By Nasrin

Beloveds I am Sanat Kumara.

Place your focus in front of your Third Eye. Feel yourself standing inside of a triangle. Visualize yourself and your twin flame as two points of a triangle with Sanat Kumara in the North, your male aspect in South West, your female aspect at South East. Sanat Kumara’s hands are held up in the position of fearlessness. His palms are pointing to your hearts. Sanat Kumara is beaming light from the palm of his hands. The beam coming from the right hand is Emerald Green. The beam coming from the left hand is Peach-Pink. The significance of this grid is to balance your mental body and your emotional body. Also, to bring together the energy within each individual person.

In the grid you visualize yourself and your twin flame as two separate entities standing at two separate points of the triangle. At the same time this is a representation of the male aspect and the female aspect or polarity within you. Therefore, two distinct purposes are serviced through this grid:

to balance the male and female polarity within yourself

to balance your energy next to your twin flame, regardless of the presence of or absence of a twin flame in your life at this present moment.

This exercise will heal those missing parts and fills the void to bring fullness, wholeness, health and well-being back to you at all levels of your beingness.

Sanat Kumara, the planetary logos, merges into the Presence of the I AM THAT I AM. Stand and witness this merging then visualize yourself in both your masculine and feminine aspect, your male and female twin flames join with Sanat Kumara inside the Throne of the I AM THAT I AM. All are now merged into Oneness, you, your twin flame, Sanat Kumara and the I AM THAT I AM. The time has come for the energy of the planetary logos to embody each of you individually and align your energies through the consciousness of Planetary Logos with the Presence of the I AM THAT I AM, God in form. This November 9, 2007 is an extremely important time, when new energies will be coming forth. The energies will begin to pour forth on this auspicious day. I ask each of you to begin to perform this exercise as soon as you receive it. Those of you who begin by November 9th are pioneers who have been called to participate in receiving these energies and anchoring them on behalf of all souls in cooperation with the Masters of Light. Everyone who receives it (or comes across it) at any point thereafter is still among the pioneers. You are brought to this Grid of Light by your higher self – every one of you have earned the merit to participate in this great event. This exercise will activate your energy bodies, allowing you to cope within the acceleration phase, which begins on November 9, 2007 and continues to March Equinox (20th of March 2008). The advantage and the benefits of exercising this Grid of Light is that it will accelerate the rate of your vibrational frequency.

Through this acceleration you will be able to better cope with the raise in the vibrational frequency of Earth through the acceleration of the five elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether). Everything is speeding up. This is due to the fact that Mother Earth has chosen to shake herself out of the slower and lower vibrational frequency and darkness. She is choosing and using different specific landmark points to accelerate her own pace. To cope with that pace individually and to help Mother Earth you have been called. On one hand, therefore, your own vibrational frequency is being heightened to allow you to cope with the changes which will bring the dawning of the New Age in full force and the greater positive light of the Seventh Golden Age. On the other hand, it is up to you to help Mother Earth make her leap of faith in the direction of greater light. You are the pioneers. You have been prepared for this moment in history. You have been led to this Grid of Light because you have been in service of light for eons of time.

Your life will change in positive ways to your own delight. That is a promise to you. You will notice the movement of time and events in an accelerated manner. You will feel levels of greater hope and celebration. You will come to know others of like mind. You will release from your life those people, those places and things which distract you, delay you, burden you, cause you harm and disharmony. In the company of your brothers and sisters of light, we will help the Earth accelerate herself to greater love and light.

I would like to announce the 9th of November as a time of celebration for the dawning of greater light through all five elements in all four corners of Earth. The presence of the Seven Mighty Lords of Light will be celebrated once again on Earth. These mighty great beings have been absent from this third dimensional reality of Earth for a very long time. Their return is a landmark event as rightful heirs to Earth and of Guardians of Light on Earth will be celebrated on the November 9, 2007 at noon. Wherever you are, whatever time zone you work with, consider noon to be the time when the outpouring of light through the presence of the Seven Mighty Lords begins.

The outpouring of this energy will continue through to Thanksgiving (November 22, 2007) as one phase of acceleration. From Thanksgiving (November 22, 2007) to December 9, 2007 there will be a second phase of acceleration for the down pouring of these energies. From December 10, 2007 to January 9, 2008 will be the third phase of acceleration for these energies. From there these energies will plateau and stay at this accelerated point until March 9, 2008. At that point a new phase of acceleration begins. This phase will take us to a second plateau. Once again three levels of acceleration are to be experienced in this second phase. From March 9, 2008 to April 9, 2008, we will move to yet another layer of acceleration. Then from April 9to May 9, 2008 the second layer begins. The last of this phase begins from the May 9 and completes its cycle at June 9, 2008. This brings us to Summer Solstice (around June 20-22, 2008) where the energies which have peaked three times will plateau again. That plateau will continue for three months until we reach Fall Equinox of 2008 (September 20-22, 2008).

From September 20, 2008 we will begin to work with a new level of energies. At that point the Maha Lord of Light who is the guardian and supervisor to the Seven Lords of Light will pour down his energies upon us on Earth. These energies will begin from Fall Equinox (September 20-22, 2008) and continue to Winter Solstice (December 20-22, 2008).

As you can see, the year of 2008 is a great and wonderful year for spiritual acceleration and for the victory of light over darkness. The victory of light will take many shapes and forms. From Earth’s point of view, the acceleration will mean greater cleansing. Cleansing begins with the five elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether). The events of the recent past including the fires, floods, earthquakes and such are all part of the cleansing. Mother Earth is allowing herself these modes of cleansing in order to open herself to receive greater light. No event, even of disastrous nature, should be considered a catastrophe. You live n a world filled with duality. This duality shapes your life. Your life is made of good events and bad events; or so you choose to categorize it! In the eyes of the higher beings, all is good. Every event brings with it, and is the harbinger of greatness. The Earth is shaking herself off of her dross, in order to absorb and illuminate herself with greater light. You too shall shake yourself off of your dross. So, if you lose your job, remember there is a better one waiting for you! If you lose your partnership, remember, there is one with greater balance, harmony and love waiting to be had! If there are lessons that you learn, and in our own estimation, you learn them the hard way, perhaps it is time to look for ways to learn lessons easier. Remember, sometimes to know what you want, you have to experience what you do not want, and learn how to eliminate it from your life. Sometimes knowing what you want carries you to the point of earning it. Earning what you want takes you through the pathway to cross over the bridge of what you do not want and choosing. Remember that you have choices. I have said it before and I say it again: There are always easier ways, there is always a means to find a shortcut.

This Grid of Light will allow you to accelerate your own vibrational frequencies, to bring you the presence of mind, the clarity of heart, the foresight to see what lies ahead of you and to choose the simple way, the easy way, the shortcut. We are moving into a time of acceleration. I have given you the format of how this acceleration will spread over time; between now and 13 months from now, to further accelerate yourself on this path which is awaiting all human-kind and Mother Earth. I suggest that you remember daily to bring your energies before the presence of the I AM THAT I AM and over-light yourself within that presence with the planetary logos.

Afterall, the consciousness of the planetary logos is over-lighting this planet and all souls. To raise your own vibrational frequency and to accelerate yourself on the path of enlightenment, you may choose the short cut of connecting with the consciousness of the planetary logos and vibrating to the energies of your own I AM THAT I AM, which is your own God-presence. In that way, you become the witness as well as the active participant in the event of spiritualizing your life of matter and materializing the spirit within you on Earth.

This experience which we call life and living in Third Dimensional Reality, in your physical embodiments, is simply a practice run for spiritualizing matter and materializing spirit. In this way duality is no more and separation is bridged, ultimately to experience Oneness; Oneness with spirit and matter. In bodies of matter you can experience your own essence as spirit. At that point, separation is no more; at that point you will no longer feel left out and lonely; at that point you do not feel betrayed and punished; at that point you no longer feel forsaken. For the lover, the love and the beloved become one. You become the witness of all three, as well as the actor, the act and the action. You set the script that you have written and you have memorized. You choose the ultimate ending as you desire it. This is the ultimate advantage of choosing free will. The best manifestation of free will is when you can align yourself as the individualized aspect of God in embodiment, doing what you will, what God wills and not seeing the two as separate.

This exercise will help you bridge the gap between you as an individual soul, lost and confused, and God as a supreme consciousness outside of yourself. You merge into the essence of the planetary logs, whose consciousness has brought this planet and all souls into manifest form. In that Oneness you merge into the presence of God in form, in the beingness of the I AM THAT I AM, all three are one. You as the body, the planetary logos as the consciousness and the I AM as the soul find each other. The body, the soul, and the consciousness unite. Then the spirit of Oneness has found home. It can be free to roam within your body, within your consciousness and within Earth.

So, do the exercises and merge every day as the first thing you do before you commence your daily routine, and every night as the last thing you do before you enter into the higher realms of consciousness in dream time. Then your experience of dream-time will be a greater one, as will your experience of your daily routine. Exercise moving your energies to the presence of the I AM THAT I AM for seven consecutive days. Then invite the presence of the Seven Lords of Light to come to the Throne of the I AM and merge. Do this by visualizing that you enter before the Throne of the I AM THAT I AM and observe the presence of Sanat Kumara. Merge into the presence first. Visualize yourself and your twin flame then enter and merge into the consciousness of Sanat Kumara and the presence of the I AM THAT I AM. Then visualize the Seven Lords of Light standing in a circle around the Throne. The Throne of the I AM THAT I AM is extending and expanding to encompass the Seven Lords of Light. Every Lord is beaming his light into the Throne where you reside. Invite the Lords of Light to merge into the Throne. Start by calling them as the “First Lord of Light”, all the way to the “Seventh Lord of Light”. Individually invite each one to enter into the Throne where you, your twin flame, Sanat Kumara and the presence of the I AM reside. Experience each merging individually. When you have had the experience of all Seven Lords merging into your beingness, at the Throne, hold that vision and see it inside a platinum sphere by calling upon the presence of my Lord Metatron and the Angelic forces of Yahoweh-El (pronounced ya-ho-weh-el). Visualize that the legions of Yahoweh-El, stand around the edge inside the platinum sphere of Lord Metatron. The Angelic forces of Yahoweh-El are from the category of the “Thrones”. Angels, Archangels, powers, principalities, thrones, cherubim and seraphim are the seven categories. The angelic forces of Yahoweh-El hold the energy field of the Throne of Yahweh and the feminine force of Shekinah, the Holy Spirit. The angelic forces of Yahoweh-El are strong forces of light which hold the masculine and feminine balance of higher light. Visualize legions of Yahoweh-El creating a circle of light around this grid which consists of you, your twin flame, Sanat Kumara, the I AM THAT I AM, and the Seven Lords of Light sealed inside the sphere of platinum light which is emanating from the heart of Metatron.

The Angelic forces of Yahoweh-El are the guardians of this sphere. They stand at the edge of the sphere and guard the masculine and feminine polarities, the magnetic and the electronic fields of your bodies (your five body system), your consciousness, your soul. They allow the spirit of light which emanates from the Heart-Core of the Seven Lords to fill your own heart. Perform this entire Grid of Light for another three weeks to complete one phase (you may then begin a second repetition and continue through into the year 2008 and beyond. This can be a daily grid of protection and acceleration through the year 2008).

I offer to you my love and my joy in celebrating this phase of glory and victory which is awaiting us for the next 13 months. I bid you farewell.

I am Sanat Kumara.


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