The Galactic Federation on The Space of No Space

The Galactic Federation on The Space of No Space
Greetings. We would like to address some rather pertinent information regarding the planetary evolution for earth’s inhabitants. We are assisting the world to incorporate and install the new programming for the intergalactic assembly of communication to parlay high vibrational frequencies through the new grid system in place for the conscious evolution of mankind. We are also here to display an example of brotherhood and wish to guide your fellow man in pursuits of the heart.The most recent planetary shift of 11:11 involved a new set of diagnostic codes implanted in the grid vortex for the completion of phase one of planetary ascension. This means that there are those of you who are beginning new missions of service and have duly agreed to embrace full consciousness available to you during this momentous time.It behooves us to mention that those of you who take part in the new and upgraded grid systems will be playing a special part indeed. Your individual contributions to the planet are of great importance and those of you who are encoded with the new receptors are feeling the urgency as well. This urgency stems from your conscious participation in the new planet and its design for global upliftment. Weary are those who are unsure of what is transpiring on earth and those activated through raised levels of consciousness by the release of density are now in a position to be of great assistance to all. Congratulations.It is becoming increasingly obvious to many that there is no longer a grid system to support the old ways of being. Many are trying to incorporate these outworn ways of existence into their present lives and notice that there is no response,. This is due to the severed detachment from the old paradigm as you are rapidly engaging and reconnecting to the new. This space that you currently inhabit is one of extreme disconnection. The lack of forward movement is a safeguarded until the new is firmly anchored on the planet. It can seem daunting to be in this space of no space but it is necessary and required for the completion of your new wiring.The entrance to this new grid of light was opened on the 11:11 gateway portal and many of you crossed over into this new space of no space at all. Here you will remain until the the closing of this portal and the opening of the new gateway on 12:12. This time rapidly approaches and many of you are feeling intense pressure to complete many outdated programs from the institution of mental slavery as you begin to touch upon the new energy seeping into your awareness and preparing you for 1:1:1.Please do not be alarmed at the seeming disconnection that you are embodying, this is temporary and will subside. Be at peace knowing that the new receptors that are activated will be capable of ascertaining very high frequencies of joy, peace, and new levels of love. This stage of awareness that you are beginning to adapt to creates a separation in your field of consciousness that can make you feel as though you are embodying many of the old traits that you have been working to release. Remain detached from these lower frequencies as thy may emerge in your dream state or waking state…they are only pale remnants of past illusion that are slipping away from the collective grid and being transmuted through you, the ones who committed to this selfless task as the forerunners in preparation for new earth.Many of you embody the diagnostic codes to begin your new levels of service as previously mentioned. This level of service is a new level being. You who have completed your primary missions of clearing and releasing discord are now equipped with the tools to engage the new grids that are in place and available for the human race. This grid is available for all who wish to partake in it, however, only those with sufficient rates of vibration will have the ability to engage it at will. Those who do will be the new leaders, the examples of what is to come for all of humanity.The 12:12 stargate will initiate the final activation code for those who are encoded with leadership roles of active duty. The roles of active duty will include Being and Doing in merged union. Those of you with desires and focus to actively participate in the awakening of the human race will be prompted into action. This action is one of inspiration and a deeply burning fire within that propels you forward with great motivation and desire. Your ability to harness this newly activated energy will be contingent upon your ability to completely detach from the old grid and incorporate the new ways of being into your missions.This ultimately means that to succeed victoriously in the earth that is now, you must attain rates of vibration free of discordance and in harmony with all of creation. The planetary rate of frequency is sufficient now for the new ways but not all will have an understanding of what this means. This is the role for those of you who chose to awaken first. You, the way-showers, will be guiding humanity to the light as a divine example of what all humans are capable of. This will include the restoration of full health and in harmonic balance with the whole, the ability to maintain the frequency of peace & joy, and the rapid manifestation of your willful intent.The frequency on earth is vibrating at a rate of rapid responsibility. This means that more and more awareness will come of the ability to see the results of cause and effect in increasingly shorter periods of time. The crumbing of the old paradigm and outworn systems will fall based on this scientific principal for soon no action will go without consequence. All that is not aligned with the highest good will become glaringly obvious, and in this way, new systems will emerge and new ways will be instituted.Those of you who have been working toward your place in the new world will find strong footing in the grace of higher creation, whereas those who have yet to catch on will seemingly falter. This is only a temporary condition and one that will ultimately lead to the same goal. Remain detached and in faith that those whom you love will soon find their way with your example to follow. You need not interfere nor concern yourself with rescuing victims to the fall, for they will find their way in the natural order.Beloved fans of light, stay immediately centered and focused on your internal gardens. Turn the soil in preparation for new planting and remove all internal weeds blocking the growth of your new blossoms. The new earth is rapidly gaining recognition and all who serve the truth will rise from the rubble. We are your galactic comrades in honor of your amazing persistence and we offer you a glimpse of what’s to come to assist you with the chaos of the present. All is falling nicely into place and as you weather these final storms be diligent with your thoughts as you remain necessarily neutral to ground the amazing new grid systems on earth.The power of your new systems of light resides in your neutrality.With love and in divine service to earth, we are members of the Nibiruan & Andromedan Council with the Galactic Federation of Light. Farewell comrades.


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