Kuthumi (Video) : Transformation in Your New Year

Kuthumi channeling by Lynette Leckie-Clark (37 mins 2 secs)


Good day to you. I come forward at this time as I have been asked to
speak to you of your new year, your coming year. Some of the things
that can be expected. Transformation will be the key to your coming
year, transformation of the individuals and the beginning of the
transformation of your very planet. The Earth, the plates of the Earth
will move considerably. This will create change. It will be the
beginning of change. And further, in your Earth’s weather, unforeseen
patterns will become the norm. Where there is little water, there will
be much rain. And where the temperatures are warm, will become cold.
Unexpected transformations. I have decided to use this new word
“transformation”. Many fear the word “change”.

For individuals, how can you prepare? See to it that your emotional
body and your physical self are in order. Put your house in order, I
believe is the term. Your finances, put them in order. It will be
unwise to overload yourself with debt. For to do so will create a much
higher risk in your coming year. The financial markets will become
more unstable as will the large corporate businesses. At first they
will scurry like mice and try to diversify their assets. This will
only delay the inevitable. For in your future, money, no matter what
currency, will no longer be used. You will trade, similar really to
what it used to be many of your years ago. These are changes which
will begin moving through in your coming year. To prepare is not
difficult. As I have said, it will not be difficult.

In the previous years, there has been much talk and preparation on
preparing your emotional body, on clearing, on coming to terms and
releasing karma. There has been much written on this. Those who have
done the work – the lightworkers, are now prepared for their next step
in the transformation process of all. For those who have not prepared,
it will simply mean that their times in the future will be more

Karma has been released by many. I have spoken before on your time and
the effects of that time, how it is speeding up. In the future, you
will not address karma as you have in the past. No. Indeed, you will
address your karma instantly. So, if you mistreat another or hurt
another or create karma through your deeds and actions, you will repay
instantly. It will happen to you. You will experience what you have
given out instantly. There will no longer be pulling karma from one
lifetime to another, carrying it over. And further, it will no longer
be necessary to wait for the one that you have hurt to present again
in your life to address the karma. You will be able to address that
karma with another soul. You see, because the mass consciousness will
come more into effect. So while you may have hurt one person, it is
not necessary to adjust that karma with that same person. Another may
come on your path and hurt you so it is balanced out.

Now, I have used the term “hurt” so you can understand, many can
understand. Of course, it is all experience. That really is all your
karma is, is experience. For as you give out, you usually do not feel
the consequences, you only feel what you have given out when it is
returned to you. And usually man will not think of his actions until
he feels the consequences himself. Prior to that, one will usually
carry on their paths and not give much thought to the matter at all.
You see, it is not until you are faced with it, until you feel it,
until you have it returned to you, it is not until then, that man
begins to learn. It has always been this way. Man has learned his
greatest lesson through suffering, through pain, through hardship. It
is what he has chosen.

And so your time will become even more sped up in the future. But you
are multi-dimensional beings, all of you. Some realize this and
experience it. Others do not. Let me explain further. When you
meditate, you sit and your physical body sits on a chair or on the
floor, your physical body is there. As you begin to meditate and you
rise, your higher self rises from your physical body energy. And you
go higher to another dimension. Your physical body remains in the
lower dimension so there you have two dimensions. And further, if you
then take an aspect of your Self to adjust, perhaps your chakras or to
travel somewhere, there is yet another dimension. So then there are
three dimensions. You are operating on all three. When you are in a
higher dimension, time as you know it does not exist. There is no
time. Your time is measured in your lower dimensional physical levels.
Many feel this when they meditate and they may feel they have been
meditating for such a short time, perhaps ten or fifteen of your
minutes. Though when they fully return back to their physical bodies
and their heavy vibrations, in your measure of time, an hour could
have passed. And as you are returning, it seems so much shorter. There
is no time in the higher dimension. There is time in your lower
dimension, your physical reality. It is there for you to live by, to
work by, to have some measure by which to work and which to have
leisure time, when to eat and when to rest. It is merely there as a

With the added light being sent to your planet and the many light
particles that are now in your atmosphere, it is creating a speeding
up of time. How can this be, you ask? It is because of the light
particles. The light particles in your atmosphere, filter through into
your conscious mind thereby creating a higher awareness for all. Yes,
even those who you would say are not workers of light will experience
a level of higher awareness. It is the levels that will vary. For
some, there will be only a slight rise in their levels. For others who
work more with the light, they will rise considerably. Some will even
move to a higher vibration and really function and work between the
dimensions. Neither in your physical reality nor quite in the very
high realms, but in the middle, finding their middle plane if you
will. It is all due to the light particles in your atmospheres which
are absorbed by all. All humanity absorb it. All animals, your plants,
all of your kingdoms, all absorb these light particles. There can be
no other way for it is in your atmosphere. It is all to assist in the
raising of your vibrations. You see, to cross over, from the heavy
matter that you have endured for so long.

This will also play a major role in your coming year. For gradually,
the particles of light will increase in intensity. Very slowly, but
they will nonetheless increase. Most of the changes that you will
experience in your coming year will be on your material plane. There
will of course be some who have resisted, who have not attended to
their emotional bodies, who have not cleared as they should. And their
own guides will attend to those souls. All the while, there will be
far more clearing on your planet. The souls that have remained between
worlds, those who have not crossed over fully, they will be assisted
and taken over to the light. Indeed, to the 4th dimension, which is
another aspect of the dimension that mankind is in at the present

Now this is another interesting subject. For those who have not
crossed over fully at the time of what you call death, which is merely
just a transition, but however we will use your terminology of death
so that those who are not fully aware will understand what I am saying
fully. For those who have experienced death and have not crossed over
to the light fully, thereby being held in the lower earth planes,
their presence will be felt. Some will make their presence felt.
Others who lived in close proximity will become aware of their
energies. Because they have changed, you see. They have grown, they
will become more aware of energies being in their property, being
around in shopping malls, etc. For many of these souls wander. Some
will stay in a house or property but others will not. They will move

But what I am trying to say is that many will feel these earth bound
energies where previously they have not been aware. They will become
aware now because of the transition in their energy levels. They will
become far more aware of all energies including earthbounds. But the
earthbounds will simply be taken over to where they can heal, move on
and grow. Some will learn on the other side. Others will incarnate
almost immediately. It all depends on the soul’s journey, the level of
understanding, the lessons which must be learned by that soul and of
course, the healing, and whether it is a traumatic passing or death as
you called it.

So you see, there are many changes, many transformations in many
different areas. But there will be also much joy, much more joy. For
as you bring in added light, as you absorb added light, you also gain
more inner peace. You let go of the heaviness, you see. You become a
finer vibration. You seek more peace in your life and so you create
it. And so there is more joy, more happiness because of this, more
compassion also to your fellow souls. All of these things I mention
are part of your transitional phases in the coming year. It will
continue on. The transitions are on all levels, but the focus will be
on the material, the outer, you see.

It will not be difficult. For many of you, it will not be difficult.
Man has in his history, had difficult times and happy times. If you
look, there has been waves of transformation on various issues and
levels. There are more wave patterns in your atmosphere, of energy, of
atoms, of your experiences, of mankind’s experiences. There are many
highs and many lows. Your weather patterns also, follow a wave pattern
of energy. It is that many did not think of this. But this is how you
learn and grow. It will be an interesting year, a year where many will
begin new ventures, new ways. For those who have already experienced
transformation, they will change their very life patterns to one of
less stress, more peace as I have said. So it will be what you could
term, a very busy year, energetically and also creatively, as many
seek to bring in new ways, new ventures, step on to new paths. All the
while bringing in more light, more peace, more happiness in their
daily lives because that will be what they will choose. They may never
have thought of it as energy, or having it as a choice of creating
more peace, previously in their past. But they will begin to think of
it in their new year. And so the transformation rolls forward,
according to the plan for all.

I believe that someone has a question.

Lee: Yes master. At which point in the future will we begin to
experience this new phenomenon of instant karma and perhaps instant
manifestation as well?

Kuthumi: Well, these are two quite large areas. Now, the first area of
the instant karma, it has begun to happen even as we speak. There are
those who are aware of instant karma, being returned to them, within a
day or two days. Sometimes, a week, as you deem a week, but still
classed as instant karma. This will even speed up as your year
progresses forward. So it is not that it is in your future, it has
already begun. It is that if you observe and notice as I have said,
those who are aware, who are working very much with the energies, with
the light, are already becoming aware of this. It has already begun.

And as to the other area of abundance, this is a much more complicated
matter for man. Now why do I say this? Very simply because abundance
is very much tied to the feeling of self worth. These two are very
much linked. And so when you speak of instant abundance, it is more
the question of how you think of your own worth. And further, how your
conditioning towards money was manifested, what you learnt as a small
child, whether there was abundance or whether you had hardship, were
you are always told you cannot have that because there is not enough
money or we have to wait until the end of the month to buy your shoes,
for example. In those instances, many have the seed of lack, firmly
planted in their conscious mind, which flow down to their
subconscious. So you begin to see why I say it is a much more
complicated matter. These areas must be looked at and addressed. You
see. When man clears his conditionings and realizes his worth, how
precious indeed he is, then he will also manifest in an instant
whatever you wish. It will be fully cleared, you will also be full of
light. For to work through that level, the light will also be with
you. So for this to be, there is much work for many.

Now I am aware on your planet, there are some beings who will say, oh
yes, I started with not much, and now I am a millionaire or I believe
the new term now is billionaire. And they will say, I did this or I
manifested that, but you see, for us, looking at many of these souls,
that was their destiny. They were destined to have that amount of
wealth or abundance. But remember, in attaining that abundance, there
is also great lessons and great responsibility. Man has not yet come
to the point where he is able to manifest abundance at will. First, he
must overcome his own fears that he holds within his subconscious.
That is why I say to many. Give yourself love, fill yourself with
love. See that your own temple is in order before you help another.
This brings you into balance, you see. These things must be cleared,
in order to attain what you wish.

Chee: I have another question.

Kuthumi: Proceed.

Chee: When you say that money will no longer be as it is now, do you
mean that there will be another system in place without the use of the
currency now? Or do you mean that people will barter literally, in
exchange of goods for another service?

Kuthumi: In this stage, the very short stage as we foresee it, in this
transformation stage between your current currencies and bartering,
there may be those who will try and put forward some form of what you
could call a type of currency, but it will not stand the test of your
time. You are moving to a time of bartering, of peace and of oneness.

Chee: That will be all.

Kuthumi: Yes, do you require further?

Chee: Not for the recording. Do you have any final message for our readers?

Kuthumi: For your readers. Well, there are many of us here who will be
speaking of some of the events that are expected in your coming year.
You see, man is such that he requires that everything is written out,
be spelled out. It is simply transformation. It is part of the bigger
plan for all. In looking at what is ahead, I urge all of you to
remember how we see you. We see you as wonderful beings of light, very
precious beings of light, to be guided, to be nurtured, to be loved.
Even as you learn your lessons, we stand by in love. We do not
interfere because in many situations, to interfere would prevent the
lesson. That does not mean that we stop being with you or move away.
It means that we have so much love for you that we are able to stand
by your side as you endure and learn through your hardships. There is
so much love from so many beings of light in our realms, so many here
helping and guiding. There is no need to fear, there is no need to
fear. Rather, look joyfully to your future, look joyfully to the
transitions and the happy times for you. I withdraw.

Channeled by Lynette Leckie-Clark



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