Master Kuthumi- Fourth Energy Boost


Master Kuthumi- Fourth Energy Boost 

     I am Master Kuthumi and it gives me great pleasure to be the spokes person for the ascended

masters and bringing forth the news of the fourth boost of energy that is due to anchor into the

Earth, the love crystals and the receptive people of the Earth on the 17th November 2008. This is

an extremely special time as we are seeing the abundant energy of the ascended masters

increasing by four times the vibration that we originally experienced on the first anchoring of the

abundant energy on the 5th September, 2008. The energy from the ascended masters if you

choose to connect with it now is of a high, intense and powerful vibration and will and can have a

great transformational effect on your reality and being when embodied. Now we are able to see

and experience the true power of love as it anchors into the Earth and the lives of many. The

energy of love of course, causes a cleansing and healing process which is a major factor of the

energy boosts that are coming forth from the inner planes and the Ascended Masters. Love has

the power to resolve all negative situations or problems in a most astonishing way that combines

and results in the will of the Creator being anchored onto the Earth and into the lives of many.


     I am Master Kuthumi  


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