Helping Mother Earth

From: Carole HumberFriday, May 16, 2008 Helping Mother Earth
Dear AllI attach a channelling from Carolyn Williams on Earth healing. Anyone who wants to help the Earth will find it interesting, especially those with crystal skulls. In love and light,Carole
An invitation to help the Earth
When my boyfriend’s brother invited us out to Mexico for Christmas and everything simultaneously fell into place enabling us to go; I immediately felt from past experience that a “higher purpose” had to exist. Flicking through an old copy of Paradigm Shift a week later, I came across the article about crystal bowls being taken around the world for earth healing, one such site being Tula in Mexico – where the locals speak of an underground city where beings never come to the surface. Trusting my own intuition has led me into many powerful earth healing situations and channelling opportunities from the Angels and my crystal skull on previous occasions.


I am also open to advice and knowledge from tried and trusted sources to enhance my own spiritual guidance – none more so than Edwin Courtenay, a clairvoyant and spiritual channel.
Through Edwin I was told that if I visited Tula with my crystal skull, I would receive earth healing guidance from the beings in the underground city. Spiritually governed over by the historic Aztec deity Quetzalcoatl, these beings now seek to alert humanity to ways we can facilitate the healing of our planet and aid her own evolutionary pathway to ascension. These ancient and incredibly wise reptilian-like creatures are connected to the Dragon energy in the earth and communicate via sonic frequencies that crystal skulls can translate into human language. I would therefore be able to receive their message via my crystal skull. Having been involved in many fascinating angelic and elemental earth healing situations previously, I was thrilled and honoured to be invited to act as a messenger to inspire others towards earth healing practices.
So it was that a month later, I found myself hunched deep inside my coat on a freezing pyramid slope with my crystal skull inspiring me to scribble furiously into a notebook as the sun set. As the energy there inspired me to write, it inspired Andy, my musician boyfriend, to compose music on his guitar. Although the site was full of tourists, not one came near or noticed our somewhat bizarre behaviour.
I invite you to read with an open heart and mind the message I received:
The Earth today requires much help to recover her equilibrium that has been so badly damaged over time. We work & monitor at the Earth’s core, under the tutelage of Quetzalcoatl. His role as a guardian of the Earth has been forgotten by humanity – purposely withheld from human history books so that his presence could continue unseen, ever loving & benevolent towards Gaia, that she may be aided in her recovery, that she may attain the shining glory of her ascended state in future times to come.
We are the monitors of the Earth’s many nervous systems, of its internal rivers & meridians & flowing currents that crisscross the surface & the deep internal structure deep down to its core.
Those who possess crystal skulls need – or that is to say – we urge you – to take time to tune into their presence. They are ready to awaken deeper intuitive capacities within their owners. They seek to be transported to rural & urban places more often than some owners realise at this moment.
We suggest moments of contemplation – daily if possible. When connection has been made, be open to an image of the skull beginning to glow & expand its energy field in all directions – beginning to radiate its power out in all directions, & especially down into Mother Earth herself. Hold the skull between the hands (unless you feel prompted otherwise) & think of yourself as a conduit enabling the Conclave consciousness to radiate outwards to human consciousness: touching human hearts & minds so that a remembering & a reverence & a respect for the Earth is gradually revitalised in the hearts & minds of all.
We would like to suggest that you sing to Mother Earth when you feel inspired – or in other words – you let yourself BE inspired to tone or chant or sing to Mother Earth. We suggest you go within & open the heart gradually & gently & safely when you are in a state of serenity & protection. That you then are open to think of tones or notes or new or old words of songs & just let them glide via heart & mind out of your mouth as an aperture of healing for your benevolent & bountiful planet.
Let your heart sing with the love & connection enabled by the Angelic continuum, or the Ascended Masters, or the Elemental folk. Let the essence of love flowing from ether to heart translate into words or tone or song. Great, great indeed is this as a healing tool, it is a lost art in much of your world, & great indeed is its potential to restore balance & peace & serenity in both people & places.
Take yourself off into natural places & look with a loving mind & heart at the beauty that surrounds you. Thank the devas and the elementals for enabling such splendour, thank the Divine for enabling such manifestation. As your heart opens gently wider in gratitude & awe & wonder, sense this energy at your heart as a vibration, or as a glowing colour or shape of geometric design. Then use the breath & breathe it out to the Earth Mother, offering it to her to use as she will. See it, feel it, allow it to glide freely from your heart as your heart is filled with love from the Oneness, & let it slide down into the Earth herself. As it begins to penetrate the surface, see it dissolving deep down to the core, feeding the Mother’s essence & replenishing any dwindling energy supplies, that she may blossom & recover evermore. Do this inside looking out on to a garden, or do this surrounded by a garden itself. Do this in woodland, connecting to gleeful fairies, do this by streams connecting to merry merfolk, do this on hilltops connecting to laughing sylphs.
Connect to a tree and ask if it would like to share with you a moment of healing. Open your heart as suggested before and let heaven send to Earth the love and energy required for Gaia’s recovery. Think, feel and see it gliding down through your body and out of your heart, deep into the tree. The tree will then take it deep down to its anchor roots and spread it to Gaia to use as she will. Always of course think of all gateways closing after allowing the love-light to flow. Always be grounded, alert and disconnected after allowing such healing to flow.
We suggest you visit sacred sites of history and ask for connection to its custodians and guides. That you sense if healing is needed for past times where etheric negative memories exist. That you call then upon the healing rays or angels that you know of – especially the Violet Flame, and the light of Archangel Raphael. Let this flow outwards to aid the vibrational recovery of your surroundings, and ask for its flow to be for the Highest Good. Then we suggest that you sit especially on stone and open yourself as previously dictated and let the light glide from Source to earth Mother with you as the conduit and conductor, flowing down from crown to base chakra as you are seated. The stones will retain the energy they absorb and then when it is right and auspicious later, in times of Full or New Moon, the energy will flow down to the core and enable re-establishment of equilibrium and health of the site.
We suggest you make offerings to Mother Earth herself of essences, or fruit, or crystals or juices. These things all come from the Mother and are offered so freely to all humanity. To re-establish the tradition and ritual of giving back to the Earth tokens of her bounty will re-establish equilibrium between yourselves and your Mother.
Light candles of dedication to bring Divine Light to Earth. See the flame before you, and see it widen and diversify downwards to lighten up the earth’s core. Make this contemplation short or long, as you feel so inclined.
When outside, walk with steps of loving tread after opening your heart and crown as before. See, feel and be the moving conductor that enables Love-Light to flow down. See, feel and know the shining energy flows through from above and glitters down out of feet to heal what is below.
Many of you are already inspired to do things such as this, some of this will be new, and some old, some motivational and some less so. We just urge you to have open eyes and hearts – and thence registering minds – that harness the creative power the Divine has bestowed to you all in your creative heritage. Years have gone by and opportunities wasted when humanity has forgotten to revere its Mother, and has forgotten the power it has to manifest change of immense impact. The Mother needs help now and you are the ones with the power in your hearts to bring her what she needs through voice and deed and focused intent.
We bid you farewell from the core of the Mother where glows such a heart of love and devotion to all the creatures who dwell upon her surface. We urge you to respond and reciprocate in love.
Adoni sweet children of The Oneness.
Carolyn Williams is a Priestess of The Divine Mother, an Angelic Reiki Master and a powerful conduit for angelic healing and communication and offers courses and healing in London and Surrey .
A CD of the Tula music channelled by Andy Whitmore and Carolyn’s meditative visualizations to aid the suggestions above, is available from her on 0208 540 8302.



  Healing the Body wrote @

The Garden that is on earth, is now so desperately in need of care from his residents. We must unite in spirit to protect our Garden, as Cathetel, the Angel of the Garden, inspires us. We cannot throw our Planet away and start all over again. Recycle, repair, re-use, and spread the seeds.

  nolagringa wrote @

I love this image of Mother Earth – where is it from? Who is the artist? I’d love to find a poster of it.

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