And the Answer is…Love!

Saturday, 5 December, 2009  (posted 7 December, 2009)

During this Holiday Season, we at the New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose wish you Love, Abundance, and Peace. This is the time of year when we experience all kinds of emotions and situations in our lives, some are wonderful and some are challenging. To help you through these times we would like to share with you some information that has been given to Humanity by the Beings of Light. The intent of these celestial sharings is to let us know that we are not alone, and that the Company of Heaven is standing in readiness awaiting the opportunity to assist us. All we have to do is ask. Where our attention is, there we are. So let’s join together and support each other in staying focused on Love as we prepare for a wondrous Holiday Season and New Year.

No matter what the question or the problem is, the answer is always Love. Love is not just a sentimental emotion. It is an unfathomable power that, when truly acknowledged and understood, will transform our lives into expressions of love, abundance, health, happiness, abounding joy and spiritual enlightenment.

The information pouring forth from the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth at this time is focusing on the return of the Divine Feminine, the Aspect of our Mother God that was forced to withdraw from the Earth when we closed our hearts and fell into the abyss of fear and pain after our fall from Grace aeons ago. Bringing the masculine and the feminine polarities of our Father-Mother God into balance within us, once again, is a critical step in transforming our lives.

I would like to begin this sharing with an invocation. This gift from the Company of Heaven is stated in the first person so that we will each experience it personally. Feel the Truth of these words within your Heart Flame.
Divine Love

Oh, Supreme Presence of God within all Life, into your Eternal Heart of Love do I immerse myself now and forever. I consciously surrender my vehicles to be merged with the Love Nature of Your Being until I AM a pure focus of Love—a living jewel in Your Crown of Adoration.

The path I walk in Life leads only to Love. My physical body filled with Love becomes shining and invincible. My etheric vehicle radiating Love transmutes the past. Love in my mind insures the expression of Your Divine Thoughts. Love in my feelings reaffirms that God is the only power acting.

As I AM thinking, feeling and remembering only Love, I know that my Father-Mother God is working through me radiating forth the perfection of All That Is to Humanity and all Life, which I have promised to Love free.

In this awakened consciousness of Divine Love, my spirit becomes Holy Spirit, and I AM the Love of God reaching out to reclaim this Earth.

In Love I magnetize all God’s blessings to me, and in Love I radiate these blessings forth to all Life around me. I AM the Spirit of Love permeating form until all is drawn back into the indivisible whole.

I feel the pulse beat of Love in all Life and the continuity of Love in all experiences I have ever known. It is ALL Love. I was born out of Love. I AM evolving through Love, and I AM Ascending back into Love.

I AM ALL LOVE, and I AM Grateful.

Lighting Our Path

Oh, Father-Mother God, I now invoke the full momentum of Your Divine Light and the Light of the entire Company of Heaven. Powers of Light! Powers of Light! Powers of Light! Come forth NOW!

In deep humility and profound gratitude, I consecrate every facet of my Being to be the Open Door that no one can shut.

In Divine Truth, I accept my reality as a Beloved Child of God.  I AM a Cup, a Holy Grail, through which the Light of God is now flowing to lift ALL Life on Earth into the blissful embrace of God’s Love.

I AM my mighty I AM Presence and…I AM One with the Divine Heart and Mind of God. I AM One with the I AM Presence of all Humanity. I AM One with the Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth. I AM One with the Angelic Kingdom. I AM One with ALL of the Beings of Light throughout Infinity.

Now, through the unspeakable power of God’s Love, ALL life on Earth is lifted into the Immaculate Concept of the Divine Plan for Planet Earth.

Within this Divine Concept of limitless physical perfection, every man, woman and child remembers they are a Beloved Son or Daughter of God.  Every person comprehends the Divine Truth that all Life is interconnected, interrelated and interdependent.

A renewed sense of Oneness and Reverence for ALL Life stirs in each Heart Flame, and the Love of our Mother God floods the Earth through Humanity’s 5th-Dimensional Solar Heart Chakras.

As the Love of God flows through each person’s Heart Flame, they are lifted up, and their lives are transformed. From this new level of consciousness, Humanity taps into the patterns of perfection in the Causal Body of God, and viable solutions to the maladies existing on Earth flow into the conscious minds of people everywhere.

The Lightworkers come together to create the perfection of Heaven on Earth. All traces of pain and suffering are transmuted into Light. Every concept of lack and limitation ceases to exist, and the Abundance of God floods the Earth. People everywhere perceive and acknowledge the Divinity blazing in every Heart Flame. Humanity knows and accepts that all Life is Divine.

This realization inspires every person to feel and express Love and mutual respect for every part of Life. As the collective thoughts and feelings of Humanity continually empower the perfection of Heaven on Earth, the physical plane is transformed and transfigured. The body of Mother Earth is restored to a verdant Paradise of Splendor and Light.

The life of every living Being is filled with Love, Joy, Happiness, Prosperity, Fulfillment, Enlightenment, Eternal Peace, Harmony, Balance, Spiritual Wisdom and every other Divine Quality of our Father-Mother God.

Mother Earth dons her seamless garment of Light and Ascends up the Spiral of Evolution into the full expression of her new 5th-Dimensional Solar Reality. The Heavens rejoice, and our Father-Mother God respond

“Welcome HOME, Beloved Children. Well done.”
And so it is.  I AM, I AM, I AM.

With the return of our Mother God, the Divine Masculine and Feminine are balanced within every Heart Flame. Humanity must now realign with the Truth and Inner Knowing of what the Love of our Mother God really means in relation to our very existence.  

So much has been written about Love that is has almost become a platitude, but the Transfiguring Divine Love of our Mother God, is the mightiest force in the Universe. It is the vibration from which we were born out of the Heart of God and the vibration through which we must evolve and Ascend back into the Heart of God. The Love of our Mother God has no bonds, no barriers, and no conditions. Within the infinite power of our Mother’s Love there is no pain or sorrow, no lack or limitation. Her Love contains within its essence the full potential to rise above all human conditions, all self-inflicted suffering, all manner of chaos, confusion, hopelessness and despair.

Our Mother God’s Love heals the illusion of separation. It rejuvenates, revitalizes and makes whole all it embraces. It is the single greatest source of forgiveness, and it reverberates with the full gathered momentum of our Eternal Freedom. Her Love is the foundation of Creation and the balance of the One. It is the indivisible, unchanging ecstasy that allows us to know Love in all things. When we experience the Love of our Mother God, we understand that we are all One. Whether we are a person, a magnificent Sun or a blade of grass, the all-encompassing Light of our Mother’s Love unites us in the Body of God.

As our Mother God reclaims this Earth and once again anoints Humanity with the Eternal Light of Divine Love, we experience true Peace. Her Love is now resonating in the core of our Beings; it is not outside of us. We no longer need to seek the Divine Feminine from afar; we need to merely accept that our Mother God has returned, and that she is now abiding within our Heart Flames. Her Love is pulsating within the silent rhythm of every heartbeat, every breath. It is the universal language now speaking to all Humanity through our gift of Life. As we listen in the silence of our hearts, we hear the tones and whisperings of Love inspired by the wonder of nature and the Music of the Spheres.

Our Mother God is now reestablishing her Covenant of Love with the Children of Earth, which will enhance our ability to once and for all accept the gift of God’s Abundance. Through this covenant, the supply of all good things will forever and ever flood into the hands and use of the Sons and Daughters of God. The glory of God’s Abundance will be a manifest reality not only in this moment, but far beyond Earth and time into Eternity.

The effulgence of our newly balanced Heart Flames is creating an environment of Love and upliftment around each of us. When we turn our attention to the balanced expression of our Father-Mother God within our hearts, the illusion of separation is shattered. Our hearts are unified, and we once again experience the bliss of knowing we are One, and that Love is all there is. This knowing evokes from within the deepest recesses of our Beings a celestial song of thanksgiving and a reverent feeling of Divine Gratitude. Every sunrise we see, every flower that shares its perfume with us, every friend and loved one who warms our heart is a gift of God’s sustaining Love. These sacred gifts inspire our perpetual adoration to the Cosmic I AM, All That Is.

Our Mother God has placed us within a mantle of Her Love, and our nervous systems are being recalibrated to withstand the highest frequencies of the Divine Feminine. This mantel of Love will help to transform each of us into conscious, self-generating centers of Light and Love. The tremendous impetus and magnetic pull of our Mother’s Love now flowing through our Heart Flames will stir the souls of Humanity. The invisible and resistless power of this Love will pierce into the sleeping spiritual centers of every member of the Human race and accelerate the awakening of each one.

We now, as never before, have the ability to merge our personal service to Life with God’s service to Life for the highest good of all concerned. Our Mother God’s radiant, universal Love is pouring through all of us without designating favor to a particular person, place, condition or thing. Her Love is giving a healing, impersonal benediction to every particle of Life. The power and magnetic Love of the Divine Feminine is blessing all Life with an equal opportunity to respond. Every evolving soul is being given both the blessing and the responsibility of becoming an Open Door for our Mother God’s exquisite Love. Every Human Being now has the opportunity to become an instrument of God vested with the power to change the feelings of all with whom we come in contact. This will be accomplished not through our human will, but through the balanced power of the Flame of Divinity now blazing in our hearts.

When we agree to become a magnetic force of Divine Love, we draw to ourselves the loving support we need from those who are aligned with, and will assist us with, our Divine Missions. This occurs not because of allegiance to a particular personality, but because of the affinity of our soul’s Light with the spiritual essence of the particular facet of the Divine Plan.

As we expand our service to Life, we must reach up in consciousness and tap into the sacred knowledge and wisdom that will teach us how to effectively utilize the frequencies of Divine Love from our Mother God. Her Love is a priceless gift that is now freely flowing through every Heart Flame. The more we understand about the power and might of this majestic force, the more effective we will be in assimilating it into our life experiences.

In order to be a powerful force of Divine Love on this planet, all you have to do is open your heart and remember that this is your destiny. It is who you are, right here and right now.
And so it is.

©2006 Patricia Diane Cota-Robles –



  Ed Gagnon wrote @

Excellent article. The true love of parents teaching good and meaningful values to our children is how we will build a society of values conscious adults in future generations.
The Value of Values

An individual’s values are established in childhood and serve as filters when determining right from wrong throughout the person’s life. In today’s society, the process of establishing values within children is given little concern. People place greater emphasis on day to day activities and personal ambitions, than they do on the establishment of values within their children. By default, parents are teaching their children that values such as integrity, respect for life, courage of conviction, a purposeful life and generosity, are secondary to making a living.

In truth, there is nothing preventing us from being true to good and meaningful values, nor is anything preventing us from teaching our values to our children. It is a matter of priorities; a matter of choice.

In the “The Value of Values” you will learn why a transition to a more values-conscious society is important. You will learn exactly what is needed from each individual and the activities that will sustain the drive. “The Value of Values” is a must read for every parent that is concerned about our society and the challenges our children will be facing.

We have three possible choices:
1) Do nothing different than that which we have been doing. Complacently accept things as they are and will be.
2) Hope that someone else will make the needed changes within our society, despite the fact it has yet to be done, and no one displays the integrity needed to influence an entire society.
3) Accept our personal responsibility to our children. Accept that real change is not passed down from leaders, but rather, it is driven up from the people. Accept the fact that we each have within us the ability and incentive to make things different for our children and grand children.

The choice we make today will determine the society of tomorrow.

  G.A. wrote @

Hi,there.I have the practical need to understand in detail something you mentioned here.
The part “Our Mother god has placed us within a mantle of her love, and our nervous systems are being recalibrated to withstand the highest frequencies.”
Can you explain in detail how this happens?The way 1´s nervous s. is made up in 3rd dimension versus how it becomes once the individual is fully integrated in the 5th?Biologically,the changes in the organs implied,and the implications of this transition on the physical body?
The reason for these questions is my body.I´m struggling with this,my adrenal glands were burning my gums away a year ago,my skin was incredibly dry(specially the hands,and face),once i even had some weird seizures(i was completly awake and conscious,but couldn´t control the violent shakes.I thought i was going to die right there).
Since then it´s slightly better because of how well(quality) i eat,and i do the bare minimum but i have very little stamina(i used to have a lot).
A part of me knows i´m responsible,because prior to the seizures episode i begged whoever would listen to help me with my abundance co-creations.I was exhausted with trying to do my constructive projects like i used to,because everywhere i turned there were tidal waves that completly wore out the little strength i had left.
The slightest effort leaves me drained,even now.
I´ve had minor symptoms(like vibrational flus,i´m familiar with those) in the previous years,but nothing like about a year ago until now.I look better than a year ago,and as i said,since then i accepted my stamina´s orders.I´m relatively young,have lots of things i´d like to do and experience.I still focus my intention on the best of outcomes.But some days i wonder when all this be complete(the body heavy load),when will i be able to work again,and have physical strength and autonomy back.On the few days i feel physically ok,i soon find out(through my adrenal glands,i´m like an empty balloon all of a suden) that the limit is still there,warning me not to go any further.
So you know how important these questions are to me,and how this is not about a trivial debate.
Understanding how the changes in the nervous system articulate with all this, it might help me cope better.

  Barbara wrote @


You have a beauriful blog!

I like to know from who is the picture above “Awakening” which shows the earth and a lot of angels. Can you tell me the name of this painting and the artist? I like it!



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