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Celia Fenn’s EARTHLOG.:.Dec.27

December 27th : The Passing of Benazir Bhutto : So…the chaotic energy and the surges manifest in events that will change the shape of Earth’s manifest destiny.

The loss to the Planet of the first woman to lead a Muslim country is no small event. She was a Brave and Beautiful woman and a Fearless Leader. She will be missed.

How will this event affect the Planet’s unfolding path. We have yet to see. I have been told by Archangel Michael that the events unfolding in Pakistan are crucial to the evolution of the Planet.

We can only hold our own Inner Peace and keep our confidence in the Manifestation of the New Earth.

All is in Divine Order and All is as it Should Be.

I am reminded that one of the medieval beliefs about the appearance of a Comet in the sky was that it portended the death of a King or Leader, and that this death would bring great change in its wake…..

Here are some lines sent to me by Elizabeth Feisst from a poem that she wrote herself, and which she dedicates to Benazir Bhutto:


Peace it comes not from a gun, it is an inner call
To have and hold from this day forth, it is within us all

For freedom too, it’s the result of such sweet inner peace
Let’s take a hold and be so bold, it’s time for such release

The dove, the symbol of that love and peace for us to be
It’s gentleness of hope and joy flies in our sanctuary

This sanctuary the sacred place with gentle flame of light
Within ourselves this flame of hope is ever burning bright

Let’s shine our light of peace and joy forever to mankind
The truth that sets us free from all the chaos let us find

Let’s end the past of war and hate and join the march of love
Tis onward, upward, t’wards the light that’s shining from above

To light the way to bring us all to one in harmony
With olive branch and love for all there’s peace so let it be

May her soul pass into the Light…… and may the Light illunimate the Earth!

December 27th : A Power Surge on the Network….and the Approach of Comet Tuttle for New Year. Yesterday was quite a day. After the Peace of Christmas, the chaos of yesterday was in marked contrast!

People reported “symptoms” ranging from extreme tiredness and inability to wake up, to overstimulation and bouncing off the walls. For myself, I had a headache, but that might have been because our Server crashed and I spent most of the day trying to get the website back up again. With the help of Starchild’s German Computer Angel called Oliver. Oliver knows how to work with the Ukrainians who service the ISP, they talk techno speak together, and Oliver gets far more done than I can as I try to explain what is wrong in ordinary English. Thank You, Oliver!

Anyway, I started to feel dizzy and spacey, and went to bed early. When I got up to go to the bathroom, I was staggering around like I was drunk. I woke up with my Light Body vibrating and buzzing…and finally realized that there was something up in the Cosmic realms.

So, I went off to the Spaceweather site to see what was going on “out there” to cause such energy movements in the Light Body. Well, no sun spots and no solar flares or magnetic storms, that part is quiet. But, there is a Comet approaching Earth, and it will make its “fly past” on the 1st of January – the 1:1:1. Here is an image of Comet Tuttle, that I borrowed from


So, it seems like we will be having a Cosmic visitor to help us to celebrate the coming of the New Year and a New Cycle of Creation and Transformation.

The best way to work with this energy is to stay grounded. Don’t try to do too much, eat regularly and drink fresh water. Listen to your body, but also try to stay calm and centered.

We are Moving through the Gateway of the New…the 1:1:1!

It will be a Great year as we begin to Manifest the New Earth!



December 26 , 2007


As 2007 draws to an end, there is much to recap and explain, as well as much to report about the energies and occurrences yet to come for 2008…all so very exciting and as always, so perfectly and divinely orchestrated.

In this energy alert you will learn:

Why 2007 was a challenging year for many and why this phase is now over;

Where we are in our spiritual evolutionary, or ascension process;

Some manifestations of how our ascension process has been affecting us;

How we are beginning to live and vibrate as the ancients did;

What is ahead for 2008, and believe me, it is truly awesome;

How we have “earned” what is to come, why it is now time, and how it will unfold.

So what in the world has been going on these past few weeks, or even months, and why is does much of everything feel so chaotic, disjointed, dark and harsh, confusing, stressful and overwhelming, and just plain exhausting?

On the solstice, Phil and I were blessed to spend time at our favorite ancient ruin, exploring, as we always do, the effect and patterns that the solstice brings in regard to the alignments that the ancients meticulously created within their communities.

The ancients knew so much, and this particular site contained the purified energies of the very original ancients…the energies that still embodied the blueprint of the innocence, of true power and connection to Source, of a most pristine nature.

We have found some truly amazing places at this site, and if one is to stand in the direct center of an alignment of three pivotally marked yet hidden points, where the sunset or sunrise intersects on pivotal dates, a common effect is experienced….and this same effect can be found during the equinox as well as the solstice.

The effect is one of feeling a distinct zero point. Phil and I have discovered that the solstices embody the masculine energies and the equinoxes embody the feminine, and the ancients knew this very well, as do, I imagine, many of you. Their individual sites were designed around this pattern, as well as other repeating patterns, and all the sites in an area even follow a similar pattern through the way that they connect to one another….a perfect microcosm.

The equinox or feminine energies usually embody the experience of moving forward, when much is in alignment and balance…equal hours of light and dark in a day. Thus, a balance. The masculine or solstice energies embody the experience of going deep, excavating, and preparing for what is to come. They reach far. This pattern I will describe further on in regard to how we have been affected by it in past weeks and months.

I cannot begin to describe to you what it feels like to be in the center of a zero point. I suppose it is similar to the empty energy in between a thought, or a stand still feeling when everything seems to stop, or perhaps similar to an extreme experience of feeling divine and pure love. For me, there is a perfect balance, with no pulls, no pushing, no reaching, nor any heaviness, or density. A feeling of almost weightlessness and a perfect alignment to a higher dimension, reality, or a more higher vibrating true perception. An incredible stillness and connection at the core.

I tell you all this for good reason, as it so precisely relates to what we are currently experiencing with the energies of late. The ancients were very savvy about alignments. They created grinding slicks in the paths of the alignments, which we have found are wonderful markers and validations of where these alignments were located.

When Phil and I discover a grinding slick in any area, we become so very excited as we know we are onto a power spot. Or when we discover an alignment, we always look for grinding slicks in its path. And at times we simply follow the energies, talk to the ancients, or find ourselves at the power spots, and always, there will be a grinding slick nearby.

Through dimensional travel and validation from visits from local archaeologists, we have found that the ancients used these grinding slicks (smooth spots on large rocks), to grind specific elements at specific times when there were alignments to the heavens present. The elements that were ground, thus contained the purified energies that the alignments contained, and hence, these elements (whether they be corn, crystals, stones, etc.) then held an incredible amount of true power and connection.

So what does all of this have to do with our current energies of late and how we are being affected?

As we progress forward with our spiritual evolutionary process, or ascension process, the energies greatly heighten on a regular basis. In this way, the planetary and celestial interactions can be felt much more intensely, as they intensify exponentially with every energy shift.

In addition, we are becoming more much aligned with Source as we are purging and releasing denser energies within and without. This process then creates a more heightened sensitivity within each and every one of us. You may have found in recent years or months that much of everything is now just too harsh for you to bear. It may become more and more difficult to interact with the old, or to even go outside. It may appear that there are fewer and fewer boundaries between you and your environment, with nowhere left to go for reprieve or rest. As the density dissipates, so do the boundaries!

One reason we become more sensitive is because we have dropped many of our defense patterns and behaviors that were needed in a 3D reality. So now, here we are evolving into a more enlightened and spiritually advanced human with heightened sensitivities, and still having to reside in a harsh environment created from the old 3D mindset! This is but one of the many challenges of the ascension process.

So then, the solstices and equinoxes can affect us much more fully as time goes on than in years past. The solstice of June, 2007, and into this current solstice of December, 2007 created a time of great purging, personal excavating of our old outdated patterns, and most recently, an intense time of balancing. We are in a great time of balancing now, because much of the old is about to depart at a rapid rate.

This was a very long period of readiness in preparation for what is to come in 2008. The longer and more intense the readiness period is, the more grand and awesome is the period that follows. So know that although at times we believe that things will never change, and that we may feel as though we have not made any progress at all, these seemingly strange patterns of ascension are always and most certainly doing exactly what they were intended to do, and we are progressing right on course as was divinely planned. Things only get really bad when things are about to get really good. This has always been the way of ascension. Like two ships passing in the night, we experience the extremes in both directions.

If we are digging deep, having much trauma and great challenges, and being stretched to the limit, it is because we are being prepared to be in alignment with a very new world and new reality, and this I will describe further on as it relates to what will arrive in 2008.

The energies heighten, we create on the outside what is within us much more easily and frequently, we experience challenge and what appears to be struggle, we see and adjust, we become aware, and thus, we prepare for what is ahead. In addition, we try and create, the time is not ready yet, we are stopped and barred from creating at all, we adjust and re-align during this period, and then are more prepared and ready to create with a higher vibrating version or vision when it is again time to create the new again.

When we are in a purging and releasing stage, we are nearly totally engulfed with what we are releasing (for ourselves as well as the whole), which can then feel dark, harsh (because we are now more sensitive and vibrating lighter), and overwhelming. We can feel overwhelmed because we create much more rapidly and with much more ease the higher we vibrate. In addition, we are being “squeezed” by the higher vibrating energies, which are pushing out any lower vibrating or denser energies which can no longer reside in this new and higher vibration.

And as we are releasing and engulfed in the denser and darker energies, as they are up and out, we then begin to create unpleasant scenarios for ourselves…we create according to the filters that we are seeing through at the time.

All of these scenarios were brought on by the advent of the influx of higher vibrating energies which arrived in March of 2007. We then had to match them in all of our totality.

So then, this period of the past six months or so has been a very long one of preparation. Remember when those heightened energies arrived in March of 2007? Remember all that we created at that time? Remember how everything simply fell into our laps, all was beautiful and it felt as though we had arrived in heaven?

This ascension pattern in always the same. The higher vibrating energies arrive, we feel awesome indeed, and then we must get into alignment with them.

What immediately followed in June was a period of going deep in order to adjust our energies to match more fully what we wanted to create. September 11th brought in a portal opening for grasping and aligning with even more new visions and opportunities, and then December 12th created an opportunity for the zero point of balance to be embraced and utilized within us. 12/12 was quite a pivotal moment, as we had now reached a point in our evolutionary process (resulting from all the challenges and struggles of the weeks and months before) where we could now be allowed access to a dimension or higher vibrating reality of balance and a more secure connection to Source through this balance or alignment.

What the universe has been supporting us with these past few months, or giving us the opportunity to do, is to reach that zero point of alignment within ourselves. This manifested as experiencing friction with others as we very severely attracting individuals into our spaces who vibrated in an opposing way. If we were extreme in any way within ourselves, and needed some tweaking to balance ourselves out, we would attract an energy that vibrated severely in the opposing way. As frustrating and challenging as this was, energy simply does what energy does, through the law of attraction. And balance has indeed been the theme of late, more than ever before.

During this time of transition and preparation, we may have felt as though we did not know where in the world we belonged. And we may not have felt that there was anywhere left to go either. With so much darkness and density leaving and flying around, it often felt as though we were living in a dark pit of hell. Eeriness, creepiness, horror, and the like could be felt for months. We were simply viewing the world though the filter of everything that was up and out, making its departure.

This also created a long period of time where we were not at our best. For many, the darkest side of us was more present than usual. We were tempted to blame much on others and on what was outside of ourselves, not realizing fully and remembering that we always create on the outside what we are perceiving or vibrating on the inside. There is no room for error here, so in this way, what arrived for us was simply a valid and accurate indicator of what was inside of us, giving us once again an opportunity to see who we really were and how we might be affecting others.

Although these times are trying, and have felt as though all the ugliness that existed anywhere was here to stay, they are always great jewels as well. I never experienced so many aha’s than I have these past few weeks and months. I finally told my mother, “I don’t think I can fix any more things inside of me!” But what happens with ascension, is that we become aware during these times of heightened energies and illumination, and usually take several more months and even years to actually balance ourselves.

The ascension process is always very gradual, even though at times it may not seem so. And “fixing” anything never usually works anyway, as letting go is usually the best way. Focusing on the negative, old, or lower vibrating manifestations by “fixing” them only makes them real, keeps them alive, and gives them fuel to continue to exist. Gradually letting go and allowing the new to enter more fully is much more effortless and is a pattern that vibrates higher as well.

During times of excavation and purging, we become more aware that we often created from arrogance. As we progress more and more through our spiritual evolutionary process, our arrogance and ego based states leave us more and more. This part takes time, as we needed our arrogance and ego states to survive in the old 3D reality, and still need bits of them now.

The zero point that our souls are supporting us in arriving at means no extending, no effort, no making things happen, no intentional giving, and so forth. It means standing still in our center and allowing the flow to move through us and extend onto others.

So now here we currently find ourselves, fairly exhausted, perhaps wondering who we are, what our power might be as much of our old power can no longer exist, in what may feel like a weakened state, and perhaps even wondering what will happen next, as just when we think we have arrived in heaven and will forever stay, hell pops up one more time.

But awesome energy and wonderful experiences are on the very near horizon. As of December 23rd, we begin the upswing. As I write this, it is the 23rd of December and Phil and I are commenting on how strange we feel today. Extremely relaxed, light, sleepy, craving naps, and a bit drained. This is the beginning of the upswing. This is because we have completed a very long phase of transmutation through ourselves. Feelings of floating around, spaciness, lethargy, and yawning, are indicators of the end of one phase and of the beginning of a very new one. We should all feel exhausted, drained, and weary, as we have fulfilled our spiritual plans for the planet very well indeed!

This was an intense preparation period. And another occurrence that is fairly common during this phase is the loss of some of our animal companions who have been with us for a very long time. They embody our old energy. They were a part of our old lives and our old selves. In this way, they choose to leave, as they no longer fit with what is soon to arrive. This is a great crossing over period and it manifests in many different ways. As we cross over, at times, we do not take everyone and everything with us. But know as well, that the preparation period lasted so long in order for as many as possible to be given the opportunity to adjust their energies to be more fully in alignment with the new.

As we progress through this amazing ascension process, more and more of the whole is embraced and swept up into the higher realms. Those who were never affected by those old familiar and strange ascension symptoms in years past will be touched now. More and more will be awakened. We are now ascending in larger and larger groups. Remember when we felt as if we were the only ones and so very alone? These ascension experiences can no longer be denied, as so many are having them. And because of this, our store-fronts will be assured. There will be many who will need assistance. Our gifts and offerings will be desired and appreciated by much more of the whole.

What is our next stop on the ascension train, and where will we soon land in 2008?

2008…The Year of New Beginnings

Reaching zero point within ourselves is an important step in aligning with community living. How many of us have embodied the dream of living in spiritual community, being part of a beautiful and special whole, being seen and acknowledged for who we are, and living our lives more connected than ever to Source?

As we reach the year of 2008, 2007 will appear as a dream of long ago. It will appear as a place that we dimly remember, with lives and experiences that we can only access through a fog of vague familiarity, and a place that contained aspects of ourselves that seem to have belonged to someone else.

We will be starting new, with a very new beginning, and in a very new way that has yet to be experienced in recent lifetimes upon this planet. It will be a time of seeing our dreams manifest before our eyes, and these dreams will be the dreams of an individual who is more strongly connected to Source than ever before. These will be dreams of the whole…dreams shared by all of us, yet dreams containing our own special vibrations and contributions, gifts, and talents.

We will be finally meeting together as one. We will unite as a whole. We will then be able to commune within community.

Enough of us have caught up with each other, so that we are now one indeed. This means that there are no more icons, leaders, guides, individuals carrying much of the whole upon their own more evolved shoulders, and no more disjointed separations from one another.

We have reached a certain level of critical mass, where we are now blending as a whole, while still embodying our own distinct vibrations that contribute to this whole. In this way, we can then support each other on a continual basis, share and distribute any perceived burdens, and balance out, blend together, and rejoice in each other’s company!

This vision, knowingness, and reality that I see so very clearly, brought great tears to my eyes. It is a dream that I have long been waiting for. I can barely believe that it is finally here. The sense of relief, joy, let down, and ecstasy I feel is difficult to describe.

We have been carrying so much of the higher vibrations within us for so very long. This has created shoulder pain of late (as we are finally releasing the burden of responsibility), the oh so familiar Buddha belly, weight gain (as we needed to embody so much within us and hold it there), and exaggerations in personality traits.

We had to be larger than life, as we vibrated so much higher than most. In order for each and every individual vibration and trait (or gift) to contribute to the whole of a new reality, we had to embody it in great amounts. These vibrations and individual traits within us (or our special roles), had to be large and intense enough to bring up the entire vibration of the planet, therefore contributing to the creation of this very new reality. Each and every one of us was on board with this. We were very strong indeed, and dedicated to our roles in vibration, even if these exaggerated traits within us irritated others and drove them crazy at times!

But now we can rest. We can become one with each other. We can let down. We can release all the energy which we needed to hold, as it is now being embodied much more by the whole. And in this way, we are now finally ready for community. In community, we need only utilize our gifts and talents when they are needed. We need not be “on” 24/7. And reaching a zero point within ourselves, where-by we balanced out these energies that we had been embodying in over-exaggerated amounts, was a vital part of this process.

Now that we can let down and let go, we will find that we can really begin to enjoy each other more and more. We will find in times to come, that we will notice, be grateful for, allow and receive, and welcome with open arms the gifts, talents, and contributions of others as we will no longer need to be so very focused on holding and vibrating our own.

We have indeed reached a new level of reality. And this will indeed create a time of new beginnings.

Because we have reached this new and vital stage of reality…because so much will now be able to change, because so much has shifted, we can know with complete certainty that it will absolutely be a time of new beginnings. New beginnings will be the only viable and logical option now.

We will experience new beginnings in relationships. Partnerships that were destined to remain intact will experience a re-birth of sorts. It will be as if they are starting anew, with two new people in different roles, now being able to distinctly and simply enjoy each other. No more relationships revolving around growth and change, but now revolving around enjoyment, pleasure, fun, and a great love and appreciation for each other.

With so many individuals on equal turf now, the burdens will be lessened to a large degree. We have now met up in the same place, with a new equal distribution of how we hold and distribute our energy. We will feel like brothers and sisters as never before. No one will be holding more energy than another, and this alone, will greatly assist in remedying the exhaustion and weariness of many…especially the first wavers.

Our new passions and store-fronts will begin to appear as if by magic, and we will barely be able to keep up with it all. We will be asked to fulfill our soul purposes. And because we have been waiting for so long, we will be ready to fulfill them.

We will begin to congregate in families or pods of community. Those we hold dear to us will become vital parts of our special communities or families. We will begin migrating together and congealing together as small like-minded communities, as we also congeal with the whole in a more limited way. This is the pattern that the ancients knew as well, as it goes back through eons of time, to the time of our ancestors and our star families.

We will begin to utilize the things we need in a much localized way. Higher vibrating communities stay in alignment with their surroundings by utilizing their surroundings in their everyday life… building from local materials, eating locally grown foods, etc., and matching the specific energy of the area with their own. As the old systems begin to fall, local will be the norm. All this in divine right order, as being in alignment with our surroundings, helps to create that zero point and opens us to a continual portal of higher vibrating energy. And with outside systems falling, we will naturally progress to this way of being. Old creations that will be departing will only fully depart when new creations are ready to take their place. This is a natural way of evolution.

A lightness will begin to be felt, as much density has departed (for this latest phase anyway!). This lightness can manifest as a floating feeling, as an emptiness, or even a loss of who we thought we were. But with so much having now departed within us, all the higher vibrating things will have more room to be present, much happiness and joy will abound, all our needs will seemingly be met, and we will begin anew with a clean slate, in a very new space, and what may feel like a very new reality before us.

Much of what we had begun or what had entered our consciousness as a possibility in March, will now manifest in form as we are now a vibrational match for it. And you may have even entertained thoughts about going in a different direction, changing your plans or relocation areas, as the energies were simply not making much sense for awhile. But know as well, that we transmuted much for the whole, through ourselves, as we always do.

Will there still be times of turmoil and distress in 2008? Absolutely yes, but we will be above them. It will be as if two realities exist, as there will be a great and distinct separation between the two. One world will exist in a heavenly state of bliss, community, union, near immediate manifestation, brotherhood and sisterhood, and a great connection to the earth and the heavens. The other reality will still be present for those who have not yet come to a place where they are ready to let go and receive the new.

As the residents of the reality that is crashing and continuing to manifest a revolving door of unpleasantness and seemingly horror begin to separate themselves, ask for something different, and question the old, they will then arrive at the dimensional gates of the new reality, where they will be greatly assisted by those of us who are utilizing their much needed store-fronts and lovingly waiting for them.

So then, we will be residing in our new communities for the large part, offering our gifts and talents there on an equal basis with the whole, and spending a bit of time as well interacting with those who are finding themselves on the dimensional line, readying to cross over.

And some will visit what is left of the old world, as they serve in regard to their store-fronts, but not for long as higher vibrating energies cannot exist within lower vibrating energies for too long, as they become ill, lost, depressed, and anxious. Maintaining a continual state of love is the perfectly planned protection which will determine the length of each visit.

Will all of this scenario happen immediately? No. Some will begin the community lifestyle sooner than others. When new information first touches us, it usually takes awhile before it manifests completely in form. A higher vibrating seed is planted, and then it must grow into fruition.

So if you have felt a sense of completion of late, with a letting go and letting down, a readiness for a rest, or a strange sense of “finally!,” you are most likely tapping into this latest grand shift.

Our time is finally here, and this time it is here in the grandest way yet. I eagerly look forward to continuing to report to you the latest energy news, along with news of defining and utilizing the special purposes of our souls. And Phil and I will be going on the road from time to time, offering talks and information about what our ancient ancestors want us to share. Hoping to see you in 2008…and wishing you the best year

Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times…

Until next time,


For Your Reading Pleasure Today

A book excerpt from Remembering Your Soul Purpose:

“IN THE HIGHER REALMS, all only exists if we entertain thoughts
of it in our consciousness. If we do not believe something exists,
or do not believe in it and make it real, it will simply not exist
as we are not giving it any energy. Time is very much in the moment
in the higher realms as well. Anything not in our consciousness for
that moment is simply gone. And remember, this ties in as well to
our very quick manifesting time now.

At times during the ascension process we may not remember who
we spoke to or what we did yesterday and even hours before. What
happened last week or that morning may seem like it occurred a
lifetime before. We are living very much in the moment now, and can
literally begin creating fresh within each moment and at the dawn of
each new day. What remains consistent for us then is only what we
choose to keep in our consciousness on any regular basis. It is what
we choose to keep a connection to. As for the whole, we also create
realities according to what the majority or collective are believing
and buying into and keeping alive.

On this note, then, the same is true for people. What we focus on in
them and what we believe they are about and who they are, brings that
into our reality and experience. Now more than ever, people will enter
our lives who are matching our own vibrations in some ways. In the
higher realms, like energy attracts like energy very rapidly and
becomes our realities. There are always pieces and themes of common
ground between all those that are in our lives. We may seem more of
one particular trait when we are with our friend John, and more of
another trait when we are with Leslie, and so on.

What does all this mean? It means that we can literally create and
mold people to who we believe they are. If we see their highest form,
then that is how they will manifest to us when we interact with them.
If we see their darkness, then the same. And in these new higher realms,
we are seeing more and more of each individual’s highest selves. What
we focus on becomes real.

Several years ago I began a new contract with a school district
working with a severely physically disabled young man in a Junior
High school setting. This being had a history of inappropriate and
defiant behavior and his identity and power came from acting out and
getting into all kinds of trouble. That seemed to be all he was about.
My first step involved consulting with staff and the vice principal
regarding putting a new identity in place for him. Their usual
response to him when interacting and passing him in the hallway was,
“Have you been staying out of trouble lately?” or communications to
a similar effect. I encouraged them to instead focus on his new
achievements as he was just learning to read and write and had begun
to write for the school newspaper. This alone worked magic. He began
to get a new image of himself and eventually that was who he became,
as well as being highly revered and respected for his new talents.

We can now take this phenomenon to even higher levels as we are
now in the higher realms. Remember, manifestation time is very rapid
now. What we think about and believe can show up in our space in
immediate “time.” And in addition, with much of our density and the
lower vibrational aspects of ourselves having dropped away through
the ascension process, we are now glowing brightly more and more as
our true divine selves are most certainly rising to the surface.

Eventually, our higher selves are all we will see in each other and we
are growing closer and closer to this reality every day.
In addition, through arriving in the higher dimensions, we are able
to see very clearly who our soul brothers and sisters are in the
physical.In these higher vibrational realities, it is beautifully
different. It is as if the veil has been lifted and we suddenly
decided to remove our masks and reveal ourselves to each other.
“I remember you now! Remember what we came to do? How has it
been for you?”, we may exclaim. And the feeling and remembering of
coming home to our closest family and seeing who they really are is
simply indescribable (and quite emotional!).”

May the offerings from What’s Up On Planet Earth? serve to light
your path, validate your experience, and remind you that we are
all one. Thank you for your continued interest and happy reading!


Celia Fenn’s Earth Log 24th and 25th December

December 24th and 25th : Christmas in Africa….and Hawaii….and wherever you are….Peace on Earth. : On this Sacred and Beautiful day before Christmas, I wish you all a blessed Christmas and a day of Peace and Love, wherever You Are.

May we all remember that the birth of Christ was a moment that allowed for an awareness of a change of Consciousness, and that we are experiencing the culmination of that change right now. We are learning to access the Christ light within ourselves.


So, on this Christmas of 2007, I wish for you all that you may experience and radiate the brilliant light that lives in each one of you.

May you Be Light!

May you Radiate that Light to All

May you find Peace and Grace Within

May there be Peace on Earth

And so it Is!

And now for some Christmas fun…..Thank you to all of you who sent me Santa and the singing reindeer…and for those of you who don’t know this one…here is “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” by the Drifters a.k.a. Santa and the singing reindeer. Click Here.

I thought I would share with you some of the energy of Christmas, here in Africa. The Community that I work in with the Starchild Children’s Project is traditionally Christian, and so Christmas is part of their traditional celebrations. Starchild hosted a party for 100 of the less privileged children in this Community. So…here is Wilma, our co-ordinator, having some party fun with the children:

Wilma reappears as Santa, to hand out presents:


Santa hands out food as abundance on this day…..:


And here Santa takes a well deserved smoke break….


And now…to the other side of the planet, and some beautiful Christmas music from Kauwila. The first is a Hawaian rendition of “Silent Night”…I just love what he does with this traditional song. The second is a song he wrote himself, to remind us all that “Christ is born in Us”! So, thank you to Kauwila for these beautiful songs. (



Message from The Council of 12 .:. January 2008

Transmitted through Selacia-January 2008

To Be Happy

At this crucial point in history, you stand at a fork in the road. You are not alone. People from diverse cultures worldwide are at their own forks in the road. Choices must be made before you can take the next big leap forward.

The fork in the road represents choices that are necessary as humanity births a brand new type of world. Some of those choices involve revolutionary redefinitions of how to live as a human being. To define yourself and your world based on old paradigm views will keep you locked into the outmoded systems you want to leave behind.

It is now time to redefine what is true for you, what sort of life you want to create, how you want to express yourself in the world, and what it really means to be happy.

As part of that, you will want to create a new yardstick to measure your successes. The traditional fear-based yardstick of competition, comparison and greed has no place in the new world you want to live in.

To be sure, humans tend to be motivated by a desire to be happy and to avoid pain. This motivation is the key underlying factor shaping most peoples’ lives. It is normal to want to be happy, and to experience happiness on an ongoing basis. Who wouldn’t want this?

The Happiness Dilemma

There is a dilemma, however, when you live your life based on old-fashioned worldly markers of happiness. People tend to do this unknowingly, continuing patterns put in place a very long time ago by those who did not understand the true basis of happiness.

These patterns include limiting belief systems about happiness which are held at a DNA level within humanity today. The patterns go back countless generations, and they also include beliefs held at the mass consciousness level. For this reason, no one is exempt from carrying limiting belief systems that relate to happiness. It is common, for example, for people to believe that they must have a certain something or someone in order to be happy.

In modern times-especially in Western industrialized countries-happiness has been linked with outer conditions. These external circumstances include things like money and material success, fame and being recognized for good works, material possessions, a happy marriage and successful children, youth and attractiveness, and good health.

The idea has been that if you have the right situation, you can be happy. While happiness will depend in part on your outer conditions, you are setting yourself up for ongoing disappointment if these external things are your chief benchmark. Associating your happiness mainly with outer conditions sets up an endless race to discover and manifest the right circumstances. It is an endless race because it means the person in the race gives their power to external factors and status symbols which are forever in the process of change. All happiness based on these types of temporary milestones is doomed.

Subtle Messages All Around You

It is now common knowledge that happiness cannot be bought. However, when your world is fueled by consumerism, there is a normal tendency to want to acquire whatever you are told is necessary for happiness. Imbedded everywhere within the culture are subtle, and often not so subtle, messages about what you must have to be happy.

You learn to buy into these messages from an early age. By the time you are old enough to walk and talk, you are conditioned to ask for things. The idea is that these things have some magical ability to make you happy. You are also conditioned to want what others have, and to compete in the world to obtain those things. Society’s long-practiced methods of reward and punishment set up an endless loop of insatiable desires. You are rewarded for certain behaviors and punished for others.

For example, if you go along with your company’s mindset rewarding employees who work 80-hour weeks, you may progress faster up the corporate ladder. Success, in the traditional sense, has long been linked with hierarchy, earning power, and one’s ability to generate prosperity to secure one’s future. If you are successful in this way, having learned to play by the rules, others impressed with your accomplishments will admire you and want to be around you. You will receive attention and some people may even envy you. It is no wonder, then, that you learn to associate acquisition of external things with happiness and even with being loved.

The typical focus of acquisitions are the things you feel you need to be happy. Depending on your stage of life and conditioning, those things can be anything from a new car, a home cushioned from the noises and intrusions of neighbors, a high-status job, a food you loved in your childhood at the holidays, or the latest electronic gadget you see advertised all over town.

Having Things is not Good or Bad

It is not good or bad to have such things. The important thing to realize is that you will not create a true state of happiness by acquiring these outer world things. None of the material things you could acquire are permanent. The new car could be demolished in an accident tomorrow. The quiet home could become noisy when different neighbors move in next door, or become less private when a high rise is built and you have neighbors peering into your windows. The high-status job could be lost in an economic downturn. Your favorite food, once eaten, joins a never-ending list of temporary pleasures. Gadgets, even the newest models, will become obsolete.

Similarly, any of the external states of being you could achieve will at some time change. You start life as a young person and grow older. Your relationship with a loved one changes-when feelings alter, life paths adjust, or through separations including death. Your money is useless to you once you die. Likewise, great fortunes can be lost as quickly as they are made.

It takes great skill to avoid being impacted by the constant media hype telling you that happiness is something you “get.” If happiness is not something you can “get,” what is it and how do you manifest it in your life?

First, true happiness is a state of being. In the dualistic world of human life, happiness is as impermanent as any phenomena. Human conditions are in the process of ongoing change. A vibrantly-colored rainbow in the sky after a cleansing rain can bring feelings of happiness. What happens after dark when the rainbow fades from the sky? Even if nothing unpleasant happens that night, how do you maintain a feeling of happiness?

A Rainbow in the Sky

Happiness is not based on being able to see a rainbow in the sky.
When you are experiencing true happiness, you can have the feeling of a rainbow in your heart and that is enough.

That may sound easy to do, but it is not. In fact, generating happiness is not something that you do at all. It is more about being. It relates specifically to the quality of being you learn to manifest in the midst of life’s chaos and ever-shifting landscape.

The truly happy person discovers how to accept life as it is, and learns to integrate both pleasure and pain. Pleasure is enjoyed without grasping, and pain is worked with skillfully. To approach pain in a skillful way is to understand that it is not shameful to have pain. It is also helpful to remember that painful cycles, just like pleasurable ones, are temporary. Everyone’s life will have a mixture of both pleasure and pain. The truly happy person says “yes” to life, regardless of how situations appear. This person learns to continually return to a mindful state and to look deeply within.

When you look deeply enough, you realize that you are Divine and unchanged by any worldly experience of pain or pleasure. When you connect with this realization-learning to peacefully coexist with all sorts of circumstances-you can move into a happy state. What you discover through this learning and self-inquiry is that underneath your human-conditioned patterns is a Divine being, full of love and joy. This part of you is at peace with all of your varied situations, and can help you to access that peaceful state.

Happiness is Like Tending a Candle

Happiness is like tending a candle sitting on the sill of an open window. When you light the candle on a calm night, you may enjoy its flame for hours without interruption. Light the candle on a stormy night, and depending on which way the wind is blowing, the candle may not stay lit for long. Whether calm or stormy, once you light the candle, it begins to change form. It will eventually burn out. The candle will do what it will naturally do. You can choose how you respond to the candle. You can be watchful, noticing how it burns. You can tend the candle when a gust of wind blows out the flame, relighting the wick. You can close the window so the candle will stay lit longer. When the candle has completely burned, you can replace it with a similar type of candle. Likewise, you can choose to replace it with a different type of candle. You can do nothing right now, too. You can simply let the extinguished candle sit there.

The candle has a light that can brighten your night. To keep the flame burning, you will need to take actions such as relighting the wick. You will need to be watchful, or the ever-changing candle flame may burn out without your noticing. It is that same way with happiness, a feeling that can brighten your life.

Happiness-that seemingly elusive or short-lived feeling-is accessed as a state of being through your attention and action. It has much more to do with your state of mind than with external things. Happiness will not automatically continue, just because you access it. It is a state of being that will require your ongoing mindful attention and action. When feelings of happiness disappear, you can renew the happy feelings through your attention and action. Choice is involved in both activities. You have choices in what you pay attention to, what thoughts you think, how you allow things to affect you, and in how you act in response to life’s circumstances. Conscious choice is the key here, becoming more and more aware of what you are choosing. The more that you do this, the easier it will be to return to a feeling of happiness regardless of what appears to be happening in your outer world. This is possible to achieve, one moment at a time. This happens in the present moment, with a present-moment focus.

Obstacles to Happiness

The following are a few of the numerous obstacles to happiness. Invite input from your intuitively guided reason as you contemplate each one. Be willing to consider how each of the obstacles may have been a factor in your own happiness over the years. Set your intention to approach this without self-judgment or the need to feel superior to others. Remember that everyone is impacted by these obstacles at some point in their series of human experiences. Each person also has the potential, in some life, to learn how to be happy. Be open to the idea that this could be the lifetime you master this.

Associating happiness chiefly with specific outer circumstances. Have you ever thought that you would be happy if only you could meet and love your soulmate? How many times have you told yourself that if you only had more money, all of your problems would be solved? How often have you thought that if you could only have a job that expressed your soul purpose, then you could be happy?

Expressing love in a conditional way. Do you remember how as a child you were hurt by caregivers who professed to love you, but expressed that love with rigid conditions? What did you learn from how you were treated? What kind of relationship patterns you witnessed as a child became a part of how you gave or received love as an adult? For example, what kinds of expectations do you place on those you love? How do you treat those you love when you are not getting your way? How do you block others from giving to you? In what ways are you hard on yourself, refusing to give yourself love? How do you punish yourself for supposed wrongdoings?

Evaluating yourself based on what others have. What happens to your feelings of happiness when you compare yourself with others? Can you still be happy when you notice that your neighbor has something you don’t? Do you find yourself comparing your level of success with what others around you have achieved?

Giving away your power to others. Do you think that others control your ability to be happy? Have you decided that a certain person is responsible for your being happy or unhappy? Do you sometimes feel content, and then as though another person “took your happiness away”? How often do you question authority figures-including doctors, the news media, and government leaders-who give you bad news? Do you allow these doom-and-gloom messages to shift you from a contented mood to one of despair? When this happens, do you realize that you are granting these other people a power that is yours alone? How frequently do you contemplate your true power as the Divine being you are?

Living with a past or future focus. Are you waiting for something to happen before you can be happy? What is stopping you from deciding to be happy right now? What about your past have you decided has spoiled your happiness? How much of your time do you spend reminiscing about something happy in the past, complaining about how you are not enjoying that now? When you are feeling discontented, how often is that feeling actually stemming from something occurring right now? How often do you worry about something in the future, preventing you from accessing a happy state in the present? Do you frequently find yourself daydreaming about an ideal situation you aren’t able to have right now? When you remember that your past is not happening now and that your future is not guaranteed, what’s keeping you from discovering how to be happy now? Are you aware of when you feel happy in the present moment, perhaps for no particular reason, but simply because you feel it?

Not knowing when you have enough. How much is enough? Do you have a healthy inner barometer that tells you when you are satisfied? Do you update your “enough gauge” throughout your life to reflect changing circumstances? Have you learned to be satisfied with what is appropriate for you, or do you measure your satisfaction by yardsticks others use or society sets? What does it take for you to feel content? Can you access feelings of inner contentment even after receiving troubling news? Do you know yourself well enough to confirm when you are satisfied, when something is missing, and what or how much more of something you truly need?

Focusing on what you do not have. Do you find yourself focusing on what you do not have, either complaining about the lack or worrying about what will happen if you don’t get it? Is your list of what you don’t have longer than your list of what you feel happy about having? How often do you question the things on your “must have” list, letting go of focusing on things that are no longer really relevant or needed?

Approaching life with a negative focus. Since it is common for humans to be conditioned to see life as a series of negative happenings, how much of the time do you allow your mind to cast a black shadow on your experiences? Do you find yourself thinking in a negative way a lot of the time? Do you sometimes do this even immediately following a happy event or receiving some very good news? How does this thinking spoil your happiness in the moment? Do you have a habit of expecting the worst in situations, and then when something bad does happen, reinforcing the pain by viewing it from a negative perspective? How often do you make the effort to contemplate the blessings and potential benefits of a distressing circumstance? What do you do to turn your thinking around? Can you let go of how big a mistake looks in the moment to see beyond the error and embrace a bigger picture?

Allowing negative emotions to rule your responses. How do handle destructive emotions? What have you done over the years to become more intelligent in how you deal with emotional states? Have you discovered what your own emotional response patterns are? Are you in touch with when you feel angry, sad, hurt, disappointed, and fearful? When you feel these things, how do you manage the feelings so they don’t negatively color your responses and actions? When feeling angry, do you get on the phone and shout at a loved one with hurtful words? If feeling sad, do you withdraw from your outer world in a way that harms self or others? When someone hurts your feelings, do you impulsively act on the hurt, saying something mean? If you are disappointed by someone, do you find skillful ways to respond or do you allow resentment to sour your relationship? When feeling fear, do you take action based on the fear or allow your intuitively guided reason to prevail?

Associating happiness with artificial deadlines. What is your relationship with time and deadlines? Are you able to feel content when you discover that you have missed a deadline you set for yourself? When you set your own timeframe to get something done, can you be flexible with yourself if you need to adjust it, or do you become unhappy and blame yourself or others? How often do you update your deadlines to take into account shifts in life circumstances? How willing are you to cast aside artificial deadlines when they no longer make sense? If you were conditioned to expect a traditional funded retirement at age 65, and then discover that you won’t have this, do you become unhappy and close your mind to ideas of how you could enjoy new sources of livelihood? Have you decided that you will become less and less happy as you grow older, or that your happy times are behind you?

Having expectations too low or too high. In what situations do you set expectations that are too low or too high? If you are learning something new, do you expect so little of your abilities that you set yourself up for failure? Do you have a habit of demanding perfection in some areas, setting up an unnecessary cycle of disappointments? What do you do to bounce back when something goes wrong?

Doubting you can change your circumstances. Do you believe you can change your circumstances? Do you think that it is within your power to at least change your experience of what is happening? When you remember your ability to change situations, what do you do to begin the process of change?

Needing to be in control. How important is it to you that you be in control? Do you find yourself trying to control things and people when it is not appropriate to do so? How often do you step back from situations long enough to realize that much of what is going on is outside of your control? Have you developed the ability to clearly know which things you can control? Knowing this, what actions do you take?

Lack of sufficient spirit connection. How much of your day are you connected with your intuitively guided reason and spirit? How well have you integrated spirit into everyday experiences? Do you find yourself forgetting to access your intuitive right brain, trying to force solutions with logic alone? Do you allow sufficient time for quiet inner reflection, connecting with your heart’s wisdom? Are you so preoccupied with mundane concerns that you forget to include spirit as you problem-solve and relate to others? When you are in crisis, have you learned to trust your inner guidance about what to do next? Do you remember to access that guidance when feeling lost or in fear?

Seeking out companions with a negative focus. Do you seek out friends who continually complain and attempt to drag you into their negativity? Do you monitor how you feel when you spend time with others, noticing how you tend to go into a negative spiral of thinking or feeling after even brief encounters? Have you contemplated what pattern you have that could be allowing this scenario to continue, remembering that every relationship has the potential for helping you to evolve? What have you done to change how you interact with these friends?

Trying to make others happy when you are unhappy. Are you trying to make another person happy when you cannot be happy? Do you realize that you cannot help others have happiness when you do not know how to access the happy state yourself?

Being at “war” with what is. How often do you find yourself resisting what is and going to “war” with it? Do you sometimes notice, in hindsight, how your fight with circumstances has prolonged the difficulties? Do you see how your resistance leads to conflict and struggle, depleting your energy? Do you then realize that resistance prevents you from accessing happiness?

Inability to feel gratitude for small things. What does it take to inspire feelings of gratitude within you? Can you feel grateful for life’s little pleasures, such as a sunny sky after weeks of rain or a warm bath at the end of your day? When you are experiencing hard times or a major challenge, do you sometimes slip into forgetting about your many blessings? In the midst of your temporary forgetfulness, can you move back into gratitude, remembering that your human life is precious, regardless of what is currently happening?

Moving Past Obstacles to Happiness

Right now, having contemplated some of the obstacles to happiness, you likely have more clarity about what is preventing you from being happy. Your state of mind is the key. It helps if you can decide to be happy. Set your intent regularly to be happy with your life circumstances. Decide that you will be accepting of life events, rather than fighting them. Find something to be happy about, or at least grateful for, when in the midst of troubling situations. Decide you can be happy about something right now, instead of waiting for your circumstances to change. Contemplate happiness, reflecting on what it really means.

Ask your Higher Self for input about your life path. Is there something you are doing or not doing that is affecting your underlying happiness? Is there something you are missing? Do you believe you deserve to be happy, and if not, why not? What have you told yourself since childhood that you must have in order to be happy? Do you feel you must wait for happiness, and if so, why? Also, is this really true? From the perspective of your soul, what could you be doing that’s more in alignment with your higher purpose?

As you continue the journey of rediscovering your Divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.

Copyright 2008 by Selacia, Channel for The Council of 12 * All Rights Reserved *

Note from Selacia-“We are living in much different times than we could have ever envisioned even a decade ago. To be alive today is certainly challenging on many levels, regardless of who you are. Having noticed a growing discontent within peoples living in all parts of the world, I asked The Council of 12 to address the topic of happiness. This current message gives us some fresh approaches to this age-old topic. Their message to us is that it is indeed time to redefine what happiness is. They address this timely topic in a way that we can relate to in practical ways. Their message focuses on how we go about achieving happiness, and what ways of being prevent us from being happy.

Happiness cannot be guaranteed, yet it is interesting to note that in some countries there is a mindset that people have a right to seek happiness. In the United States, for example, The Declaration of Independence of 1776 decreed that the pursuit of happiness was an unalienable right for all peoples. In America, therefore, it is a constitutional right to pursue happiness. But what does that mean? Certainly, if recent studies are accurate, Americans view themselves as being no happier than people in many other cultures.

Regardless of where you reside in the world, it is helpful as we move forward to redefine what happiness means. The old benchmarks are out of date. We need new definitions and approaches if we are to create the new kind of world we seek to live in. My wish for all of you is that you discover new ways to look at happiness, and that you are able to access the innately happy state more often and for longer periods of time.

If you have feedback about this message, or about how this month’s message helped you to clarify how you can be happier-or suggestions for other topics The Council could address-please email me at”


2008: The Year of Hope

Sarrinn and The Ancients through Daniele DeVoe
Greetings, dear lightworkers! As winter settles in across the Northern
Hemisphere and summer’s softness blesses the Southern Hemisphere, we
feel the yearning of all humans for more joyful, elegant lives. Even
those of you who have found personal joy hunger for global peace—no
one is immune from this desire. If this is true—and if it is equally
true that the divine is expanded and empowered when two or three
gather together with a focused intention—then how can peace fail when
more than six billion are united? The year 2008 offers the
strengthening of hope and the activation of a new nine year cycle that
will include the much-awaited moment of December 20, 2012.

Many of you can already feel it: the realization that the potential
future, which is best defined by the word “peace,” is gathering
strength. We suggest that you quickly learn to let go of your personal
definitions of peace and simply receive and share the resonance of
that bliss-filled state. We also suggest that you do not define peace
for others—any others—so that their version of world harmony can be
honored, too. If you think that individual expressions of world
peace are not possible, consider that individual expressions of war
have been successfully manifested for centuries in your reality. And
consider also that there are more of you who want peace than those who
want war. This is why we call 2008 “The Year of Hope.” Even so, as you
begin this glorious year, hope will not be the dominant energy.

The Removal of Masks

In January, expect politics to be promulgated worldwide as the U.S.
elections become actively “newsworthy.” As voters take sides and as
the field of candidates is culled down to election-day size, the
scramble for votes will heat up beyond historical experience. It won’t
take long for the polite masks of your candidates to be removed.
January will be filled with revelations about the true character of
those seeking your vote—watch carefully. And in general, any remaining
personal disguises will be removed for most of you. Think of this like
the removal of your mask at midnight at a masquerade—only with this
revelation are you looking into a mirror and seeing your own true
self, perhaps for the first time. This is a necessary step for all
conscious beings moving from your 4D reality into the fifth, or
universal, dimension. Third and fourth-dimensional negativity cannot
exist there, nor can it even move through its welcoming and loving
gateway. When your own mask evaporates and you see your true self,
get to work on any unfinished business. You cannot be left behind, but
you most assuredly can make your own ascension much more gentle and

February will bring shifts and understanding to most of you if you
watch for subtle messages. There will be an immense breakthrough this
month, but most will not know of its impact until much later in the
year because of the understated nature of its occurrence. This change
is for the better and will have impact globally as well as personally.
This change will also move voters in the United States into a more
stubborn stance. They want leadership, honesty, peace and responsible
leaders. This month, they will lose their patience for old-fashioned
mudslinging politics—and it’s still early in the election process!

So many people stuff or deny honest emotion. Yet it is your emotions
that activate and empower your lives. In March, most of you will begin
to take command of your emotional bodies and use them quite
brilliantly to manifest. It is true that energy follows thought, and
it is also true that thought that has been teamed with vibrant emotion
manifests energy more quickly, powerfully, dynamically and elegantly.
As you discover this truth more personally, it would be very
appropriate to also gain command of your thoughts. You are already
aware that even errant thoughts create reality. This month will
inspire most of you to clean up your acts on the thought level,
because the negative creation will simply be too obvious to ignore.
Please do not mire yourselves in guilt or grief as you take
responsibility for your less-divine thought creations. As you
recognize them, love yourselves, forgive yourselves, understand (if
possible) how you thought this thing into reality, and undo it with
positive, new emotional effort. Then remember to receive your new

Chop Wood, Carry Water

Have you ever seen a fruit tree bearing fruit that is so ripe that it
is actually falling from the branches? April will be like that—ready
or not, here it comes! It’s interesting to note that the numerology of
April is “5”—the number of change, balance and unconditional love. You
are ready; those you know and love are ready; the world is ready. The
question is: Will you step in and make use of that very ripe fruit? Or
will you delay and let it rot where it falls? This month, the
universal dimension is available to everyone more easily than ever
before. What will you choose to experience? If you live from habit or
if you live each day based only on the experience and knowledge of the
past, you might miss the more amazing reality that is part of who you
can be now. And here’s an interesting thought: if you wait for 2012 to
transform your world, you will still evolve dynamically. If you
transform your world today and thus build 2012’s transformation from
that higher resonance, imagine what the 2012 shift can accomplish!

May is going to be a “chop wood, carry water” month. Do you remember
the old story of the seeker who asks the wise man what life is like
before enlightenment, and the master tells him, “Chop wood, carry
water”? Then the seeker asks the wise man what life is like after
enlightenment, and the master answers, “Chop wood, carry water.” This
month you will be living in a physical world, performing the everyday
actions required therein, but as an enlightened one. What does that
mean to you? Can you live joyfully in that awareness? Can you
experience bliss while living the mundane? Remember, the work must be
done anyway; you might as well do it with a positive attitude and a
light heart.

The Flowering of Midsummer Dreams

This June will be a time for dreaming. Prepare your dreams throughout
these last days of spring and first days of summer, and nurture them
with love. There is an old aphorism: if you can imagine something, you
can create it. Well, June affirms that, “if you can dream something,
you can manifest it.” We feel that the important thing to remember is
that you will manifest your dream; so this is not a time to be sloppy,
inattentive, uncreative or simply bored. It will be quite simple to
create results based on those characteristics, too.

The flowering of your June dream will happen in July. This is part of
the reason we urge you to be specific and visionary with your June
preparations. There will be a strong feeling of instant gratification
for those of you who have done your work well. And, of course, for
those who do not command their thoughts or elevate their emotions,
instant gratification will be evident as well. What is different in
this year of hope and new beginnings—2008 is a “1” numerologically— is
that you have entered a nine-year cycle in which your enlightenment is
assured. Your ascension is inevitable; only your own disbelief can
cause you to miss what is happening now.

A Much-needed Change of Dark Energies

In August, there will be an attempt to stem the tide, and it will not
succeed. The suppression that is the ambition of a very few who are
still stuck in their own nightmare will find no anchor to cling to nor
any support for their doomed and negative scenarios. August—and this
month holds the resonance of “9”: completions and endings—will mark
the end of the power of these sad beings and the beginning of their
awakening to more positive purposes. We are sorry if this sounds naive
to some of you, but it is the energy and the opportunity that we
perceive. Help us nurture this much needed change of dark energies
successfully, and you will help us succeed in the ascension of all

What is adventure to you? September, a “1” month, will mark the
beginning of many adventures for most of you. We define adventure as
new experience. How do you define it? Are you aware that many of you
define adventure as new experience with danger involved? If this is
your definition, we suggest you change it and remove the “danger”
aspect before you begin this amazing month. New experience will be
ubiquitous in September. And with new experience, your spirit soars!
Your spirit craves knowledge and growth; learning new things is
essential for your physical and spiritual vitality. We are aware that
many of you are nervous about change because of past experience. We
suggest that you intend for the adventurous changes of this surprising
month to be magical, joyful, instructional and expansive. This will
mean the difference between the change happening to you or with you.
Which would you prefer?

Use Courage to Conquer Fear

October will offer you a chance to catch your breath. Does that sound
good? This year will have been a non-stop experience of change and
growth; and, quite joyfully, October is not filled with extreme
transformation— unless, of course, you invite it in. Even then, the
transformation will most likely be quite gentle. Interestingly, this
will also have a quieting effect on the imminent election. As voters
realize that they are being offered the same old rhetoric, their
excitement will wane and their allegiances will go through some
last-minute changes that will create quite an interesting “last-minute
desperation” feeling for the candidates.

The result should be quite entertaining if you pay attention,
especially as you move into November. Those of you who took advantage
of the quieter energies of October will be able to move through the
election and its aftermath with mature understanding of what is truly
happening in the world. This is a time of moving into more spiritual
truth; more active, mature understanding; and greater sensitivity to
the needs of yourself and others. Applying this wisdom to your holiday
celebrations will also bring you a deeper pleasure throughout the
Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. And as the year ends, those of you
who have survived until now by constant use of courage will finally
be able to relax. New levels of trust in your own self, your own life,
your own choices and even your own incipient future will be felt by so
many of you that the very nature of your nation—and we do not speak
only of the United States—will be changed and empowered. Courage is
needed when fear is present.

In December, many of you will learn to live without fear as your
inspiration. The energy of the year 2008 is change—gentle, elegant,
hope-filled change. And, of course, your attitude will have great
impact on how gentle and elegant the change will be. As a shining
example of all the attributes you wish to enjoy in a highly evolved
and enlightened world, you will be an essential part of the process.
The more of you who shine your love, the more gentle and elegant
the change will be. From our viewpoint, we know that the magical
change coming in 2008 will happen and come to completion successfully
just as we know that the shift will come to completion successfully,
too. What are not permanently etched in time, and the akashic records,
are the variations and individual efforts that your wondrous free will
will use to fashion that inevitable outcome. Use your free will to
bless the year with love. Use your free will to bless your world with
peace. Use your free will to bless all beings with compassion. And as
you do, you align your will with the divine and you use your free will
to help your world pass through the gateway to heaven on Earth. Namasté.

© 2007 Daniele DeVoe
Daniele DeVoe is a Channel, Psychic, Healer, Teacher, Writer and
Ordained Minister.
crystal@chartermi. net
www.LightandBalance .com

A message from Kuthumi .:.Unified Twin Flame Activation of the New Earth

a message from Kuthumi channeled by Michelle Eloff
Sunday, 28 October, 2007 at Johannesburg, South Africa (posted 21 December, 2007)

Please note that reading this information will have an effect on you. You will energetically be linked with the Channelling being and a similar process facilitated with you. It is not exactly the same as being in the presence of the channelling Master, however the effects are just as powerful. Do not concern yourself too much regarding time lines given to the participants in the channelling. You will be taken through a similar one in accordance with your Divine Plan, Timing & Purpose.


I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of Love and Wisdom to greet each of you at this time and to bring unto you the blessings of prosperity, unconditional love, trust and fluidity. Greetings beloved ones.

And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with each of you upon this day as we hold you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.

Beloved ones today as we gather within the presence of the Christ light you are being exposed to the energy of the Divine Feminine Christ energy, this is a specific energy we have set in place connected to each of you which anchors the Twin Flame Planetary Grid in the southern hemisphere.

This particular grid is a geometric formation combining twelve different geometric frequencies. Each of these vibrate in perfect unison with each of your twelve aspects of self. As each vibration is emitted on a cellular level the dynamic in your environment changes dramatically.

Over the past twelve weeks we have been working intensively with planetary consciousness and more specifically with the Lightworkers of your planet preparing for what is to come. Every year that comes in is at least ten times more intensive and ten times more accelerated in its growth potential than the year prior to it. This means 2008 will be ten times more intensive than 2007 and your potential for growth will be accelerated tenfold so best you invest in a new set of bootstraps, yes?

However 2008 is the year where each of you will step into the opportunity to embrace a whole new level of self-mastery. You might think to yourself what does that mean? Wait until next year, you will find out! I won’t leave you hanging for all these months I will give you a little bit of information.

So beloved ones 2008 is a time in your life where you experience the vibrations of the 10th universe, universal energies that have not ever been emitted into planetary consciousness. It is vital that all of you bear in mind and constantly remind yourself of the fact that what you are experiencing physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and energetically has never ever been experienced by a human being of your level ever before. This is a completely unique experience. Even during the time of Atlantis this was not experienced, because you have passed their blow-up date if I can put it like this, there is no other way to say it you know what I mean! So basically what I am saying to all of you is that you have moved beyond the line they did. There have been enough of you to hold the light to ensure that you did not blow yourselves up all over again.

The energy of Lord Thoth and the Atlantean Lords and Ladies and their Orders of Light have been working through ever single one of you regardless of your age for the last twenty-five years already. Therefore even when you did not know that this was happening and you did not know that there was a spiritual path that existed you were still being guided because you were guided to this point to be where you are today. This has enabled the Hierarchies of Light to present opportunities such as this, and as we bring into the consciousness of earth as a collective body these new energies all of you ascend the levels of the lower worlds, this means every step you take is the ascension process.

I have said to you before you are ascended masters, you have already ascended, so remind yourself of this and again I repeat, what you are experiencing at this time in your life has never been experienced before therefore all the rules have changed, just in case you were wondering about that. Much of what you were told, and I have said this to many of you already but for the sake of those who have not heard it, it is important that I repeat it – information that was given five years ago, even two years ago has changed. You are not bound by that information when it comes to the presentation of how the dimensions influence you. The Seven Planetary Rays are history, a long time ago beloved ones. You are working with Cosmic Rays and all of this has changed the dynamic within your physiology as well as in your psychology, another very important thing for you to remember.

Those few points is what will keep you motivated during this time because all of you are literally creating the new earth. Now before I get carried away here, as you all know I love speaking, there is so much to share with you, I need to make way for Goddess Jezebel. Remember don’t mess with the Goddess and she has much to do with you today, however I will elaborate on this information when I do my annual presentation of the year to come, so I ask you to be patient until that point but just to remember the few points I have presented to you this morning. That I assure you is enough to keep you focused and to keep you on the path that represents your truth.

So it is beloved ones at this time I leave you in the hands of Goddess Jezebel and I embrace you in the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom and trust that all of you are at one with All That Is. Adonai.


Please bear in mind that Goddess Jezebel is very frank in her message, try and imagine her as a strong, empowered woman who has no problem with speaking her mind. This will help you tune into the energy she emits and the way she talks. Her accent is strong and sounds Arabic – Michelle

I am Jezebel, Liberator of Women. Welcome to all of you.

I have agreed to come to each of you upon this particular day to assist you in the presence of the Divine Christ feminine to ensure that all of you understand what this is all about.

Each of you have been exposed to a number of destructive dynamics, which has not permanently damaged your mind, there is hope for all of you, do not become saddened by my words, it is not permanent. However it is important that you clearly understand that the dynamic you have been exposed to has led to you forgetting what the Sacred Power of the feminine energy is all about. It is not a dynamic that defines you as a man or defines you as a woman it is a blueprint of information that is imprinted within you. It is this imprint that is very important at this current time in your spiritual evolution. By this time I hope that most of you have realised that what was said about the females of the ancient times was a load of rubbish.

Yes, we were considered whores – that was quite a compliment in fact, in comparison to some of the other labels that were placed upon the goddesses of that time. It was necessary in order to maintain the control of that time. One of the reasons why the Jezebel Goddesses, the sacred Goddesses of Isis and Magdalene were kept quiet was because there were a group threatened by the feminine power and unfortunately these particular men did not have the understanding of what it meant to harness the feminine power and work in unison with it. They perceived it as something outside that could not be contained, that would consume them and completely emasculate them. The women of the ancient times were very powerful businesswomen, women who created mass wealth and new exactly what to do with it.

There was a time where the Goddess and the God worked together in divine harmony and the activation of the Twin Flame Planetary Grid today that I shall help all of you to integrate into the grids of your chakras is the imprint of what I am about to tell you.

The Goddess embodies a power that no person on planet earth can ever truly imagine, a power so grand that it is often considered fantasy, silly magic, it is quite the contrary I must have you know. This power is stored within the sacral chakra of the Divine Feminine. She would create spaces for her God-self to merge with her and transfer this power over to him so that he too could manifest that which needs to be put into action, so that she is in a safe space to continue conceiving the Cosmic Inspiration that is projected into the etheric field which is the imprint of the Divine Mother.

People, try and imagine how empowering it is to live with a man or with a woman and you are completely at peace with the power each of you embody, you are able to recognise the purpose of your partner’s power and that you have a specific role as a woman or as a man and that both are needed in the physical world to bring into manifestation what is required within the physical world.

When you move into the higher worlds you become the Androgyny Being, you become One, you do not need to live as a human man or a human woman to manifest certain needs as met or to manifest anything material for that matter but the earth plane, the physical world, has a very specific need in order for it to be an environment in which everyone thrives and that is the Twin Flame energy.

The Twin Flame energy initiates the Sacred Marriage of Self and has nothing to do with you having to have your physical partner in the form of a Twin Flame with you in fact many people have experienced some of their greatest challenges with their Twin Flame. The flame burns through veils of illusion which is why often being with your Twin Flame is a challenge because your relationship burns through the veils of illusion that keep you from becoming your authentic self.

The Twin Flame energy I speak of is the Androgyny Flame, which burns within your solar plexus chakra. It is a place inside of you that embodies billions of cells of information. Each of them embody the Sacred Blueprint of the Divine Feminine Christ and the Masculine Christ.

The Twin Flame grid is being anchored in Johannesburg, South Africa for a specific purpose. It is being brought through the base chakra energy so that we can ensure that men are not feeling threatened by this power of the Divine Goddess, for we will not tolerate any female energy in any way or form emasculating the masculine. We, the
Gods and Goddesses of the higher worlds of light, have agreed that these energies will be presented to humanity and that it will not be abused again.

So you are now presented with this opportunity and that is to pull yourself together and to be all that you are. There is an external physical person who is your Divine Complement, who reflects your Light, but that person does not have to be with you right now in order for you to harness the energy that we are bringing to you. Those of you who are seeking love, in fact today’s process is very good for you because you will be able to burn through additional veils of illusion regarding your own power that you will not have to work through with your partner in the future. You will cut through some rubbish before he or she comes along! I have been told to watch my words very carefully, they all know me very well I will entertain them just for a little while longer with that.

The Twin Flame vibration comes with responsibility and this responsibility is toward yourself, this is your ability to respond to the opportunity of reconnecting with your passion for life. So many of you have called for passion to re-enter your life, you pine for the partner that you can share your life with but you have gone about it a little backwards, arse about face I believe it is called. You need to ignite those flames of passion so that you can magnetically bring that equal to you. If you are passionless do you honestly think you will bring to you a person of great passion? In the level of your consciousness as it is now you will attract to you what reflects your inner self and this you all know. Kuthumi has told you many times – become the miracle you are asking for, become everything to yourself that you desire to have in a life partner.

If you are already with a partner and the spice has left your life and it tastes rather bland then it is time to work as individuals on this particular subject, reconnect with your inner passion and as a couple the passion will be re-ignited.

The Flame of Passion must be in embodiment to a degree to ensure that the full potential of the new earth is anchored before 2010. There is only thirty-six months left to ensure that the Twin Flame Planetary Grids are fully active. You have forty-eight months left during which time you must be fully prepared to help others cross into the new paradigm, this means that you will be at a level of self-mastery that enables you to serve as guides in physical human form and guide people over into the new world. We work with you all from the other dimensions, you do not see us physically all the time but we are there, you will be seen, you will physically be there but you need to do it for yourself first.

I, Jezebel, have agreed to assist humanity for the next forty-eight months only at this level to ensure that you have got your behinds into the proper gear and you are ready. One of the reasons why I have been asked to do this is because I do not tolerate nonsense or excuses so do not bore me with your sad stories of your past, I am not interested. I am here to ensure that your visions become reality not your sordid past, but if that is your vision then by all means knock yourself out. Now I know you are not a bunch of idiots so let us move onto the next level, you know what I am speaking of and there is no use I waste time trying to convince you of what you are or what you are not, that you should have figured out for yourself already.

The Twin Flame Grid is already within the etheric plane of the collective consciousness so if you can settle your mind, relax your body and while you are relaxing your body there are a few questions I would like to present to you, you do not have to answer them now, they are just ones that you can ponder upon, perhaps it is ones you can contemplate when you are meditating, if you meditate.

* What is the source of your life?
* What motivates you everyday when you open your eyes?
* Is it fear?
* Do you drag yourself out of your bed because you have to get up and face your life?
* Or do you greet the morning with a heart filled with joy and of course passion?
* Do you love what you do?
* Do you love your life?

All of these questions need only one-word answers, if you are giving more than one word answers then you are coming up with an excuse and I am not interested! Your answers reveal to you where your level of passion lies and you now know whether your life is one motivated by passion, by love or one motivated by fear in other words merely surviving.

Close your eyes now and just listen to my words because they are important and I suggest you replay what I am about to say in your mind over and over for the rest of your life, if need be. If your life is not one filled with passion, with love and with joy then you need to make major adjustments in your life. If you are compromising at ever turn, sacrificing your truth, your joy or your happiness then there are major changes necessary in your life. If your heart is heavy 90% of the time, even 50% of your time, your life is ready for a major overhaul. You were designed to live your life motivated primarily by love. Even the challenges and lessons that come your way were never ever designed to paralyse you.

We suggest you aim for a ratio of at least 70% of joy, inspiration and passion and you can indulge your drama side 30% of the time. That will keep you happy but nothing less than 70%. This is very important and I present this to you will all seriousness because this is the blueprint for the New World this is what is contained within the Twin Flame Planetary Grid. Your primary motivation is to be passionately creative so that you fully understand and know how to consciously and intelligently co-create, co-inhabit and sustain life in ways you are yet to discover. This is the basis of the New Earth and everything I have just asked you is what you are going to shift out of the way over the next ninety days. It is a serious reality check and when you do this seriously check which reality you have been focussing upon.

Sometimes your complete life overhaul only requires a shift in your perception, the dropping of an outdated belief system, a simple change of mind, change of heart and change of attitude. So do not complicate your life by now being afraid of what is going to change in your life, the minute you do that you are pushing your experience into the external world, you are waiting to see what is going to change around you instead of changing what is inside of you, your beliefs, your attitudes, your perceptions because every fibre of that energy is what creates the morphogenetic fields that constantly influence your life.

As I am speaking with you the Twin Flame Planetary Grid is already being filtered into the atoms of your body, this is already initiating the physiological changes in your body. As the frequency moves from the atoms to the molecules and then into your DNA the life change is already taking place. I repeat the change will come from within you not specifically something that will happen to you from the outside to determine what must be changed. That is the nature of the Divine Feminine Christ.

For you to maintain the twin flame energy inside of you, you will need to be centred inside of you to be aware of what you are consciously imprinting through your beliefs, through your attitudes, through the words that you speak and of course your perceptions. The Twin Flame Grid creates a ring of fire around you, visualise this now and every flame flickering around you will incinerate the illusions that have created a barrier denying you a passionate life. Those barriers may very well be people, places and situations in your life but you need to choose to change it for you.

The flames around you are serving the sole purpose of burning through everything that does not serve your higher purpose, everything that separates you from becoming one with your Twin Light in other words everything that prevents the Sacred Marriage of Self taking place.

I want you to imagine me, Jezebel standing in front of you and as I hold up my right palm you will see flames. These flames embody the twelve geometric forms I spoke of earlier on, their frequency the vibration within your solar plexus.

I want you to take seven deep breaths in to the count of seven. I will tell you when to begin. You will hold it for the count of seven and exhale for the count of seven. With each in breath you are breathing in your Twin Flame Grid into each of your chakras and we will begin with you breathing into the base chakra.

Take a deep breath in to the count of seven, hold it for seven and you will exhale for seven.

The next in breath to seven, breathe into your crown chakra, hold for seven and exhale for seven. You know how to do it.

We next breathe into the sacral chakra.

Next you will breathe into your third eye chakra.

Your solar plexus.

Your throat chakra.

And finally your heart chakra.

For the next seventy-seven minutes the vibrations of the geometric energies in these chakras will emit the sacred frequency that aligns your Androgyny Consciousness with your physical life plan. Each tapestry within your chakras is in itself a blueprint of the expanded you. Each of your chakras embody every tool you need to manifest your life in the 70/30 ratio I spoke of earlier on and by the time 2010 comes you will ideally have shifted it to 90/10 and the 10% that is remaining will not be struggle as you know it, it will be a time of intensive initiation, higher learning and learning to master the world in a new way. This has already been introduced to all of you, this is one of the key projects of the New Earth that I oversee and it is for you to see that the old paradigm of learning your lessons, learning about
life has become obsolete. You are now learning how to master life like a master.

These Twin Flame grids are moving your energy along the frequency of the Golden Kundalini, which is a series of eighty-eight flames. These will be fully anchored upon the 8th of August 2008. When the Golden Kundalini rises to greet humanity as a collective body you will be in a position to fully consciously recognise how a master masters life’s lessons. You will be in a position to understand the true meaning of teaching, leading and guiding, none of the nonsense of the past where ego’s clash, where the wounded inner child fights for it’s life.

The Twin Flame grid comes to you to reveal to you the fight is over, the struggle is no more and this is what I mean by just a shift in perception. No fighting for anything, no struggling to achieve anything, the power of your Divine Feminine merged with the power of your divine masculine is the key. With these two energies separate there will always be pain, the fight will never be over, struggles will continue because when these two energies are estranged they are constantly seeking the power and light of one another but fail to recognise that they already exist with one another but ignorance has kept them blind.

The Twin Flame Planetary Grid is bringing humanity the opportunity to begin consciously understanding unity consciousness and this is something I will be working with in a few weeks time but what now must be done is essential in terms of maintaining the Twin Flame Grid inside of you, for this is what will result in the Sacred Marriage. Instead of fighting for your life you will go inside of yourself and harness the power that exists inside of you and you will use that energy to magnetically change the dynamic in your energy field by working with the New Earth Morphogenetic Fields, and you will encode it through higher wisdom and utilise the energies of the magnetic world of the physical earth, and that is how you will learn to master your world like a master. No master uses the force of the ego to inflict pain or to instil fear. Never. A master works with what is, this is often referred to as manipulating energy. All the master is doing is pulling when being pushed or pushing when being pulled, observing what is taking place and recognising what is inside and how much passion is governing what is taking place.

People this is one of the most important turning points in your life, now, today. The words that we are bringing you, the energies that are filtering through this group now and into every one of you are literally readjusting the way your brain interprets energy and information. I spoke of the damage earlier on, well now it is damage control and these new energies will show you what you did not see previously because you were blinded by your fear, you were paralysed by illusions that became the belief systems of your life. Every one of you is stepping into a new plane, a complete new way of co-creating.

Try and imagine geometric shapes spinning in your seven chakras, if you cannot imagine it feel it. Each of these shapes is spinning in the same direction your chakra is, each of them emitting an invisible energy (only invisible to the human eye). This energy is extending through your body – they are fine threads of information. As these energies extend they are searching for a magnetic energy that matches it and the minute it finds it’s equal the two threads connect and webs are woven, a grid is created, a field of information, whatever you choose to call it.

Now imagine that all of these threads of information contain very powerful energy. That energy can contain an abundance of negativity or positivity and you determine that, you hold the power. Now that web, that field, vibrates, it’s vibration sends out information into the field of earth, that field communicates with every aura of every human being on your planet whether you know them or not. It extends into the planetary consciousness, it extends into solar consciousness, galactic consciousness and so on and so forth, that is your voice travelling through dimensions, through space and through time. That is the voice that is heard by the universe, which then replies to what you have extended and your voice, what you have extended out, determines what comes back at you. You are getting the picture, yes?

We are now in the process of setting up an entirely new morphogenetic like field with all of you. The reason why we say ‘like-field’ is because morphogenetic fields contain information only but what we are creating with you now contains information and energy, which means you can extend the intensity of that energy, you cannot deplete it but you can always extend it, amplify it. So all these threads are already extended.

Turn your attention into yourself into that part of you that you would imagine being the all passionate one – the Twin Flames merged as one, the complete and whole you. Using your imagination think about how your life would be, how different things can be when you are living motivated primarily by joy, by passion. Some of you may begin to feel butterflies in your heart chakra similar to that you get in your solar plexus. When you feel butterflies in your heart chakra you are getting there. You are tapping into the Twin Flame Grid that exists within your heart that has drawn its core essence from the solar plexus. And so it is the seat of your power, your will, your active self is merged with the heart, the chakra that is the bridge between heaven and earth and now extend that energy, those images, those thoughts through your threads, and imagine the threads connecting with their equal and that becoming your new weave, the new Divine Tapestry of your life.

Reject all excuses, every single one, yes your ego will try and convince you otherwise but you have the power. Continue extending this until it is out into the core of the universe and while you are doing this we turn that energy into a crystalline formation, which is encoded into the cells of your body. It becomes a frequency emitted from inside of you which creates the new dynamic, which clears the way for you to experience life like a true master, a master of the material world, a master over pain, suffering and limitation.

Now using your imagination again, imagine a magnificent golden flame igniting on the left side of your body and a brilliant silver white light flame on the right side of your body. If you are able to try and imagine your body becoming warm from these two flames and imagine the masculine you standing in the centre of the golden flame on the left side of your body, and the female you standing in the centre of the silver white flame on the right side of your body, and these aspects of yourself fully recognising and acknowledging one another’s power, one another’s divine role to serve one another, to co-create together, to co-inhabit the world from the God-mind as well as the Goddess-mind.

Very gently oxygenate both flames and they will expand in their strength and as they expand they will begin merging with one another, and when the two flames completely overlap one another allow the male-you and the female-you to join hands and look into the eyes of your male-self if you are a female or your female-self if you are a male. While the energy flows between the both of you we activate the third flame, this is the flame of the new earth, the platinum flame, and it is this flame that melts the ice and burns through every illusion which has kept the both of you separate, and as all the elements within you and around you create a sacred dance of resonance the sacred marriage to the self begins.

This ceremony will take place inside of you, it is a ceremony that is active, it will come to its completion upon the inner planes in three days time. For this sacred reunion with this other part of you requires three very important initiations to be completed and this will all be encoded into your chakras, you will feel it, you will recognise the opportunity to complete this in your own time.

Breathe in deeply into your own body relaxing it and be at peace knowing that the Sacred Marriage is taking place, that the Twin Flame Grid for your planet is rooted within Mother Earth’s systems of creation. We have anchored it at this particular point because it is the same site that anchored the energies of the triple seven grid (7:7:7/ 7 July 2007) which will enhance and amplify it’s energy, in other words it’s magic which will bring about perceived miracles in your life.

So my departing message to you is perhaps more a question than anything else and that is are you ready for you, all, of you? Are you ready to embrace life fully, to live it passionately with every ounce of your being? I am not going to ask you if you are willing all I want to know is are you ready? I will be surfing beside you for it will not be a stroll in the park that is too slow! It will certainly be an enlightening time, one I look forward to and I suggest you look forward to.

I am Jezebel and I am grateful that you have come to receive my message and the energies of this sacred day and I urge you to share this message with others to remind them of what is to come for there is a lot more. May you be fulfilled with the divine essence of your true self and may all that you are always be what motivates you. May the limited opinions of ignorant men and women bounce off of you and may the light you emit burn through their veils of illusion. You are in a free world take advantage of it. My love and blessings to all of you, farewell.


Beloved ones it is I, Kuthumi, I return very briefly. We trust that you enjoyed Goddess Jezebel’s energy?

Beloved ones it is important that you bear in mind that what has been activated for you today is something that
is to be honoured, something that is truly sacred, a time in your own growth that is catapulting you, to a degree, into the world of the true masters.

You have worked for a long time at overcoming many of the areas of your life that have inhibited you, that have caused you pain and sorrow, grief and guilt. Remember that, listen to Jezebel’s words over and over again. Yes she is a tough cookie but what she says is true there is no longer any time for excuses, no time left for complacency or procrastination. I repeat, there is no time left to do that, your days of wallowing in self-pity are serious history and that is one of the very important messages we are needing to get out to all of humanity at this time.

We have asked this channel to put this information out, we have given it to her already in words that shall be shared with others but we ask you to remind yourself and others of the same. The time is now, what you are doing now is making the difference and you are the generation that is literally changing your world. The entire future of all generations to come now rest within the palms of your hands and I say that because it’s true, get out of thinking that what you have asked for it still to come, that all the predictions of the past are still to come, you have passed through many of them, you are in a new paradigm, you are the ones building the bridges to the new world. No pressure! Just pleasure.

So beloved ones before I leave I ask you to truly think about what has been said, digest it. There is no more “in the future the masters will present”, or “in the future I will do or I will be”, no you are on stage beloved ones, the spot-light is on you, it’s do or die now, again no pressure! It is however a great honour for me to remind all of you of this because we have sat together on many occasions speaking of this time, the time that would come when you would remember why you came back this time. So beloved ones the stage is all yours, as Jezebel said, knock yourself out.

Continue to trust in the many invisible arms that hold you, they haven’t failed you. They are ever present as are we for those arms are ours. We are with you in every moment always in all ways. May peace, joy, passion and laughter be the essence of your life.

I am Kuthumi, Chohan of the Golden Ray and the Golden Flame of Love and Wisdom and I greet and bless you in love. Adonai.

This information may be shared with other sources on strict conditions that no information is altered or deleted or used for monetary gain, and the source of the information be acknowledged. To find out more about Michelle & The Lightweaver please visit


2007 Winter Solstice .:.Christ Consciousness Rising Global Link

2007 Winter Solstice
Christ Consciousness Rising Global Link

For many years we were working directly with the work of the modern Christian Mystic Corinne Heline. For several years we even had a service that we did each month while were in Crestone, CO that tied into that work and added to it some unique zodiacal perspectives provided by Thoth through Maia.

The core information from Thoth that we were working with survives today on the Spirit Mythos website on the Mystical Astrology page:

Corinne Heline had a unique perspective on the relationship between the Christ Consciousness in the Earth and its celestial journey around the Sun each year. In her model the Christ Consciousness was focused most intently within the Holy of Holies in the center of the Earth at Winter Solstice. Thoth refers to the Holy of Holies within the center of the Earth as its atoma. Each celestial orb and every ensouled being also has an atoma. The atoma is an Infinity Point, like the center of the figure eight loop or lemniscate, and is therefore its Holy of Holies.

All atomas or Holy of Holies are thus the SAME point of reference throughout the universe. It does not matter which dimension(s) of experience the celestial orb or being may be projected into, all of them share this point of unity we are referring to as the atoma or Holy of Holies.

Corinne Heline stated that the Christ Consciousness would arise from the Holy of Holies at the center of the Earth starting with Winter Solstice and reach its zenith in the high ethers at Summer Solstice and then would move back to the Holy of Holies again at the following Winter Solstice. Thus, at the Spring Equinox (roughly Easter, Resurrection), and the Fall Equinox, the Christ Consciousness in the Earth was equally balanced throughout all of her beingness. The primary difference being that in Spring the Christ Consciousness was arising from the center of the Earth as a wave of illumination whereas in the Fall it was moving inwards for a more concentrated focus within our core being.

It is no “accident” despite the nefarious history of how Christmas came to be celebrated on December 25th that this celebration of the birth of Christ follows the celestial event Corinne Heline spoke of at Winter Solstice. Indeed it is being celebrated 3 days after Winter Solstice when the Christ Consciousness in the Earth is birthed anew for the year and rises to meet us in our conscious awareness by Spring at a whole new level.

The continued rising of this energy between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice is where our greatest potential in the year lies to “ride the wave” of Christic Consciousness in an ascending evolutionary mode into the high ethers of our collective being.

I working with this over the years I have found that setting our intention to be aligned to this movement is best accomplished at Winter Solstice, it is after all the birthing point for the next coming cycle.

I (Simeon) therefore invite all of you to join me this year in this focus anytime that is convenient for you on the day of Winter Solstice. The actual time of Solstice is at 12/22/07 at 6:08 UT. To convert Universal Time into your local time to be sure of what day it is occurring on for you (could possibly be Friday 12/21 or Saturday 12/22 depending on your time zone):

Our overriding intent and understanding is that we do not need to coordinate at the same time, just on day which the Solstice occurs within our local time zone and with the same intent, and we know that God-Spirit-Source brings all of our energy together in a unified matrix for the benefit of all beings.

I will be using the following meditative procedure for the purpose of aligning myself and the planetary consciousness to this celestial movement of the Christ Consciousness in the Earth:

1) Place all of your attention on your heart chakra. Breath slowly and rhythmically in and out through the Heart Chakra, long deep breaths in through the heart and down into the belly, then slowly back out again through the heart.

For those of you who have done the Radiant Heart Initiation ( with me this is the Heart Breathing technique that I taught you then. When you feel a deeper sense of peace and relaxation come over you move to the next step but keep this breathing up throughout the whole meditation.

2) Focus even deeper now within the center of your entire being.

Thoth tells us that the energetic point of our atoma is a few inches below the heart chakra and a couple inches away from the body. I have found it helpful at times to use this point of reference to gain access more deeply to my core beingness.

3) Open to experiencing the Christ Consciousness in the Earth focused intently there within your atoma, which is the same and at-one with the atoma or Holy of Holies in the Earth, in our Sun, in all stars, planets and beings.

4) See this brilliant diadem of Superluminal Light expanding outward within the planetary ether and your own etheric field through the course of the next cycle. Get a sense of the point where it crosses into your conscious threshold of understanding around Spring Equinox.

5) Ask your Divinity to help you be aware throughout the year of this sublime movement and to help you align with it through its expanding evolutionary and contracting involutionary phases of development as it responds to the even larger cycles of the Mayan Long Count Calendar governed by the long-wave magnetic waves emanating from galactic core, the Galactic Tree of harmonics setting the threshold for consciousness development in all World Systems in our galactic plane of reality.

6) Ask the Elohim to now take you on your own personal journey through this Galactic Program of Light, to impart to you the awareness and understanding you need right now to accept and flow with it and to move beyond any resistance that may reside within you or the collective soul of humanity.

7) Reside within deep stillness for as long as guided to allow these energy harmonics to integrate more deeply within your cellular being.

For those of you who have the SpiritWare Thoth Master Guardian ( you can also program your intentions into the program, and if you also have obtained your Seraphi Personal Profile ( you can add that numerical sequence at the end of the intention to employ the Pymander Elohim Inner Earth Computer to help amplify, broadcast and align your intentions.

I look forward to experiencing the group energy with all of you who participate on the upcoming Winter Solstice!

Ua ola loko ik ke aloha (love brings life within),
Simeon Nartoomid

Spirit Heart Sanctuary

Spirit Mythos


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