The Angels* March 2009 Transitioning into the 5th Dimension


March 2009

Transitioning to the 5th Dimension

As I was preparing to channel information for this month’s Soul message, I kept seeing butterflies.  They were on the Soundscape music channel as background photos when I walked past the TV.  They were in commercials.  They were around me when I went outside.  They were everywhere.  Then I asked the Lord what I was to write about and he said that people were having trouble transitioning into the 5th dimension.  I looked up at the TV and there was a commercial on and across the top of the TV screen was the word “Transition.” 


The 5th dimension can be confusing to even the most avid spiritual seeker.  The reason we have trouble visualizing and understanding this new energy is because we don’t have any remembrance in our Souls of being 5th dimensional while having an Earth experience.  This is a first for us!  During the journey of our many lifetimes, we have only had to remember and connect to whatever dimensional level we were in or ascending to. Since our Souls had experienced all of these dimensions in other lifetimes, it wasn’t that hard to do. And by doing so, we accessed the power of that dimension.  However, now we have to walk without knowing where we are going and what the next step will bring.  This takes a lot of courage and trust.  Herein lies the problem.  For some people, it is easy to trust God.  For some people, it is easy to trust themselves.  But when you lump it altogether, as you should as a spiritual human being, for those people it is hard to trust themselves as a piece of God.  If you are walking as that glorious piece of God, then who do you fall back on when you are the only One there?  And with this thought starts a cycle of fear.  FEAR; an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real.  We need to remember this statement whenever fear comes up in our lives.  The “What if’s” can drive you crazy.  And thinking about your life for a moment, how many of your “What if’s” actually happened?  The Lord told me very few actually occur.  They are just an aspect of your ego trying to regain the control that has been taking away because of your ascension process.  Do you want that?  Do you remember how long you have been struggling to get your ego to let go of control?  It wasn’t easy and for some of you it was a bloody fight!  Don’t go backwards because you don’t know what is up ahead.  You have been through hell and are standing on the edge of heaven.  You can accept heaven into your life now.


The way to combat these fears that come up when you can’t see where your next step is going to take you, is to speak out loud what you want to happen.  Keep hand- holding with your Angels, the Lord, the Universe and continue telling them to bring to you what you want and need.  If you walked through the doorway on January 1st, they are no longer automatically bringing things to you.  What doorway?  If you were in the higher 4th dimensional energy and you answered “Yes!” to the question your Soul was asked about wanting to ascend to the 5th dimension, then you are on the higher side of the door.  But answering that question positively didn’t place you in the 5th dimension.  It only gives you clearer access to start the ascension process with the possibility of ascending to the 5th dimension.  The work is up to you.  We won’t have the 5th dimension fully on Earth until 144,000 souls are carrying the 5th dimensional energy 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.  Then physically it will be able to be anchored here on Earth.  The goal is to have it here by the end of 2012.  However, if these higher vibrating Souls get in fear, we will not have the energy settle here until much later.  When it actually occurs depends on each Soul.  We are not telling you that you have to be one of the anchors.  Your Soul will make that choice.  Most of you who resonate with my work already know what choice your Soul has made.


I have been noticing in the Soul Session Readings and in my own spiritual walk that there are some ascension symptoms since the doorway closed at the beginning of the year.  The main symptom that is happening is the ears are ringing, the ears are blocked up (no sound will go through) and there is pressure in the head in different places than where normal headaches usually occur.  Does any of this sound familiar?  I can hear groans.  I know, I know.  I thought we wouldn’t have any more of ascension symptoms when we were through the 4th dimensional shift but I was told that every dimensional floor we move up has different energy and our physical bodies have to adjust to it.  It’s like walking up a huge mountain…adjustments have to be made. 


I was told to remind you what to do when an ascension symptom happens.  The first thing is to ASK if it is an ascension symptom.  It may not be and then you take care of it as you normally would.  Second, if you get the answer is, “Yes.” then you have several options.  You can do nothing and bear with it until it is complete.  You can ask that your Soul (Angels) speed up the process and get it over with.  (I would highly recommend if you do this, do it over a long weekend or time where you can spend at home.)  You can ask for the ascension process to slow down so that it is not disruptive to your life.  (If you have a day job, this may be the best thing to do.)  Finally, I would ask for confirmation when the symptom of the ascension process is complete.  I don’t know if we are going to have as many symptoms as we did after the 4th dimensional shift in 2003, however even one seems to be throwing people out of balance right now.  So don’t get discouraged.  This is a good thing!  If you are feeling symptoms, it means you are doing amazing in your spiritual remembrance and that you do want to be one of the anchors of this wonderful dimension.


To the women, remember ascension symptoms can mimic menopausal symptoms.  So ask!  Don’t just accept, no matter what your age is. By the way, menopause is not something that you have to experience any longer…at least the symptoms of it.  That is something that was left behind on the other side of the doorway.  If you believe in growing old and that you have to experience things like this, you still can go through it.  However, if you accept the new way, you can walk through menopause with no issues at all.


You have been locked up in darkness for so long and only had glimpses of the light.  (1st, 2nd and 3rd dimensions) These glimpses seemed like things that could only happen in a dream.  Visualize yourself as having been a caterpillar and all your life you were crawling on the ground.  (3rd dimension) Then you went to sleep all wrapped up tight in a cocoon.  (4th dimension) While asleep you kept dreaming of a better way but never really thought you could experience it for yourself.   Because it was just a dream, right?  But then you come out of your cocoon as you wake up.  Your eyes hurt because the light is so bright.  (5th dimension) That is because you have never truly experienced this kind of light.  But don’t get in fear because you just don’t have anything in your Soul’s memory to tell you what the light is. Just experience it.  Just be.  And remember to breathe through any fear, telling yourself out loud that it is not truth to you anymore to feel fear.  The truth is in the light.  All you need to do now is spread your wings and you will see that you can fly.  You will have new experiences; new people will come into your life and you will be able to see the world in beautiful new ways and colors.  Say, “Yes!” to be in alignment with your Soul and you will see that your life is turning out just how you imagined it and how you asked for it to be.


I really believe that you are truly a blessed Soul to be here at this time.  I understand it has been hard and you are tired. I’ve been tired too for the last few years.  But I’ve recently seen where we are going and what life will be like.  And I encourage you not to give up!  You are too close.  Transitions are hard to go through but this one is worth the effort.  You are never alone.  Ask for help when you need it.  And believe with all your heart that heaven really can be where you live while on Earth!


May you be blessed with abundant Angelic assistance during this transition,





  Jll Cole wrote @

Thank you!!! Namaste Jill

  Teresa Broadbridge wrote @

Thank you for this. I have been having these symptoms and learned today from my healer friend about the 5th dimension. I work full time so will ask for the symptoms to be slowed down. They are exactly as you say pressure in the ears and headaches in different places around my head. Thank you again.

  Elaine Aprin wrote @

Thank you so very much for the confirmation…

  Sherry Andrea wrote @


Thank you for the awesome information. I have been feel such pressure in my ears worse than ever before and then I started hearing verying tones in my right ear on evening. I knew it was ascension symptoms but it’s been so bad I still wondered if I was doing something wrong. lol.

I love your blog…I am going to at it to my blogroll. I will be coming back often to read. Thanks again!


  Giulia wrote @

Hi Christina,

thank you for sharing these information, they are so helpful. I don’t know anything about dimension at all, but last night I had a really cool dream. A teacher was teaching me about it the soul and the dimensions and he took me into the “fifth dimension” as he called it. I was able to fly, and move real fast… I don’t remember much else, but I realize that this is for me a wake up call to research more about these dimension and to move forward. I’m so glad I found your web site!
Can I ask you something, how to I do in which dimension I’m in?
Thank you,

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