The Council of Light* The Greatest Remedy is Love


The Greatest Remedy is Love

March 10, 2009 Full Moon

A Message from The Council of Light through Rebecca Couch

Beloved one – as always,

There is so much taking place that it causes a great stir within you, but let us say that there is one place around which all things spin: the centre. Your centre. Remember this is like the Great Sun in your galaxy…remain centred and allow it all to spin around you…do not think otherwise! In this complex state of affairs, keep things simple. Keep your heart’s desire for clarity and simplicity and truth, and that is all that you require to keep on keeping on. If it is your truth, then all is well. What happens is that with fear and effluvia in the air, it is easy to get seduced by what is not true for you. The fear opens up the door for the chaos to come in. Do not allow it by staying centred on love and knowing that you are always taken perfect care of and that you are the centre of your galaxy. Be the sun! Be the son. Be the child of the creator that you are in all ways on all days.

This full moon precedes the time of equinox which is the time of equal day and night for the entire planet…it is the time to anchor balance and harmony in your lives…no matter where you are or what is going on. Choose balance and harmony. It is the time of the great awakening of the heart of humanity, all taking place through the softening of your sacred hearts. The realization of who each of you are. The recognition that each soul has a purpose, and a time when light will shine from all eyes in recognition of each other. Allow yourself to look into another’s eyes deeply – be sure that your eye connections are sincere and meaningful. Find the love in each other’s eyes. Notice people’s eyes. They have been known for centuries as the doorway to the soul…so allow the exchange of light that takes place in this way. There is great love there. Find forgiveness and healing by the intention of gazing with love into the other’s eyes. Be aware that what is being born inside your heart and mind, emanates from you…and the light of your eyes is a primary transducer of love light that radiates from inside of you. Look at each other. Be aware of your willingness (and hesitancy) to really look at each other, eye to eye.

As you continue to love yourself into light, your relationship with yourself will deepen unlike you have every experienced. Within yourself you will find the All. You will know what is right and what is true and what is disharmonious and what to do. You will have the support when the decisions seem to be tough, and this will make them easier. Nothing exists outside of you that holds a greater truth for you than what you will find in your heart. Go there as often as possible so that it is second nature, and in this way, when things are wild outside, the pathway to your heart is well-trodden and effortless. Have great compassion for all of your brothers and sisters. Feel the presence of the extraordinary animals who grace the planet as they join you in the upliftment. Pray like you have never prayed before and that is by the constant feeling notion of the outcome you desire as if it already exists. And for this, gratitude is the sealant. Be grateful for all things, no matter how they appear, for they are the catalysts for the great change taking place. Know that the outcome will be victorious. By the power of your conscious minds you are creating the perfection that awaits, and by your sincerity you will succeed. Bring such love into your lives that there is room for nothing else. Love your breath and your companions and your home and your animals and your trees and neighborhoods and your food and your sleep and your music and art and vehicles and colleagues and body and your computers and and and and…all things on your beloved Mother Earth. Love yourselves into radiance. When fire comes into your belly, love that too. When impatience rears its ugly head, love it through. When boredom or judgement or insecurity shows up, love yourself free of it.

In the simplest terms for an intensely complex state, the greatest remedy is love. If it does not look like it, smell like it, sound like it, taste like it or feel like it, then stop it. Focus only on what you know to be love, unconditional and free. There is not much more we can say than that. Whether sorting through a complexity or healing a little wound, the answer is always – always – love.

Get to know it so deeply that there is room for nothing else.

We are yours in all ways,

The Council of Light That is Within



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