Stepping into the Unknown

Stepping into the Unknown

November 2009
by Lisa Renee

This month is the start of a brand new cosmic cycle that is signaling an evolutionary shift into completely unknown territories, one which will be an entirely new life experience for many of us.

During the past months especially since July, we have been teetering in between worlds resulting from a vast influx of multiple new “cosmic” frequencies and their reconnections to the axiatonal line system of our planet’s consciousness grid. This is changing the fabric of time and space as we know it. This “cosmic” time alignment sets the runway for what is about to transpire which is something that has never happened before in the history of our Universe.

What this means is that this shift in consciousness gives new direction to our lives and will also directly affect the world and the global view. A shift in consciousness is not something that only happens in our mental state, but simultaneously changes the external relationships we have in the world. It is a complete change of where we, as human beings, focus our state of consciousness and its perceived identity. This will impact individual identity and the human collective group identity in a much bigger way than we have experienced before.

This current event will reposition many of us into new relationships, residences, working collaborations, reconnections and cultivate another level of spiritual “family” alliances. The Galactic (or Monadic level) soul family is reintegrating itself into a collective group pattern to manifest the next level of the spiritual mission and its group divine blueprint. This means these introductions, reuniting these spiritual families is happening in larger patterns now as it is supported by the new architectural platform of the new energy cycle. These architectural platforms are the mainframe of the mass consciousness grids that influence and direct humanity as a group consciousness. This is the next evolutionary level happening now in November and ongoing.

We need our spiritual family to help manifest the next levels into the physical as the cosmic divine plan requires us to be embodied fully in order for it to be anchored on the Earth as a reality.

This turning point of the ascension cycle is leading us into the “Changing of the Guard” and this level of the paradigm shift is a group consciousness project. We will need to clearly understand our piece of the puzzle in order to play it out. (We will be magnetized to our rightful positions, and it is not to be forced through controlling underlying agendas) However, there is a requirement in order for this to manifest in this new phase of the Galactic Consciousness cycle.

To Embody or Not to Embody?

That is the biggest question to ask your inner self at this crucial point in the timeline change now. This time will aggressively push you to ask yourself what exactly is preventing you from being authentic to yourself and others? What has shaped into your physical reality based on your unconscious belief system? Which of these impulses had you making decisions that were out of alignment with your personal truth? What have you been hiding from yourself? You have to be incredibly clear in your purpose now, your inner truth, in order to best utilize these current energies as the springboard that will catapult your new platform into a tangible reality structure in your life.

These energies in November will catalyze you into a completely new level of “support” in this reality if you understand that it is your responsibility to be completely aligned and congruent to protect the inner truth as you know it.

This means you must be “Embodied” in what you “Know” to be True.

Within this new playing field there is only “knowing” and there is NO room for rationalization stemming from denial, or attempting to think your way into a mentally perceived resolution. The rubber hits the road and you are forced to walk your walk, ready to face the mysteries of the unknown standing before you.

This means we will be given external reality experiences to challenge our inner light integrity to be fully congruent with your core god self essence. The choices will be up to you and they will take courage to make. This will be the time of the “Reality Check” and the consequences will be dramatic.

To be congruent with your soul purpose “embodiment” is being in your “core” no matter what the external environment is doing or telling you to do. Your creative expression is matched to the degree you feel the flow of joy in the moment of its expression. As you become an observer, it will feel as an ease of flow within the harmony of its natural energetic and organic expression. However to get to the ease of flow, one has to completely let go without the ego attachment needing to control the outcome or result. Only preferences will allow the ease of flow while attachments will constrict or stop the flow. This necessitates holding the observer consciousness, one that can observe the events without imposing judgment or attachment.

We will need to master this state in order to experience the smoothest pathway of evolution, the ascension timeline. We will get our needs met (not necessarily our fixed attachments to material security) and be moved out of harm’s way if we learn to flow without fear and anxiety.

To Know Thyself

To be congruent with your soul purpose and to embody that intelligence directly requires self inquiry. To Know Thyself, is an adage that directly applies in this new energy cycle as it requires you do the inner work that will surface the contents of your inner being to your conscious awareness. It is only then you can choose to participate with that awareness, or not, and this is the piece that takes courage. Courage is to trust in the process and commit to reflect the core essence of your divinity as your first priority. If you can discipline yourself to manage this, your experience will be much smoother as you move forward.

Many times a person who aspires to achieve goodness in the world, is driven into actions that are completely incongruent to their core being and soul purpose. They are not directly choosing to be incongruent with their soul harmony from a conscious choice they are making. IT is simply a direct byproduct of not knowing what they do not know, yet, which means they have not delved deeper into themselves to have the exacting clarity on the contents of their own being. Many times they are only reactive to mental programs that control their behaviors in the external world.

If we strive to know the contents of our own being, then we will be able to have the responsibility to direct our personal power and become able to spiritualize our life choices. This is the “wisdom” piece that is required at this time for us to advance in this first wave of the changing guard. More waves will come, however there is a momentum to this energetic wave that will carry us if we are able to recognize it and take responsibility for our actions and personal energies.

If we have huge blind spots that cripple us in expressing the core truth, then we will be corrected. If you have been engaging in destructive, addictive or unconscious behavior you will be corrected. Additionally, relative to the degree you have carried actions with consequences that impact others, such as healing groups and intentional communities – they will also be impacted and corrected. Correction is the rapid return of the imbalanced or mis-qualified energies to your field that results in a direct consequence to your action.

This is the Universal Law’s benevolence giving us the opportunity to become more in alignment to the process of our “embodied “divinity.

We will thank our lucky stars we are doing this now instead of later, as the amplification of polarity will only increase later. It is suggested we DO this inner work now, pay attention and not procrastinate.

Understand that the Natural Laws of the Physical Universe is such that it is our responsibility to direct energies, accountable to where we focus and place our attention and this will continue to be under scrutiny with the new cosmic energies. This is not coming from judgment by any stretch of imagination, only that congruency in what is being represented is a prerequisite to move through this next cycle easily. This natural “law” has not been as tough on us as it is now, as these energies are acting as a “taskmaster” forcing us to do the inner work. This is similar to a “Saturn Return” in our personal astrology chart. Which means that what is hidden or not in integrity with what is being represented will be increasingly apparent to whomever is the “watcher” and corrections will be made almost on the spot.

Note: We are going to need some tools to support us during this next cycle. The end of this newsletter includes guidelines to utilize as a practice to develop your personal energetic mastery.

Frequency of Unity Intelligence

Additionally, as one spiritually advances to be congruent and aligned into the monadic embodiment, the frequency of Unity (Love) emits as an intelligence field from the being. This means that the field of energetic intelligence, a consciousness field of “Unity” rearranges and reorganizes any discordant energetic pattern in the environment. This “consciousness technology” results when a physical being has embodied its monadic level of consciousness and is congruently aligned with its god purpose. It’s a byproduct of embodied divinity.

The more out of integrity a person, place or thing is with its natural harmonic core expression, the harder it will be for that person, place or thing to remain ‘hidden” in the façade it has created as the illusion of its perceived physical identity.

The New Energy of Unity, the Frequency of Unity is a frequency of “Truth” Vibration as directed by Source energy. No words are needed to express, as this is strictly an “embodiment” of truth presence. This level of love frequency can only be directed through a physical vehicle that has been largely freed (purified) of ego constraints and desires. The process of Inner Alchemy through polarity integration is what is necessary to purify the physical vehicle to the extent that finally the healed unified energy template of the Cosmic Christ Consciousness Form can embody. The physical vehicle can now be utilized as a channel of Unified Source energy, and the template (and its nervous system) is healed at a level it is finally able to direct this intelligence field.
Those that are now remembering to embody this love vibration are being asked to step up and hold the “New Energy” reality space and watch the old ego system around them self destruct. As you become aware of the intentional field of Unity coming through your body in service to the Divine, the channel of your being is flowing in congruence to the Energetic Reality of Love.

The Power of this Energetic Principle in Action is more Profoundly Transformative for our planet than anything else we could ever fabricate.

5 Pillars of Realizing Purpose

We are governed by Energetic Laws of Principle and Consciousness in this Multiverse. Here are 5 Pillars towards realizing your purpose and reinstating your divine blueprint towards Cosmic Consciousness. We are entering entirely new territory, new fields of reality and new purpose. Yet these are still the foundations to help us remember how to focus our consciousness and create a smooth transition for ourselves. Intend god-purity in our purpose and the light will show us the way.

• Law of Strength – Commit to your Soul evolution. State your Declaration of Intent to serve your Soul. “Your desire to know God is of a drowning man for want of air” Yogananda

• Universal Law of One – Begin to understand the Laws which govern our existence, and your Multidimensional Spiritual Anatomy as a God-being. “The Mysteries are Revealed to the human whose light is shining and he becomes the Knower”. Alice Bailey and DK.

• Law of Transformation – Be willing and open to change by surrendering to Divine Will. Clear fear belief systems (b.s.) and the negative ego expressions that influence you from the collective human unconscious mind. Affirm: I leave human order and choose divine order in all things.

• Law of Response- Give back your Go(o)dness to the world, Give your love, knowledge and blessings and expand your abundance through service. The soul’s true nature is of one, one with abundance, joy and fulfillment, found through purpose and service.

• Law of Verification – The Examined Life of a Light Heart- Live your Soul purpose by making it your lifestyle. I AM that I AM. Be Still and Know I Am God!

First Triad of Spiritual Awakening

How do we support harmony in our consciousness shift within these tumultuous energies? Most of us are undergoing the tests of personal mastery with how we direct our mental and emotional focus. This process is how we transcend the “personality ego program” which consists of the first three layers (3D) of our chakra/auric system. These are suggested guidelines on how best you may utilize your energy in directing the focus of your consciousness during these times:

Stay in the Now moment and maintain observer consciousness

Inquire and commit to serving the Way of your Soul and its purposes

Listen, learn the language of Soul and take action on the guidance of your Soul

Resolve all fear and emotional conflicts ( remember FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real)

Develop your Inner Connection to Soul that supercedes all reliance on the External Connections or Perceptions of Reality

Live a Life congruent to your soul purpose, and that it serves as an example to others.

Commit to a daily practice ( meditation, connection, clearing)

Live by the Law of Love ( Law of One)

Use Consistency in Practice of Technique (Meditate or work with Spiritual Tools to Build your Spiritual Muscle)

And If you just do not know what else to do:

(service to others)

These are amazing times we are sharing as we step into the unknown. We are in this adventure together and until next….Stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Heart Path!

Love, Lisa
© 2009, Lisa Renee








Beloved masters, it is important for you to remember that “service” is an integral part of the ascension process. Many of you came to Earth from far-distant Star Systems as cosmic messengers. Time and time again, you have been bearers of truth and cosmic wisdom; however, the task you agreed to for this lifetime is more important than any other you have ever experienced since you came into your individualized consciousness as an aware Spark of Divinity. Much of what you are learning as you traverse the path of ascension is a remembrance of what you already have experienced. We have stressed the fact that what we are asking of you, you have done many times before, so that it will not seem so unattainable. That is why so much of the history and the details of the past we relay to you seem so familiar.

You now have greater and greater amounts of Cosmic Life Force Energy available to you; however, you are responsible for how you utilize that energy. You must stay firmly grounded upon the Earth as you reach higher and higher into the refined dimensions of expression, and it is of vast importance to your physical well-being that you learn to balance and harmonize your energetic grid system (called your auric field or Adam/Eve Kadmon perfected body of Light). You may draw forth as much of the Essence of Divinity as you can hold; however, after integrating that which you need personally, you must radiate forth the remainder out into the world of form. You cannot hoard God Light, dear ones; it is meant to be used and shared for the benefit of all.

Please be aware that there is limited access to the power and magical transformative properties of the Violet Flame within the push/pull duality of the third- / lower fourth-dimensional environment. However, when you attain a level of harmonious vibrational patterns that attune you to the mid-fourth dimension, you gain access to the Divine alchemy of the Violet Flame, and you also have the ability to draw forth the transforming Adamantine Particles of Creator Consciousness. While existing within the lower dimensions of limitation and chaos, it is almost impossible to consistently radiate unconditional love from your heart center. As you have learned, the Creator Particles of life must be activated via your altruistic, loving intention. Be aware, beloveds, that at each higher level of God Light you attain, the power of the Violet Flame and the quantity of White Fire Particles of Creation increase exponentially.

There are two streams of collective-consciousness thought forms surrounding the Earth at this time, instead of one swirling maelstrom of negative thought patterns that has, up until now, made up the aura of the Earth. The negative band of distorted energy is an accumulation of many thousands of years of fear, hate, self-serving interests and actions. It has created the shadow-side of the broad spectrum of Light and Shadow: the illusional world in which humanity has existed since the fall into what could be termed a semi-conscious state of awareness.

Most of humanity has been caught up and stuck in a third- / fourth-dimensional form of mind control throughout their many lifetimes, for they have been ensnared in the beliefs of their forefathers, both racial, political, cultural and religious. Many dear souls have hardly ever had any original thoughts of their own. The negative mass consciousness belief system is all about doom and gloom, unworthiness, strict rules and dogma that discourages original, independent thinking, which has kept everyone in a state of guilt, fear and inertia. This has been called the “Herd State,” wherein everyone looked to their religious and ruling leaders to tell them what to do, think and be.

Every great religion began with inspired teachings from a great Master who was given specific wisdom teachings to impart to humanity. They were Over-Lighted by and under the direction of our Father/Mother God, and during their lifetime the concepts were adhered to and remained pure. However, upon the transition of the Master, over time, the teachings became distorted and were changed to suit the selfish interests of those in charge. They veered from the inspired truth and wisdom teachings, which were designed for the particular era to assist the masses in developing a personal relationship with our Father/Mother God as they strove to attain a certain level of Self-mastery and en-Lighten-ment.

We have said before, “You are very brave to step outside of the popular belief system, the collective consciousness of humanity, which has been a prison of sorts for so long.” We know you have been criticized, scoffed at, ostracized, and maligned in this and many other lifetimes, beloveds. However, we wish you to know that even though you may presently be in a minority, your numbers are growing by leaps and bounds. Many of what has been called “New Age concepts” are filtering into the minds and conversations of the masses, and the belief in angels and interaction with the Beings of Light from the higher realms is no longer totally discounted as it has been in the past.

The good news is that there is a new band of higher frequency emotional patterns and thought forms circling the Earth above the negative band. This band of energy is filled with Light, hope and a strong desire for self-expression and mastery. Gradually, the Crystalline Grid System is encompassing the Earth, and the Creator-Consciousness Band of Light is growing stronger every day as more and more of you access the Cities of Light and become conveyers of the Adamantine Particles of Creation. The masses are beginning to question their leaders and are holding them accountable for their actions. More and more people are beginning to question the dogmatic rules and restrictions of organized religion and are seeking their own higher truth by alternative means.

We understand that a great majority of earthly Souls are in the throes of pain, suffering and uncertainty. Unfortunately, those who are caught up in the collective consciousness belief system do not learn the lessons of turbulent times. They do not understand that the painful situations they are experiencing have been created by excessive and imbalanced thoughts and actions. The Karmic laws of cause and effect are returning to the “senders” that which has been created much more quickly than in the past, so that it can be rectified and re-qualified. For every Soul on Earth at this time, the most important life task is to strive to return to balance and harmony within both the inner and outer worlds of existence.

Those of you who agreed to come into physical incarnation at this particular time brought with you the major lessons or imbalances in your physical/mental/emotional bodies that needed to be harmonized so that you could begin to work compatibly with your Soul or Higher Self. You have come into this lifetime to balance your masculine and feminine natures: using the Divine will, power and authority of the Father Creator, but also to integrate the love/wisdom, compassion, nurturing, creative aspects of the Mother Creator. You came to experience the Earth and being fully in the physical body, while integrating Spirit into your physical Being and consciousness. You are here to balance knowledge and communications; to learn through intuition what your own truths are and to live those truths as an example for others; to learn the balance of communication skills, when to speak and when to hold your silence; to be non-judgmental, learning that each person is on their own individual path and have their own lessons to learn.

For those of you who have listened to the whisperings of Spirit and who have stepped onto the path of En-Lighten-ment, it is time for each of you to remember that the Earth is not your home; you are on assignment here. You are from far-distant star systems and galaxies and possibly even other universes. It is time for you and the many faithful warriors of Peace/Light to know how magnificent you are, and how brave you were to answer the clarion call to descend into the density of this earthly experiment. The events in your galaxy, solar system and on Earth are quickly moving forward and great change is in the offing. Therefore, it is important that you focus on what is right in your world and not get caught up in all the negativity and fear that is spewing out into the ethers. Remember, you give energy to that on which you focus your attention.

It is time for you to step fully into Self-mastery and reclaim your Divine Birthright. What would you like to become? What would you like to do? You have the ability to become or create anything you can envision, as long as it is in harmony with your Divine Blueprint. You have wondrous Light packets of information stored within your Sacred Mind, just waiting to be called forth. As you build and perfect your Pyramid of Light in the Fifth Dimension, you will find that your creations will manifest more and more quickly. Teaching by example is one of the most effective ways to show others how to become masters of their own destiny. Always ask for the highest outcome and for the good of all—you will not be led astray. We know it is not easy to step out of your comfort zone, for you have allowed others to make you doubt yourself and your abilities. We ask you to be a brave example to those around you, those who are stuck in cultural beliefs and limitations of the collective consciousness of humanity.

Each of you has experienced life many times in either a male or a female body. You have also experienced the physical vessel in a great variety of races, forms and cultures. Beloveds, when you judge others, you are really only judging yourself, for you have experienced most all of the many facets of earthly existence. It is a great privilege to be allowed to incarnate on Earth, and there has always been a list of millions upon millions of Souls waiting to experience the physical reality that the Earth has to offer. You are no exception, for you were anxious to experience earthly creation in as many ways and expressions as possible. Therefore, as the veil of illusion is gradually lifted, you will develop great understanding and compassion for those who are stuck in the pain and suffering of the Third- / Fourth-Dimensional distorted reality. We are asking you to become a brave example for those around you. As you dare to step out and claim your mastery, others will follow your example.

Many of you are experiencing a Divine discontent, as well as dramatic life changes at this time. Things that used to bring you pleasure no longer satisfy, and you may have lost any common interest with many of your friends. This is because your Soul-Self is nudging you to move forward, to expand your vision and to take control of your destiny. You must let go of preconceived ideas about the structure of your life. You must let go of beliefs that keep you stuck in a “binding” set of structural boundaries. “Letting go” gives you the power to expand your consciousness and your picture of reality. The higher your vibrational patterns become, the more fluid the time/space continuum, or the sequence and timing of events become. Structures become habits which bind you to the illusion of the Third/Fourth Dimensions. Do not become attached to the “structured life” you have created. It is important that you are willing to change your life to include new concepts as you expand your vision and awareness of the potential of the future. Never forget, you are cocreators, either of pain, suffering and limitation, or of love, joy peace and abundance. The choice is yours.

It is not by coincidence that so many brave souls chose the Seventh Ray of Transformation as their Soul Ray for this lifetime. See this blessed Sacred Fire blazing up and around you and radiating out in ever-widening circles as you join others in helping to lift the consciousness of humanity back into the frequencies of Love/Light. Remember, during these times when the evolution of the Earth and humanity are being accelerated, you can make a difference. We are aware that many of you are disturbed by all the negativity and injustice around you. However, deep within, you know that the great changes taking place will eventually be for the betterment of all. Be assured that you can be an instrument for change. Allow us to send forth the love of our Father/Mother God to and through you, filling you to overflowing. Dear ones, your radiance and Love/Light, added to that of other Light Warriors, will assist humanity and the Earth to move gracefully into the wondrous New Age of tomorrow. Know that you are dearly loved and you are under my protection. I AM Archangel Michael * Transmitted through Ronna Herman * E-mail: * Phone: 775-856-3654


Multidimensional News* OCTOBER 2009


multidimensional new



Step 16

(picture by Jan Custer)


Welcome back to our Corridor,

We Arcturians are joyous to be able to consciously communicate with more and more of our grounded ones. However, in order to discuss dimensions of the fifth and beyond, we will need to augment our means of communication. We have spoken of the difficulties of communicating about a multidimensional reality with a third dimensional language system. Hence, before we continue with our journey through the Corridor, we ask you to hold your sixth dimensional Merkaba in your High Heart, while we assist you in downloading multidimensional, Light Language.

Light Language is a component of the multidimensional light that flows from the ONE and is the form of communication for all Multidimensional Beings. Multidimensional light is alive and carries unconditional love, divine creativity and infinite knowing. Light Language is available to anyone who has regained multidimensional consciousness and remembered his or her true, Multidimensional SELF. Nevertheless, Light Language resonates beyond time and space and comes into your awareness in ONE moment of the NOW. You can’t reach out for it, as Light Language is like a flower that will come into full bloom only as it is ready.

Multidimensional Beings no longer use words that are separated from each other and strung out sequentially into sentences. We live in the HERE and NOW of the ONE.  Hence, our communication is infinitely within our consciousness in the ever-present from of multidimensional light.  When we communicate we merely share our Light. You may not understand our message, or even know that we have sent it, but you will instantly feel a KNOWING.

Your downloaded Light Language will assist you in translating our communications into your earth language so that you can share them with others. Once you downloaded Light Language, you automatically attune your consciousness to a frequency of our information. Then after you have calibrated your consciousness to that frequency and opened your heart to us, there is an instantaneous exchange of information.  This information enters your consciousness all at once in a burst of light.


In order, to understand our communication with your third dimensional brain, you have to pull the light/information through your 3D Filter, so that it can arrange itself into words and sentences. We say “arrange itself,” as Light Language is a sharing of our true essence, a merging of our SELF with your SELF. Hence, Light Language carries a portion of our SELF and is a living intelligence.  Therefore, even if you can’t translate our message into your language system, you still receive the great benefit of an inner knowing.

Because Light Language is the language of your Multidimensional SELF, downloading this language and integrating it into you’re your earth vessel greatly expands your consciousness and frees you from the confines of linear, logical thinking. As your consciousness expands into multidimensional thinking, you can receive and understand messages from higher and higher frequencies of light, as well as messages from the quantum realities and “dark matter.”  It is the Light of these multidimensional messages that “turns on” your “junk DNA” and begins the process of returning to SELF, even while you are still living within a physical form.

Since Light Language is multidimensional, you will perceive it in layers upon layers of information and understanding. Just as your human brain functions in a holographic manner so does Light Language, in that one small fragment of the Light Language carries all the meanings of that entire transmission. You will perceive these different layers/frequencies of the message through your expanded consciousness by matching each message with the corresponding resonant frequency of your multidimensional consciousness. Remember, you are not raising your consciousness—you are expanding your consciousness.


In order to fully download the multidimensional Light Language, you will need to surrender to your Multidimensional SELF. Maintaining the resonance of your SELF will facilitate the integration of the Light Language into your consciousness and the language centers of your brain. In this manner, you can consciously perceive the multidimensional messages of Light Language. You can then translate these messages into third dimensional language so that you can better share them with others.

Remember to release all judgment regarding messages from the “lower” vs. “higher” dimensions, as it limits you to polarized thinking. In reality, all dimensions are ONE, and it is only in third and fourth dimension that the illusion of separation exists. First and second dimensional beings have no sense of separation and live in unity with all life. Hence, they already experience the Unity Consciousness that you have and will continue to experience via your fifth dimensional consciousness.

The difference is that third dimensional beings have forgotten their Unity Consciousness and first and second dimensional beings have forgotten their Personal Consciousness. On the fifth dimensional Earth that you are creating, and simultaneously accepting and entering, you will have Personal Consciousness while you also experience unity with all life.

In your other incarnations on Gaia, you have likely experienced a form of ascension in which you raised your resonance beyond that of the third dimension.  In that case, your physical body “died,” and you consciously crossed over into the fifth dimension to meet your “Higher SELF.”  Your ascension is to be quite different this time, for you have volunteered to be a member of the Planetary Ascension Team. Therefore, you have chosen, whether you remember it or not, to delay your personal ascension so that you could join in unity with ALL the inhabitants of Earth to ascend the entire planet into the fifth dimension.

This option was also available about 13,000 years ago, during the time of Lemuria and Atlantis, when your reality moved into a similar energy field as it now enters. However, the primary polarity, male and female, could not be merged into the ONE. Hence, Earth remained a dualistic reality, and the battle between the polarities of light and dark remained constant. Unfortunately, the dark polarity of destruction, which is vital for a polarized reality, was stronger than the light polarity of construction, which is also necessary for a polarized reality. It was during this pivotal battle between light and dark that many of you entered Earth’s evolution to assist in balancing the dark with your great light to avert Gaia’s destruction.

You are now completing the full 26,000-year cycle of the Progression of the Equinoxes and are returning to the Galactic Center. This cycle is also known as Annus Magnus or “Great Year.” The Great Year charts your journey through the twelve constellations of the zodiac, and many believe this journey to be a gestation or birth cycle. There are several other cycles that are also finishing around your year of 2012. 

Another cycle that is culminating around the year 2012 is the close of the Galactic Year.  It takes 225 million Earth years for the Milky Way to make one complete rotation in the sky. 225 million years ago Earth’s one landmass, known as Pangaea, began its separation into the seven continents. Since then the one land mass has individuated into many landmasses. In the same manner, humanity’s Unity Consciousness has individuated into Personal Consciousness.


Since you have chosen to assist in planetary ascension, it is important that you expand your sense of self to include your planet. As your consciousness expands, so does your sense of self. As you return to your SELF, your Personal Consciousness expands from dependent to independent to dependable. Once you have reached the pinnacle of human consciousness, your sense of SELF expands to embrace all of humanity and you connect to the Collective Consciousness. From Collective Consciousness, your sense of SELF expands to include the planet, and you regain your Planetary Consciousness.

Once your sense of SELF includes the planet, it is natural to perceive your SELF as a member of the Galactic Consciousness. With your full return to your Multidimensional SELF, you move beyond the confines of third/fourth dimensional time and space to embrace, and be, Cosmic Consciousness. To begin and/or strengthen this process, we will guide you by unifying your third and fourth dimensional body with Gaia’s planetary and etheric body.

Gaia’s planetary body represents your third dimensional form.

The lithosphere of Earth contains all of the solid land of the planet’s crust (or surface), the semi-solid land underneath the crust, and the liquid land near the center of the planet. This sphere correlates to the bones and dense matter of your physical form.

Take a long, slow, deep breath to align the bones and matter of your body with Gaia’s Lithosphere…
FEEL how you are ONE with land and the land is ONE with you…


The hydrosphere contains all the solid, liquid, and gaseous water of the planet and correlates to all the fluids within your physical body.

Take another long, slow, deep breath to align the fluids of your body with Gaia’s hydrosphere…
            FEEL how you are ONE with the water and the water is ONE with you…       


The biosphere contains all the planet’s living things, including all of the microorganisms, plants, animals, and humans and correlates to the flora and fauna that reside within your body.

Take another long, slow, deep breath to align the living organisms within your body with Gaia’s biosphere…
FEEL how you are ONE with all life and all life is ONE with you…


Gaia’s atmosphere represents your etheric body.


Upper Atmosphere

The troposphere starts at the Earth’s surface and extends 8 to 14.5 kilometers high. This part of the atmosphere is the densest. Almost all weather is in this region.

            Take a long, slow, deep breath to align with Gaia’s troposphere…
            FEEL how your thoughts and emotions create the “weather” in your aura…
Breathe your aura full of unconditional love to share with Gaia’s troposphere…

Middle Atmosphere

The stratosphere starts just above the troposphere and extends to 50 kilometers high. The ozone layer, which absorbs and scatters the solar ultraviolet radiation, is primarily in this layer.

            Take a long, slow, deep breath to align with Gaia’s stratosphere…
            FEEL the protection of your Soul…
Breathe your aura full of unconditional love from your Soul/SELF and share it with Gaia…

The mesosphere starts just above the stratosphere and extends to 85 kilometers high. In this region, the chemicals of the mesosphere are in an excited state, as they absorb energy from the sun.

            Take a long, slow, deep breath to align with Gaia’s mesosphere…
            FEEL how you absorb the energy of your Multidimensional SELF…
Breathe your aura full of the multidimensional light from your SELF and share it with Gaia…

Upper Atmosphere

The thermosphere, also known as the ionosphere, starts just above the mesosphere and extends to 600 kilometers high. The ionosphere is responsible for absorbing the most energetic photons from the sun.

            Take a long, slow, deep breath to align with Gaia’s thermosphere…

            FEEL how you integrate the unconditional love and light of your SELF…

Breathe your aura full of this Love and Light and share it with Gaia…


The exosphere starts at the top of the thermosphere and continues until it merges with interplanetary gases, or outer space.


            Take a long, slow, deep breath to align with Gaia’s exosphere…

            FEEL how your reality is merging with the fifth dimension…

Breathe your aura full of ALL your fifth dimensional experiences and share them with Gaia…

Once your sense of SELF includes the Earth and Her atmosphere,
Gaia will ascend with you for YOU are the Planet.


(picture by Jan Custer)


Remember dear ones, as you continue your inter-dimensional journey in consciousness, you are expanding your consciousness, not just raising it.  Therefore, as you progress into the higher dimensions you also move more deeply into the lower dimensions. Before we begin the download, we wish to explain more about expansion of consciousness. While you are limited to third dimensional consciousness, you feel separated from all life that resonates above or below that frequency.

You do not raise your consciousness; you expand your consciousness. When you expand your consciousness into the higher frequency of the fourth dimension, it also expands into the lower frequency of the second dimension. Furthermore, you do not forfeit your awareness of the dimensions you have known in your third dimensional lives. Primarily, you will maintain your third dimensional awareness of your human self as you expand your awareness into your fourth dimensional Etheric and superconscious self and your second dimensional, animal and unconscious self.

Then, as you expand your consciousness into your new life, and Lightbody, of the fifth dimension, you maintain your awareness of the fourth dimensional realities of your ethereal self, your third dimensional human self, your second dimensional animal self and your first dimensional cellular self. As you expand your consciousness to include your Multidimensional SELF in the fifth dimension and beyond, you gain a great connection with your first dimensional cellular self, as they are both based on unity. 

When you expand your consciousness to embrace the sixth dimensional matrix of all form that you choose to inhabit in the lower dimensions, you also become aware of the quantum reality where form is created by attention and intention. Hence, your sixth dimensional consciousness creates the matrix for form, and your quantum consciousness allows you to inhabit any form in any reality by attending to the sixth dimensional light of that reality. Quantum light does not travel like third dimensional light, as it exists beyond time and space.  You will perceive that light, or reality, by attending to it with your conscious intention.

The sixth dimension is the “hard drive” for the “divine blueprint” of any and all forms you inhabit in any reality. Your reality is entering a time of paradigm shift in which consciousness precedes form, rather than form preceding consciousness. Because of this, your form does not choose to be conscious. Instead, your consciousness chooses to hold a form. From the perspective of the sixth dimension, form is a holographic light-matrix projected from your Multidimensional SELF to create a vessel which your consciousness can inhabit in a chosen planet, galaxy and/or dimension.

What we are saying is that YOU are your consciousness.  It is not that your consciousness is within your body; instead, your body is within your consciousness. Once you have expanded your consciousness to include the Collective Consciousness, all of humanity is within your consciousness. When you regain your Planetary Consciousness, the entire planet is within your consciousness.  With Galactic Consciousness, the entire galaxy is within your consciousness, and with Cosmic Consciousness the Universe is within your consciousness. These facts have always been true, but as with all spiritual knowledge, you must experience it before you can understand it.

By expanding your consciousness, you progress from Personal Consciousness to Collective Consciousness to Planetary Consciousness to Galactic Consciousness to Cosmic Consciousness. As you begin to awaken, your third dimensional Personal Consciousness expands to include the Collective Consciousness of all humanity. Then, as your consciousness expands into the fourth and second dimensions, you can unite with the Planetary Consciousness of Gaia and ALL Her inhabitants.

When your consciousness expands into the fifth and first dimensions, both of which are based on unity, one planet becomes too small to contain your consciousness, and the entire galaxy becomes your home. It is at that point that you have regained your Galactic Consciousness. As your consciousness expands to embrace the sixth dimension and quantum realities, both of which are free of time and space, you can travel through all reality with a thought and Cosmic Consciousness becomes “normal.”

With the conscious recognition and use of your Cosmic Consciousness, human language becomes totally inadequate as a complete paradigm shift takes place in your perceptions, and only Light Language can express the concepts that swirl through your heart and mind. Downloading Light Language will assist you in the paradigm shift from the third dimensional separation and limitation to multidimensional unity with the ONE. You will connect to and download Light Language in the same manner that you have connected to and integrated with all life—through the power of your unconditional love.



At this time, you may wonder how you can connect with and download Light Language. The answer is simple. Unconditional love is the magnet of the Universe, and it draws to you whatever you love unconditionally. To assist you in expanding your consciousness and experiencing unconditional love, we offer to merge our Arcturian Consciousness with yours. Just as you have entered our Corridor, we are willing to enter your consciousness. You see, we are without form and are of total, pure consciousness.  Will you allow us to merge our consciousness with yours?

“It may be too much of a shock to my system,” you may say.  But, you are the creator of your life. You merge your consciousness with many people, places and things every day. However, you may be unaware of these experiences of Unity. We wish to offer you a merging with the unconditional love of our consciousness, as that is the frequency to which we resonate. 

Another fact of which you may be unaware is that you, too, resonate to the frequency of unconditional love. Just as your ego/self merges with your automobile when you drive and your Spirit/Self merges with a loved one, pet or nature when you are with them, we can show you how to merge with ascended, multidimensional Beings such as we AND your SELF.

We want to share our consciousness of unconditional love with you so that you can remember the unconditional love that is the higher frequency expression of your SELF. We ask that you merge with the unconditional love of Gaia and Her planet. You, as a member of the Planetary Ascension Team, vowed to assist in planetary ascension. As you know, the members of this Team were amongst the first holographic projections to take form on this planet. Now, you have all returned Home to Earth to assist Her in Her return to Her Multidimensional Star SELF. 

Allow us now to breathe our love into your Essence. With your multidimensional perceptions, visualize our mighty corridor. In the same moment of the NOW visualize a small flower in your garden or in a pot on your table.  Unconditional love does not favor the simple or the grand. It simply IS. Just as quantum light can only be perceived when you look at it, unconditional love can only be perceived when you accept it.

Now, as easily as you may bend forward to sniff that flower, breathe in the unconditional gift that we offer.  As you inhale our unconditional love it fills your heart, opening it to bursting.  Then, as softly as the morning Sun caresses the top of your head, allow our Multidimensional Light to enter your Crown.  As you inhale the blend of Love and Light, it creates a concert of memories and experiences of the many lives, planets, dimensions and realities that have filled your multidimensional existence.

Allow these memories to fill your heart with unconditional love and your mind with infinite knowing, which dance into the unity of divine wisdom and infinite creativity. Remember, now, the eons of unconditional love that brought you to this moment. 

Observe as this love flows out into All That Is to create a pathway for the entry of myriad shinning symbols of Light Language. One-by-one, or all at once, these light symbols enter through the portals of your Crown and High Heart.

You do not need to understand their meaning, for they understand you. These symbols are intelligent Beings of Light who have always resonated within your consciousness, whether or not you were aware of them. Therefore, in reality, you are not actually “downloading” them, but “uploading” your consciousness into the YOU that has always been aware of them.  The vision of the symbols entering you are actually an image we provide for your grounded self so that “you” can more easily believe in this process.

However, the expression of your SELF that is in the Corridor knows that YOU are the creator and everything is made up of YOUR consciousness. In order to make the paradigm shift from separation to unity, you must awaken from the dream of duality.  When the dreamer dances awake from the dream of a polarized reality, the full potential of the center point is realized and the illusions of limitation and separation are transcended into the Truth of your Multidimensional SELF.


When you are ready, imagine a huge scroll unfolding before you and the Language of Light bursts forward, symbol-by-symbol. Each symbol holds lifetimes of information. Do not attempt to understand them.  It will be enough for you to accept them into your consciousness. Surrender again to your Soul/SELF and remember that ALL is ONE. Therefore, the scroll before you is merely a projection of your consciousness.

Take a long moment to imagine that each symbol moves from the page, into your consciousness. FEEL how your Soul resonates to each Light Symbol. Breathe each symbol into our earth vessel and integrate it into your daily consciousness.  However, your grounded self does not need to understand these symbols for they are the “code breakers” that will allow you to translate multidimensional messages into your third dimensional language system.

Later, when you are ready, you will see them, draw them, and hear their tone.  Gradually, as you come to KNOW their meaning, you will use them for manifestation and experience.  These symbols are your tickets to the multiverse.  Take a deep breath to inhale every symbol and accept it into your SELF.

Actually, all the symbols have come into you in ONE flash of the NOW.  The inhaling of “every symbol” is your third dimensional brain calibrating to all the symbols by separating them into “each symbol.” The concept of “each symbol” is no longer necessary from our perspective, as each and all are the same term in a resonance without separation.

Surrender now to your Multidimensional SELF and allow the rest of the process to be unconscious to your daily self, as you could easily become overloaded. Carry this sacred information within you until the time that you are called upon to use it. Remember that messages from Beings such as we will enter your awareness in a flash of light. There is no time or space in our reality, and we live in the Flow of the ONE. 

When we call you, or you call us, feel the call in your Third Eye or High Heart. Then relax into the familiar “feel” of unconditional love and allow the message to enter your earth vessel. You can then translate it into third dimensional language through the power of your creative force.  Some of you will write, others will draw, and some may dance, sing, play an instrument and/or run like the wind. In all cases, your surrender to the flow of your divine creativity will translate our message into your daily language.


You may feel as if you are in a cocoon. Your self is the caterpillar in the cocoon and your SELF is about to burst free.  Return now to your vision of being in the fifth dimensional Crystal Temple and standing before the Light Ambassadors of the Galactic Federation. Among the members, you may see Ambassadors from the Pleiades, Antares, Orion, Sirius, Andromeda and Arcturus. There are others as well. However, at this point in your earth “time,” it is these Ambassadors who are in the forefront of helping Earth and Her humans to ascend back into the fifth dimension

“Feel” how all of us send our radiant love-force to you. Experience our unconditional love as it surrounds and caresses you. We are all here NOW ready to communicate and assist you in releasing ALL your beliefs in hardship, ALL your beliefs in fear. Envision yourself encircled by our unconditional love.  Allow our love to be a poultice to draw-out your beliefs in difficulty and all the fear that those beliefs create.

As you absorb our message of love, feel yourself expand. Expand yourself beyond your beliefs and beyond your fears and beyond the circle of ambassadors. Below you, see the semi-circular table and the faces of the Ambassadors.  Their bodies are glowing orbs of light with the semblance of their faces projected directly into your heart.

The projection of their multidimensional essence and unconditional love ignites a memory stored deep in your heart.  Allow this memory to guide you.  Your heart is so light and buoyant that you are floating through the Crystal Temple.  You are moving up, up, up.  You see before you a long stairway that appears to lead to a tower. You allow the pull of the tower to assist you in effortlessly climbing, actually floating above the many stairs.

Dearest, you may have been feeling fatigued because you believe that your human form is too dense to fully embrace your SELF.  Now, from the highest step of the stairway, at the top of the highest tower in the Crystal Temple, direct the awareness of your true Being down, down, down, into the clay form of your physical self.

Imagine this projection as a beacon from your SELF to your Earth life.  The “you” standing at the top of the stairway is YOU, and the “you” seeing these words is a hologram. From your place in the tower, would you like to make any revisions to that hologram? Everything is possible. You are the creator. Your human self may not be able to stop creating illusions, but the YOU at the top of the stairway can easily revise your hologram.

Can you feel your grounded self far below you like a long tail? Can you identify with your SELF who is standing on the top stair of the tower while you also identify with your self in the physical world? From this perspective, can you identify with you, the one who is in the cocoon? 

Feel this cocoon around you, as you also feel yourself standing on the highest step of the Crystal Tower.  If you can imagine that, you can create any reality you desire. Just behind you, you hear a doorway beginning to open, flooding your cocoon with sixth dimensional Light.


Due to the download of Light Language, you may be feeling great fatigue. Also, your meeting with the Light Council may have stirred up more hidden fear and darkness from your many earthly sojourns that you are now ready to release. We will gladly accept the feeling of your hardships if you wish to release them to us.  We feel not their weight, yet we feel your sense of burden.  The responsibility of “being awake” holds no such burden.  On the contrary, it holds only lightness.  Once you are totally awakened, you will realize that you have chosen to create these difficulties to spur you forward in your process of return to SELF.

Yes, we hear your confusion. Why would you want to choose to create hardships?  The answer is that you have believed they will make you grow.  And, since you believed hardships make you grow, they do. Once you are totally awakened, you will no longer have that belief.  On the contrary, you will realize that hardships actually hold you back.  Therefore, they are unnecessary. 

The memory of your challenges may be necessary so that you can encourage others out of their hardships, but you no longer need to participate in hardships.  We say, “No longer need to participate,” as there will be hardships aplenty all around you.  However, you will not take them in, as you will not believe in them.  You will not own them as a part of your reality.

Because this is your ascension life, you all can allow your self to feel the burdens of your old hardships because you are ready to release them. Just as your backpack becomes extremely heavy at the end of a long hike because you know that soon you can put it down, the burden of your hardships has become very heavy as you are now ready to “put it down.”

Once you are the one who is observing the sleeper, you are the one who is fully awakened.  As you fall off to sleep tonight, observe your self in your bed.  See the hardships that float within you aura, and whisper softly in your ear, “I no longer believe in hardship.”



We leave you with a message of love and comfort. We realize that your consciousness is being stretched far beyond what feels comfortable. Your download of greater light is flushing out deeply subconscious patterns that you believed you had long since risen above.  Do not be discouraged, dear ones, for the grand finale of a VERY long play must pull up all unfinished business so that it can be cleared.

There will be no future third dimensional life to carry these burdens into, and old fears within your resonance impede your venture into Light. The threshold of the sixth dimension is especially challenging for it brings you into cellular memory, as well as places you in direct contact with the YOU that you are but are not yet being.

Live now in patience for there is nothing left to learn. The caterpillar is in the cocoon, the seed is in the flower, and the new life is in the womb.  Just as thoughts precede actions, and emotions, consciousness precedes thoughts.  Focus on your consciousness. It is your only eternal treasure and cannot be lost or stolen.

It can, however, be forgotten or travel the waves of light as they move up and down the multidimensional spectrum. Therefore, sit back and enjoy the ride.  Breathe in our gift of unconditional love, which is now eternally in your aura.  You are a brave warrior and an adventurous explorer charting a path into unknown territories.

For a third dimensional reality to ascend an entire planet is novel, indeed.  The remaining fragments of your darkness have come up to be released, and the many hidden secrets that created a reality based on lies and illusion are coming to the foreground. 

Remember to keep your consciousness above the storm and protect your heart with unconditional love.  No longer believe in hardship! Instead, choose to LIVE in the FLOW of the NOW!

We are with you,


Transcript of the 1st october activation* Mary Magdalene


1:10 Key Date Activation & Air Gates 44 – 50
Channelled through Michelle Eloff
Channelled Johannesburg, South Africa on 25 September 2009 for the activation taking place on 1 October 2009

I am Mary Magdalene and I welcome each of you into the divine presence and light of truth, wisdom and opportunity.

The cycle of life is speeding up dramatically; all of you are feeling this. The reason for this is because there are a number of tears within the fabric of the old paradigm, this is allowing for many souls to be released from that paradigm, as a result they are meeting the greater aspects of their authentic self and beginning to integrate the divine and sacred weave of their infinite plan of light.

As the tears within the fabric of the old paradigm increase in size more sleeping souls are exposed to the light; this is vitally important simply because precious Lightworkers we are now going to accelerate the energies even more. Those of you who are working from a more advanced perspective, those of you who are able to integrate higher quotients of light, you are the ones whom we are turning to, the ones whom we rely upon to hold the energies, to the hold the light for these ones and in doing so you will find that everything speeds up within your own life.


Now that you are experiencing so many diverse energies and learning how to manage them within your body and within your life you are discovering the many ways in which energy manifests. The Air Gates teach you the very important process of becoming one with the Higher Intelligence and opening your conscious mind to the higher God/Goddess Mind that you are already one with, which reveals to you the pathways of a new journey.

On the 1st of October there is going to be a new major tear manifesting within the fabric of the old paradigm, this will be the biggest one to date and will release hundreds of thousands of trapped souls, as well as allowing for many of the sleeping souls to rise and meet with these energies so that they too can fully benefit from the energies coming in November, which we have called the Third and Fourth Ascension Waves.

This tear in the fabric of the old paradigm has been building up over the past eight months, the reason why this has been accelerated is because all of you must now begin to apply the Quantum Laws of the Universal Mind. What this means is that each of you need to now seriously contemplate the idea of changing the outcomes of that which has been predicted by the prophets of the past. Modern Science has proved that two atoms can exist in the same place at the same time, which proves the existence of parallel realities ,or alternate realities, therefore the future already exists but which future are you going to bring into your reality? This is where the quantum energies – the science of possibility, takes on a whole new meaning and brings to you many new dimensions of potential and opportunity.

The light which exits inside of you will lead you in that direction, however what is now required is that all of you unite and focus on creating, or rather choosing the outcome that best serves humanity, and it is not necessarily one of destruction or one of breaking down each and everything and everyone in order to rebuild it. You do not have to go that far, you do not have to go to the lengths of experiencing complete destruction in order to rebuild life.

The ancient sciences are now being proven as truth with the use of modern technology and the modern aspects of science. This is important for you to know because it adds a dimension of realism to that which many have considered to perhaps be “airy fairy” or “out there”. The reality of the “out there” world is beginning to wedge its way into the fabric of your new reality, a reality many of you are already tapping into. Miracles should be occurring all the time and for many years now we have spoken of alternate and parallel realities, we have spoken at length of your power to choose different outcomes. Kuthumi has always said if you want to experience a different outcome you need to do something different, for if you continue to do what you have always done you will always get what you have always experienced in the past.

The cycle has changed and we want you to integrate that, to drive that message home to the very core of your being, the patterns of the past need not be repeated to make people aware of the fact that life has changed, that life is changing and can continue to change, therefore the global networks which we established a few months ago when we initiated the first series of Fire Gates is one of the greatest projects of light that we are bringing to the team of Lightworkers around the planet, uniting the sacred portals of light across Mother Earth’s body and within her body, uniting Lightworkers, weaving the light. Lightworkers from every walk of life need to now join together and become one sacred heartbeat focusing with sincere intention on a different outcome to that which the prophets of the past have predicted. I repeat with all of your focused sincere intention you have the power to change the outcome of the predictions of the prophets of the past.

The Air Gates that are being activated for the key date activation of the 1st of October is bringing forth all the energy to make this possible, to unite all Lightworkers across the world in a powerful baptism of light, which is brought forth by the Grand Council of Authentic Ones.

The time for souls to evolve beyond the obsolete and ridiculous is upon you and there is no more time to waste. There is now a powerful sense of urgency motivating souls to take back their power in ways that previously were never conceived by the conscious mind (including your own conscious mind), this is for a very important reason, for with these Air Gates the Portals of Evolution open and grant you access to the deepest recesses of the Almighty Self, where each of you will be assisted in reclaiming an important piece of your soul’s collective puzzle. Once this puzzle is reconstructed, as a collective body you are able to move beyond what you have come to know as being life, as being the world in which you are fated to live through pain, through suffering, war, destruction, starvation and poverty. You are able to move into something far greater and wiser than the human self.

The Portals of Evolution are being activated in Brussels, Zimbabwe and Cambodia and are being aligned with the Crystal Heart in Cairo and the two points in Russia – Moscow and St Petersburg, and will be woven through the Platinum Egg of Light in Turkey. All of these energies will gather together and are going to be held within the heart of Mt Sinai. The reason why it will be held in Mt Sinai is because of its history, the point where God revealed His Light to Moses and brought forth the sacred principles known as the Golden Temple Teachings, which were meant to prepare humanity for this time. There were not only ten tablets that were given to Moses, there were in fact ninety-nine, and once the Emerald Mystery School has been activated these ninety-nine tablets will be ready to be revealed to the rest of the world. A few have already been revealed to these teachings, but the time is ripe for the rest of you to integrate these powerful ninety-nine rays.

So I ask you now to shut your eyes if you have not already and to take a deep breath in and as you exhale relaxing your body, your mind and your spirit, surrendering to the divinity of light and love which exist within you and all around you.

I want you to imagine yourself within an exquisite forest filled with ancient trees and exquisite dimensions of nature in all its forms. Nature holds most of the vital keys of life, light and truth and also contain the vibrations of harmony, grace, beauty and trust. The cycles of life manifest continuously through the voice of nature, and nature trusts the cycles of life and adapts to those changes as Mother Nature and all the elements change.

You are already witnessing how nature is having to adapt to the changes taking place on your planet. Each of you must now also adapt for there are forces far greater than anything or anyone at work. As all the kingdoms of nature adapt so must you.

We ask you now to surrender, to relax, to release and to feel your body merging with the element of earth, merge with the element of water, the element of air and fire and allow the fifth element of Spirit to weave its magic through all four elements which you are now one with.

As your body responds to the elements of nature, which you are one with, the cells of your body begin to adapt to this time which calls for change, which calls for flexibility, fluidity and adaptation. This is a time of mutation, everything is changing, it is all around you and because nature and all its elements are changing and adapting this will automatically begin happening to you.

For eons of time humanity has evolved in their physical world, technologically that is, however spiritually and emotionally there has been very, very little development. Your world is still at war, the powers which control your world have very little consciousness in terms of doing what you will but harming none, for all motivation that comes from most of the powers of your physical world are from the root of greed, fear, victim consciousness, poverty consciousness and that is projected out onto the people of your world. Many of the governments of your world have access to very advanced technology, which has been given to them by races that do not live on your planet, these people who have access to this technology do not necessarily have the high levels of consciousness required to utilise this technology with wisdom and with love.

Now it is time to go back to the roots from whence the ancient teachings of wisdom and love come, and you need to tap into the purity of that power, transport it to the here and now and you, precious powerful Lightworkers, you will use the technology of your soul, the technology of the higher mind of God and Goddess and together we will ensure that the outcome be different, that the outcome not be that which has been predicted to be doom, gloom and destruction. Armageddon exists in another reality as does the thousand years of peace, the so-called Utopia; you have the power to bring that into this reality.

These words which I speak communicate to the deepest parts of your being. and inside of you there is a recognition of the truth of what I say, you know that you have the power to choose a different outcome, and on the 1st of October there is a time, a point in fact, in space and time where the pathways of the alternate realities will cross, when the Portals of Evolution are activated and the seven Air Gates will draw the energy of higher intelligence, ripping through the fabric of the old paradigm to shine light and to reveal to the world that a new world has been chosen, a new outcome is ready to be birthed.

Take a deep breath in, exhaling fully.

Imagine yourself now back in your physical form walking through this magnificent forest until you find yourself in a beautiful crystal garden, waterfall cascading down around you, the beauty of nature speaking to you reminding you of your connection and your oneness with it.

In the centre of this garden is a clearing with a crystal disc and you are asked to place yourself, seated, upon this crystal disc.

The Grand Council of Authentic Ones now enter this garden and they stand around you welcoming you into the dimensions occupied by the hierarchies of light, wisdom and truth. They congratulate you on how far you have come, how much you have achieved and they reveal to you the depth of their love for you.

The Grand Council of Authentic Ones are the Masters who have walked the human pathway on many occasions and chose the Pathway of the Authentic Ones, mastering the world, and now work in service to ensure those souls who have chosen the Pathway of the Authentic Ones reach their goal, and at the same time clear the way for others souls to follow.

I want you now to imagine your personal guides and your Guardian Angel standing with you in this garden.

The crystal disc upon which you are seated now lights up, this light moves up your spine and it moves through your crown chakra igniting a beautiful aura of bright light all around you. In front of you is a magnificent golden eagle, to the right of this eagle is the golden serpent and to the left a golden lion. These three creatures represent the symbols of the new power to come. The serpent, golden serpent, represents the new powers of healing, the eagle represents the new powers of vision and the lion represents the new powers of the voices of truth.

The eagle stands in front of you now, the lion walks to rest its body against your back and the serpent comes to rest coiled up next to you on your left hand side. To the right I want you to call upon one of your own totem animals to take its place there.

These animals also represent the four directions of light and love, wisdom and truth which are contained inside of you. Their presence is initiating an alchemical process inside of your body.

Breathe in deeply, exhaling fully and allow yourself to connect with their energies and listen to what they have to tell you. If there are no words be aware of how you feel, what thoughts are running through your mind, what visions or even memories come to mind?

The Grand Council of Authentic Ones now activate the seven Air Gates. As the wings of the Air Gates spread open their light shines upon you, and as always the whisper of the wind coming from them caresses your energy bodies making way for new light, new wisdom and new energy. The element of air asks you to work with the pure intention of thought, pure intention of vision and to merge with the higher mind of Father God and Mother Goddess.

The animals which surround you now open their chakras to you releasing the ancient wisdom of their symbolism into your conscious mind. Imagine these energies penetrating your mind flowing into the structure of your brain, finding its way to those areas inside of your brain which are ready to be activated, which will help you to fully feel the truth of what nature is ready to tell you and to show you.

Nature has released the signal to all of life that the great change has come, it has begun. This message from nature has sent out another powerful calling, the calling to the guardians of the Earth, the sacred souls of light and love who returned to the Earth to ensure that this vital time of change be held within the Holy Grail, the Cup of Life, and that that which materialises, that which has been called “the end of days” be the beginning of a magnificent new era, an era which represents the light, the wisdom, the truth and love of Heaven.

You are all manifesting the dream, you are the group of souls known as the Authentic Ones in human form who have chosen the pathway to move heaven and earth so to speak, to gather together at this time as an almighty group of humans, of consciousness, of intention and vision and to ensure a whole different outcome.

Take a deep breath in, exhaling fully.

As the light and energy of the crystal disc beneath you begins to increase its energy, you feel the vibrations moving up your spine. Imagine the cells of your body beginning to vibrate and this vibration emits a sound, the animals around you respond to this sound and they answer, and these combined vibrations and sounds move through the Air Gates and move into the entire field of Mother Earth’s body. This is the sound, the call to service, the voice of Mother/Father God commanding all souls of light to awaken, to come now, to gather together, to walk and to work together.

With these energies coursing through your body and reverberating through all the dimension, the Portals of Evolution open. This creates the tear we have spoken of in the fabric of the old paradigm and the heartbeat of these portals are now activated in Brussels, see it moving through to Zimbabwe, to Cambodia, touching the Crystal Heart in Cairo, the Crystal Hearts of St Petersburg and Moscow and moving to Turkey.

Take a deep breath in as you feel all these energies culminate in your heart chakra, and as you breathe out the energies move in every direction making their way to the heart of Mt Sinai and merging with the Emerald Egg of divine wisdom and truth in that place, and this is where the origins of truth, the voice and the sound, the wisdom and the light of Mother/Father God will be resurrected at.

Breathe in deeply, exhaling fully, as the Grand Council of Authentic Ones now come right up to you, the animals make way for them. Each of these beings now lay hands upon your body and you feel, or imagine, great rushes of energy coursing through your chakras once again penetrating the cells of your body into the DNA, into the molecules and into the atoms.

Continue to breathe in and exhale for as their energies combine around you the frequencies that are being emitted are touching the geographic locations of today’s activation, the Portals of Evolution are being birthed in your heart chakra and the light of Father/Mother God pour down upon you – this powerful baptism of light releasing you from the aspects of the old paradigm that still govern you through your subconscious mind.

Breathe in and relax.

Know that these energies are there to support you, as they increase you are now shown two pathways crossing and where they cross a magnificent light explodes, and in the centre of this explosion is a doorway. I want you to see yourself connecting, through your third eye, to this doorway. This is the doorway to the future, beyond that doorway is the world which the prophets of ancient times have spoken of, and there is the pathway to a different outcome, and this is why in many cases some of the prophecies have contradicted themselves, proof that more than one outcome already exists, therefore you are not having to create that reality for it exists already, all you are doing, precious ones, is moving the focus to that outcome, aligning consciousness to flow along the pathway that shall lead all to the outcome of the other world, not the world experiencing death, destruction, pain and suffering.

In your mind’s eye now I want you to see both of these roads, both of these pathways leading to two different outcomes. I want you to feel these energies coursing through your body, running along this pathway and now through this doorway and along the pathway to the outcome of peace and harmony.

With all your energy, with all your strength and your might drive these energies along that pathway strengthening the light, strengthening the current of energy that shall draw the collective consciousness up along that current. Use your heart, your mind, your intention, your vision and your power to magnetize that pathway, for as it is magnified more souls will be drawn to it.

Breathe in deeply, exhaling fully, as the baptism of light now increases in its downpour upon you. This light is penetrating the cells of your brain creating pathways of communication with the other worlds and reviving those parts of your brain which have been dormant for the entirety of your current lifetime.

So you move beyond the 10% or so that humanity utilises on average and you are moving beyond those paradigms, you are moving beyond the obsolete and the ridiculous, you are drawing that magnetic energy motivating souls to take back their power in a whole new way, you are drawing that into the collective consciousness.

Take a deep breath in now and as you exhale magnetise and amplify that energy, feel it moving through space and time, through Mother Earth’s body, into her chakras merging with the Portals of Evolution in Brussels, Zimbabwe and Cambodia, moving it through to Cairo, St Petersburg and Moscow, through to Turkey and through to Mt Sinai and a magnificent grid of magnetic energy is activated, and those energies now extend billions of filaments of light and energy out to the rest of the world spreading that light, that magnetic energy into every atom of Mother Earth’s body, merging with the fabric of the New World, which each of you are choosing to align your consciousness with, which each of you are choosing to have as your reality. Remember you do not have to create it, it already exists, all you need do is move toward it.

Take another deep breath in exhaling fully, as the Grand Council now stand up moving back, the animals coming to you again. This time the golden eagle settles itself upon your crown chakra. The lion now lies in the front of your body and the golden serpent coils itself at the base of your spine and the totem animal which you have chosen to be with you now rests itself on your lap.

Focus on their energies, feel the warmth of their bodies, the vibrations of their energies. Feel their heartbeats, their breath, feel the movement of their power merging with yours. Surrender and relax as this next phase of divinity becomes one with you.

The Air Gates are now fully activated in your energy field.

The Grand Council of Authentic Ones indicate that the baptism of light is now complete and the Portals of Evolution have opened and you have reached in and accessed one of the deepest recesses of your Almighty Self, and the process of reclaiming the important piece of your soul’s collective puzzle is initiated.

Breathe in deeply, relaxing as you exhale. As the light from the crystal grid beneath you now merges with your spine and is absorbed into the cells of your body becoming one with you. The energies of the four animals with you also unite their light with yours. Give thanks for this.

Ensure that you maintain your connection to that doorway knowing which pathway you have chosen. In your meditations or in your quiet time take at least ten minutes out of your day to magnetize the energy on that pathway imaging all souls who are ready to awaken choosing the reality of peace which already exists. Share this information with others, let them know that there is no need to create a new future, all they need do is choose to focus their intentions on that future which already exists.

The Grand Council of Authentic Ones now greet you, thanking you for making your choice to receive the baptism of life. The Air Gates have merged with your chakras. The elements of nature thank you and now it is your turn to give thanks.

Gently begin to draw your consciousness back into your physical body.

Breathe in deeply, exhaling fully, drawing your energy into your body, extending it into the core of Mother Earth’s body grounding you and bringing you back. Place the palms of your hands upon the floor. Give thanks to Mother Earth for her service, for her support and for her light, her love.

Stretch your arms, stretch your legs, straighten your spine and ensure that you are fully grounded back in your body.

Take another deep breath in, exhale fully and know that you are still connected to all the energies that were activated.

Precious Lightworkers this is a great turning point in humanities spiritual and emotional evolution. All souls who have chosen to awaken will witness the greatest leap in evolution in Earth’s spiritual and emotional history. Never in Earth’s spiritual history have so many souls been given the opportunity simultaneously to have access to such high levels of intelligence, wisdom and love, spiritual and soul technology. This is the final phase, the final cycle, from this point something new will be birthed and you are playing a major role in determining what that new world will be. Remember my words, you do not have to create it, it already exists. If death, war and destruction exist then its opposite exists too, never forget that, never forget that you have the power of freewill to choose a different outcome, why? Because as I said it already exists, therefore it is your divine right to experience it, if that is what you choose.

I ask all of you to share this information like I said earlier, make people aware of the fact that this is the time now where the pathways cross, where that turning point is activated and the magnetic flows of energy can change the future outcome.

You can influence the outcome of your world, and if there are enough of you gathered together, which is one of the motivations behind our global project with all of you, with that power of intention and magnetism at play you can counteract the negative projections of your governments worldwide. I mean that, for you have us behind you and as we collaborate, yes, it will be a new force to reckon with, not a force of darkness, a force of love and this is where we fight fire with fire, the fire which is the raw power of Spirit, the light of Spirit and we use that to transmute the fire of rage, anger and revenge and turn it into a powerful new force of motivation, inspiration and action which drives the souls of light to align with a different reality, a different outcome and we are honoured and most grateful to each and every one of you for choosing to work with us in this manner.

May your light continue to grow, to strengthen, to shine and may each of you stand confidently in your light.

I am Mary Magdalene, au revoir.


St. Germaine* One Thing


One Thing
Sarrinn with St. Germaine through Daniele DeVoe

Greetings, dear lightworkers! With each new awakening, the light of
your sweet Earth grows brighter, stronger and healthier. Are you aware
of that? One of the most frequently asked questions, a question asked
both by those who believe in the divinity of humankind and those who
do not, is: How do we save our planet from the terrible damage that
is being inflicted upon her by humanity’s greed and ignorance? Most
people want to discover new technologies and stop antiquated
techniques that pollute and damage your world. New laws are being
proposed and passed and wars are being fought—prevention and
accusation seem to be the energy of most of this work. And the few
who are solution-oriented are ignored, ridiculed or disempowered.

And so today we would like to give you one thing that you can do to
change it all.

Are you solid in your understanding that you are now living on a
planet that has shifted to enlightened life? Do you know that your
dimension, the one you are living in now, is the omni-dimension?

Change Is Required

Even as these words are being written by our channel, we can feel the
excitement of many of you reading, and we can feel the utter
disappointment of many of you as well. Why? Because so many of you
were depending upon the “great shift” to save the day—to heal reality
in the blink of an eye, to heal the world and, along with that, to
heal your lives. And yet we say that the great shift has happened and
you see quite clearly that nothing has changed. In fact, the
chaos is worse and the world is even more deeply in trouble than ever
before. And still today, we will give you one thing that you can do to
change it all.

One of the most confusing issues you are all facing in this chaos is
that of global community versus isolationism. Hours of debate are
ongoing that run the gamut from protecting country borders to
becoming one global economy. And the political arena is even more
chaotic as power shifts and change flows, even in those countries
dedicated to maintaining their traditional policies and way of life.
One thing can change all of that in your reality, your life, your world.
You do understand that, if the process is not working for you—if
you are not happy, secure and growing—then change of some sort
is required. Right?


• The shift has already happened—shifting your own personal experience
requires that you begin to think omniversally.
• To move beyond imagination, you must surrender that which you
“think” you know.
• Chaos doesn’t necessarily translate into drama. Transform the chaos
in your life into inspiration.

Think Omniversally, Act Locally

If you are now living in the omniverse and your world looks the same
as it always has, or worse, change must be activated in order to
welcome the heaven on Earth that is available to a world living in
enlightened energies, right? And that change, that one thing that will
transmute and transform it all, is for humans to begin thinking
omniversal thoughts.

Over the past several years, as you heard statements like, “Change
your thoughts and you change your life” or “There is nothing more
important in your life than that you feel good,” what did you do about
it? Did you begin a strong and consistent program of changing your
thoughts? Did you concentrate on developing more positive attitudes
so that you began to feel good most of the time? Did you begin to
consider what the “soul-utions” to your problems were rather than
study and focus upon what was going wrong?
Did you simply depend upon the thought that, some happy day in the
future, the shift would fill you with happy thoughts and warm, fuzzy
emotions? In the omniverse, thoughts that are blessed with emotion are
manifested into reality instantaneously. So what would you expect the
world to look like if you live in an omniverse and think 3D or 4D
thoughts? Wouldn’t it create a fully functional 3D or 4D experience?
So we call “thinking omniversal thoughts” the one thing you can do
to shift your personal experience. Does this mean that it is the only
thing? Of course not! As always, there are as many pathways to Source
as there are stars in the sky,and more. What we are offering here
is one of those pathways, uniquely accessible now to everyone on
your planet.

To add to the joy of this concept, we also wish you to know that you
are not alone in this effort! You have help. And since you have been
asking for help— some of you have been begging for help—we thought it
would encourage you to hear that you have it. The Masters of Light are
dedicated to the success of your world’s ascension. The angelic realm
is dedicated to the success of your world’s ascension. The ascended
masters, lightworkers throughout the universe, Universal Mind and All
That Is—all are united in dedication to the success of your world’s
ascension. And, in case you are unaware of the doorways that open
when omniversal living is achieved, your future is dedicated to that
success and affirms that, from the future’s perspective, the success
has already occurred!

Attune to Your Inner Being

So it is time to take the mandate to think omniversally seriously and
get to work. As you do, become soul-ution oriented immediately. It is
easy to make pithy observations about problems in your world; it is
empowering to consider, contemplate and share valuable and workable
answers to those problems. We suggest that you begin to talk about
potentials and ideas with your family and friends, and as you do,
listen to their ideas too. When you create a dialogue, ideas tend to
clarify and expand rather than incite and hurt. And as your ideas
evolve and move through your friends and community, change happens.

Attuning to your own emotions through meditation and contemplation
will give you the ability to be in command of your emotions while
aligning with and performing well with your own inner guidance. We are
often asked how a person learns to trust their guides successfully.
That trust comes from repeated practice—from attuning to your own
inner being who speaks to you with the language that you call emotion.
When you spend a few minutes each day communing and contemplating with
your inner being, you develop the sensitivity to read its messages.
And as you develop this communication, you also find that you have a
friend who is with you 24/7 and who never, ever lies to you. Isn’t
that what you have been asking for? We have heard all the reasons why
humans will not or cannot meditate, and we lovingly suggest that,
rather than focus on the lack of time, mental focus or negativity of
your life, focus on solutions such as meditating while you go to sleep
at night or in the shower or while you perform some repetitive
activity that helps you to enter the zone and lose track of time. And
yes, we agree, meditations while driving are not good choices for
most humans!

Once you are in the zone, notice how you feel: Do you feel good or do
you feel bad? If you feel good, follow that and expand it. If you feel
bad, ask why and allow the answer to be quick. Then shift your
thoughts within your meditation to something that makes you feel good.
What the thoughts might be isn’t important—Kittens and puppies? World
peace? The being you love most? French fries? What makes you feel
good? Contemplate that in your meditation, and follow that joyous flow
to the higher resonance it initiates, and live there.

A World Beyond Your Imagination

Learn to think according to the energies of the omniverse. The doorway
to the omniverse is imagination. This is an old teaching, and it is a
true teaching. The problem with this is that imagination is not the
omniverse, it is the doorway to it.
Imagination—what you imagine—is derived from what you know already,
and what you know already is the 3D and 4D world. To attain success in
the omniverse, it is necessary to go through the doorway and beyond

Have you ever asked for help in the realization of a goal or dream and
then asked that your inner guidance, your soul or your divine self
help you to take that dream beyond imagination? If so, good job! If
not, realize that you will need to surrender what you think you know
in order to do this. And that the rewards for doing it are literally
beyond imagination! Also, please be aware that as you move beyond
imagination, one of the first byproducts of this movement is chaos.
But this is not the chaos that destroys or confuses; it is the chaos
that adds technicolor, passion and inspiration to life. Beyond the
chaos, creativity awaits—5D+ living awaits. Ascension awaits.
Peace, joy and self-realization await—you, and everyone else.

Beyond imagination is a world where everyone “gets it.” Did you know
that the judgment that others are not ready is one of the main reasons
you don’t get it? Being unable to imagine life without drama as the
main inspiration for growth also holds back many lightworkers.
Being unable to imagine lives inspired by creativity, filled with days
of peace and gifted with inspired and passionate life trips—many up
and close the door on the very fulfillment they have worked for
through hundreds of incarnations. So when you simply can’t imagine a
world like that, relax, surrender and allow your dream to reach beyond
imagination. Trust your own inner being to tell you if you are on the
wrong track. Realize that the chaos that is rampant in your reality
lately can be siphoned into joyous flows of inspiration.

This is truly the time of the great awakening that has been promised
by so many prophets and masters across eons of time. And as this time
is realized, time will cease to exist, life will continue and
humankind will remember the truth of who they are. And, by the way,
every great movement needs leaders. Any volunteers? Namasté!

Daniele DeVoe


The Ascending Cosmic Pulse* ~~ 9~9~9 CRYSTALLINE TRANSMISSION ~~


The Ascending Cosmic Pulse
By Shala Mata

The energy of September births hard and intense as we begin the build to several powerful transmissions that will challenge every emotional and physical construct that requires change. Most are feeling overwhelmed and anxious as our emotions stream through our physical body. “Lets get Physical” could easily be the mantra for September.

The sense for urgency to rush forward only to stand still has been building since the Solstice in June. The powerful eclipses of July further examined every and all forms of “relationship” in our lives. Our communication with our hearts, guides, angels, loved ones and our soul are being calibrated to be transparent and congruent.

The brilliant light of the Full Moon on Sept 4th is a beacon to help us navigate the coming transmissions this month. There is so much occurring on so many levels that it is and will continue to be an on going challenge to remain focused and in our hearts as deep levels of our being are calibrated with the new frequencies and shifts.

September’s energy is pregnant with opportunity to refine and once again re-calibrate the shadow parts of our being. Even though the past several months have been an intense school the true “new beginnings” will begin this month. Every relationship will have the potential to be refined and new. We will be drawn further into the sacred space of our heart, providing we anchor and allow the frequency of love to flow within our physical and subtle bodies. crystal.jpg - 20346 Bytes

The crystalline transmission of the 9~9~9 (Sept 9/09) is a particularly powerful gateway or portal that holds great anticipation for lightworkers and starseeds across our beloved planet. We are in truth becoming crystalline beings as is our beloved Mother. The transmission of 9~9~9 is a coded awakener timed for this moment of our evolution. 9~9~9 numerically equals 11 as does the year 2009. 11 has always been a strong spiritual number that speaks to our evolutionary path. This year has been a challenge to walk our path and remain focused on the greater aspects of our being. The gateway of the 9~9~9 opens the grand preparation to the even more potent 11~11~11 coming in November.

The crystalline transmission coming through the Central Sun will hold a higher frequency of the golden christ diamond light and will further support and enhance the christ grid within and around our planet. All crystals will be activated on the planet and that includes the crystalline forms within our physical body. We are a mass of interfacing matrices or lattices of light and sound. Crystals contain a similar matrix and communicate with our DNA in proportion to our personal harmonic signature and frequency bandwidth. During this transmission our cells will vibrate faster as they match the new frequencies that our Mother Earth is downloading.

Our lightbody will be the first line of receiving this divine light, which will then continue to merge with physical, emotional, mental and spirit bodies over the coming weeks. We are all a divine expression of the creator light and our physical body will feel this particular transmission in a profound way.

Over the past months many of us have been merging old patterns and emotional issues through our communication and relationships. I have written in past issues this year the vital need for transparent communication, where the energy matches the words spoken or thought.

Over the past couple of weeks in particular we have moved through another dense level of energy that felt very intense. The feeling of frustration and a low level anxiety just under the surface has tweaked our nervous systems into a fight or flight energy pattern. This of course further interrupts our sleep, digestion and over all well being. Events and circumstances seem to thick with delay and a general sense of fatigue and malaise has been experienced by many.

Infections, flu, sore throats, headaches, neck and back pain, muscle cramps and a bone deep tired have been many of the complaints I’ve seen in my practise. Lower leg cramps, swelling and a feeling of being disconnected from source have also been present. We are never disconnected but when new energy is preparing to download and the old is making space, we can often feel a “void” in our energy.

During these times our communication can become impatient, we can feel cranky as we literally walk between two worlds. We are re-tuning and refining our new reality matrix and what we wish to co-create for ourselves personally and for the collective.

Bits and pieces of the old and the new are forming a new pattern in our energy blueprint, and our faithful beloved physical body is having to cope with a myriad of energy re-calibrations.

Our heart is the true vessel for the crystalline transmission and over the coming weeks we will be able to house and hold more of this energy. A feeling of fullness in the chest is a common sensation as we merge more deeply in this transmission. Many groups around the world will be meeting in workshops and holding ceremony to ground this energy. Wherever you find yourself on the 9~9~9 is perfect. We can connect with the crystalline heart of our beloved mother and offer ourselves as vehicles in service to our ascension preparation.

Our beloved whales and dolphins hold a pivitol role in this energy transmission, as they are the “grid holders” and “keepers” for our planet. They too will also be downloading this energy and will be available to anyone wanting to connect with them during the download. StarChildL.jpg - 144092 Bytes

Image Courtesy of Jean Luc Bozolli

What all of this means is that things will start to become more clear and transparent over the next weeks, and that feeling of rushing forward to sit still will begin to move. The energy of this month will prepare us for the 11~11 and each day will offer more and more levels of re-calibration. It helps to remember that we came here to experience this exact journey and we are all in this together.

Sept 6th Mercury goes retrograde, which will focus energy on relationship and communication. A common theme these past few months. This timing will support a deep look at what relationships in our lives aren’t working and examine the reasons and ways to repair. What expectations do we hold in these relationships is a good place to start.

Sept 18th brings the sultry magic of the New Moon. This new moon will be a powerful opportunity to weave our new garment of light that each of us is preparing to model. New patterns will emerge from all the seeds planted these past months. Be a witness to your dreams and create your new reality.

Sept 21st brings the Fall Equinox in the northern hemisphere and Spring in the Southern hemisphere. This is always a time of ceremony and honouring as the light and day and night are equal in length. Connect deeply with the crystals of the Earth and hold the sacredness of our Beloved Mother in your heart.

Last month I wrote on Integrating our Shadow Self. We are by no means complete with this exercise, and the shadow energy will continue to dance with us as we face old fears, judgements and self-doubt that we have directed toward ourselves and others. We are moving swiftly through a consciousness evolution that during this month will release emotional stress and old physical energy patterns.

Our most precious gift during this time is our sacred heart, where within holds the true gateway to our whole being, and all aspects of our higher dimensional selves. The chalice of your beloved is you, and all relationships that flow to each of us is a reflection of our love. All of our chakras are being re-wired or coded to accept the crystalline energies flooding our being this month.

It is a time of great excitement in the higher realms as all of the Archangels, Ascended Masters and starseed planetary families unite with us through our heart. The final three months of 2009 will be the most potent we have ever experienced upon our beloved Mother Earth.

The illuminated light flowing through the crystalline transmission is a testament to our devotion and help further transform our ascension process. During this month of such immense and powerful divine feminine light, take time in whatever manner feels right to honour yourselves, your journey and the honour of holding light for our Beloved Mother Earth.

Keep shining your gorgeous Light

Love and Deep Blessings,


© Shala Mata 2009


What To Do When Dawdling in Downtime



Anyone out there?

If you have been feeling like things are eerily quiet and still right now, that’s cuz things are eerily quiet and still right now.

Which is exactly why I am writing…

As details finalize and our lives rearrange themselves to match the new energies we have been downloading since May…and most recently since the eclipse sandwich/lions gate opening/World Conference on Illumination… we are in that familiar (and annoying) vortex of nothingness… clearing, integrating and yes, waiting to reconnect with those higher frequencies.

As we sit (bored out of our fricken minds) in this holding cell of silence with so little energy/activity/connection/inspiration/motivation, scant communication with our higher guidance, an inability to move forward and wondering which end is up…oh yeah, and with sea sickness from the vertigo of the frequency flu…much of our time is spent on the sofa praying for confirmations that we are still on track and that this torture will end before our lives do.

While in the void…and especially this most recent one which carries the vibration of GREAT anticipation of endings/beginnings, new perceptions & the hope of those high vibrations of fulfillment/peace/ joy, etc…I often get a lot of questions from many peeps around the world regarding this still-time…and they go something like this:

“Is there something specific I’m supposed to be doing right now? I feel confused about my next steps, what are they? Nobody’s returning my calls or emails, does that mean my projects are dead? I feel very alone and unable to connect with my loved ones…why? All my manifestations and abundance have been completely cut off…what gives? You mention we should get ready for this new phase, how can we do that? What does it mean exactly?””

So I thought I would quickly explain…in 3d terms… where we are now, what we are being urged to do and what for.

Mostly, we are being supported right now to wrap up/let go of any remaining goo from the past (mentally, emotionally AND physically), to get our lives in order as much as we can and get really clear about only what we WANT so when we are fully connected again, the new and fast moving energies will serve to support only our truest and most purified desires. If we use this time (energy) wisely, much else will have been completely eliminated which will serve to save us from minor, but avoidable chaos in the future.

Depending on where you are on the physical part of your journey…ie, how much of your potential you have grounded into form…this subtle spiritual nudge can vary, but mostly it can manifest as a desire to organize, consolidate, clean out your closets/drawers, donate lots of stuff, get caught up on paperwork/filing/bills, complete or update old projects, erase your internet browser cache/update your bookmarks, eliminate unnecessary emails, etc. You may even be urged to update your technology or buy new technology to match your new frequency and that of the new grid.

Symbolically, its like we’re nearing our due date and so we must quickly finish up with the nursery preparations and get everything in order so when baby comes we can devote all our time and energy to this new life….because just like the birth of a new child, it will be an all encompassing whirlwind of change!

If you were one who experienced those quickened manifestations from the fast moving energy that directly followed the eclipse in August, you will know exactly what I mean. The flood gates cracked open, if even only for 9 seconds, just to give us a glimpse of whats to come and to really encourage us to prepare for it.

I, for one, panicked in my usual overreactive way and started to reassemble my whole life as though I would somehow be washed away in some perfect storm of creative flow. I boarded up the windows, unplugged all the phones and cancelled any obligatory events for the month of September. The less dramatic of you may have just swept your patio and called it a day.

Since there is very little connection to the new timeline right now…and since inspiration, new ideas, new people & opportunities will be hard to come by until we are reconnected… it really is a great time to wrap up the past, clear the clutter and clean the slate for those exciting new beginnings and next level creations to come flooding into your life.

Truth is that when you have purified your inner self to the point of complete simplicity, your outer environment will naturally adapt to your new perspective. When everything in your outer life is simplified to reflect ONLY those things that you desire to add your energy to, then none of your energy is wasted on what no longer serves your highest and best intentions.

This narrowly focused state of consciousness encourages the streamlined self-containment and self-sustainability that the ascension process ensures for all us, as well as to provide the foundation for a life of expansion and most importantly, one of our conscious choosing.

So if you are wanting to capitalize on the present stillness from this most recent cycle, there are three things you can do right now that will be of great benefit to you in a very short period of time:

1) Get Clear -decide what you want
2) DeClutter -release what you don’t want
3) Choose- focus solely on what you want

…then pay attention and see where those three steps take you by the end of September.

Wishing you fun-filled holiday weekend!


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