Be Still And Know That I AM – The Spiritual Hierarchy

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Be Still And Know That I AM – The Spiritual Hierarchy

**NOTE: So many of us are feeling like we are on the verge of a monumental breakthrough as the spirals of energy create a crescendo in the re-patterning of personal and planetary morphogenetic fields.  

Yet, there’s also an all-pervasive energy of powerlessness that is so easy to be-lieve in if we allow it into our consciousness.

And while there is so much external proof to confirm these false realities… these illusions are merely a result of the same force of energies that are taking us to greater human potential.


This is clearly why we are being urged time and time again to stay centered in our truth… not just be-lieving that we are assured success, but knowing it with great certainty.

It is also important to realize that we need not DO anything, that this is a time to sincerely apply and execute mental mastery. And to the degree that we are capable to do this…to relax into our present realities… is relative to our ability to feel centered and at peace while chaos swirls around us.

We are inexorably connected to the whole, yet simultaneously preparing to blast into an entirely new way of creating and so we are being asked to adopt those new ways into our being right now to avoid getting caught up in feeling powerless over our lives.

We always have conscious control of our creations, but this control can only be applied from our center, with strict detachment from the old and unwavering focus on the new and true.


In this way, resistance and surrender must be used in tandem…we must firmly resist the temptation of illusion & fear, while passively surrendering to the call of the heart. -Lauren


Psalms 46:10

Be still, and know that I am GodIndeed we will affirm that there are many preparing for a momentous lift-off into greater realities…surely, many of you will be entering more fully into alignment with your appointed roles as way-showers of the new earth.But in this, we would also like to clarify that future events are not the catalyst for great change, but the present events that take place in your daily lives that dictate your reality.It only serves to relinquish your power as co-creators of God to look to future timelines for change. stay aligned with the power of these energies that heralds your success. divine passion strikes. You will know this place for you will come alive with clarity, certainty, faith, and a bold courageousness that uplifts you to truth…every cell in your body becomes invigorated and you feel as though you could truly fly. Be still and all will come to you. action to take, only the ability to manage the focus of your energies, for they hold magnificent potential. In joy,

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© 2008 Expect Miracles, Inc.  




Change happens in the full presence of your every now moment.

The power to shift your focus from one reality to the next is paramount for aligning with the new energies, yet it is your ability to

This time before you is not one of re-creation of the past, contrarily it is a time of creating anew. New dimensional fields require new perspective and new perspective requires a complete change of view.

To create a new, you must fully tap into the universal forces of creation with a single pointed focus by remaining still, centered at zero-point where the ignition of

When this place is accessed, it is wholly evident.

This, dearly beloveds, is because indeed you can fly. Yet, you forget that you have wings each time you step out of your presence point.


Be still and you will crave no more.

Be Still and you will enter the kingdom of heaven.

Be Still and you will know the I AM.

There is no

Blessings be on your journey. You are always free.




Extreme polarities are present everywhere and you may be feeling/seeing/sensing the new energies one minute with great foresight and optimism, and the next you find yourself stuck in victim consciousness.


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