The Truth About Awakening – Reconnection With the Higher Self

The Truth About Awakening – Reconnection With the Higher Self
By Christine Hoeflich

Many people are concerned about current events. The rising costs of
food and fuel, the continuing war, economic downturns and natural
disasters indicate a time of worldwide crisis. When we add to this
picture our own personal and professional challenges, the future
doesn’t look very promising.

To counter these trends, New Age leaders teach the importance of
“focusing on the Light” and using your thoughts, feelings and actions
to “attract” what you want to experience in your life and in the
world. Focusing on your fears and the things you do not want attracts
more of the same, you are told. If you can learn how to “shift your
field of energy,” you can begin to shift what shows up in your life.
And when you begin to understand the power of your thoughts and
feelings–the importance of monitoring the focus of your attention and
of controlling your behavior patterns–you begin to “awaken.”
Attraction seems to be the key. Yet in spite of the “Law of
Attraction” becoming an everyday concept, conditions on the earth
don’t seem to be improving. On a personal level, it’s likely that
you’re still feeling frustrated and powerless when it comes to
changing your life–evidenced by the proliferation of new programs on
the Internet that promise you the key that will “finally create the
life you want right now.”

But perhaps there’s a deeper perspective available, which, if added to
our current understanding (that we’re in the midst of some sort of
awakening process), will create the critical mass necessary for real
change to occur. This perspective- -the soul’s perspective- -is
beginning to emerge in consciousness.

Consider the possibility that a lot of the fear and inertia that
prevents you from moving forward in your life could be alleviated if
you knew that your higher self had planned your life experiences so
that you would grow, so that you would come to know yourself as “one
who rose to the challenge.” Because your higher self had planned
everything in your life, including your biggest challenges, it has the
capacity to complete those challenges successfully. In other words,
the keys to your life’s fulfillment can be found within. All you have
to do is to reconnect with your higher self, to develop a relationship
with it so that you can hear its guidance (your intuition) and trust
it enough to follow through consistently. As you begin to do this, you
will glimpse into your soul’s original plan. Your life will begin to
make more sense to you, and you will begin to understand how it fits
into the larger “earth experience,” or “earth game.”

On a collective level, if we knew that each and every one of us had a
role in planning this earth game, and if we remembered why we
(humanity) agreed to “play the game” in the first place, we would view
the world’s crises as opportunities rather than dreadful things to be
avoided. We would know that we had the power within to complete this
earth game successfully.

I came to understand that we created this earth game a long, long time
ago, and with good intentions, too: so that we would learn and grow.
As new souls, we yearned to discover who we really were, and the best
way to know ourselves was through firsthand experience. For variety,
we created variety on the earth, including a variety of belief
systems. Things got interesting when some of us agreed to be the
“good” guys, and some “not so good.” From time to time we reversed
roles so we would know what it was like on the other side. We did all
this for each other knowing that this earth experiment would be
instrumental in helping us evolve as quickly as possible. Although we
knew that some of our experiences would be extremely difficult, we
knew this was the quickest way to spiritual growth. Then at some
point, while we were in the process of learning our final lessons, we
would remember that this was “just” a game we had once created. We
would be able to complete the game successfully and come back together
in Oneness.

Now we probably won’t remember planning this game because in order to
have been able to play it correctly, we needed to forget that we had
planned it. Forgetting was required for playing the game “for real.”
Buying into the belief systems that each of us bought into was also
required. If we had known that we had made those up, we might not have
played this game with complete conviction, which would have derailed
the learning experiences our souls really wanted. But our souls are
powerful, so powerful that we have created an illusion and then lived
it as if it were real in order to accomplish larger, much more noble
goals for ourselves.

In facing my own life challenges, I came to understand that each and
every person on this planet had agreed to play the game of duality.
(Or you can call this game “dark versus light,” or “learning through
contrast,” if you wish.) If your soul hadn’t agreed to play this earth
game, you wouldn’t be here at this time. Furthermore, you have a
unique life purpose, an individual contribution that will help fulfill
the game. “Fulfilling your soul’s purpose” is another way of saying,
“rising to the challenge.”

So unless you can see the bigger picture, unless you can understand
your soul’s perspective: that this earth experience is like a dream
you and yours (those involved in your life) had planned for the
purpose of growth, only then can you consider yourself awakening from
the dream. And the more the vastness of your higher self’s perspective
and understanding becomes your own, the more you can consider yourself

What this means is that humanity did not actually “fall from grace” as
we were led to believe but intentionally planned this “falling” as if
it were real so that we would be able to learn, grow, and experience
ourselves rising back up again. This further implies that you are much
more powerful and good than you have ever known yourself to be.
Realizing the extent of your power helps you take effective action, of
course, but you might not actually know yourself as powerful unless
you experience yourself being powerful, which means resolving your
current challenges. You resolving your own challenges will then help
resolve the crises on this planet.

Rising to the challenge takes something, of course. Courage is
required, as your wisdom and deeper purpose might go against societal
conditionings. A commitment to develop a relationship with your higher
self is also required. Once the relationship with your higher self is
at least as important and as real to you as any of your other
relationships, once you trust it enough to follow through on its
guidance promptly and consistently, you experience what is termed
“critical mass.” Experiencing critical mass means that the universe
begins to cooperate like never before. Interconnectedness knows it can
rely on you and real change occurs. You begin to discover your hidden
gifts by tapping into that part of yourself that’s been around for
infinity–your soul. Following through on your inner guidance helps
you become aware of the gifts you might not be conscious of right now
because they are hidden within your soul.

While this might require something of you, you don’t need to become
Mother Theresa or Gandhi; you have your own contributions based on
your individual gifts and talents. Human beings have both a common,
general purpose (to learn, to grow, etc.) as well as a specific
purpose based on individual identity. This suggests that the
individual, the personality or “ego” should not be “negated” as some
have proponed, but accepted and even accentuated. After all, the
bridge between this world and the “new earth” that many of us yearn
for lies with each of us fulfilling our own life purposes, using our
individual gifts and talents.

So, while you don’t need to feel like you’re attempting something
impossible, you do need to make a commitment to connect to your inner
guidance and follow through on your intuition consistently. When you
get serious about your soul’s purpose, the universe will support you;
you will receive what you need in order to fulfill it. The universe
will respond to your questions, synchronicities will occur regularly,
you will know you’re on the right path.

The world is the way it is and circumstances are the way they are so
that we can discover who we are, including who we are in times of
crisis. We have the capacity to fulfill our deepest dreams by
following our inner guidance. We can’t fail if we follow this
guidance. In other words, if we can begin to see from the soul’s
perspective, if we can view this time as an opportunity, we can be
vehicles for truth and freedom; we can triumph. This inner power, the
soul’s power, is what will turn this planet around, and nothing else.
The time is ripe for this to occur.

Christine Hoeflich is the author of What Everyone Believed: A Memoir
of Intuition and Awakening. Her scientific background, as well as her
journey in activating her intuitive side, enables her to attain the
balance needed to be able to explore and explain in clear, simple
terms the underlying laws and principles of the process of life. For
further information, including how to gain confidence in your
intuition, please visit her at her web site.
http://www.WhatEver yoneBelieved. com/


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