Mahachohan Saint Germain* Visiting the Temple of Mercy


Visiting the Temple of Mercy
Channelled Through Natalie Glasson

Greetings and blessings are sent to you today from the very bottom of
my soul. A great sense of love is emerging on the inner planes of the
Creator’s universe that is so overwhelming but gratefully received as
it is supporting and encouraging us to continue with our work of
anchoring the consciousness of love onto the Earth. I hope that you
can also feel the essence of love as it is growing and materialising
within many of you on the Earth, within your beings and realities. I
must make you aware that as love anchors it can bring up negativity.
Love at this stage in the energy boost can bring up within you doubt,
judgment and can allow you to see clearly the situations in your life
that you are not comfortable or happy within. This is so that you are
able to make changes now. The loving energy is showing you the next
direction forward, demonstrating what you need to work on in your life
to create the reality you wish to live within. As the love energy
boosts positive thoughts it also amplifies and makes you aware of
negative judgemental thoughts. It is for this reason and to aid
greater healing within humanity that the Temple of Mercy has been
constructed. It is a place of sanctuary that I aid all to visit and to
most importantly ask for healing and cleansing at this period of
growth. Healing and cleansing is always essential but is greatly
needed now in order to encourage and make way for the anchoring or the
new age of love on the Earth.

As I watch over many of my students from the inner planes, I am aware
that some are having difficulty in understanding how to visit the
Temple of Mercy or are wondering if they are doing it correctly. With
my communication today I wish to try to resolve any confusion and try
to aid all in making a connection with the Temple of Mercy which is
the new ashram that has been constructed by the Ascended Masters at
Mount Shasta, being overseen by the Planetary Logos Lord Buddha. This
ashram is composed of light, vibrations and the intention of the
Ascended Masters. To access this energy you must also use your
intentions, your thoughts to ensure that a connection is made.
Experiencing the light of the temple whether you remain on the Earth
or are transported during meditation to the Temple is important and
sometimes all that is needed.

Each day and as many times of the day as you wish, ask for your soul,
physical body and reality to be aligned to the Temple of Mercy and for
high vibrational healing rays to anchor into your being to lift and
dissolve any negativity.

‘I ask for my soul, physical body and reality to be aligned to the
Temple of Mercy. Please anchor light, high vibrations and healing rays
into my being. Allow all negativity to be dissolved and love to
blossom from every aspect of my being. Allow me to experience the
healing rays of the Temple of Mercy now.’

If you wish you can use this invocation as a beginning to a meditation
that allows you to experience the energies of the temple. Simply sit
peacefully and relax your body. You may find it more beneficial to lie
down and focus on your breathing. If you find that your mind is
wondering and that you cannot gain focus on the meditation due to
random distracting thoughts then it is important to ask for a
cleansing and healing of your mind from the high vibrations of the
Temple of Mercy. You may experience a vibrant yellow ray of light
melting and seeping into your mind which will assist you in gaining
clarity. This may take practise but you can ask for healing as many
times as you wish. You can also ask to be aligned to the temples
energies of mastery, love, a higher consciousness, an increase in
spiritual abilities or an awakening of the soul. The temple’s energies
are equipped to assist you with anything that you need now in your
reality to allow you to follow your own spiritual path. It is
important to remember that whatever you ask to receive will be oversee
by your soul. Sometimes what you believe is appropriate for you now is
not what you truly need in your life. Your soul holds the larger
picture of your life on the Earth and should be allowed to guide you

To experience the energies of the temple you do not have to visit the
ashram but can draw the energies into your being to benefit from them.
You can also draw the most appropriate mentor to you to aid your
development by simply asking for your mentor who is tutoring you and
overseeing your work with the Temple of Mercy to step forward and make
themselves known to you. If this takes time and practise it doesn’t
matter as it is making you aware of aspects of your growth and being
that you need to master. Every time you invoke the energies of the
temple or sit down within the temple’s energies you are gaining a new
aspect of your mastery which is expanding your awareness and
developing your inner truth.

I wish to also remind you of the importance of asking to
visit the ashram at night while your body sleeps. I know that I have
spoken of this in last week’s message but I wish to emphasise how
essential it is as you will complete most of your growth and
development throughout your life on the inner planes during the sleep
states of your body on the Earth. Visiting the Temple of Mercy at
night will allow great healing processes to occur which can then be
integrated and anchored into your being and reality on the Earth.
Simply ask before you fall asleep at night to be transported to the
Temple of Mercy for healing and cleansing that will then be integrated
into your physical body and energy systems when you return to the Earth.

For those who wish to experience the Temple of Mercy, simply
asking in truth is all that is needed. You do not have to do
complicated techniques to connect with the temple. Simply ask with
faith, trust and a knowing in your heart that you will achieve this

First invoke the high vibrational light and love energies of
the Temple of Mercy to submerge you, allow the light to anchor into
your being and hold faith in your heart. If you experience any
unwanted thoughts creeping in, then send them love and know that you
have the ability to focus on the truth within your being. When you can
feel the energy around you ask for an aspect of your being to be
transported to the Temple of Mercy. Gradually you may become aware of
new surroundings, the temple appears to many in different ways but
some have experienced a pure white and soft blue sacred space that is
vast and expansive. Others have experienced a chamber that is solely
for their own use. Do not block your imagination or the insights that
you gain from the ashram. Whatever imagines, words of wisdoms or
sensations you receive allow them to unravel, with complete faith in
your heart and soul. If you have yet to meet your spiritual mentor,
then it is at this point that you can ask them to step forward to
greet you. Again have faith in your own abilities. Faith and trust is
the key to this process as well as practise.

You may also ask to visit the Chamber of Love, which is
within the Temple of Mercy. The Chamber of Love consists of a large
crystal point which has been programmed to embody pure love and
emanates it intensely into the chamber. You may sit before the crystal
point of love absorbing and anchoring the soft pink loving energies
into your being. It is akin to a glowing flame of pink light, so
bright and expansive. Allow yourself to experience pure love vibrations.

My dear friends I hope that my communication with you has been of
benefit and assisted in cleansing any confusion.

My love and blessings to you always,

Mahachohan Saint Germain

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Best wishes and Blessings,

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