September 27 , 2007
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Greetings!The energies are really moving now, and creating many manifestations which seem relentless, giving us no time to rest or take a breath. And some of these manifestations are not what we may have expected to occur as a result of evolving spiritually.
As we reach higher states of consciousness, we can find ourselves literally snapping. Acute anger, frustration, and stress occur when we suddenly reach a higher state of evolution, and can absolutely no longer tolerate anything that is vibrating lower. Suddenly, things we may have tolerated for a very long time become things that we will absolutely not have in our space, or not under any circumstances allow to occur around us for one more minute. As strange as it may sound, this is a common occurrence of our ascension process, and quite normal.
As the pressure builds through higher energies bombarding upon us, we can become agitated, feel great pressure, and then finally just “pop.” And then the next day we may feel very peaceful and calm…until the next occurrence!
It may seem that wherever we go to find solace, calm, and some peace, someone or something else is there to disrupt it. We may feel bombarded at every turn. As we evolve higher, the boundaries always dissipate a bit more, as the density is leaving. And thus, we seem to end up on top of one another. And when we do, we can feel a bit too close for comfort, as if our outer skin has been removed and we are ever so close, or too close, for comfort from another outside entity. With the sudden dissolution of a comfort zone boundary, it can become quite a shock to be connected everywhere and all the time!
But there is even more as we move forward. The darker and denser energies are really panicked now at the thought of having to leave, and thus…..the attacks. This scenario happens over and over whenever we reach a higher vibrating threshold of evolution. We get attacked for things we usually have not even done. If you have had a continual experience of this for a very long time, you may still be holding on to a victim consciousness with some self-worth energies present within you, but if you are one who experiences this only at certain evolutionary intervals, or the few times when you are around lower vibrating energies, you are probably not.
The darkness is hysterical now. It is reaching and grasping at anything it can. It is losing its grip and thus, it attacks as a means of self-preservation. People, the old systems, and anything of the old world are holding on for dear life, as they lash out in self-preservation. And darkness attacks itself as well. This is what will cause much of the fall, and what creates implosion from within. Darkness really goes for the light too. It seems to be the ideal target. Ridiculous accusations, inappropriate demands, and seemingly strange and non-sensical occurrences of an attacking nature can make us feel vulnerable, confused, upset, rattled, and deeply saddened. We may not wish to venture out into the world for fear of being stung again and again, but this phase will eventually pass, as it is only a sign that we have evolved once again.
During this time of moving up the vibrational ladder, we may find ourselves losing things that are dear to us. Things that have meant so much, and that we are especially attached to. They can be objects that hold a special meaning, objects that we feel represent who we are and what we are about, objects that bring us great peace and comfort, or even objects that we simply resonated with the most. Suddenly, they seem to have been taken from us, or have strangely disappeared.
What is going on here? As we move into a new dimension, we do not need to have physical objects hold a special vibration or frequency for us. Our joy, comfort, identity, and so forth, no longer stems from a physical object. We are now vibrating higher than this, as we are now embodying within ourselves, the vibration of these objects. We are no longer in a world where things like this are needed. These vibrations no longer exist on the outside of us. They are no longer separate entities. We no longer need outside objects to make us feel a certain way, or to activate these vibrations within us. We are now them ourselves, and thus, they disappear. The cord that attached us to them is now gone. We may find them again, but only after we no longer need them. We are now vibrating higher.
I recently lost my favorite pair of bear paw opal earrings. We have learned from the ancient petroglyphs that a bear paw represents power, and my wedding band and ring is comprised of opals, as we have found that opals hold a specific vibration. My husband Phil came home yesterday with a new pair of earrings for me, exactly like the old ones, and then a few hours later, I found my old ones! Phil recently lost his favorite box of trout flies, as fly fishing is one of his favorite activities and brings him great peace, and my daughter got into an automobile accident last week-end and totaled her beloved new car (she is fine physically). For each of us, this experience will be different, or perhaps not occur at all. And even in the news, people seem to be disappearing right and left, as if falling through the dimensions of a different vibration.
The re-location scenario is still ever present as well. We are being encouraged to move from geographical areas that will not serve us well in times to come. Areas that will experience a cleansing for various reasons relating to old energies of a darker and denser nature, are literally booting us out if we are residing there. If a geographical area has a high vibration, but has been inhabited by lower vibrating individuals, for instance, it will receive its’ cleansing, and then be fresh and clean for new occupancy and rebuilding in times to come. These areas will be vibrating the highest. These areas will be the centers of light for the new planet Earth.
A good rule of thumb for re-locating is to find yourself in an area that will embody much in the way of local community support. It will be the local resources and the local neighbors that will be there for us. As things begin to fall in certain areas, and most certainly with many of our pre-existing structures, we will be depending upon our brothers and sisters, our neighbors, and our community to sustain us. This will be a wonderful by-product of the fall…unity at last.
Many are being “booted out” through various ways. Your home may suddenly not function any more, or be breaking down. You may find that your neighborhood is suddenly extremely noisy, and you need to leave to find some peace and quiet. Our cabin is suddenly emitting a horrible smell of decay, and we cannot find out why! We thought our cat had brought in a mouse and it had died, but this does not seem to be the case now. And we are being encouraged to move in many other ways as well. Even if the non-physical star beings had not told us directly, we would most assuredly know that something was indeed up. So watching for the signs can help, as they will most certainly be present.
Many of the areas that will support the “evacuees,” are the current areas of much feminine energy. You may find that if you travel to a different location that possesses much of the feminine, you may not want to leave. And you may be in the perfect place for yourself right now.
If you feel a bit concerned, and are wondering if you will be moving or staying right where you are, always know that you are continually right where you need to be. There can be no mistakes. We are always protected. And you need not get quiet or try to remain calm in these challenging times, as high stress creates heightened intuition, as much as states of calm do. In either case, these states serve to assist us in by-passing our normal human senses and analytical minds. Heightened stress and pressure always creates more psychic awareness, as we jump out of ourselves. Hence, we can still function well in these temporary states.
It can greatly help in these challenging times if we can try and focus on the new emerging realities, instead of what is falling. Focusing on what is still producing, where the doors are opening, and what is thriving will always serve to place us in a better space.
A few weeks ago, Phil and I went on a short two day trip. We did not really know where we wanted to go, so we just grabbed the dog, a few things, and got in the car. Sometimes that can be the best way to have an exciting and wonderful adventure. About an hour and a half out, we stopped for lunch in a very small community in the middle of nowhere. I think it might have been the only café in the entire town. The owners served and cooked for us, sold aromatherapy lotions, and the cook even left the kitchen to open the front door for other guests to leave.
We noticed as we gazed out the window while we were eating, that there was a farmer’s market outside. Evidently, it went on every week. Then we noticed that most of the sellers had beautiful long hair in ponytails (most of the men), seemed to be artists, and there was so much love there. We were truly awed by this, as well as the beauty of the local surroundings. What a very special place we thought it was. A hidden jewel in the middle of nowhere.
Two weeks later, Phil was giving a tour of the ruins here in Springerville, and his only guests just happened to be residents of this town we had just traveled through. They all really clicked. These people told Phil that their community totally supported one another, there was much love present in the community, everyone knew each other, and they had even built their own home in the middle of an ancient ruin! Then this man on Phil’s tour grabbed him squarely and strongly by the shoulders, shook him, and said that Phil absolutely must move there, and that he and his female partner would give us a personal tour and tell us everything we would need to know. And this will be the area in the Southwest, along with a special spot in Europe, where we will be re-locating until we can come back to Springerville. We were hoping not to have to completely move from Springerville, but Source knew more than we did.
So you see, we will all be divinely guided to the exact places where we need to be, even if we are already there right now. There will also be pockets within pockets of reality. There can be sanctuaries within areas of lower vibrating reality. During the equinox, Phil and I went out to the main ruins here to observe the alignments that the ancients had set up during their time there. Standing at the feminine shrine (the equinoxes carry the feminine energies, and the solstices the masculine), when the sun was exactly at the same place on the horizon as the moon, and being in alignment with where the shrine was placed, put us both in the most incredible energetic space I have ever experienced. What a portal and place of heightened energy, peace, and total awe. And this is how it can be at any given moment, if we only choose to place ourselves in our center, and in alignment with what is already here in oh so many ways.
Not being in a reactive space, and being who we are, can easily place us right where we need to be. In times to come, our vibrations will match our surroundings, and we will be in alignment much more than we are right now. Source is guiding us every step of the way, as we surrender and allow the gentle and loving arm of spirit to take us where we need to be.
Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times.
Until next time,
For Your Reading Pleasure Today

A book excerpt from The Ascension Companion:


I HAVE COME TO KNOW through the ascension process andthrough experiences in the higher realms, that darkness reallyisn’t darkness at all. Darkness is in fact, greatly tied to thelight, as it is the fuel that serves to ignite it. It is the darknessthat summons the light and allows it to arrive. Whenever I seeany darkness now, I have to say, I have a great love for it. Andthe darkness loves us too, as it is here in a position of greatservice in order to get us where we planned on going all along.Without the darkness, we would never have accomplished whatwe have, in regard to raising the vibration of the planet.A woman in an abusive relationship may be inspired bydarkness to look within and grow and change. And the personinflicting her abuse knows exactly what he/she is doing at soullevels, as the two planned the whole thing together. It is a greatact of love at higher levels. Many times our biological parentscreated situations that really spurred us on to create and to besomething different. “I will never be like them!” creates exactlythe person that you came to be.

Many in the United States have a very unfavorable opinion ofPresident George W. Bush and his administration. But inactuality, he is providing an incredible service and very muchinvolved with the ascension plan at soul levels. At higher levels,he knows exactly what he is doing, and he is doing an incredibleand loving job. By providing enough discomfort, contrast, andblatant energies of a darker and denser nature, he is making itnear impossible for anyone not to notice or be affected. He iswaving a huge red flag that is encouraging the masses to get upoff their sofas and out from behind their television sets and askfor something different. He is creating situations that enablemany to be willing to let go of what they were holding onto andused to, in order to create something of a much higher order.When things get very uncomfortable, we are then much morewilling to let them go.

As I write these words, Al Gore, a prior Vice President of theUnited States and prior presidential candidate, is releasing hismovie and book, An Inconvenient Truth. A devoted andpassionate environmentalist, this is what he is all about and hehas brought this love for the environment to most of hisendeavors. He ran for the presidency alongside George W. Bush.He was an environmentalist then and is now. But he lost. Why?Because the planet was not yet ready for his message. GeorgeBush had to win. It was necessary. George Bush has succeeded ingetting the masses ready to embrace the higher levels. And so, asI write these words, after 6 years of a Bush administration, AlGore is being greatly received by many. The hidden agendas andtruth regarding the lack of environmental support are now readyto be accepted. The people are finally ready and willing. And theymay never have been if it hadn’t been for “the darkness.”

Darkness can really shake us up and encourage us to act in amuch higher way. I’ve been watching things in Africa of late. Theatrocities going on there are horrifying and very dark. But thiscontinent that is currently experiencing genocide and severe actsof cruelty toward women and young girls, is shining a very brightlight. I predict that Africa will be the darkness that spurs on thelight in a global way. The holocaust provided an opportunity forus to say, “This will never happen again.” But it has happenedagain. Things are getting very bad in Africa, in order for theworld masses to put a halt to them. We are all one. These thingscannot continue on our planet. The summoning of light fromsituations in Africa will get so bad, until they are noticed by all.In this way, I continually see Africa as a bright and shining lightas it is carrying the energy needed to bring in massive amountsof light. In this way, it is the light itself. It is the doorway formuch light to enter on a global level. Those experiencing theseatrocities are incredible beings of light themselves, in order toprovide this loving and necessary service…both as victims andperpetrators.

If you have chosen this page, you are being encouraged to seethat darkness was not what we had interpreted it to be in the3D world. Everything comes from the light and is here to supportus in every way. Things may get very dark at times, but whenthey do, it is only because not enough attention is being placedon the change that needs to occur. Things will get as dark as theyneed to until illumination occurs. Creating something New anddifferent of a much higher order is what will make us feel goodagain and place us back into the light. Know that witnessing andexperiencing darkness does not mean that there is anything”wrong.” All, as always, is in divine and perfect order.”
May the offerings from What’s Up On Planet Earth? serve to light your path, validate
your experience, and remind you that we are all one. Thank you for your continued
interest and happy reading


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