The Opening of the Christed Heart

Circle of Hearts
by Sheranda Tay

The center of the painting depicts two loving and caring Angelic Beings overseeing the healing process of The Christ Child, symbolic of every man, woman and child today. We are all on the healing path as the unstoppable planetary shifting is leading us all to Love and Light, and a healed planet will become a reality!


In the July 19th update , I mentioned that many celestial configurations are aligning to safeguard our imminent entrance into the heavenly realms thru the gateway of the high heart.
What I didn’t know at the time was how this was going to affect us on a physical level, especially those of us who are very sensitive to energy. So I wanted to share the feed I have been receiving on what has been taking place to hopefully allay any fears that are arising from the recent influx of transformational energy codes.

The high heart & the thymus gland

Very recently there was an powerful surge of energy aimed at opening the High Heart. This opening takes place on a biological level thru our thymus gland which sits at the top of the heart (between the heart and throat chakras) connecting the energies of our divine truth to our physical bodies. As our heart opens to greater love, (higher vibration), physical anomalies can take place….some of which can be disconcerting if we are not aware of what is happening.

If you have been experiencing some unusual symptoms in or around your heart area for the last few to several days, then this may be why. Some of the symptoms include:

Random bouts of heartburn or indigestion (sometimes coupled with nausea) that won’t relent regardless of what you do to relieve the discomfort. Loss of appetite, or an increase in appetite but when you try to eat you immediately feel full or nauseous. Feelings of anxiety, apathy, doom, insomnia, fatigue, chest tightness or restriction, shortness of breath, mild to severe heart palpitations (skipping beats), pounding heart while at rest, light-headed-ness, vertigo, feelings of overexertion, pain/soreness in the middle of the back (between shoulder blades), tightness in neck and shoulders, buzzing energy, left- sided discomfort and even lower back pain. (If you are experiencing any other symptoms that I did not mention and you feel are related, please feel free to post under comments below…sharing really helps others to be at peace with the process)

Though no one is exempt from the radical and life-altering changes that are occurring on our planet, some feel it more intensely than others. (Personally I have not felt ascension symptoms this severe for quite some time.) If you are one who feels these changes intensely, be sure to honor your highest good by nurturing, healing and loving yourself thru the birth of higher love and know that if it has not passed already it soon will.

On a spiritual level, the Christed heart has been genetically activated to awaken from deep slumber during this time. This sacred point houses the wisdom of our higher (Christed) consciousness and is becoming the sole/soul guide for our new-earth endeavors. As a result, we are being encouraged to embody and express our divinity more fully as we approach the heightened portal of the total solar eclipse/new moon on this Friday, August 1st.

The outcome to this reconnection, or reawakening of the Christed Heart, is that we will begin to naturally gravitate toward vibrations that fulfill our heart’s intentions. Akin to an internal GPS (global positioning system), our high heart will become the navigator of our new-earth journey. This in turn translates into untold potential to finally lift ourselves above conflict, chaos and strife while dissolving the many fears of lower dimensional existence and density that kept us bound.

This is undoubtedly a time to celebrate the birth of the Christed Heart where magic and miracles exist, but with great spiritual responsibility as well. It is very important to stay focused on the highest outcome to our realities now as we transition thru the powerful and highly magnetic portals throughout the month…namely, the solar eclipse (8/1), the Lion’s Gate (8/8/8) and the Lunar eclipse (8/16). Our conscious (solar) and unconscious (lunar) desires are looking to work together in harmony attuning us to the wisdom of the heart.


During this time of heightened extremes we are standing at a pivotal crossroads with two obvious paths to choose from. One will be heavy & outworn…yet very familiar. One will seem light & peaceful…yet very unfamiliar. Both these past and future landscapes will be clearly visible to us during this time…which will you choose?

The bold & creative fires of August will provide us with the chance to redesign our landscapes and lay the foundation for the next 19 year cycle based on the above choice. So be sure to choose wisely by using this this time to release any fears of uncertainty (especially financial fears ) that are vying for your attention while taking full responsibility for your part in having created your present reality.

Once we clearly see how we unconsciously mis-created our present, we are then in a position to create something better, something more aligned with our new awareness. We do this by choosing to honor the thoughts of empowerment, those thoughts that remind us that everything can be different. This is spiritual responsibility in action.

Truly, this transition will be one of the greatest opportunities to step into our divine power by activating a fuller expression of our unique & genetic blueprints of perfection. We are being given an extraordinary chance to bypass much of our past and walk directly thru the doorway to our future by choosing the higher way and focusing solely upon it.

On a global scale, the doorway to the future means life’s present quandaries will take intuitive reasoning and insight to determine the best possible solutions for the future of the greater good.

The problems that exist in the world cannot be solved by the level of thinking that created them. -Einstein

This passageway to greater consciousness is now fully underway and those who maintain their upright composure with trust and firm resolve will soon see the answers to many seemingly hopeless dilemmas rising with the new sun.

With an open heart…

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