DIVINE MOTHER CHANNELING : A Transitional Space The Forefront of Human Consciousness

A Transitional Space … the Forefront of Human Consciousness

Channeling by Divine Mother through Sol’Ara An

July 28, 2008

Dear ones of my heart, it is a welcome day to receive such love from all that read my channeled messages. I honor your respect and your love that is sent to me each time you read our messages. Know that these messages are sent with one pure intent, that you would remember within you that you are loved by your Creator. I as Divine Mother, offer the love of a mother to open the hearts and minds of her children to that pure love she does extend. Many days have passed since last we spoke, and many of you have gone through immense change. This change, that is chaotic indeed, was necessary in these times of great transition. It is the will of the Creator in wholeness to offer our divine compassion and grace at this time. Therefore, listen well this day dear ones, as we speak of where you are today in our knowing of your transitional process rising into a higher evolutionary species. In the beginning of our creations, we thought much of where this “experiment in consciousness” would take us. And how it would affect the wholeness, yes indeed, but also how it would affect our aspects of creation. A higher purpose is not always apparent to ones in a world of space and time, with a ceiling that keeps one from knowing the vastness of creation. And so I will share what I can this day that you might see our compassion is upon the Earth now, in place, and activated. (my love is within you)


We have activated the Compassion Code within the DNA of many of our Lightworkers, aware and unaware, in order that this plan of great importance is completed. In order that our children would be given the opportunity to see and feel the divine love, in activation within their hearts and pass that on to others. This was only the beginning of our process a couple of years ago, in your time, and then we activated the Christ grid, and the Divine Mother grid through our channel and many of our spiritual channels and teachers around the world. As all are in service to humanity, and each one has a specific job to do, there is only the work of Creator, not the competition of one to the other that is to be honored. Our ones who honor their spiritual work on the Earth are not originally from the Earth in consciousness or creation, they have been busy in other realms and galaxy’s, but have had at least a few lifetimes on the Earth to learn the true compassion of being human. This has served all of you well for many thousands of your years. We tell you now that there are many of these ones upon your planet who offer the higher, more galactic and celestial teachings for the time of your Ascension and Dissension as it were. To help you to understand this, the changes that are occurring with you have more to do with your true self, your higher consciousness than your human awareness. And thus, many do not yet understand this energy as it is being presented. And so we will continue. When one has harbored dislike or distaste for any thing in creation, an energy of substance looking something like your black oil accumulates within the area weakest within your form or spirit. Yes, even your subtle bodies can be affected by constant negative thinking. This is why we have sent many teachers to teach the path of Love. Even if you do not like something you are observing or hearing, you have the choice to change your focus. But if you believe you are “right” about keeping this dislike, and justified in your mind, it lodges this black oil like substance and hardens and begins the process of breakdown into the physical body at its worst. I give you this information so that you can begin to rethink how you believe about anything. You are given free-will to choose your thoughts, and I offer an explanation as to what the outcome shall be in this case. It is born within you to be Love, and compassion… it is who you are. In the case of many now upon the Earth, it is justifiable to kill simply because a nation, or person disagrees with what you believe in. As you see, this has not served you well. And I am now going to tell you that in this beautiful energy of Divine Celestial Love that is now activated upon your planet, it shall prove this point directly. Where are you in your transitional stage? We would say many of the Lightworkers are still at 75% of the way to actually ascending into the high selves they are. And it is not so much that you may have so far to go, but what is important is that you understand that there are only 10% of humanity at this time that seem to honor this ascension process and new energy that is now upon your Earth. Therefore, some of the wake-up calls may seem intense. Do not look at the illusions that come up in the collective consciousness and see them as truth. If you allow the fear of illusion, that which is not real, to take your focus, it shall cause you to feel the pain of suffering. This is not our purpose nor is it by our wish or control. And so we offer a solution for those who are willing to continue seeing the higher purpose of this great plan that you live. Know in your hearts that you are loved by your Creator, no matter the illusions that you see. Stay in contact at all times with your guides within, they know your path, and they will direct you to your highest good. Fear has always been the main energy throughout most of your lives, for those who live on the Earth now. It is a cumulative process from many generations of collective consciousness before this time you live in now. In this we must also responsibly tell you that you must not blame the people of your past for your living environment now, as many of you were here then, and came back to honor your responsibility to help with what you might call “the clean up”. It is truly all part of the process dear ones. Your world runs in what you call “cycles”. The blessing of this was so that humanity could truly learn from its experiences, and come to the understanding which is most important; Love is all that is real. And you were born from Love.

In the moments where you would claim your Creator has forgotten you, for the pain and suffering of yourselves or others, these moments are when you have forgotten who you are, and focus was on the illusion of fear. We must speak from our hearts, as you must now honor your part and take responsibility for that which you, the collective consciousness of Earth, have created. And in our hearts this is simply part of the process of the growth of humanity. By understanding that there is no blame, none! We simply offer you, the reader, to take the opportunity to see within you… right now what comes up within you as you read these words. I have placed the energy of compassion in these words, and I am offering you the opportunity to release these fears that have just risen in your consciousness. A gift, but you must choose whether to receive, or not. You could sit in judgment of self and me, or you could open your heart and mind to the possibility that I already know you, and know what you believe and think most of the time. Your energy is apparent at all times. And so the choice I offer is the opportunity, in this moment of your reading, to let go of your judgment of yourself and others, and your Creator… just for a second… trust… and I shall bless you now with the healing of compassion and release your block slowly and easily as your Soul will assist. Letting go may not end the mind from bringing this up again, unless you choose to focus on Love, and release the focus on fear. As you focus… so this focus does come back to you… it is a Universal Law. And it is unimportant that you believe this, it is an experience that teaches well. I love you so much that I offer this gift of compassion, please allow this to be easier for you, and see if within your heart you can allow the opening, ever slowly it may be… but keep going, for the seed is there. Patience is not one of your strong points, we know this, but we also know your strength of consciousness to do as you will… and therefore your choice is now given. Our grace and compassion is given, as you choose so shall you experience. None of it is right or wrong, it is simply a choice of what you wish to experience and learn from. Truly, judgment never was the path of Love. And you were born to walk the path of love in this time… you came here specifically to do this transition, and to be part of this compassionate energy moving through the Earth and humanity at this particular and specific time. If you search for why you are here, many will find there path in these words this day. A blessing has been bestowed upon planet Earth and many have received of this blessing; the blessing of clear thinking, and clear feeling of the path of Divine Love. We have released some of the veils, and now more bridging may take place to the higher realms of beauty and compassion. And the ability to live in human form and be your higher selves, has never been greater. This is the Blessing that is offered. Will you receive it? That is the great question, is it not?

We believe in you, the true you… the one that offers focus upon all of the Love that is offered, all of the beauty that is here upon your Earth. Did you know that your Mother Earth was a second thought? Truly, she was so interested in human life, and so compassionate from her training in the higher angelic realms that she requested this position, Logos of Earth. As Mother energy was known to be required. And her gift to you has been continuing even past her contract of being so. Her Love for you has been unwavering, even in these days of great pollution and dishonor of the beautiful life forms including yourselves, upon her.

 And the many Ascended Masters and Angelic Teams that watch over you, and guide you to your higher heart… this too was done from Love, from choice of each one for they knew that you would need assistance, and gave of themselves specifically for humanity. All of this is given so that once again you may know how loved you are. What is missing within you now, some of you, is the connection to your deepest heartfelt wish, that wish and desire to be ONE again, to be part-of something or someone. The loneliness only serves to awaken you to the fact that you do need one another. You are not an island unto yourselves. In fact this “new energy” as you call it, brings that very energy to the forefront of human consciousness. You were never meant to do this alone. But in your haste to “be you”, you lost your compassion for others… and that day has come to open to others more than ever. For the pain that is causing most of the suffering, and causing you to cause pain to others is the search out of loneliness. Resisting your own inner quiet will cause this pain. For when you let go of the “need” of others, to fill your holes within, and go within yourself and allow all of the Love you are to fill you up… by inner listening, prayer, and allowing us to expand your capacity to hold love within… you will know the truth we speak. Pain and suffering was a human creation, not a punishment from your Creator. Your belief in your unworthiness, your powerlessness, has caused this energy of “suffering” to look real in your space and time bubble of existence. Dear children of my being, it is time to step out of the bubble, and see the truth of which we speak. And this “truth” shall be perceived as you will be able to perceive it, not because of what we say it is. You know truth, it comes from within YOU! Only you know what is yours, allowing others to tell you your truth creates more pain. Therefore, do not take any of this writing as “your truth”, take it as a possible solution, and if it does not work for your understanding, then release it and continue your search. It only matters that you be given the possibility, what you do with it, is your given choice. And we honor your choice and your free-will highly! Know this! We do not offer another rule or “truth” for you to follow. We offer the opportunity for you to begin the process in earnest of defining your own “truth”, your own “belief’s”… for these are what will bring your personal and your collective experience in this realm of light, and space, and time. We feel we have come to the end of this energy transmission this day. Know that this is sent with great love and great honor for our children of Light and Love within the Earth plane. We are all with you from this side of the veil, as you are truly still with us. Enjoy the game, and when you have finished your playing… know you will be welcomed home, back into the loving arms of your Mother. I am Divine Mother, the feminine aspect of Creator. The Father and I Are ONE. Peace Is… now! Anon… Anon… Anon

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