Star Force.:.January 2008

StarForce monthly astrology January 2008


(Dec 22-Jan 19)

If you wanted a quiet January you may be disappointed for there is much to organize as Pluto draws close to your sign and Saturn encourages you to practice some much needed detachment. So celebrate the beginning of a life-changing year by letting a few spirals of chaos into your life long enough to enjoy your birthday and release the hold of distant pasts.

Angel of the month: Acceptance

(Jan 20-Feb 18)

Taking responsibility for what you truly want is challenging this month. Mercury will appear so distant that you can’t seem to get your point across or feel you’re going unheard. In truth it’s time to see both sides of the argument and realize that what is within you is reflected in your environment. So if you want change then focus on the intentions behind your actions and you’ll lay a wise foundation for 2008.

Angel of the month: Capability

(Feb 19-Mar 20)

If there’s one thing you can’t stand, it’s people arguing over pointless details. But if you’re to glide past petty disputes at the beginning of the year, make sure your own house is in order. Mercury will love to hand out suggestions but don’t be tempted to sulk and take these personally. Apply them wherever possible and you’ll move effortlessly into a new year when you can at last make the difference you’ve been seeking.

Angel of the month: Sensitivity

(Mar 21-April 20)

What if I were to tell you you could sleep through the New Year and you wouldn’t miss a thing? Perhaps you’d be disappointed or even shocked? Well, to avoid both of these, it’s time to realize that the pace at which you handle 2008 is all important. Rushing at it full tilt will have you tripping over your own projections by 12th or, worse, making a lot of rushed apologies by 20th. So on balance, perhaps a low key approach to January will be much more rewarding than the exaggerated extremes described by your ruler Mars.

Angel of the month: Detachment

(April 21-May 20)

2008 may appear a little costly up to January 15 but don’t be fooled by the embellishments of Mercury. There is actually no reason to worry so long as your expenditure is based on long term vision rather than attempts to spice up a lackluster few weeks. Your Ruler Venus is persuading you to take a look at your control issues in 2008 and through detachment you’ll understand it’s not what you’ve got that counts but the way that you use it.

Angel of the month: Understanding

(May 20-June 21)

Big changes are afoot in January. But first you’ll witness a detachment process of planetary proportions as Mars in Gemini confronts Pluto around January 1st. Although you’ll not be affected personally, remember you’ll need to tread carefully in 2008 while many of your inner polarities and dissatisfactions are finally put to rest.

Angel of the month: Allowance

(June 22-July 21)

No matter how hard you try to keep community together this New Year, you’ll meet some grumpy objection. But Mars and Pluto’s noisy exchanges during New Year show you that space is a real asset and encourage you not to fight for traditional routines but to live and let live, and be much more relaxed so you don’t feel hard done by.

Angel of the month: Surrender

(July 22-Aug 23)

You’ll feel much more willing and able to join in the New Year festivities this month as you begin to command a life that has undergone huge restructuring in 2007. Pluto will offer you tangible gains this year but reminds you they will not be made lightly nor without considerable effort. Still, your courage is legendary and you’re now right in the heart of your world.

Angel of the month: Balance

(Aug 23-Sept 22)

All is not what it appears at the beginning of the year but that doesn’t seem to bother you as you drift into a year of hope and healing. Saturn is taking a back seat, retrograde in your sign until May, but don’t underestimate what can be achieved in this period. Virgos work best through their hearts and this period of profound internal change will allow you to speak your heart more confidently.

Angel of the month: Acceleration

(Sept 23-Oct 23)

Changes will come when you least expect them in January. Venus and Mercury will appear uncooperative at best, and in an ‘I told you so’ mood at worst. So look to inner guidance to help you make the changes that are necessary to produce the new vision you seek. Although you’re a famous diplomat, remember this month to distinguish between aspirations and intentions so others can see what really matters.

Angel of the month: Truth


(Oct 23-Nov 22)

2008 announces a coming together of many parts of your world and you’re in a strong position to appreciate this process. But Pluto is still in a fiery mood so, to avoid an ill-timed outburst at New Year, find another time and place to speak a calmer heart and then it’ll be your sincerity that shines through, not the dark depths of your temper.

Angel of the month: Joy

(Nov 23-Dec 21)

Your New Year starts off well but if you’re to keep your momentum up then don’t forget to listen to Pluto around 1st when it highlights changes at work that require your attention. If you’re tempted to shelve your responsibilities till later, Mercury may force your hand on 12th leaving you vulnerable to others’ political agendas which obscure the truth and heart of the matter.

Angel of the month: Openness


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