A Message from Divine Mother : Activating The Code of Compassion

a message from Divine Mother channeled by Sol’Ara An
Friday, 30 March, 2007 (posted 21 May, 2008)

Activating the code of compassion within humanity is no little job! And the belief that it can change the world is not what we are saying here, but every attempt to align Humans with their divinity is helpful. I come to give the answers that you seek dear ones; we know that there are many. Within your days of Now, many changes are inline and coming quickly. Many believe “someone out there” created these changes, but we tell you that this is not truth. The ones who created this transition of energies are, quite truly, yourselves. We have spoken many times of truth: humans are the creators of their own lives. That there are no accidental happenings; they are thoughts and focused emotions that manifest before you.

As a group consciousness, you have agreed to the changes now occurring. Perhaps you might have wanted a gentler awakening, and yet it is needed for the entire group consciousness. The code of compassion is just one of the codes humans carry within their cells, within their DNA. You can look at this as a kind of messenger of hope. Within the cells and DNA of the human vehicle are codes waiting to be activated, depending on the soul purpose of the individual.

Our purpose today is to offer the gift of activating the code of compassion to those who are ready to receive. I believe it is truly obvious that compassion, in its fullness, is needed upon the Earth today. If you could awaken to your inner code of compassion and allow the Holy Spirit, the divine feminine energies, to activate this within you, your path of light would be much smoother indeed! It is the nurturing mother energies that we bring forth this day.

Many of our Earth children of Light have chosen a time to activate and awaken the truth: They are souls in the form of human bodies. That the time has come is true, but you are always given a choice. And those who resonate to this truth are easily activated when they believe in and allow their hearts to be open. This is a prerequisite, if you will, of the activation of the code of compassion.

Therefore, we will speak of this open heart. It is clear that there have been many experiences to cause hurt and resentment to tarry in the heart of humanity. These resentments cause walls, and these walls block the heart from truly shining through to the human experience. Without the heart involved in the life force of an individual, there can be no compassion or love. Many look for love from everyone around them, and many are left needing. Perhaps the true purpose was to find that love resides not outside of you but within your own heart. It has been spoken of in many ancient and current writings, the energy you call love, and yet it is still the one thing that humanity continues to search for. This searching takes you away from ever knowing true Love.

Our compassion for our children of light upon the Earth brings us forth this day to offer a way to consider changing this search and allowing the energies of divine compassion to open the way for the divine love within you to manifest! What miracles of love there would be if our children would fully embrace this truth! Why would Creator leave you without this love? The answers you seek, beloved ones, are within this question. I find that the purest hearts know so much about this code and yet many times are closed down when first they speak of such. What is within the hearts of humanity that they would take these pure children and teach them in such a way as to close their spirits down and box them in like cattle! What is within the hearts of humanity indeed? This is not love and this is not within the true hearts of humanity.

Fear is not the way to love. I think you have become very clear about this. And yet still you hold on, hoping to cross the river of fear to get to the other side in hopes of finding the safety of love waiting. If you would truly look at what you believe, versus what you think, you would see the dichotomy! When you think fear, fear of not being good enough or not having enough money or love or whatever you believe will make you safe, this continued focus is what you have manifested.

And indeed, the world around you proves fear is stronger every day! Just look at your media, your newspapers! How then shall you change this within yourself, when so much fear is blasting toward you? You have choice my beloved children! You have the choice to pay attention and focus outside of yourself or to go within, where your peace and love and compassion reside! I call you within my children of light! No one is left out! But you have free will, and so I will never dishonor your choice. I am here, waiting for your return. As we speak within, your heart will clear the walls, and the day will come when you shine like your Sun through your heart and all that you are! Your beauty and your divine light shall burst forth and all shall know Love!

Here is our offer, our service to humanity: the activation of the code of compassion! When one is truly cleared of the baggage of the past, and walks within the temple of the heart, we are found waiting to activate this code within you. When you come to the truth, the safety you look for is within, and the knowing that you are a soul, that you exist forever, where there is no space or time – is your saving grace!

We await you in the temple of the heart, ready to activate within you the code of compassion. Our channel knows this process well, and others will bring forth from their own hearts the process for ones who resonate to their services. Each lightworker will receive from Creator the activations needed to do the work that is needed now. This is one modality offered to this channel. Walk within to your heart temple and know your divine birthright!

We open the door to all lightworkers to go within and receive these activations and this day to come to the truth of your being. If you have felt the urge to assist humanity, and this nudging has been with you a long time, you may feel unworthy. I am here to tell you that this thought form of unworthiness is a lie. Everyone is worthy! Everyone on this Earth is a Soul, a creation from the cells of Creator! Believe in your
soul, your worthiness and your divine right to create with compassion! Release fear and know the truth of your being.

I call forth to the Lightworkers of Earth: Know this is the time, the time you were born for. We honor you and thank you with a grateful heart for all you have done! If you could see the bright lights that you are, your doubts would no longer enter your door.

I am Divine Mother, the feminine face of God. Know that you are loved, and know that I am always within you!

Universal Copyright 2007 is authorized. Please distribute freely as long as the URL http://www.solara-an.com is included as the resource and the channeling’s are distributed on a non-commercial, no charge basis.


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