The Merging of Soul Partnerships -Sirian High Council


Tuesday, May 12, 2009
The Merging of Soul Partnerships -Sirian High Council

On behalf of the Sirian civilizations of light, we applaud you in your
efforts to transcend human limitations on the path of righteousness.
We acknowledge your challenges and offer insight on your journey of

Surely tough times fall upon the planet and her people. Times that
will certainly require new ways of thinking and interacting with the
intelligence of the universe.

For it is indeed the holy time of global resurrection through the
pulsing Adamantine particles… a noble venture that requires every
human participant possible to act as a collection vessel of divine
love. (for more information on adamantine particles visit The New
Holographic Matrices by the Pleiadian High Council)
What many are experiencing during the ascent into higher consciousness
is the scientific struggle between particles of light and dark, matter
& antimatter… or in more esoteric terms, the struggle between higher
and lower levels of consciousness.

It is in this struggle that those on earth will find the true path of
oneness and it is on this path that the virtuous will begin to rise
and lead humanity to its destination among the stars.

Those on the path to total fulfillment of full human potential are
beginning to awaken to the divine splendor of particle creation and it
is in the process of awakening to this greater potential that much
darkness rises up to seemingly to engulf you in its mire.

But we assure you that this is not the case at all. What is truly
happening is happening around you, not to you and its basis is purely

There is no right or wrong here, not good or bad, only the process of
integrating higher levels of light. In this, it is required that all
lower levels of consciousness be transformed. or transmuted. or
realigned. or reconnected at higher frequencies to ensure the survival
of the planet and her people.

This process, however temporary, can account for the seeming
disconnection that you and others have often felt in your recent time
on earth, and in your relationships. This process is not nearly for
the faint of heart, but we would like to remind you that all is well
and on schedule. and waiting for your arrival at the next stage of
your evolutionary journey, that of reconnection with your divine

What does this mean you may ask, and we will share that the
reconnection to your divine counterpart is the merging of polarities
within you, the proverbial male rod and female staff that will create
the force field of divine creation both within and around you. This is
the merging of the twin flame energy as held and contracted by you and
your soul partner to accelerate the awakening process.

We realize that it is a jump to consider that all of the discord you
are experiencing is in fact a good and beautiful process, however, we
would like you to consider this notion.for surely on a higher level
and by divine decree, your intention was and is to go through this
transition while still in human form.

You are of a giant brigade of warrior souls who decided that you would
come to earth to unveil your true essence as a master of creation and
assist the world in the great ascension of human consciousness.

That time has long passed you by, for you have been making these
changes on a spiritual and cellular level for quite some earthy time.
But what you are now beginning to witness are the changes in your
physical environment that are a reflection of your new and higher
connection to source.

In this we will add that though you are experiencing many levels of
discord in your physical life, know that this is only the result of a
recalibration of energy surging and redirecting the atomic components
of matter to align with your new intentions.

This is a very natural and very necessary part of ascension and though
it can seem rather frightening to witness these changes, we assure you
that the outcome is for your highest good, that which you have
intended for a very long time.

Rest assured that once the finalization of these energies completes
itself you will be well aware of why you endured the uncertainty and
that strife was only a matter of resistance to what will be.

If we could assure you of anything, it would be that you are well
looked after, and well cared for in many dimensions and that
everything you are experiencing is in divine and perfect order.

Chaos is merely a reflection of reorder and reorder is the order of
the day!

All of life on this planet at this time are undergoing an arduous
restructuring process… from the very cells that make up your human
biology to the governing systems of every nation.

This includes those who join you in the conscious brigade and those
who do not.

Regarding Soul Partnerships

We wish to assure you that any feelings of disconnection from your
sacred love and soul partner that you may experience now and again is
in fact, vibrational, for the frequency of your electro-magnet-ic
energy field is being rapidly upgraded and re-attuned to higher levels
of love.

During this expansion process you naturally lose the magnetic
attraction to one vibrational field as you enter into the next. This
loss of connection creates discordance, disagreement and an inability
to see eye to eye, but this vibrational clash is temporary and waxes
and wanes throughout the journey through the upward spiral of
evolution. As you increase in vibration, so too does each and every
life form in and around your field alter to match your newer and
higher resonance.

Are you beginning to see the value in your commitment to love? It is
much bigger and more profound than what meets the human eye, we assure

This attunement process also ensures that the love you are soon to
experience in your life is a love of divine and sacred union. Soul
partnerships in this lifetime have two purposes. to assist each other
in the ascent of consciousness, and to collaborate in new earth
endeavors as a united team of co-creative efforts.

As you are undoubtedly witnessing, any obstacle standing in the way of
these efforts will rapidly dismantle. On the exterior this may seem
catastrophic or less than enjoyable to experience.but again we draw
your attention to the fact that this is purely energetic and as the
elements align to lay the foundation for your new earth’s experiences,
you will come to know the rewards in extraordinary ways.

The process of dismantling is nearly complete and though we would like
to tell you what this means for your next steps, we really couldn’t
say. This is because the next steps will be of your choosing, and from
a place of pure consciousness. Your role will be to create the new
earth with the combined gifts of your sacred labors in union of divine

The elementary way to create life was to be in physical control of
your earthly endeavors while managing the rising levels of discontent
each step of the way.

The masterful way to create life will be quantum in scope and
therefore of your choosing. This next step on the rung of your
evolutionary ladder ensures that you command the elements of your
reality to match the frequency of your desires for the highest good
and the good of all those whom you love.

And this will become the second sacred purpose in divine the
polarities within you merge to become whole again, so too will the
polarities in your sacred mate merge in unification to collaborate
with you in higher ways of love.

What a joyful time awaits you…

For several years you have endured what we would term a trial period,
for you were asked to achieve the impossible and have wholly

Now we ask that you raise your sights to see a new horizon and to
accept your destiny as one of fulfillment, sacred love and joy.

There is nothing left for you to do, for without your interference,
all elements will fall perfectly in place and surrounding you are a
team of beings to ensure this process goes as smoothly and as
effortlessly as possible.

Hold steadfast to your inner knowing that all strife will soon
dissipate under the magnificent light of new creation. The world
around you will continue to crumble in many divine ways but you,
benevolent ones, will remain securely fastened to the foundation of
new earth should you choose to see life through the eyes of divinity.

Be at peace knowing that you are fully protected and supported through
this and every change. All that is love is of divine order and all
that is in divine order would be impossible to destroy.

Eventually, all arrive at truth. All this you already deeply know.

We are the Sirian High Council applauding your endurance in the face
of adversity and already celebrating your success.

Stay centered in your knowing despite all external appearances.

In the blink of an eye, a new day dawns!

Farewell from home commanders.

Telepathic Transmission thru Lauren C. Gorgo at
Copyright © 2008 – Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this
transmission on the condition that the content remains complete and in
tact, full credit is given to the author(s), and that it is distributed freely.




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