The Council of Light : New Moon – Stay Tuned to Rock and Roll


a message from  The Council of Light  channeled by  Rebecca Couch
Wednesday, 2 July, 2008 


Beloved Ones, 

It is always a sacred time when we are together, and that time is always now! And so it is. And at the time of the new moon we begin again, as it is always that we are beginning again.

Remember that the cycle of expansion circles around and then begins again, as we are thrust forward and then retreat, yet all the while gaining velocity! This is why it feels as though we are rocking back and forth – thrust forward and then back again – thrust forward and then back again – we rock ourselves into the future! This rocking motion is important as it is the ebb and flow of creation, being thrown into the new and resting back to integrate before being thrust forward again. Pay attention to how this rock and roll patterns in your life in both larger and smaller ways – the inbreath and the outbreath. This is why you have chosen the new and full moon cycles to write. Remember that the cycles are speeding up all the time, spinning within themselves that you experience as shorter cycles within each other.

It is only important to be aware of this patterning that you become patient with it, that as the witness, you understand and do not expect a full throttle life! Even though it seems this is what some desire, it would not be so were it not for this gentle rocking. Being aware of this is being present with a basic energy pattern of the universe. And from there, you will begin to experience nuances, like learning the base notes before the high notes. The music has begun and you are learning a brand new form of appreciation of it beginning with the rhythm, picking up the melody, being aware of each instrument as it contributes to the whole, and ultimately being able to witness the entire expression while simultaneously being aware of each subtle part. This will become the beauty of your experience as you gain greater presence, witness, discernment, capacity and appreciation. Once more the attitude of gratitude is the way to find the best seat in the house for the concert!

Because the new is just that – new – it is easiest to describe the way your experience will feel is through metaphor, as the way you connect to greater presence is through feeling the energetic shifts. We liken this to listening carefully to a piece of music and allowing it to carry you, expand you, and awaken you to the new world! And so learn to listen carefully, just as you would a beautiful new piece of music, with expectant, attentive senses. The new does not come in with fireworks and a clamorous brass band; it is subtle, like a light breeze, a slight change in temperature. If you are running around and spun out and over-thinking and creating drama and attached to things and anesthetizing yourself from the moment, then you will miss the fine, silken presence that your heart yearns to know. It is always there, just not as you expected. And thankfully so!

We speak of this to prepare you for being fully present that you will be able to discern, in each moment, what is true for you. This is developing your own specialized GPS system and, like a fine instrument, you will be able to determine what is right for you within each now moment. Become aware of the fine instrument that you are so that you can consciously participate in the beautiful symphony that is taking place. When will your time be to chime in? What will be your location in reference to landmarks? What will your latitude and longitude be? Your coordinates are determined by your ability to tune in to your own guidance system, and that is all you need do…stay tuned!

And so we leave you today with a brief lesson in Music Appreciation 101. Who would have thought it would begin with Rock and Roll?!

In love and appreciation of all that you are, as the circle goes around again, we are –

The Council of Light That is Within


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  Liara Covert wrote @

The cycle of expansion is an exercise in raising self-awareness. Love is everywhere.

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