St Germain* Radiance Is the Best Protection


From St Germain:
Radiance Is the Best Protection

[Excerpt of a message through Antera on 2/22/09.]

(posted 4 May , 2009)

Note from Antera and Omaran: St Germain is an amazing Ascended Master who has served humanity for thousands of years and has been a teacher of ours for decades. This message was in response to some questions we asked about protection and clearing out energies that are currently holding lightworkers back.

Well, this year is one of many changes, and most people will be challenged, and are already being challenged, to the core of their beings, and to the extent that their environment reflects their highest expression. Sometimes that means people no longer fit with who you are. Sometimes that means where you live, sometimes that means simply old things you need to get rid of, sometimes that means attitudes and beliefs, etc. Even cleaning out areas of old energy in your house helps you work through these challenging energies, because anything that does not fit will be challenged.

As the year progresses it’s only going to escalate, and those people who are paying attention, and using their tools and considering this a spiritual upgrade of the highest caliber, they are the ones who will have the easiest time of it.

But I am watching, I am watching as all of these things occur and sending my love and my blessings to all of the lightworkers who are trying so hard to change their lives and those things that they have put off . . . in time. This is what I watch. Those who are not at all aware yet, I have not much communication with, as you can guess. They hold a lot of density, so much that at times it looks like there is no way to clear it all, but, because of the lightworkers, because of those who are diligently working on themselves, and on the planet, and on these situations, there is always hope. There is so much that one lightworker can accomplish! One light, shining bright, cancels out many thousands of negative thoughts.

So your best protection is that of pushing your radiance outward. As long as your radiance shines outward, and there is a positive pressure on your surroundings, a positive light flow going out, then nothing can get in because the flow is going out.

As long as you are bringing your energy into your life from above — through your antakarana and I Am Presence, and up through your grounding cord from your beloved planet — as long as you have those two sources of energy, this is inexhaustible, it is infinite! There is never a shortage of energy, there is never a shortage of flow! This can and will be a challenge for all lightworkers, to continue to bring these sources of energy into their systems and radiate them out upon the world in such a way as to deflect anything that comes in to the contrary. It reaches out to counteract negativity, negative thoughtforms, and negative emotions. It simply goes out and radiates … radiates! This is the goal!

Until you reach that stage you may need to keep very, very diligent with your protection, constantly monitoring. Remember, I have told you that most of the action is on the inner planes, and that most people have no clue about it. This is still the case … it is still true that most people do not have a clue as to what is really going on, and how the world works, how the physical world is the last place for energy to crystallize, and that the long process before that has been going on for some time.

Become more aware, and sensitive — sensitive in the way of awareness, not sensitive in the sense of being affected by the energies swirling around you. Sensitive in the sense that you know what is going on, you are aware. This is what you want to continue to build, so there are no surprises. If you are continually aware of how your energy feels, and what is going on with your system, you will be able to sense immediately when there is a change, when there is a shift, when something has happened, or when there is an indication that there have been changes in the flow.

I say this because sometimes people will start on a flow, and continue to create it even though it has changed, beyond the time that it has changed. They tend to get latched onto goals and are not then following the current flow. This flow of energy, this constant flux, constant creation, and how this consciousness matrix affects your particular energy field in every moment, this is awareness, this is enlightenment, this is the ability to know, to sense, to feel. And this is what is most needed on this planet … more awareness.

Now on the lighter side, I do see many people waking up. They don’t know they are waking up, but they are! And all of the land healing work you and others have done in this country is amazing in its effects! People simply do not have the underpinnings of bad behavior anymore, the underpinnings are gone. Now, it is simply a question of them letting go of habitual behaviors.

The overall awareness is also, I must point out, going to shift quite a bit when some of the older people, who carry a lot of charge, are dismissed from their bodies … and some younger people. There will be some dismissals, because they cannot carry forth in their bodies with this kind of consciousness shift. And this is fine. Because when they leave, much of their issues and malformed energies will go with the body.

There will still be some that is carried forward with them, but at this time of transformation, it is now allowed and encouraged that a lot of the dross and negative thoughts and toxic behavior is to be left with the body. Therefore anyone who leaves their body gets an uplift of energies, whereas before much of this had to be carried forward.

So, you see, this has been quite an upgrade for people on the planet, and there is an advantage, in this way, to leaving the body. That is not to say that suicide is an option, anymore than it ever was, but it is to say that souls who have no other means to heal can take this option. There will be opportunities.

And this is the time that we are in! A very exciting time, to say the least.

Copyright 2009 Antera and Omaran
Permission to share with others in its entirety with full source credit.
Center for Soul Evolution, see for more channelings.



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