Master Kuthumi Audio: Integration

I greet you on the rays of light that surround you, that penetrate your atmosphere and the very air you breathe. Indeed at the very core of your being is light. And it is this light and oneness that I come to you at this time. I speak today on the subject of integration.

Previously, I have spoken on the transformational times that many of you are experiencing. The transformation is appearing on many levels, on relationships, on finances, on your own integrity, what you feel is right in any situation, your work. There are many, many levels of transformational energies that you are working through at this time. And it is that for the new energies to present, to manifest on the earth, the transformation must precede that. And it is these times that you are experiencing. You are in the process of integrating new energy, new light.

It is indeed the emotions which hold you back.


In your past, when the new ways, energies, the transformation, the changes, when they were first spoken of, by myself and other beings of light, many doubt it. Many did not want to listen. Many chose to turn away. But I tell you now that your well-being, your very core and the well-being of your planet are in the midst of integrating new energies, which has previously been spoken of. Therefore, those who have previously chose to turn away and ignore, can no longer ignore. And those who still turn away will be drawn to face the reality in your coming months as more changes manifest on your planet as you are required to integrate more of the new energies.

You are all beings of light. Some of you have wondered, how can I be a being of light? I am a physical body. You have looked and you have reasoned with your lower bodies. Those of you who have thought this, the light that you are integrating, the particles are raising your vibrations. This is one way we are assisting you, one of the many ways. For man needs help in this process. If left on his own with no assistance, it will take many, many more of your years to progress. I have said many times that the main lesson which man needed to overcome was contained in the emotional body. It is indeed the emotions which hold you back. It is fear which interferes with many of your emotions and pulled you back even further. Your emotional body must be integrated into the new light for you to advance, for you to proceed. I speak of all mankind.



Let us break this down into simple steps. How can you integrate the light when you cannot see it and when you cannot hear and neither can you smell it. You cannot hear it but you can feel it. Yes, my friend, you can feel it. And this is an essential core to the integration. May I suggest to each of you that each day you choose to become more aware of your feelings in any situation. Whether you are at your place of employment, whether you are speaking to someone you do not know or whether you are speaking to someone very close to you. Your action, what you choose to do in any situation. Take a moment, for it is only a moment of your time. Take that moment to realize, to feel what your higher self is telling you.

Your higher self is very active in these times of integration. The more light you absorb, the more you activate your higher self. This is what is called enlightenment. As you fill yourself with more light, you activate more of your higher self. This creates the transformational change in mankind.

When you take that moment to listen within and it is but a moment, your higher self will tell you.


But I am getting ahead of myself. I began by suggesting that you begin with steps. And the first step that I will give you is the step of feeling. It is a very simple step. And it takes but a moment for you see, when you speak harshly or when you do something wrong in your actions, indeed even on your mental body when you are consumed with angry thoughts, you feel very heavy. Your entire body feels very heavy. You did not feel happy, you see, because you are in lower energies.

What I am suggesting is break that pattern for a moment and recognize how you are feeling. The mere fact that your body is feeling very heavy, that you are not very happy, will tell you that you are not on the correct path. This is not the way. This will not bring you what you seek which is peace, joy, love, you see.

When you take that moment to listen within and it is but a moment, your higher self will tell you. It will link the thought in your conscious mind. This is not right and so, we will hope that this will activate you to choose to come back to the correct path, to release your angry thoughts, to give to others what you hope to receive yourself. And that may be a simple gesture or a kind word throughout your day. And so the first step I gave you is feeling. Begin to take note the second of your time, connect to your feeling, does it feel right? Or does it feel well? For when you are doing that which feels well within you, that brings you the spark of wellness, leading to joy. And because you know your actions, your thoughts are correct.

I give you this step today, at this time because your feelings will become more profound as you enter your coming months, as you end your current year. Many of you will notice this. For anything that is not sitting well, anything that is required to be released, as part of your enlightenment, as part of your raising of vibrations, anything that does not sit well, will be brought to your attention, to be dealt with, to be worked through, for you to create correct action, you see?

And this is all part of the integration of the light. It is working through, it is releasing. And as you integrate more light, which indeed is in your atmosphere, in the very air you breathe. This is why many of you are having chaos in your lives. The universe is calling you as never before. You are being asked to address any unfinished issues that you are holding within for you see, you have all been told that you are beings of light. But this light must be integrated.

To be integrated, the negativity must be released. The old paradigms of behavior must be released. The old ways of thinking must be released, you see? The old saying, an eye for an eye, no longer holds true. No, for if you hold to this saying, it will bind you in the depths of your past. It also must be released. For now you are required to forgive, to move forward. I have given many exercises to assist you with this, through my words, through my website. I have given many exercises to assist you. But it is not difficult. The light will help you for the light activates your heart centre, you see? So there you have assistance.

There are many, many light beings available to you also. The angelic realm have also stepped forward, even more so than before, to guide you, to assist you. As you move forward in your years, more light and more of the penetration, a stronger light, will enter your atmosphere. You see, it must come through gently. It cannot come through in its full entirety or you will not be able to cope with that. But you know, in your coming years, there will be more light. Therefore your vibrations will be raised again.

Embrace love for yourself, embrace love for your past and as I have said before, your greatest weapon for your enemies is love.


For those of you who continue to turn away will have a difficult time. Because they are choosing to resist so strongly and there will be great conflicts of energies and of emotions filtering out to the daily lives. This in turn will affect their organs in their physical bodies. This will affect their nervous system also. Many will return home due to this. So it is a time of integration. And we find it strange that man has wanted integration for so long has been bound to his past also. And yet the doorway is here, the light is shining on all of you and yet we see hesitation, we see doubt.

My friends, at this time, I remind you, that these light particles will activate your higher heart and the love that it contains. They activate your higher selves, your true selves. Since you came into creation, your true selves contain much love. So I urge you do not let fear, do not let doubt overcome you. Embrace love for yourself, embrace love for your past and as I have said before, your greatest weapon for your enemies is love. Simply love them, send them love. It is your greatest weapon and it has always been. And it has remained so. There are no secrets. You are all part of the one, though you remain an individual, you are all part of the one.

Now, are there questions?

Chee: Master, when you talk about the integration, do you also mean the integration of both the light and dark side?

Kuthumi: I mean the integration of the light particles, the integration of light, integrating more love. I am not speaking of integrating the dark side. No. I am speaking more of moving away from the dark side, moving to light. There has been a need for you mankind to know the light, to experience this. Or how would you know light from dark if you have had no experience of this?

But now, through the integration, it is that you must move away from the dark and embrace the light and all that it entails. It is experience. It is knowledge, you see? The time of your duality is coming to its completion. And what is duality? Duality is opposites, is it not? And when you have duality, you have experience of both facades, the good and the negative, the light and the dark and so you have the duality, the experience of that, you see, on whatever levels. If you do not have the experience of duality, then you cannot truly know the light, or indeed the dark. Does this answer your question?

Chee: Because there are some teachings that say that both the light and the dark are within ourselves, so I am just wondering if the integration you talk about includes the integration of this too?

Kuthumi: Well, you are correct in what you are saying because you are indeed integrating the dark into the light. You could perceive the experiences that man has had for many thousands of years as a form of darkness, for you have now in control and violent times and greed and all of the lower, darker energies, you see? It has been necessary to experience these, you have chosen to experience these during the separation from the light. And so for many lifetimes, you have gone through and experience this. Now, in the integration, you integrate into love, into light. So in a way, you could say that you are integrating though the integrating is more on leaving behind.

Chee: Allow me to ask further. In the future, will we only experience the love and the light and so no more darkness?

Kuthumi: Yes, that is correct. That is what man is moving towards. This is what is termed as your golden age, your evolution, the great evolution of mankind. And what I have spoken of at this time, is giving you a step in assisting you with that integration. You are beginning the integration.

Chee: So does that also mean in the future, we will no longer have the need for the lesson for the dark side?

Kuthumi: That is correct. That is correct. And there are those who still hold on to those lower energies through fear. It is fear, they fear the unknown. And I say to them, why do you fear love?

Chee: And so if we have chosen to experience the darkness in the past, why is it that we have decided to end the lesson at this time?

Kuthumi: Because there are many beings of the light that have been watching your planet and your progression. And it is that in recent times, and I am speaking hundreds of years, there have been cycles going round and round, containing much negative emotions and energies. And it was deemed that man needed help to raise his vibrations to return home for it was time.

To answer your question more fully, it is necessary to go back to the beginning, to the separation from the source and the experiences that you have chosen, and I have spoken a little of that already. But now in your evolution for the planet of mankind, it is time to raise your vibrations to end the cycle of darkness and also the cycle of control. It is part of your evolution. We have come to assist you in that.

Chee: Is this something that we have decided on our own or is it something of a higher vibration has decided for us or is it perhaps both?

Kuthumi: It is that numbers on the planet, the billions of souls on your planet, there have been sufficient numbers who are now choosing peace, who are now choosing a ray of light to enter their lives, a ray of peace, a ray of love. You see, there have been sufficient numbers. We and I speak of all of the light beings, the councils, the source, all of the emissaries of light, both of your planet and other planetary systems, we have to wait until numbers were sufficient.

This is due to the choice you speak of. We cannot intervene sooner, for the numbers were not there, who were calling out, whose thoughts were of peace, of love and are questioning why. We have to wait until the numbers were sufficient. The numbers now are more than sufficient. This is why so many are coming to the light and service and work, in many, many varied ways. You are assisting each other in this evolution of man and of your planet. As I have said, there are those fewer in numbers now who try to hold on, to control but I can tell you that the number of souls who are absorbing light, looking to the great one, who are in love and peace and joy, they outnumber a great deal than those who would choose to stay on lower levels. Do you see?

It is a vast subject and there are many, many things I could say. It is a great subject but I hope that in this brief explanation that I have given you an understanding.

Chee: Yes, thank you master.

Lynette will be in Singapore from 1 – 6 July. Highlights will be the channelled course for Transformation and Enlightenment, Level 2 from July 3-6. On July 2 Master will channel “Attaining Presence for 2012.” through Lynette. A Masters and Angels healing meditation is on July 1, followed by your Q & A. More info: or



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  BabaliciouS wrote @

Enlightment only comes to sentients who’ve learnt the core perspective of total acceptance towards the universal energy. Not to those who try to moving from dark to light inasmuch as integrating both sides to stay with the light. One must consider his/her ancestral path to first acknowledge what kind of energy particles contained under their skin in order to better learn how to mingle with the whole universal energy in the pursuit of finding their most suitable path(s), yes?

Ah, mind not the blurbs of this dull pithecus.

Best regards,

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