Bliss, Sensitivity, and Big Life Changes

a message from Doreen Virtue
Sunday, 25 May, 2008 (posted 29 May, 2008)

As I walked into my garden, I was greeted by fragrant jasmine, roses, and other springtime blooms. The flowers’ perfume seemed much stronger than ever, and I inhaled it deeply. I felt the angels’ gentle presence by my shoulders, and realized that my increased sensitivity has allowed me to enjoy the fragrance even more.
One benefit of allowing myself to become more sensitive, I decided. After all, allowing yourself to feel deeply is a choice. Sometimes, when I’m around people exhibiting anger or other harsh energies, I wish that I wasn’t quite so sensitive. Yet, I wouldn’t trade my garden experience for any amount of emotional bluntness.

I can feel the emotions of my loved ones who live far away. I can sense the world’s sorrow and despair. Yet, I can also go to the park and see a mother cradling her newborn baby and feel their pure, shared love. My heart can delight at small kindnesses bestowed by strangers. I can be moved to tears by the love of my friends and family. I can feel bliss at the grocery store when I’m aware of the divinity in the people around me, and I can enjoy the divine perfection in all of our lives.

It seems that most people I know, including myself, are going through big life changes. A lot of my friends are questioning their relationships, careers, and living conditions. I’m also going through a period of soul-searching. The question most of us are asking is: What’s next?

This question comes from a desire to control and predict the future. Yet, there is no true future; there’s only NOW in which we’re guided and escorted perfectly by the angels. The choices and actions of NOW are creating our future.

Instead of fighting with our thoughts and feelings, how about listening to them? What are your recurrent feelings? What changes do you dream about making? What do you love about your life, and what do you feel complete with?

Know that it’s safe to ask these questions, and to explore possible changes along your pathway. Your intuition like a GPS (Global Positioning System) has been upgraded, updated, and refined within the new energy waves. It is now exquisitely tuned-in to other people’s energies and it is illuminating the next steps along your personal path.

As you consider and make these changes, continuously talk to your angels. Ask for their help, ask for clear signs that you will easily notice and understand. Ask for reassurance, courage, and motivation. Ask for support. And most of all, ask: “Please help me to accept help.” Often the angels send help in the form of other people.

Give God and the angels any fears about making changes. Call upon Archangel Michael to release you from toxic attachments to fear.

And know that we’re all going through this period of growth, reevaluation, change, and upliftment together!

© 2008 Angel Therapy, Inc. All Rights Reserved. To know more about the wonderful work of Doreen Virtue please visit her website


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