St Germain* People Are Awakening


From St Germain:
People Are Awakening

[Excerpt of a message through Antera on 10/21/08, right after we finished
the last main grid point of the US land healing grid.]

Yes, we want to celebrate and to let you know that the whole project has been very, very successful, and is still in progress. What we’re seeing now is that as these connections were made with the other grid points, the entire grid was raised up a notch, was taken up to a higher level of frequency and function. I just wanted to say thank you so very much for your efforts, and it’s OK to pat yourselves on the back a little here. A job well done!

This circle around the country is finished and successful. Every point you have added is functional and working, and as these points get up to their maximum functionality it will really ramp up the energy in this country. I am so happy about that! This country is dear to my heart, and I do hope that there is a future for this country. This will help to raise the consciousness and to heal the negativity and I hope that we will see major changes happening in the near future.

In fact, already we have seen changes because of this work. We have seen many people awaken and open to a higher perspective. Now when I say ?awaken,? I mean that many people have been living in a haze as if they were partially asleep. I don’t know if you are aware of this, but it is true. And they, of course, are not adding positive things to the consciousness grid. They are not adding anything of import except the unconscious energies that they carry.

They live their daily lives, many of them have families and jobs. They do live their lives, but they are not awake. They are not aware of anything outside of that realm, and in fact that makes them very easy to control; and they are controlled, by the millions, through the media and other psychic ways.

If these people awaken and say, “Wait a minute, I don’t like this or that, I don’t like the way this is going and I’m going to do something about it… I’m going to start with some personal growth, I’m going to look at my issues, I’m going to heal, I’m going to use forgiveness, and let go of the past?” then we start to see some major changes in the whole consciousness of this country and the world.

This country is so important to the entire world culture! If we can change fundamental problems here, then other countries and other parts of the world will follow. We have seen this kind of thing happening already, we have seen sparks of light turn on in some minds out there. This we like to see, and it is a direct result of what you are doing, the energies you are adding to the planet, and the beings you are awakening and working with.

Those ancient beings, that you have pulled up from deep within the Earth and have communicated with, are already having an effect ? the ones in the Rockies, the one in Death Valley and the one you just summoned from the heart of Texas, of all places, ha, ha, ha! All of those ancient beings are having a tremendous effect on the evolution of each other, the entire nature spirit realm, and other beings of the higher realms. This will trickle into the human realm as well, because every human has a presence in higher realms whether they know it or not, and whether they are aware or not. As this trickles into their consciousness they will become more aware. They will have more of a connection to their divine nature, and to the angelic realms at least.

Because many people’s belief systems do include angels. If they can open up to angelic presences around them and absorb love and forgiveness that way, through their own belief system, they do not even need to change their beliefs. They only need to expand into the energy of the angels and allow that energy to come into their lives, and to be expressed in their day to day communications with others. This is what we are seeing, this is what we are so happy about. It will infiltrate throughout the land and throughout all of humanity!



Copyright 2008 Antera


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