level (the psyche) and only secondarily at the body. It is however important here also that one does not choose a treatment or medicine based solely on external symptoms but that one makes an inner connection with the unique situation of a particular child. As a parent or therapist one can ask the child on the inner level whether the treatment is beneficial for them. And once it is old enough, the child can be involved in the choice themselves. 

– Education

Enlightened forms of education take the child and its inner world as their starting point. In the past, knowledge has often been “poured into” children in a top-down fashion. They were considered to be empty vessels which needed to be filled with useful knowledge and skills. However, if one regards the child as a mature soul with their own interests and goals, education takes on a very different form. The challenge is not so much to make something out of nothing, but to awaken and liberate something that is already present within the child: its natural soul energy that wants to manifest and express itself in the material world. There is a natural tendency in the child to want to learn, to explore and find out about the world. It is only when they are systematically forced to take in knowledge that is not related to the way they experience things that they become reluctant and unwilling to learn. Preserving and working with the natural eagerness in a child to learn is the foundation of new education. In this approach, the role of the teacher is very different. What is asked of them first and foremost is to be present with the child in an open and intuitive way. The teacher starts from the assumption that one can trust the natural and unique abilities of each child. They allow the child to lead the way, supporting it by supplying the knowledge and materials it needs to attain its goals. 

Dealing with the suffering of your child

When you are the parent of a sensitive child and you notice the hardships it has to go through in dealing with the world, you dearly want to protect or save them from harm. Unnoticed, you may get to view the outside world as the enemy and your child as the vulnerable victim. You may be afraid and wonder whether your child will ever make it without you. Watching your child suffer can throw you back on your own deepest fears, sorrows and disappointments. Nonetheless, the presence of this particular child in your life always has a hidden logic to it. There is a deeper meaning with a positive intent. One way of unveiling that logic and meaning is to look at the child with different eyes. To not see it as a helpless little being but as a teacher – an angel if you want – who has come to bring you a message. I invite you to go along with me in the following meditation. If you do not have a child yourself, you can simply invite an imaginary child to come to you.

Imagine you are walking through a lovely garden. Open your heart to this world of peace and serenity and let your gaze wander around. There are many plants and flowers in the garden. Feel the rhythm of the seasons, cycles in time which alternate gently and slowly all by themselves.
Now you look at your side and you notice that a child is walking next to you. Take the first child that comes up in your imagination. It silently takes your hand and together you walk through the garden, taking in the beauty of nature.

After a while you notice an inviting place to sit down, it may be a little bench or an open spot on the ground. You both sit down. Now you take a better look at the child. See her or his little face and look deeply into her eyes. After a while you observe a transformation taking place. Slowly the face of the child changes into that of an angel. You see how the child gets a shining radiance and becomes more ethereal, belonging to a different world. Perhaps you notice colors surrounding the angel-child.

Quietly you watch this angel and you are in awe of its appearance. You feel yourself becoming smaller, like a child again. Release the burden of being a grown-up for a moment and feel that sense of wonder again that is so natural for a child. With wide eyes you look at that magnificent angel facing you and then you sense that she (or he) wants to say something to you. This she does first by conveying an energy to you through her eyes. You take in that energy and feel the essence of it.

Then you ask a question to the angel. “Why did you come to earth?” you ask, “What is the gift you are bringing?” You let the angel speak. It does not have to be in words – she can also speak through feelings. Then you suddenly know, without words or images intervening. 

When you have received the answer, let the angel know and ask: “What is the highest thing I can do for you? How can I best support you in your mission, your endeavors?”

Let the angel-child tell you, in words or in feelings.

Then say goodbye while you feel that a lasting connection has been made between you from heart to heart.

Often, the thing the child needs from you most is the thing that helps you too. The character trait or energy that is needed most to support the child is often exactly the character trait or energy that you on the soul level wish to develop and master for yourself. Let us give some examples.

It may be the case that you have an introverted child that hides its feelings and is hard to communicate with. What this asks of you is that you learn to intuitively tune into him, be patient, and be willing to look at your own feelings in depth. This helps the child. Very often, to develop the qualities that are helpful to the child is exactly right for you as well, regarding your own inner development. Perhaps you are someone who has strong beliefs about a lot of things, or someone who is very practical and efficient, and you have never explored the realm of emotion and feeling that much. Your child invites you to restore that balance. So although superficially, the child seems to present you with a problem only, there is a deeper meaning hidden inside the problem: the challenge for you to develop certain qualities which fit very well into your own specific path of inner growth.

Another possibility is that you have a very lively and strong-willed child who easily crosses your boundaries and forces you to speak up and clearly indicate what you do and don’t accept. This child may frequently upset you and you may feel overwhelmed at times by her or his presence. What this child asks of you is that you get clear about what your boundaries are, so that you can communicate your needs and wants in a resolute and self-conscious way.  If there’s a lot of struggle between you, it generally indicates that you haven’t made up your mind yet about what you do and don’t tolerate. Your child invites you to define your own space clearly and to determine where you stand in the relationship to her – and very often this also throws light on all your other relationships. The behavior of the child (and your reaction to it) magnifies a problem that was already there. Very likely you already had a problem with assertiveness before your child was born. Now the child asks of you to become truly aware of who you are and to stand by yourself, and this is precisely what you need on your own path of inner development.

When you develop the qualities that support the child, you are helping the both of you. By your added understanding, love, independence and self-awareness, you can become a role model for the child, a beacon of light. In that fashion, in a mutually inspiring process of growth and healing, a new energy is being born on earth. A torch of light is being passed on from generation to generation, and it is shining ever more brightly.

We praise you for your dedication, love and commitment. We wish that you experience joy and fun on this journey of exploration that you and the new children are undertaking. We hope you have compassion for them but especially for yourselves as you will surely make mistakes. (Remember that mistakes are always the most important learning tools). We trust that your torch will keep on burning and will spread many sparkles to the torchbearers who come after you. But whatever you do, whether you experience joy or despair, whether you have compassion or are judgmental, whether you are open and trustful or down and depressed, we love you and will keep on offering you our support and encouragement. You are welcome. Always.

Questions and answers

After the channeling, there was room for questions and answers. Some of them have been listed here.

What can I do for my autistic daughter who is 6 years old?

First I would like to say that you love your daughter immensely and that your love is very palpable for her. With this, the most important thing has already been said. Your love cloaks her in a constant, silent embrace. That doesn’t take away the problems she has, and the difficulties you experience in relation to her, but it is the prerequisite for things to work out in your lives.  So feel that for yourself for a moment, feel your integrity and the sincerity of your love: this is the most precious gift one can bestow on a child.

It’s understandable that you feel doubtful, even desperate at times, but at the core there’s a deep love that unites you. If things are not going as you planned or expected, then it is not you or her that should be blamed. There is something she wishes to go through and deal with in her life, a special reason why she has this particular problem. It is her intention to be here on earth in a very pure way.  She carries a very pure and knowledgeable energy inside of her, which will touch many people. But a lot of patience is required, on her and your part, to have this energy come down on earth intact. She has chosen – it’s complicated to put into words exactly – to bring a pure and evolved energy to earth and to be relatively unprotected in this. So her energy is not attuned to the energetic reality of earth and she needs a translator, someone who helps her make the translation to the reality of earth. She consciously chose this relative unprotectedness and high sensitivity because that way the vibration she carries within can remain at a high level.

One can put it this way (I’m speaking more generally now). If you have a “normal child”, in the sense that it easily adapts to the expectations of the outside world, the child will more easily forget themselves, i.e. lose touch with their original soul energy. It will more easily be influenced by the demands and standards of society and even the most sensitive and enlightened parents cannot prevent that. Children with behavioral disturbances such as autism do not adapt so easily. But because of that, the soul energy of the child is more easily preserved; it does not budge so to speak. The people around this child will have to adapt instead of the other way around. This situation is often quite difficult for parents, teachers or doctors. But there’s a hidden treasure in the problem. The child’s “being different” challenges the environment to find new ways of communicating, reflect upon assumptions that seemed self evident before and to be truly open to the inner reality of the child.

What is asked of you in relationship to your daughter is especially to have trust in this child and to tune into her needs. You do this very well! You have a lot of inner space in your being. Trust that your child has chosen her life path, that she has outlined certain milestones in her life and that she chose you as their parents, so that you together could enable her to shine her Light on earth. You’re doing an excellent job.

Additional notes by Pamela: after the session I did a short intuitive reading of this girl for her mother, on the basis of a picture. This showed that her autism was related to a past life experience. This is a literal transcription of the reading:

I see a lot of light blue energy above her head in the form of shining transparent stones which are linked into a standing oval above the crown chakra. There’s an energy there of high vibration; it contains a profound understanding of life and the human psyche.  I feel she lived on earth one time and had a strong spiritual or clairsentient experience during which she felt a lot of insight come to her, like an epiphany. As a result, the behaviour and the motives of the people around her became transparent to her, including the silent power plays that were going on in her community. But it was difficult for her to integrate that knowledge into her daily existence. I sense that she got ill, that she got unwell both at the bodily and at the psychological level.  She could not express her truth, because her environment would not understand, not grasp it. This made her feel very anxious; she had the feeling she possessed knowledge that could help other people and prevent them from suffering, and yet it was impossible to speak up about it because she would be locked out. My impression is that she could not solve this dilemma during that lifetime and that she broke down due to emotional stress and physical problems which were the result of not being able to integrate that higher consciousness into her physical being. She shut down emotionally and this had an effect upon her throat (self-expression), her heart (connection to others) and the lower three chakras (feeling safe and wanted).

Now (in the present) this higher knowledge (the blue oval) is hanging above her head, exquisite and pure, and it is her intention for this lifetime to integrate it with her physical and emotional reality on earth. I feel strongly that is the reason why she came to you (her mother). You also carry something of that blue energy (the quality of higher awareness) in your auric field, so there is a natural connection with her. You also have red in your aura near the lower chakras which shows that you are able to stand up for your truth, although it has been hard for you at times. My feeling is that your presence alone has a healing influence on your daughter. That’s wonderful. She wants to heal in this lifetime, step by step. You as her parents are part of the solution, not part of the problem. 

Both of my sons are highly sensitive, but in very different ways and therefore they fight and argue all the time. This very hard for me to watch. I find myself struggling and arguing with them also, while I am truly someone who needs peace and harmony around her. How do I deal with this?

It is very important for you to stand up for your own truth, to stick to your gut feelings and put our some clear boundaries in relationship to others. Your consciousness easily slips into the highest two chakras (third eye and crown), from which you tune into other people’s emotions and understand their reasons for it. But you lose the connection to the lower three chakras, which tell you what you feel, what you need and what you want. You lose touch with your own inner child (the seat of the emotions) and you become ungrounded.

You are very sensitive yourself and your sensitivity contains a lot of empathy and reaching out to others. You have the desire to be connected, to be together with others, but in this you often sell yourself short. It’s important for you to take your own emotions of anger and resistance seriously and allow an energy shift to take place within you so that the balance between giving and receiving is restored.

The struggle you find yourself in with your children is there for a reason. It challenges you to become clear about your boundaries and demand respect from them. Often, this is a problem for parents who are very sensitive and who want to understand their children and not hurt them. In the role of parent they often lose their balance because they repress their own emotions and lose track of their own inner child. You should become more assertive and “self-centered” in the relationship with your children.

By becoming more self-aware and assertive, you will be able to set an example for your children and show them what it is like to be both a highly sensitive and a self-confident person. By embodying this energy of balance, you teach them more than words can ever do.  

Children pick up your energy, the feeling tones of who you are, especially sensitive children. So allow yourself some space to express yourself and you will see that it’ll make you more grounded and give you the real peace and harmony you are looking for. 

How do I realize my intention and desire to work with children? I feel inspired to work with children in the manner you described but at the same time I am inhibited by my fears of failure and my doubt that “no one out there is waiting for me”. Again and again, I am “interrupted” in my outward flow of self-expression by my insecurity. How do I deal with that?

There’s an authentic longing inside of you that stems from your soul. It’s important to cherish that longing and treat it in a gentle and caring way. Apart from enthusiasm, this longing also awakens fear inside of you. It brings to the surface an old hurt, which goes back to your childhood and beyond, to previous lifetimes, in which you were rejected for the specific qualities you now want to express once more. The experience of (violent) rejection has left a trauma in your soul. This trauma now makes you resist and waver as another part of you wants to manifest your soul’s true energy again. Understanding and accepting this heritage is the first and pivotal step towards healing yourself. By being impatient with yourself and by judging your fears and insecurity, you deny the pain in you that wants to be recognized and brought to consciousness.

Take your time for healing the hurt inner child inside. Your enthusiasm points at the right direction but it can also make you restless, as you are trying to get over your inner wounds too quickly. Remember that essentially, this process you’re in is not about your manifestation in the outside world. It is about your healing. The first and foremost goal of any soul incarnating on earth is self-realization: to love and accept yourself as you are and to experience the intense liberation coming from this. That is the foundation for all truly creative, spiritual energy. Once it is laid, the outward manifestation flow comes easily and effortlessly.

The fact that you want to live and be in the world from your heart, shows you are prepared to go to the core of the fear and darkness that is still with you. The longing to express your very own soul energy on earth always comes at a time when you are ready for a deep level of self-healing. As you prepare to express your heart’s inspiration on earth, you will, more than ever, let go of your past, your education and of relationships that no longer nourish you. Connecting with your soul creates a lot of movement in your life and it may seem like you are putting one step back before your spiritual energy can gain material form. Changes occur in your life and things may even get chaotic and messy for a while. This is precisely as it should be. Do not doubt yourself when the process of manifesting your soul’s desires comes with jerks and jolts along the way. It is these jerks and jolts which make you realize who you truly are and what you have to offer to others. Going through the fear and the insecurity, facing up to them and accepting their presence, makes you all the more loving and compassionate towards others. As you let go of judgment, and truly accept who you are at this moment, you become wise. You understand that it is really about you and not the others. And at that moment, the others will start to come to you. They will see something in you that inspires them. Opportunities to manifest your soul’s inspiration will present themselves easily. You are ready and you will know it.

Mother Mary : Overcome your grand illusions to find a higher level of service

Overcome your grand illusions to find a higher level of service

A dictation by Mother MaryJuly 4,2008


NOTE: This dictation was given during the Shangra-la Summer Conference on the Big Island of Hawaii, June 27, 2008.

NOTE: As a meditation before this dictation was replayed the mantras from the previous dictation by Maraytaii.My beloved hearts, say with me now the mantra given by the Great Divine Director, of his ancient name:

[Audience chants] EUTAI … (9x)

Now say with me the feminine counterpart of that mantra, which is MARAYTAII:

[Audience chants] MARAYTAII … (9x)


My beloved hearts, I Mary, as the representative of the Divine Mother for the Earth, come to give you some thoughts about what it means to be the Divine Mother, how it feels to be the Divine Mother. For some of you have raised the question, my beloved, what did it feel like for the Divine Mother to be murdered on Lemuria or to see her representative in embodiment be murdered in Lemuria.

And so you realize, my beloved, that a spiritual being does not have human emotions—as you are used to experiencing them on Earth. For you see, my beloved, the Divine Mother has ultimate and absolute respect for the Divine Father. The expressed God has ultimate respect for the unexpressed God. And it is the design and the will of the unexpressed God that all self-conscious extensions of itself should have free will.

And so, as the Divine Mother, we accept and respect that free will to the ultimate degree that we allow ourselves to be the instrument for the outplaying of that free will, in terms of allowing the Ma-ter Light that we are – the Ma-ter Light that is an extension of our Being – to be used by human beings and other self-aware beings throughout the cosmos in any way they see fit. Vowing to allow that light to outpicture absolutely any form that God’s co-creators decide to project upon it through the power of their minds.

And so you see, my beloved, we who are one with the Divine Mother – who are the Divine Mother – we have made a decision to allow the outplaying of free will. And thus, once we have made that decision, my beloved, we do not waver, we do not doubt, we do not argue back and forth, we do not analyze—as you so often do on Earth. We are true to the decision because it is made with the totality of our Beings, my beloved. And thus, we have no feelings, as you conceive of feelings, concerning how free will will outplay itself.


See the cosmic perspective
So you see, my beloved, we who are one with the Divine Mother, we who recognize ourselves as expressions of the unexpressed God – as God in form, as God in mater-realization – we, my beloved, see the cosmic perspective. So we see that when a person on a small planet called Earth represents the Divine Mother, then the purpose of that person being in embodiment is not to be the leader of a particular religion, but to serve the greater cause of raising the awareness of the self-aware co-creators. Even those who have forgotten who they are and therefore are not strictly speaking self-aware. But who nevertheless have the potential at any moment to switch back into self-awareness, the awareness of the self as a spiritual being, as an extension of God. And thus, our purpose is always to facilitate that growth in consciousness that is the ultimate purpose of the world of form. The growth that we fully realize can only – only – happen through free will. For it cannot be forced, my beloved. Self-awareness, the expansion of self-awareness cannot be forced from outside the self. It must come from within the self.


And thus we recognize that after beings lost their way, then they started outpicturing all kinds of manifestations on Earth that were not in alignment with their highest potential—the immaculate concept that we hold. Yet, in our infinite and unconditional love, this did not cause us to go into a negative feeling of anger, frustration, or even wanting to blame or punish. We simply accepted what was. For we always accept what is—as an outplaying of free will.

And thus, our concern is then how we can help a lifestream that has started descending the spiral staircase come to the turning point and again start ascending. And as such, we must meet people wherever they have chosen to descend in consciousness. And we do so with no judgment, with no fear, anger, blame—all the negative human emotions. And my beloved, why do we not have such emotions? Because as was said earlier – which you surely recognize was an inspiration from me – we do not have any “shoulds” or “should-nots.” The word “should” is not in our vocabulary.


Do you need to always have opinions?
For you see, my beloved, when you truly, fully, unconditionally accept free will, you do not even have an opinion about what people should or should not do with their free will. You set them free to experiment and we, as the representatives of the Divine Mother, allow self-conscious beings to outpicture whatever they want to outpicture, allowing our light to take on the form that they think they need for some reason or another. Often, my beloved, it is because they are blinded by the ego, which only sees itself and cannot possibly see the cosmic perspective that we see. And thus, the ego is focused on itself—and our focus is on helping the Conscious Self of that person see that the ego is trapped in dualistic lies and illusions, and that the Conscious Self truly does not need the ego.


But yet, what does it take for the Conscious Self to come to that realization? Well, sometimes it takes that a lifestream outpictures certain manifestations that from a human perspective might seem negative or selfish. But they are nevertheless necessary for the lifestream to realize that this is not truly what it needs. This is not fulfilling its true needs, its true longing for something more to life, the longing that the ego can never share and cannot understand but can recognize is there.

And thus the ego seeks to compensate for it by forcing the Conscious Self to believe that it needs something in this world. LINK And thus, the person then seeks to attain that something, whatever it may be, and only – in many cases – when that something has been attained, will the Conscious Self awaken and realize, “No, this did not complete me, this is not what I was seeking, there must be something more to life.”

And then – often – it happens that the ego manages to convince the Conscious Self that although what it previously told it that it needed was not the real thing, then surely this other thing in the matter world will satisfy the Conscious Self’s longing. And sometimes it takes many lifetimes before the Conscious Self awakens and says, “Maybe what I am truly longing for is something that I cannot find in this world? Maybe I can never attain a sense of completeness from anything in this world, maybe there is something beyond that world. And maybe I should start looking for it?”


And that, my beloved, is when the soul comes to the turning point. It has reached the lowest level on the spiral staircase to which it needs to descend. And now it can pause, it can start shifting its gaze from the self-centeredness of the ego to a broader perspective. It can start looking up the spiral staircase and realize that perhaps it can find what it is seeking by ascending the staircase—since it now is beginning to realize that it might never find it by descending the staircase.


You no longer remember what it was like to be blind
And so you see, my beloved, many of you who are spiritual people and have reached that turning point many, many lifetimes ago – or perhaps some of you did not even have to descend to a low point – so many of you can no longer remember how it was to be so trapped in the ego’s illusions that you were always looking for completion or security or belonging in the material world. And thus it is difficult for you to understand and show patience for those around you that you see outpicturing conditions that you can clearly see will only limit themselves and can never lead to any kind of fulfillment. And you are of course right, but you are not right when you cross the subtle line of thinking that because you can see it, others should also be able to see it.


For you must realize, my beloved, that the reason why you can see something is because you have come to an inner realization. Yet these other people have not yet come to that inner realization, and your inner realization has no effect on someone else. And thus, what unfortunately happens to many sincere lifestreams – even many who descended to Earth for the purpose of seeking to raise the consciousness of humankind – is that they get lost in the illusions, they get seduced by the illusions of duality, the original illusions of the original fallen angels who started believing that it would be better if they could override free will and force people to be saved.

And thus, you start believing, my beloved, that other people should start living their lives according to your inner realization. And thus, you become caught up in the game that you see in most mainstream religions, of seeking to want to change people’s outer behavior, or outer beliefs, instead of following what has always been the true path of the Ascended Host—namely seeking to help people attain the inner realization that is the only key to their progress and growth.

Do you see, my beloved, the fundamental difference between the approach taken by the Ascended Host and the approach taken by the fallen beings who are seeking to control? And my beloved, many of them actually believe they are doing this for a greater cause. They are doing it because it is right, it is in the best interest of all the people. It is even in the best interest of the unfoldment of God’s plan. For God simply cannot understand his own plan and his own creation. For surely these fallen beings understand it better than the Creator itself.


Beware of the ego’s subtleties
And this is then the ultimate blindness of the ego. Yet I must tell you that this consciousness – which is essentially the consciousness that the ends can justify the means – is very subtle, very persuasive. And it is very pervasive in religious and spiritual movements, even in Ascended Masters organizations, my beloved. If you study the organizations that we have sponsored in the last century alone, you will see a very clear tendency for the members to believe that they belong to some superior teaching. And therefore, it was only in the best interest of the people, and of God’s plan, and of the plan of the Ascended Host, if others were gently forced to see the validity of their teaching, even holding the vision that everyone on Earth was converted to their teaching.


Yet failing to see that this was simply their egos, playing the ultimate trick of wanting to convert every human being on Earth to its own belief system, thereby thinking it could prove that this was the one true, absolute, infallible belief system on Earth. A fallacy, of course, which the Conscious Self can never be fully satisfied with. Nevertheless, the Conscious Self can be seduced into pursuing this cause for a very long time before it starts realizing that this is not actually what it is seeking. For it starts realizing that there must be more to God than what can be captured in any belief system on Earth, my beloved.

And thus, we look to you who are part of this new initiative, to be wiser. And I do not say this in order to encourage a sense of superiority, but I do say it as a test as to whether you will use it to build a sense of superiority. But we do look to you, who have been given a more advanced teaching, to be wiser than previous students in not building the sense of superiority, the sense that you have a superior teaching and that all others should – by force if necessary – be converted to that teaching.


Knowing the Way of the Cosmic Christ
For we look to you to see, my beloved, that when Jesus made the statement “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No man cometh unto the Father, but by me,” then, my beloved, this too was a test to see if those who followed Christ would build that sense of superiority, would allow the ego and the false teachers to turn the movement of Christianity into one more religion based on the concept that this is the only true one.And so you see, we look for you to acknowledge that when Jesus made such statements, and others that are not recorded in the Bible, my beloved, that he was speaking as a representative of the Cosmic Christ, the universal Christ mind. And thus, when he said, “I am the way, the truth and the life,” it was the Cosmic Christ speaking through him. And thus the universal Christ mind is the way, the truth, and the life, my beloved.


You who have been given a teaching, should not fall prey to the trap of thinking that you should turn this teaching into a system, and that system is now the only true way. For what is the true way? Well, it is the consciousness of Christ, the spiritual consciousness, the consciousness of the Divine Mother, of the Divine Father, and of the Holy Spirit, my beloved.

And so, you recognize, I trust, that this is the consciousness that is the Way. And it is the potential in every lifestream to shift its sense of identity, to tune into that universal consciousness, realize that it is an extension of the One Being, of the Creator, and thus overcome separation and duality.

That, my beloved, is the Way. And that way cannot be followed if you think that you have now found or defined some ultimate belief system on Earth, and thus all you need is to follow the prescripts of that belief system until you are somehow magically saved at some future time.
And thus, my beloved, the true way is the Path of Oneness. Oneness with your higher being, with your Creator, with your spiritual lineage Above. And oneness here below, between people in embodiment, who no longer see themselves as human beings, but as the spiritual beings that you truly are.


Understanding the Holy Spirit
And so, my beloved, as another thought I would comment on the concept of the Holy Spirit. For the reality is that the Holy Spirit was introduced in the West by Jesus, who said that after his ascension he would ask the Father to send another Comforter to Earth. And so, my beloved, the Holy Spirit then can be explained as the collective momentum of all who have walked the true Path of Oneness. In the case of the Earth, it is the collective momentum of all those who have actually ascended from the Earth, or have at least passed the initiations of the material realm and thus contributed to the creation of an upward spiral.And every time a Being ascends from Earth, that Being adds its own momentum to that collectiveness of the Holy Spirit, that flow of the Holy Spirit. Jesus did so, Krishna did so, the Buddha did so. All beings who have ascended have added their momentum to it, increasing it every time, making it easier for people to tune in to that Holy Spirit, my beloved. And therefore receive a portion of the Spirit that allows you to know truth from within and allows you to go out and speak that truth with the power that has the power to awaken people from their blindness, to shake them out of their blindness and thus give them an impetus for that inner realization.


You see, my beloved, that this does not force people to have that inner realization. But it gives them the foundation for having it if they are open and willing to have it. And thus, the power of the Holy Spirit can cut through the density of the collective consciousness, the density of a person’s own past momentums, so that the person is shaken and therefore is, so to speak, in an interval in time—put on pause. The person’s mind is put on pause, and now the person has a moment to tune in within and ask if there is more to understand about life, more to experience about life, than the person’s ego-based, fear-based dualistic belief system.

And so, my beloved, what will it take for you to tune in to the Holy Spirit? Well, it will take for you, my beloved, discernment, so you can discern between the Holy Spirit and the many false spirits that have been created. For you see, my beloved, there is only one Holy Spirit, because the Holy Spirit is created out of the momentum of those who have successfully walked the Path of Oneness.

And thus, of course, they can only create one unified Spirit. Yet you must understand also that those who have walked the path of separation, they have also created a momentum of the false spirits, and there are of necessity many of those, my beloved, although some have grown strong because of the collective momentum added onto them by many people in embodiment, even beings who are no longer allowed to enter embodiment on Earth but need to stay in other realms or have gone to the second death. They still have added to that momentum of the false spirits.


How to have discernment
And so you need to have discernment, my beloved, so that you know what is the Holy Spirit and a false spirit. And of course, many things can be used to gradually build your discernment, including considering whether a spirit seeks to make you feel superior to others. For then you know that it cannot be the one Holy Spirit, but only a dualistic spirit.But you also need, my beloved, to make a critical assessment of yourself, to look in the mirror, to look for the beam in your own eye. For I tell you, my beloved, what makes you susceptible to the lower spirits is your attachment to one of your ego’s desires, which then makes you vulnerable to hearing what you and your ego want to hear in order to fulfill that desire.

And thus, many of you have certain false concepts about the spiritual path, about your role on Earth, such as I expounded upon earlier, about you thinking it is okay to force people into the one true religion for their own good. If you have such desires, my beloved, or even a desire to be seen as a savior of the people, perhaps even THE savior of the people, well then you cannot hear the Holy Spirit, my beloved.


For what will the Holy Spirit tell you? It will tell you how to overcome duality and enter into oneness. For the Holy Spirit is an extension of those who have walked that Path of Oneness. And thus it will expose all illusions in your being. Not all at once, but as you can handle it, and as you are willing.

And thus, my beloved, if you have those self-centered desires of wanting to raise up yourself or do some ultimate service for God – thinking that God will reward you and make you an important person, either on Earth or in Heaven – well then you will not hear the Holy Spirit when it whispers to you as the still small voice within. You will hear the loud voice of a spirit who will tell you that this is how you can achieve your desire, this is how you can fulfill God’s cause—by doing this or that outer thing, my beloved, achieving some kind of glory or recognition from the world.


Be not deceived by your own desires
And so you see, you are deceived by your desires, your attachments, that center around raising up the separate self, rather than letting the separate self die, seeking only to raise the All. But you see, my beloved, the All is also in you, so there is a certain validity to raising up God in yourself—for how can you help raise up God in all life if you have not first done it in yourself. But you see that when you raise up the All in yourself, it is fundamentally different than seeking to raise up the separate self.And so, my beloved, I must tell you that the key to attaining this discernment is to strive for balance in all things. And this is where some of you could make great progress on your path, by striving for balance, by being willing to acknowledge where you have been out of balance, where you have attained unbalanced desires of seeking to raise up the separate self, for some grand scheme or another.


Perhaps even thinking that you are destined to be a messenger or a representative of the Ascended Host, my beloved. And thus listening to the false spirits who tell you that there is a shortcut to attaining this status, where you do not need to expose the beam in your own eye, even though all other representatives of the Ascended Host have had to do so. No, you are special, so you do not need to follow that path of discipline that Jesus demonstrated. For perhaps, maybe you are even more important than Jesus, you are higher than Jesus, you are more spiritually evolved. Or whatever the ego and the false teachers will whisper in your ear, my beloved.

And if you have an unbalanced desire, you might begin to believe this and entertain grand visions of what should happen – what SHOULD happen – my beloved. So the question is, when do you then come to the point of giving up this idea of what should happen, so that you are willing to step into the River of Life and flow with that river. Which will raise you up but only to the extent that you are working to raise up the All. The All in yourself, the All in all others.


You are close to a higher level of service
And so, my beloved, I ask you to ponder that some of you do have a certain attainment that has brought you to a point, where you are close to being able to serve the Ascended Host in a more direct capacity than you are doing right now. Perhaps as you see these messengers doing, although your way of service might be different. But nevertheless, the image I want you to hold is that you might be close to stepping up to that more direct form of service. But there may still be an imbalance somewhere in your being, that is deceiving you and thus making you susceptible to the lower spirits that whisper in your ear and thus prevent you – with their constant unceasing chatter – from hearing the still small voice of the Holy Spirit who never seeks to force but only seeks to awaken and inspire.


And thus, if you would take an honest assessment, study our teachings on the ego – study the new Course in Christhood that Jesus has so lovingly prepared for you – well then you might realize that if you are willing to let go of a few illusions – perhaps just one grand illusion – then you can actually step up to that service, where you can be more of an open door and start fulfilling that part of your divine plan.

But I ask you to recognize, my beloved, that until you are willing to give up the unbalanced desires, you will not be able to serve as an open door for the Ascended Host. You will only become an instrument of the false teachers, who will whisper some grand scheme in your ear, rather than the true reality of oneness—the oneness of all life.


Warning or encouragement?
And thus, these teachings that I have given you can be seen in two ways. One as a warning that some of you are dabbling in the false spirits, allowing them to deceive you because you will not admit that you have deceived yourself with your ego’s desires. Or my teachings could be seen as a reward for the fact that some of you have risen to a level of the path, and some of you have used the teachings we have given, to the point where you are close to breaking through to a higher level of service. Both interpretations are valid, and I leave you with both of them, so that you might honestly consider which one applies to you, or whether both of them apply to you, my beloved. For is it not always safe to assume that while you are in embodiment you might be somewhat susceptible to the duality consciousness, and therefore need to be constantly alert for how it might creep in to your container of self?


My gift
Thus, my beloved, in gratitude for your attention, for your physical and spiritual presence, I will give you a gift—that you might attune to my heart, that you might ask me, as you are willing and able, to release to you my unconditional love for you. So that you can sense that unconditional love and thus let it set you free from all consciousness of wanting to force others or, my beloved, force yourself to live up to some image based on the “shoulds” or “should-nots” created by the masters of duality, the masters of deceit. Thus I ask you to play a piece of meditation music while you tune in to my heart and my unconditional love, my beloved.My beloved, I instructed this messenger to hold his hands up, that you might have the image that I radiate my unconditional love through his hands, in case you need a physical focus. Yet I trust you will know that unconditional love is everywhere, and thus does not truly need to be radiated from any particular vessel, but can be radiated right within yourself, right within your own being, right within these cells and atoms of your being. For truly, unconditional love knows no conditions, so how can there be conditions that shut out unconditional love from some place?

[Ave Maria by Schubert playing]

Thus, my beloved, having received the Alpha portion of this gift, I now ask you to realize that unconditional love wants to flow and raise up all life. So I ask you to now visualize that you are the open door, you are the transformers, so to speak, that you received the unconditional love from Above, and you radiate it out to this Earth, to the people or conditions or causes that are dear to your heart. Seeking to raise it up in accordance with the teachings on free will I have given.


Thus I ask you to play another piece of music and thus visualize that the unconditional love is not only flowing into you but is flowing through you, my beloved. And thus, your entire being, every cell and atom in your being, vibrates with that unconditional love and radiates it out to the condition that you visualize as being raised up by that unconditional love.

[Un Bel Di (from Madam Butterfly) playing]

And thus, my beloved, my gratitude. And I seal you in the Flame of the Divine Mother, the Flame of Unconditional Love.

Copyright © 2006 by Kim Michaels


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