May the Path be Paved no Longer – Spiritual Hierarchy


Monday, December 08, 2008

May the Path be Paved no Longer – Spiritual Hierarchy


Sunlit Forest Trail
by Susan Tower  


Ever growing, ever expanding, the forest reaches for the light. The floating circles hint to the viewer to consider the inner life of Nature and the magical fairy realm that helps all things grow.



What we would like to touch upon today relates to the global climate, the current of energy guiding the wayshowers of new earth to their final resting place.

When we say final resting place we refer to a dimensional space where those who have diligently climbed the rungs of ascension shall finally lay their weary heads to rest.

Surely you have come far, walked the path of the silent warrior for many lifetimes, anchored the grids for a new way and touched gracefully upon the heart of every person in the holographic spectrum that you call life. Yes, a seed has been planted, embedded deeply in the soul of every loved one whom you’ve caressed with the words of hope, of faith and of the peaceful truth of a new day dawning.

And now, beloved wanderers, may the path be paved no longer.

No longer shall you turn a blind eye nor a deaf ear to those who refuted & resisted your light…the ones who needed you most…for those loved ones who challenged you deeply to stand in your power are now coming aboard, arriving at truth and stepping with willingness onto the path you paved so well.

In this way, you have also played your part well. With your experience and warrior strength, you have effectively disguised yourselves as powerless, beaten down and weary so those behind you could reap the benefits of your toils. You have suppressed your effervescent illumination that shines forth so brilliantly in order for you to remain humbled by the oppression and illusion of lack.

Surely you felt otherwise and may have wondered time and again how your inner knowing of greatness remained so diametrically opposed to your outer reality. But we will share that you knew deep within that you had the strength, the experience, the will and the power to diffuse your light, to scatter your radiance for many to benefit from. You knew that you would hold steadfast, regardless of the outer circumstances you have found yourselves in, and for that many have questioned your sanity.

In lieu of wonder, they too shall marvel, for the tide has taken its turn. A new cycle commences and the way of the warrior need no longer apply. Indeed it is time to put down your armor, to lead with love into the new and true and to reveal the truth about you.

The result of great patience and firm resolve will knock loudly upon thy door. What arrives for each of you will be the result of great love cascading outward from your freshly open hearts. Rebirth, renewal and reward is at hand.

You are entering into the paradigm of peace where your spiritual success depends wholly on our ability to remain centered in peacefulness.

To allow joy into your being is to allow abundance into your life. To allow abundance into your life is to know God, for surely you have always had it all. Though you allowed yourself to forget your sacred abilities to manifest for a short time, this was only so you could free much of the world from the pervasive consciousness of lack.

Now you are poised to fully inhabit your new roles, the roles you came to employ as your true and authentic selves. These roles could not be fully implemented until the world was ready for your involvement, but now dear ones, the time has come to share your light.

What this will mean for many of you is a decloaking of your true power, the unveiling of your gifts of spiritual leadership.

For many more, this decloaking will result in the magnification of your current roles, only with more direct power to yield results with the support of the celestials & heavenly bodies in your favor.

As you enter the final weeks of integration you prepare to embark upon the level of service you have signed up to offer the planet and her people.

The advent of 2009 marks the beginning of an era of hope. So too will you be pulled in new and higher directions to fulfill your heartfelt passions & dreams.

What a time awaits you!

On 12-12 a powerful stargate finalizes a sacred chapter pre-written in the future timelines of earth’s evolution. On 12-21 a brand new chapter begins.

This time, beloved masters, the outcome will be determined by you…

Until next time, we are the Spiritual Hierarchy in divine service to the One. Praytell.


Telepathic Transmission thru Lauren C. Gorgo at
ThinkWithYourHeart.netCopyright © 2008 – Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this transmission on the condition that the content remains complete and in tact, full credit is given to the author(s), and that it is distributed freely.

The Solstice draws near, the seasons shift and into new beginnings you will walk. Allow this time of adjustment to bring the much-needed resolution to your lives so that you may fully build upon your new foundation based in love in the coming months.

All that no longer serves your higher path has been melted away by the sheer magnitude of your increasing light quotient so that you may fully access and implement your divine blueprints of service.




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