Sirian-Egypt Connection* September, 2008

Sirian-Egypt Connection


It’s clear we are encountering the passing of the “old guard” as a new age of enlightenment is transforming the very nature of life itself. For you see, not everyone realizes how much of our reality is determined by our choices…we tend to forget this point. Most of the time our lives are moving along at a snail’s pace, looking pretty much the same, not too many surprises, following the prescribed Human Life Plan. But in the years leading to 2012, we are being granted a “free pass” by the Universe, and we can switch tracks if we like. We can jump into a newly formed reality, with a fresh start!

Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m jumping on that band-wagon! I’m fed up with living in the world of duality and battling the counter-force to ascension and evolution. I’m ready to skip the “pain and suffering” required for growth and take the leap into the New Earth, where I can set up shop as the true ME…no more distorted programming controlling my mind, no more overflowing pain-body weighing me down, no more viral infections tearing my body down! I’m ready for the new change and I’m leaping into the New Earth hologram NOW!

The problem is I don’t want to move there all alone…for you see; I would love to bring you along! And so, I’ve dedicated my life’s work to assisting others through the Ascension process and across the Bridge to the New Earth. This is a process that requires active participation in order to enter the vibrational doorway into the new reality. We all have access to the vibrational key that unlocks the chains of self-imprisonment. That key is our Soul!


The current condition of the human EMF has trapped our Souls in a vibrational netting of separation and dis-connection, floating outside our bodies and minds in the ethers. Our physical energy is dense, rigid and hard-edged like a rock. Unless we change, the two aspects of form and spirit will remain divided. To compound the problem, the non-physical field or holographic insert we live in has become corrupted with divisive programming and parasitic organisms designed to erode and destroy holistic systems.

Imagine that you are going into a building that pumped “dirty” air into every room, poisoning the living environment. We have been struggling to live in similar energetic conditions since ancient Egypt. The non-physical (anti-particle) field of the planetary hologram has been manipulated and polluted since the race wars began with the original Sirian Planners.

The original blueprint for human life support (hologram), designed by the Sirian architects, contained strategically positioned merkaba (double-tetrahedron) anchored on every continent to sustain an energetic global grid work. We are familiar with the Egyptian pyramids, a Sirian collaboration that function as radio receivers for powerful 12th-dimensional light waves. These pyramids are actually energetic light vehicles, double tetrahedron, and transmit light frequency above and below the earth’s surface in a complex network or energy matrix. The planetary merkaba were designed by the Sirians to maintain a 12th-dimensional holographic field around Earth, so that all humans would be fed and sustained in their individual human merkaba by divine god-light.merkaba

The tragedy of the alien race wars in ancient Egypt have left us with a broken, corrupted planetary merkaba system…for every inverted tetrahedron underground, on each continent, has been overtaken by the controllers and is polluting the 3rd-dimensional bio-energetic field and holographic environment. The non-particle field of space that surrounds our cells, the field of energy that sustains and contains our physical form has been hi-jacked and is dividing and destroying life on this planet. Just look around you…everything is spiraling down in the devolution of death and decay!

We have at this particular time a momentous occasion to reverse the damage to our bio-energetics and jump into an alternate holographic New Earth reality. This is often-times referred to as the Ascension Plan of 2012. For at this time in human history, we are being granted a “free pass” to access a 12th-dimensional holographic field of unity consciousness where we can prosper and evolve into enlightened beings. The key to this phenomenal opportunity is a process of penetrating the field of consciousness of union…it comes down to a personal choice that every being will need to make. We must choose union – the re-integration of body and soul. It requires the merging of physical form and spirit, by surrounding our cells with our personal Soul Field.

The shift will happen in the mind first…as we decide to embrace our Souls and tear down the walls of egoic self-imprisonment and separation. Next, we must heal the wounds of spirit, so that we can open our guarded hearts and connect with living beings. Then, finally, we must decide to cancel all agreements to participate in duality – the harbinger of victim-persecution complexes.  We are not operating as whole, evolved human beings when we are behaving badly in the victim-persecution cycle. We must let it all go…clear out the divisive programming and forge heart-felt communion, so that we can raise our energetic vibration to house our Souls.

The key to bridging into the New Earth hologram is the divine vibration of our personal Soul fields, the non-physical manifestation of spirit in form. The gates to that bridge are opening again, at this very moment, and humanity has a chance to return to the 12th-dimenisonal Unified Field of all potential. But we must break free of the constraints of the mind, the density in the cells, and the pain of heart-break, so that we can become embodied Souls again. The path of Ascension is calling, can you hear it? Can you feel it?

The Sirian contingent is mending the planetary merkaba grid work, the universal light particle waves are raising the electro-magnetic field frequency, and the new age consciousness is awakening intuitive guidance and inner wisdom. We now have the tools and the knowledge to self-correct and return to union with our Souls. It requires a personal practice of intentioned discipline and dedication…the pursuit of wholeness! The rewards are unsurpassed in reaching Soul presence and power! It opens up the holographic field of Union!

I extend an invitation to all who read this…to open your hearts to the Ascension process and banish the Curse on Humanity from ancient Egypt. Revoke all participation in duality, and embrace Soul presence in your body, heart and mind. Merge back into a holistically integrated human Soul and walk with me across the bridge into the New Earth!


Copyright © 2008 Meg Benedicte · All Rights Reserved





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