Master Kuthumi* A Sacred Key to the Golden Bridge


A Sacred Key to the Golden Bridge

My greetings of love and peace as I enter your energy fields. Today the Lord Buddha stands beside me, honoring all life forms in Unity of Oneness. Indeed, is this not what we all believe and share – Unity in Oneness? Why is it so difficult to greet a stranger? We wonder when you will realize the attitude of separation.
Everywhere we  observe this created separation.  In your families, in your work place, in your towns and countries. You think of others as separate, and so you feel them as separate. It is then you create the separation from others. You create a “them” and “us” mentality. Even those on their path of Light succumb to separation through their thoughts and actions. They begin to believe and feel that they are better than another. That they are more experienced, have more knowledge, and so create separation.

I say to you, that the idea of separation must be overcome if you truly wish to become a spiritual Master. For until you overcome all ego self, you are not eligible to use the title of Master.

This is a title gained through higher learning, obtaining wisdom and overcoming the ego self. Of giving unconditional love freely to all. And there is that word – unconditional. How many among you can truly say you love unconditionally? Where you simply love and give in joy, in bliss – no matter what? How many among you?

I have spoken about your heart energy, and the two ‘parts’ of the heart center.  The third dimensional heart and the higher heart containing the Diamond Light of God, Source. Now in your time, you are being called to activate the Diamond Light you all hold within. Some ask how? How do I do that? Where do I begin Master?

You may expect a long complicated reply.Yet the answer is very simple. you must begin to feel, to operate through your heart center. Come out of your head, out of your mind which often dissects your thoughts, actions and overshadows your heart feelings. At first you may have to make this a conscious action. To catch yourself as your mind begins to analyze a persons words, or a situation you are experiencing. And further, if it is a negative and painful situation you are experiencing, all the more reason to  feel how you will react, to connect to your heart. For who among you can cast the first stone? Who among you is a true Master? You are still in the process of learning to overcome your past – and I speak of many past lifetimes, memories of which are held in your Soul memory. You are learning to cross the Golden Bridge to what you call Heaven.

My friend, the Golden Bridge is not like your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It is not a fairy tale, a dream. Do you not see it is within you?
The Golden Bridge is contained in your Higher Heart.

Let me repeat this for it is a Sacred Key to enable you to live in the kingdom of Heaven – the Golden Bridge is contained in your higher heart. You do not need to analyze, to wonder, to allow your ego self to pull you from this ‘gold’ within, to prevent you from experiencing the joy and love that is your birth right. It is time now! We realize it is sometimes difficult to turn a tide of third dimensional experience and behavioral reactions of situations. To change childhood conditioning. It requires you to consciously form a new way of reacting, of being, a new ‘habit.’ Yet I say to you, if this is your desire, if you wish to change your reactional behavior and begin to cross the Golden Bridge, then begin – so be it!

For when you begin to change your reactions, your thoughts to love, to compassion, to seeing another from your higher heart of Light and love, then a miracle occurs – you begin to feel, you begin to merge with God’s energy field.



You start to feel good inside of you, you feel more compassion, you begin to realize the person in front of you doesn’t know any better. You realize that this is where they are in their own evolutionary path. At this point you are presented with a choice. You can accept they know no better and mentally send them love, or you can meet them by going down to your own third dimensional negative behavior. You will choose from what you have already learned.

The electro-magnetic fields around you have already changed and are continuing to change. Your very DNA structure is changing because of this. This is a fact my friend, proven by scientists. For many years you have longed for Heaven. You longed to experience it. Now you have the choice. Now you are able to experience Heaven on Earth.

If you find what I say difficult to believe – that this can be so, then I say to you – begin, try it!  Begin.

If it is difficult to consciously connect to your heart, then simply place your hand on your heart. This will create a subtle energy shift in your mind, flowing out to your energy field, like turning on a switch to your Diamond Heart. You see, all is energy. Everything is energy. You learn through experience, through what you do, and how you react. Each of you are living in times of change. It is all around you. You chose to incarnate at this time on Earth, to assist in this change, in the evolution of mankind. You have been guided and assisted every step of the way, by myself working through this one, and many other beings of Light.

Our core message, though varying in the presentation, has always contained the same message – that of transformation from third dimensional behavior, to the Christ dimensional energy – one of Light, of love and compassion.

Each of you have a fragment of God contained in the Diamond Light within your heart. You are now being asked to activate that Diamond of Light – to cross the Golden Bridge to Heaven, to create a New Earth, a new way of being. Today I give you the Sacred Key to do so, to fulfill your destiny.

Master Kuthumi.



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