Where Love Does All The Work -Lord Arcturus


Where Love Does All The Work -Lord Arcturus

Warriors of earth, gods and goddesses of light, priests and priestesses of the ascended way…we call to you in divine countenance, united and in the name of Oneness.We come forth this day to offer you divine insights and to assist each of you to remember your lineage as star-seeds of galactic descent. We come on this divinely ordered occasion, on this divinely ordered day, to again remind you that you are of the great and noble leaders of the new way!


Yes, what you feel can be confirmed as true for a new era has indeed arrived and is pushing you to the edge of a life you once knew only to encourage you to leap unto a life that you are free to create.

What we would like to affirm is that your choice to remember your divinity was only the first step in exploration of your greater potential…a step well worth the efforts for you are now positioned to explore and experience greater divisions of heaven thru the prospect of unity consciousness and divine love.

Surely you have felt the tug at your heart for a very long time and we are here to assure you that the next stepping-stone to your illumined path is indeed beginning to reveal itself.

In divine covenant each of you stepped forth to embrace the highest truth, the aspects of home that called you to remember. In this you have recalled the many insights that will lead you to the bounty and grace that you have long sought after in unity with the One.

There is a new way that is to be honored by those who have come to serve and it is you who will teach the world of those ways of truth through your physical expressions of joy.

In this we include that you are simultaneously beginning to feel, to understand, and to join forces with the band of light that connects you to all other wayshowers and energy weavers across the planet and universe. You are being provided with the ability to tap into new morphogenetic fields of potential so that you may live in greater health, peace and abundance.

In light of this, we would like to introduce you to a new concept by which many of you will be asked to embrace in the upcoming days…

Along your travels, there was a time when you were called to serve in ways that supported the lives of others thru your active particiation in the planetary grids and energetic ley lines as an anchor of clearing and purification. But now you are being called to step fully into your power as a cocreator of divine will and to create in ways that will support the greater good of YOU.

This is not to say that you will be neglecting the needs of those who depend on you, quite contrarily, you will be willing and capable to offer yourself limitlessly thru your profound connection to these new and higher frequencies of love.

What is happening on a higher level is you are releasing yourselves from the karmic cords and genetic ties that have kept you bound in cycles of repetition so that you may truly be free to create from the bounty of the earthly heavens.

This disconnection from the old and reconnection to the new is what will enable you to give more of your self, as you will be exerting little effort where once there was a great need. You will have the interconnectivity of the unity web and the alliances of earth’s core energies to support you in all ways that will uplift you, and consequently all those you know and love.

You may wonder how you will relate to others while transitioning into your full power, & we affirm that you are already doing this splendidly!

The steps required for you to complete the transition into oneness simply require that you change your mindset from giving in love to being in love, for where you are headed, love does all the work!

Once this shift in perception has been made, the confines of your outer world and environment shift and expand to uphold your new version of giving and receiving, an effortless force of creation that happens thru you and not because of you.

We would also like to make clear that once you have completely entered into this new state of harmonic accord within the unified matrix, you will cease to have any doubts or questions about your next steps for these answers will be readily obvious and available to you.

For now, as you make the final completions necessary to align fully with source, you are noticing that your energy is waning and that it is becoming increasingly difficult to sustain yourself by outworn standards.

This is for good reason, beloved ones, for the old energy matrix cannot sustain your new blueprint… your new processor is finalizing a necessary upgrade to meet the requirements of the new cosmic database!

As you complete the switch you will find yourself sustained from a completely new source of energy, the energy from the source of All. This new energy carries new vibrations of vitality by which the source comes completely from within. You will know this energy by the way it feels for it will bring you great feelings of peace and balance, a feeling of homeostasis both within and without.

We would also like to share with you that though you are becoming more of an independent circuit in terms of energy, you are also becoming more firmly connected to others in your vibrational fields of awareness. Very soon you will experience new levels of relationships from both sides of the veil. These new relationships of soul support will bring you unprecedented feelings of completeness as you work together with those from home to create your lives anew.

Regarding Choice all choice is of divine decree. This essentially means that what you choose will be based in a new set of potentials, which will create new possibilities in higher dimensions of thought and creation.

When you have completed your journey into oneness,

What you choose to experience will align with your thoughts with great rapidity as you are presented with many new options to explore, but choosing how and what to create will be your joy, for this is what you have labored for the opportunity to employ.

So we say that it is of little concern what you choose, only that you are continually choosing from a place of higher good…that is to say… a place of feeling good.

In the times ahead, choices will be made easily and from a place of presence whereas the future and its probabilities will become relatively elusive. Because of this, planning will take on a new set of parameters…planning in the future will happen with much less consideration.

Let us be more clear…you will soon have the ability to make a choice and to see the results of that choice so quickly that you will be capable to decide each moment in the moment of your choosing.

To do this you need simply be aware that when the time is right and appropriate for you to experience the choice that you have made, you will know by the ease for which it occurs. In this way there will be little reason to choose a future reality until the cycle of energy appears and is in support of your higher visions and goals.

Be assured that all that you wish to be, do and have is accomplishable in this new space, but planning for those desires will happen much more readily in present moment time.

When you realize this deeply, you realize that you need not put forth any effort or acquire the energy to solve dilemmas, for there is always a force at work to fortify your intentions for the greater good.

We share all of this with you as a token of appreciation for your dedicated service to the One. We look forward to your creations on your next level journey along the upward spiral of personal and planetary evolution!

On behalf of the entire Arcturian civilization, we bid you farewell!

Telepathic Transmission thru Lauren C. Gorgo at ThinkWithYourHeart.net



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