Quan Yin offers an activation and meditation journey in the Temple of the Holy Flame to receive a gift of God and accept all that you are.
Just connecting with your minds. Asking your minds to relax and anchoring your cords now. Becoming aware of the cord of light that runs through you, the cord of God. Connected above and anchored below into the heart of Mother Earth. Activating your light pillar now, becoming aware 3,6’ all around you. Breathing the light in through all the filaments.
Activating all the charkas asking them all to open now. Spending a minute on your charkas, asking them all to open.
Dropping down from the higher charkas through the crown and brow, the throat, the heart, the solar plexus, the hara. Just asking them all to open. The sacral, asking them all to open to receive the light now as you breathe.
The base, the link charkas between your knees, the Earth Star chakra below your feet, all the way down to the Earth Heart chakra that sits in the core of Mother Earth.
Asking the charkas to open to receive the light.
Just noting any that aren’t fully opened. Just becoming aware.
Nothing to do but just be aware of these ones. Connecting with the heart of Mother Earth. Breathing up the love now into your field. Into your body, through all your charkas, creating a sphere of love around you as you breathe the love up from Mother Earth now.
Just focusing on your breath, allowing yourself to be wrapped in the love of Mother Earth.
To feel her embrace, to be filled with this love and held.
Continuing to breathe now through the nose, breathing deep within the body.

Beloved heart we come to you, the Quan Yin of Grace. Filled with light for you. As we come together in council. And we have come this day beloved hearts to gift to you, to embrace you, to share with you the frequency of light that w e hold within our being, that we hold within the core of this council of 33 light beings that come to encircle you, to hold the light for you that you may sit within it. There is nought for you to do but to simply sit to open to receive that which we offer to you.
It is our gift to you. For each of you have opened your heart one, to the other, to God, to all that you are, calling for that which you are to be one with you.
Opening your consciousness to merging of one together. And we bring to you through this council of light and love, wisdom, knowledge, we bring to you and opportunity to open your hearts to more of that which you are and to be one with us, together, and one with each other together.
Sharing, embracing as one light, not separate but one flame together that each one of you may come into the oneness together.
And as you breathe now become aware of a flame of light that is being ignited now within your mind. WE ask you each one to focus upon this flame of light, ignited within your minds. To see it with the mind’s eye, ignited. And as you breathe it will begin to expand with your mind. Simply breathe and allow your inner eye to see this flame within your mind of it expanding for you.
And as it grows beloved hearts become aware of the light that it creates around you, a sphere of light that extends from this flame in your mind, 6 feet out from your mind, the centre of your mind from the flame, which sits within the centre of your mind.
Breathing and allowing this to occur. Being aware of it through your inner eye as it expands this sphere of light around your mind.
And as this is occurring within your mind we ask you now beloved hearts to become aware of the flame that sits within your hearts.
The golden flame of your hearts. Allow your inner eye to connect with this to see the golden flame within your hearts. And as your breathe gently with each breath that you take this golden flame of your heart will begin to grow to expand. And as it does so it to will send out a sphere of light 6 feet all around your heart. Simply breathe beloved hearts as this occurs for you. Allowing this sphere of light to expand outwards all around you from your heart.
Breathing in and breathing out. Gently now. There is no rush, there is no hurry. And as you do this feeling your body relax as you continue to focus upon the flame, the golden flame within your heart.
And surrendering now, simply allowing the light sphere to expand and the golden flame to grow and the sphere of your heart will merge and join with the sphere of your mind overlapping.
Taking now your focus into the sacral chakra to find now the golden flame of light activated with your sacral chakra, breathing in and breathing out, relaxing, surrendering. Taking the focus to this golden flame, having no other focus but this golden flame within the inner eye of your being, to see as it grows within your sacral chakra.
And as it grows with each breath that you take, become aware beloved hearts of the sphere of light that begins to emanate from this golden flame within your sacral charkas it expands outwards all around you – 6 feet beloved hearts -0 overlapping with the heart sphere merging together, becoming aware of this.
And as you breathe beloved hearts, becoming aware now of a large golden flame of light coming towards you now. It is the flame of one member of this council, coming now to merge with you. We ask you to embrace this for we wish you to journey with us in council together and this will assist you greatly to do so.
Surrendering now as this large golden flame comes to you, merges with you connecting with each of the three flames that you have within you burning so brightly. Breathing deeply as this occurs for you, becoming aware if you will, of the member of council that has come to join with you to journey with you.
And as you breathe now, the light body of your being will be highly activated and will begin to vibrate. And if you surrender now merging with the heart flame of one member of this council, you will feel this flame moving through you expanding, this one big flame of light within you.
Breathing and allowing this expansion for you as we journey beloved hearts together to the temple of the holy flame, within the halls of Shambhala.
Breathing deeply as each one of you journey through your heart space to sit within the temple of the holy flame. And as you arrive you will become aware of the three-fold flame that’s its within this temple space in the central place burning brightly.
Many colours within it. Filled with the rays of the light of God, ever changing.
And as you sit around this in circle, the master being that merged with you will now sit beside you taking your hand, beloved hearts, taking your hand.
And you will be asked to connect your heart flame to this central core flame – the three-fold flame that sits within this temple space. To offer your heart flame to this, to merge with this. To open your heart more fully to connect with this, simply make this your intention that you wish to merge with the three-fold flame held within this temples space.
And as you do this, the master being that holds your hand now will guide you to walk with them into the three-fold flame to step within it.
And as you take your step into the flame, into the heart of this threefold flame, you will find yourself in the garden of light- for some this will be a garden of crystalline structure, for others it may be tropical, it maybe of many places, it will be for each pf you that which it is.
And we ask you each one to walk within this garden and to find a tree of your heart space, a tree of your heart spacer and to sit at its feet with your back leaning up against it and allowing this tree of your heart space to embrace you. To wrap itself around you, allow yourself to be embraced by this tree and open your heart to it. For it will share with you the wisdom of your heart that it holds for you at this time. Open beloved hearts to receive this, allow yourself to merge with the tree of your heart space in this garden of the threefold flame. And breathing gently to receive the wisdom of the tree of your heart space. It will speak to you if you but allow it. Open and surrender to it. That which is in your heart will speak to you deeply.
And for many of you if you open your inner eye to see yourself held by this tree you may see another part of your being held within this tree, that part that sits within your heart wishing to connect with you. Embrace and allow, surrender. Connect with this part of you that comes from your heart that wishes to connect with you. Open your hearts to this part of your own heart, allow yourself to open through your breath, to allow, simply to allow.
And as you breathe now, we come to you each one to take you by the hand now. We take you beloved hearts and we take you to a sacred place within this garden where you may lay down, to support your head, to support your feet, asking you now to breathe and relax yet more, to let go as many angelic children of light come to you now. They come to bless you, many, many angelic children, to sing and to bless you. And they come with baskets of light placing gifts of light for you within your charkas. And as they sing and gift to you become aware of one gift that you hold within your being, one gift of God that you hold within your being that you have been given to share with all others. One gift beloved hearts. To become aware of this, as these angelic children sing to you and gift to you with their love and light.
And as they do they will awaken within you the gifts of your being bestowed upon you by God that you have brought to the Earth plane to share with others. We say to you beloved hearts, do not seek this with the mind creating complicated gifts with expectations but simply open the heart and you will be shown one of your gifts.
You may be offered others indeed but we wish you to connect with one at least – a gift of God bestowed upon you to share with humanity within the Earth plane, simply through your presence.
To connect with a gift of God within you is to connect with your God nature, it is to connect with God within. And to know this is that which you are, that which you hold. And to open more fully to receive that which is offered to you as the children sing to you blessing you, giving thanks to you for the soul that you are, that you have agreed to share your gift o God with others, with humanity, simply through your being.
To breathe and to receive.
Breathing deeply of your heart as it is filled now with light of blessings form the angelic children as they gift to you their love, their love, a gift of God that they are also, Asking you to open fully your heart to receive their offering to you, the gift of God that they are as they bless you with their love.
And they will lift you up now, and take you to a pool of light within this garden and you are asked to dive into its depths, and as you dive into its depths become aware beloved hearts of the form that you become as you dive into this pool of light. It will be different for each one of you. And as you dive in you will become a new form. Allow your inner eye to see the form, that which it is. As you swim through this pool now diving deeply to the bottom, to the depths of it, and on the bottom of this pool will be a gift for you, a gift of love from the holy flame. You are asked to pick up this gift from the holy flame and to give thanks for this and to place it in your heart/. And as you do so you will feel yet more of your heart expanding as you swim yet more in this pool of light and you will discover you are not alone. The children swim with you and many other forms similar to that which you are, all come to swim with you and you know that you are not alone.
Connect through your heart with them allow yourself to be one with them for they joyfully receive you; welcome you to this pool of light.
Breathing beloved hearts, as you connect with these ones, swimming through the pool of light. Connecting through the heart flame that is fully expanded of your being. Feeling the joy of this, the love that emanates form you to embrace all in this pool of light. Send your love out form you to all that swim with you in this pool of light beloved one. Allow your love to expand from you to touch all others that swim with you in this pool and as it does so the pools will change. Filled with your love it will expand also and more light will fill it as you expand your love flame to embrace all that swim with you. Play and be joyful, rejoice beloved hearts and all that you are. Rejoice in your love, rejoice with these ones that have come to share with you their gift of love.
Rejoice in that which you have received, rejoice in that that you have to give, rejoice in the gift of god that you are.
And allow your hearts to expand with this. To be the gift of God that you are and to rejoice in this.
To know beloved hearts that you are filled with God’s gifts. It is within you in each breath that you take in all that you do, in all that you are. And no matter what you do what you think, what you feel, you are always God’s gift. Allow your hearts to expand with the love that you are to be filled with this love, to receive the blessing of those that swim with you that come to thank you, to bless you, to honour you with the gift of God that you are. Do not close your heart to this, open to receive the blessings that they offer to you as they honour you. Allow your heart to be filled with this joyfully and acknowledge beloved hearts, accept and surrender to the knowledge that you are God’s gift in all things and honour this within yourselves. As it is being joyful being honoured a this time for you by all that have come to greet you, to embrace you, to hold you to bless you.
We say to you beloved hearts it is only in the acceptance and surrender of this within yourselves that is required. It is not required of you to create God’s gift within you. All that is required beloved hearts is to accept it to receive God’s gift, to receive it. To open your arms, to embrace it, to receive the gift of God. To not turn from it, reject it, pretend it is not there, but to receive it. Do no ay it is not good enough, big enough, bright enough. To not judge God’s gift to you but simply to surrender your heart and to receive it.
And to honour God’s gift within you. This is all that is required blessed hearts. And so we ask you each and every one to open your heart, your minds’ your being to God’s gift within you, to accept it, to receive it fully within yourselves and to honour it as that which you are.
For it is that part of you the gift of God that as a soul you have agreed to anchor on the Earth for all beings. for humanity, for all beloved hearts, for all that breathes life. And how can you do this if you have not fully accepted the gift of God within you and honoured it, surrendered to it, no matter what it is?
So as you swim within your pool of light we ask you to honour that which you are, to give thanks for Gods’ gift that sits within you to be one with this and to know that you are a gift of God to all that is upon the Earth.
Give thanks now beloved hearts for this. Accept it with grace and love within your hearts. Open to receive it, be one with it and rejoice in it beloved hearts and be joyful for that which you are.
And gently beloved heart, gently when you are ready to sit once more in the light of the temple of the holy flame. to gently move from the pool of light and to sit once more in circle in the Temple of the Holy Flame.
Calling to all of you now to gently sit within this circle held by the hand of the master of light that you came with.
And as we all now sit within this circle together, the heart flame of the master will once more merge with your flame. Open to receive this beloved heart. Open to receive this allowing your being to expand yet more as the flame of this master fills you through each cell of your being igniting each and every cell of your being.
And very gently return to the physical plane together.
Being present now in this circle together.
And as each of you now comes into present space within this circle in the now time reflecting for one moment on that which you have received, that which you are, and from your heart now offer this energy of this simply through your intention to all those that sit within this circle, those in physical form and those in other dimensions. Sharing the gift of God that you hold within you to the hearts of all that sit within this council together taking the time now to create this simply by sending it out from you.
And as you share it now we wish you to expand your heart yet further and to offer it to all beings on the Earth now, to share the gift of God that sits within your heart to all beings on the Earth as your gift this day.
And giving thanks beloved hearts. Giving thanks to God for all that you are.
Blessings to you and namaste.
Copyright 2007.


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