Transcript of the 1st october activation* Mary Magdalene


1:10 Key Date Activation & Air Gates 44 – 50
Channelled through Michelle Eloff
Channelled Johannesburg, South Africa on 25 September 2009 for the activation taking place on 1 October 2009

I am Mary Magdalene and I welcome each of you into the divine presence and light of truth, wisdom and opportunity.

The cycle of life is speeding up dramatically; all of you are feeling this. The reason for this is because there are a number of tears within the fabric of the old paradigm, this is allowing for many souls to be released from that paradigm, as a result they are meeting the greater aspects of their authentic self and beginning to integrate the divine and sacred weave of their infinite plan of light.

As the tears within the fabric of the old paradigm increase in size more sleeping souls are exposed to the light; this is vitally important simply because precious Lightworkers we are now going to accelerate the energies even more. Those of you who are working from a more advanced perspective, those of you who are able to integrate higher quotients of light, you are the ones whom we are turning to, the ones whom we rely upon to hold the energies, to the hold the light for these ones and in doing so you will find that everything speeds up within your own life.


Now that you are experiencing so many diverse energies and learning how to manage them within your body and within your life you are discovering the many ways in which energy manifests. The Air Gates teach you the very important process of becoming one with the Higher Intelligence and opening your conscious mind to the higher God/Goddess Mind that you are already one with, which reveals to you the pathways of a new journey.

On the 1st of October there is going to be a new major tear manifesting within the fabric of the old paradigm, this will be the biggest one to date and will release hundreds of thousands of trapped souls, as well as allowing for many of the sleeping souls to rise and meet with these energies so that they too can fully benefit from the energies coming in November, which we have called the Third and Fourth Ascension Waves.

This tear in the fabric of the old paradigm has been building up over the past eight months, the reason why this has been accelerated is because all of you must now begin to apply the Quantum Laws of the Universal Mind. What this means is that each of you need to now seriously contemplate the idea of changing the outcomes of that which has been predicted by the prophets of the past. Modern Science has proved that two atoms can exist in the same place at the same time, which proves the existence of parallel realities ,or alternate realities, therefore the future already exists but which future are you going to bring into your reality? This is where the quantum energies – the science of possibility, takes on a whole new meaning and brings to you many new dimensions of potential and opportunity.

The light which exits inside of you will lead you in that direction, however what is now required is that all of you unite and focus on creating, or rather choosing the outcome that best serves humanity, and it is not necessarily one of destruction or one of breaking down each and everything and everyone in order to rebuild it. You do not have to go that far, you do not have to go to the lengths of experiencing complete destruction in order to rebuild life.

The ancient sciences are now being proven as truth with the use of modern technology and the modern aspects of science. This is important for you to know because it adds a dimension of realism to that which many have considered to perhaps be “airy fairy” or “out there”. The reality of the “out there” world is beginning to wedge its way into the fabric of your new reality, a reality many of you are already tapping into. Miracles should be occurring all the time and for many years now we have spoken of alternate and parallel realities, we have spoken at length of your power to choose different outcomes. Kuthumi has always said if you want to experience a different outcome you need to do something different, for if you continue to do what you have always done you will always get what you have always experienced in the past.

The cycle has changed and we want you to integrate that, to drive that message home to the very core of your being, the patterns of the past need not be repeated to make people aware of the fact that life has changed, that life is changing and can continue to change, therefore the global networks which we established a few months ago when we initiated the first series of Fire Gates is one of the greatest projects of light that we are bringing to the team of Lightworkers around the planet, uniting the sacred portals of light across Mother Earth’s body and within her body, uniting Lightworkers, weaving the light. Lightworkers from every walk of life need to now join together and become one sacred heartbeat focusing with sincere intention on a different outcome to that which the prophets of the past have predicted. I repeat with all of your focused sincere intention you have the power to change the outcome of the predictions of the prophets of the past.

The Air Gates that are being activated for the key date activation of the 1st of October is bringing forth all the energy to make this possible, to unite all Lightworkers across the world in a powerful baptism of light, which is brought forth by the Grand Council of Authentic Ones.

The time for souls to evolve beyond the obsolete and ridiculous is upon you and there is no more time to waste. There is now a powerful sense of urgency motivating souls to take back their power in ways that previously were never conceived by the conscious mind (including your own conscious mind), this is for a very important reason, for with these Air Gates the Portals of Evolution open and grant you access to the deepest recesses of the Almighty Self, where each of you will be assisted in reclaiming an important piece of your soul’s collective puzzle. Once this puzzle is reconstructed, as a collective body you are able to move beyond what you have come to know as being life, as being the world in which you are fated to live through pain, through suffering, war, destruction, starvation and poverty. You are able to move into something far greater and wiser than the human self.

The Portals of Evolution are being activated in Brussels, Zimbabwe and Cambodia and are being aligned with the Crystal Heart in Cairo and the two points in Russia – Moscow and St Petersburg, and will be woven through the Platinum Egg of Light in Turkey. All of these energies will gather together and are going to be held within the heart of Mt Sinai. The reason why it will be held in Mt Sinai is because of its history, the point where God revealed His Light to Moses and brought forth the sacred principles known as the Golden Temple Teachings, which were meant to prepare humanity for this time. There were not only ten tablets that were given to Moses, there were in fact ninety-nine, and once the Emerald Mystery School has been activated these ninety-nine tablets will be ready to be revealed to the rest of the world. A few have already been revealed to these teachings, but the time is ripe for the rest of you to integrate these powerful ninety-nine rays.

So I ask you now to shut your eyes if you have not already and to take a deep breath in and as you exhale relaxing your body, your mind and your spirit, surrendering to the divinity of light and love which exist within you and all around you.

I want you to imagine yourself within an exquisite forest filled with ancient trees and exquisite dimensions of nature in all its forms. Nature holds most of the vital keys of life, light and truth and also contain the vibrations of harmony, grace, beauty and trust. The cycles of life manifest continuously through the voice of nature, and nature trusts the cycles of life and adapts to those changes as Mother Nature and all the elements change.

You are already witnessing how nature is having to adapt to the changes taking place on your planet. Each of you must now also adapt for there are forces far greater than anything or anyone at work. As all the kingdoms of nature adapt so must you.

We ask you now to surrender, to relax, to release and to feel your body merging with the element of earth, merge with the element of water, the element of air and fire and allow the fifth element of Spirit to weave its magic through all four elements which you are now one with.

As your body responds to the elements of nature, which you are one with, the cells of your body begin to adapt to this time which calls for change, which calls for flexibility, fluidity and adaptation. This is a time of mutation, everything is changing, it is all around you and because nature and all its elements are changing and adapting this will automatically begin happening to you.

For eons of time humanity has evolved in their physical world, technologically that is, however spiritually and emotionally there has been very, very little development. Your world is still at war, the powers which control your world have very little consciousness in terms of doing what you will but harming none, for all motivation that comes from most of the powers of your physical world are from the root of greed, fear, victim consciousness, poverty consciousness and that is projected out onto the people of your world. Many of the governments of your world have access to very advanced technology, which has been given to them by races that do not live on your planet, these people who have access to this technology do not necessarily have the high levels of consciousness required to utilise this technology with wisdom and with love.

Now it is time to go back to the roots from whence the ancient teachings of wisdom and love come, and you need to tap into the purity of that power, transport it to the here and now and you, precious powerful Lightworkers, you will use the technology of your soul, the technology of the higher mind of God and Goddess and together we will ensure that the outcome be different, that the outcome not be that which has been predicted to be doom, gloom and destruction. Armageddon exists in another reality as does the thousand years of peace, the so-called Utopia; you have the power to bring that into this reality.

These words which I speak communicate to the deepest parts of your being. and inside of you there is a recognition of the truth of what I say, you know that you have the power to choose a different outcome, and on the 1st of October there is a time, a point in fact, in space and time where the pathways of the alternate realities will cross, when the Portals of Evolution are activated and the seven Air Gates will draw the energy of higher intelligence, ripping through the fabric of the old paradigm to shine light and to reveal to the world that a new world has been chosen, a new outcome is ready to be birthed.

Take a deep breath in, exhaling fully.

Imagine yourself now back in your physical form walking through this magnificent forest until you find yourself in a beautiful crystal garden, waterfall cascading down around you, the beauty of nature speaking to you reminding you of your connection and your oneness with it.

In the centre of this garden is a clearing with a crystal disc and you are asked to place yourself, seated, upon this crystal disc.

The Grand Council of Authentic Ones now enter this garden and they stand around you welcoming you into the dimensions occupied by the hierarchies of light, wisdom and truth. They congratulate you on how far you have come, how much you have achieved and they reveal to you the depth of their love for you.

The Grand Council of Authentic Ones are the Masters who have walked the human pathway on many occasions and chose the Pathway of the Authentic Ones, mastering the world, and now work in service to ensure those souls who have chosen the Pathway of the Authentic Ones reach their goal, and at the same time clear the way for others souls to follow.

I want you now to imagine your personal guides and your Guardian Angel standing with you in this garden.

The crystal disc upon which you are seated now lights up, this light moves up your spine and it moves through your crown chakra igniting a beautiful aura of bright light all around you. In front of you is a magnificent golden eagle, to the right of this eagle is the golden serpent and to the left a golden lion. These three creatures represent the symbols of the new power to come. The serpent, golden serpent, represents the new powers of healing, the eagle represents the new powers of vision and the lion represents the new powers of the voices of truth.

The eagle stands in front of you now, the lion walks to rest its body against your back and the serpent comes to rest coiled up next to you on your left hand side. To the right I want you to call upon one of your own totem animals to take its place there.

These animals also represent the four directions of light and love, wisdom and truth which are contained inside of you. Their presence is initiating an alchemical process inside of your body.

Breathe in deeply, exhaling fully and allow yourself to connect with their energies and listen to what they have to tell you. If there are no words be aware of how you feel, what thoughts are running through your mind, what visions or even memories come to mind?

The Grand Council of Authentic Ones now activate the seven Air Gates. As the wings of the Air Gates spread open their light shines upon you, and as always the whisper of the wind coming from them caresses your energy bodies making way for new light, new wisdom and new energy. The element of air asks you to work with the pure intention of thought, pure intention of vision and to merge with the higher mind of Father God and Mother Goddess.

The animals which surround you now open their chakras to you releasing the ancient wisdom of their symbolism into your conscious mind. Imagine these energies penetrating your mind flowing into the structure of your brain, finding its way to those areas inside of your brain which are ready to be activated, which will help you to fully feel the truth of what nature is ready to tell you and to show you.

Nature has released the signal to all of life that the great change has come, it has begun. This message from nature has sent out another powerful calling, the calling to the guardians of the Earth, the sacred souls of light and love who returned to the Earth to ensure that this vital time of change be held within the Holy Grail, the Cup of Life, and that that which materialises, that which has been called “the end of days” be the beginning of a magnificent new era, an era which represents the light, the wisdom, the truth and love of Heaven.

You are all manifesting the dream, you are the group of souls known as the Authentic Ones in human form who have chosen the pathway to move heaven and earth so to speak, to gather together at this time as an almighty group of humans, of consciousness, of intention and vision and to ensure a whole different outcome.

Take a deep breath in, exhaling fully.

As the light and energy of the crystal disc beneath you begins to increase its energy, you feel the vibrations moving up your spine. Imagine the cells of your body beginning to vibrate and this vibration emits a sound, the animals around you respond to this sound and they answer, and these combined vibrations and sounds move through the Air Gates and move into the entire field of Mother Earth’s body. This is the sound, the call to service, the voice of Mother/Father God commanding all souls of light to awaken, to come now, to gather together, to walk and to work together.

With these energies coursing through your body and reverberating through all the dimension, the Portals of Evolution open. This creates the tear we have spoken of in the fabric of the old paradigm and the heartbeat of these portals are now activated in Brussels, see it moving through to Zimbabwe, to Cambodia, touching the Crystal Heart in Cairo, the Crystal Hearts of St Petersburg and Moscow and moving to Turkey.

Take a deep breath in as you feel all these energies culminate in your heart chakra, and as you breathe out the energies move in every direction making their way to the heart of Mt Sinai and merging with the Emerald Egg of divine wisdom and truth in that place, and this is where the origins of truth, the voice and the sound, the wisdom and the light of Mother/Father God will be resurrected at.

Breathe in deeply, exhaling fully, as the Grand Council of Authentic Ones now come right up to you, the animals make way for them. Each of these beings now lay hands upon your body and you feel, or imagine, great rushes of energy coursing through your chakras once again penetrating the cells of your body into the DNA, into the molecules and into the atoms.

Continue to breathe in and exhale for as their energies combine around you the frequencies that are being emitted are touching the geographic locations of today’s activation, the Portals of Evolution are being birthed in your heart chakra and the light of Father/Mother God pour down upon you – this powerful baptism of light releasing you from the aspects of the old paradigm that still govern you through your subconscious mind.

Breathe in and relax.

Know that these energies are there to support you, as they increase you are now shown two pathways crossing and where they cross a magnificent light explodes, and in the centre of this explosion is a doorway. I want you to see yourself connecting, through your third eye, to this doorway. This is the doorway to the future, beyond that doorway is the world which the prophets of ancient times have spoken of, and there is the pathway to a different outcome, and this is why in many cases some of the prophecies have contradicted themselves, proof that more than one outcome already exists, therefore you are not having to create that reality for it exists already, all you are doing, precious ones, is moving the focus to that outcome, aligning consciousness to flow along the pathway that shall lead all to the outcome of the other world, not the world experiencing death, destruction, pain and suffering.

In your mind’s eye now I want you to see both of these roads, both of these pathways leading to two different outcomes. I want you to feel these energies coursing through your body, running along this pathway and now through this doorway and along the pathway to the outcome of peace and harmony.

With all your energy, with all your strength and your might drive these energies along that pathway strengthening the light, strengthening the current of energy that shall draw the collective consciousness up along that current. Use your heart, your mind, your intention, your vision and your power to magnetize that pathway, for as it is magnified more souls will be drawn to it.

Breathe in deeply, exhaling fully, as the baptism of light now increases in its downpour upon you. This light is penetrating the cells of your brain creating pathways of communication with the other worlds and reviving those parts of your brain which have been dormant for the entirety of your current lifetime.

So you move beyond the 10% or so that humanity utilises on average and you are moving beyond those paradigms, you are moving beyond the obsolete and the ridiculous, you are drawing that magnetic energy motivating souls to take back their power in a whole new way, you are drawing that into the collective consciousness.

Take a deep breath in now and as you exhale magnetise and amplify that energy, feel it moving through space and time, through Mother Earth’s body, into her chakras merging with the Portals of Evolution in Brussels, Zimbabwe and Cambodia, moving it through to Cairo, St Petersburg and Moscow, through to Turkey and through to Mt Sinai and a magnificent grid of magnetic energy is activated, and those energies now extend billions of filaments of light and energy out to the rest of the world spreading that light, that magnetic energy into every atom of Mother Earth’s body, merging with the fabric of the New World, which each of you are choosing to align your consciousness with, which each of you are choosing to have as your reality. Remember you do not have to create it, it already exists, all you need do is move toward it.

Take another deep breath in exhaling fully, as the Grand Council now stand up moving back, the animals coming to you again. This time the golden eagle settles itself upon your crown chakra. The lion now lies in the front of your body and the golden serpent coils itself at the base of your spine and the totem animal which you have chosen to be with you now rests itself on your lap.

Focus on their energies, feel the warmth of their bodies, the vibrations of their energies. Feel their heartbeats, their breath, feel the movement of their power merging with yours. Surrender and relax as this next phase of divinity becomes one with you.

The Air Gates are now fully activated in your energy field.

The Grand Council of Authentic Ones indicate that the baptism of light is now complete and the Portals of Evolution have opened and you have reached in and accessed one of the deepest recesses of your Almighty Self, and the process of reclaiming the important piece of your soul’s collective puzzle is initiated.

Breathe in deeply, relaxing as you exhale. As the light from the crystal grid beneath you now merges with your spine and is absorbed into the cells of your body becoming one with you. The energies of the four animals with you also unite their light with yours. Give thanks for this.

Ensure that you maintain your connection to that doorway knowing which pathway you have chosen. In your meditations or in your quiet time take at least ten minutes out of your day to magnetize the energy on that pathway imaging all souls who are ready to awaken choosing the reality of peace which already exists. Share this information with others, let them know that there is no need to create a new future, all they need do is choose to focus their intentions on that future which already exists.

The Grand Council of Authentic Ones now greet you, thanking you for making your choice to receive the baptism of life. The Air Gates have merged with your chakras. The elements of nature thank you and now it is your turn to give thanks.

Gently begin to draw your consciousness back into your physical body.

Breathe in deeply, exhaling fully, drawing your energy into your body, extending it into the core of Mother Earth’s body grounding you and bringing you back. Place the palms of your hands upon the floor. Give thanks to Mother Earth for her service, for her support and for her light, her love.

Stretch your arms, stretch your legs, straighten your spine and ensure that you are fully grounded back in your body.

Take another deep breath in, exhale fully and know that you are still connected to all the energies that were activated.

Precious Lightworkers this is a great turning point in humanities spiritual and emotional evolution. All souls who have chosen to awaken will witness the greatest leap in evolution in Earth’s spiritual and emotional history. Never in Earth’s spiritual history have so many souls been given the opportunity simultaneously to have access to such high levels of intelligence, wisdom and love, spiritual and soul technology. This is the final phase, the final cycle, from this point something new will be birthed and you are playing a major role in determining what that new world will be. Remember my words, you do not have to create it, it already exists. If death, war and destruction exist then its opposite exists too, never forget that, never forget that you have the power of freewill to choose a different outcome, why? Because as I said it already exists, therefore it is your divine right to experience it, if that is what you choose.

I ask all of you to share this information like I said earlier, make people aware of the fact that this is the time now where the pathways cross, where that turning point is activated and the magnetic flows of energy can change the future outcome.

You can influence the outcome of your world, and if there are enough of you gathered together, which is one of the motivations behind our global project with all of you, with that power of intention and magnetism at play you can counteract the negative projections of your governments worldwide. I mean that, for you have us behind you and as we collaborate, yes, it will be a new force to reckon with, not a force of darkness, a force of love and this is where we fight fire with fire, the fire which is the raw power of Spirit, the light of Spirit and we use that to transmute the fire of rage, anger and revenge and turn it into a powerful new force of motivation, inspiration and action which drives the souls of light to align with a different reality, a different outcome and we are honoured and most grateful to each and every one of you for choosing to work with us in this manner.

May your light continue to grow, to strengthen, to shine and may each of you stand confidently in your light.

I am Mary Magdalene, au revoir.



  Mary wrote @

I am not sure who you supposedly channelled but it was not Mary that is for darn sure…you may be able to fool others but by far you will never fool me…now before you go using names for your own gain or need for power…i suggest you think about the karma you will obtain for such use…follow God not yourselves…for you cannot create universes but God did…and if you did truly believe you would not be printing falsities preying on peoples want for higher learning…how is it that the blind feels they can lead the blind? Something for you to ponder…with love Mary…!

  zbau wrote @

we are see only what we believe is possible!

  Magdalene wrote @

Too many things written, and difficult a lot.
We won’t help people with a pretentious mythical science.
The sciency of the angels are the simplicity and humility.
God is Spirit, so we are too in consequence, and the love is the goal in our evolution, for a while that’s all we need to know.

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