Discerning Truth as You Develop Greater Trust



APRIL 15, 2009


Blessed Be Dearest Ones as we send you Blessings of the Highest Light of Love as
We gather together once again in the Light of Love and Oneness.

Welcome Dearest Ones, Welcome! It is truly from our Passion, Our Joy and Divine Intention to reunite with Spiritual Family here once each month.

It is with our Greatest Love Dearest Ones that we come in this day to bring forward another message for your discernment and enjoyment. It is always our intention to provide you with information to support your journey of awakening and empowerment.

Dearest Ones, We invite you all now to get comfortable and close your eyes as we invite you now to enter into your Inner Center of the Temple of The Sacred Heart within your Being, the Holy Grail of Reunification.

We invite you to focus on your breath in this now moment and to breathe into your Sacred Heart Chambers. Just breathe Dearest Ones and settle into the peace of the breath for a few moments. Yes, feel the stillness, feel the peace. Yes, feel the centeredness and the balance of the breath… Yes! Through the breath you will always find the nourishment you seek as you receive The Breath of God, the Light of Love into your being… Yes!


Dear Ones, both the recent and current influences have felt much like passing through the void with a sense of drifting through a period of time that is misted over with the experience of a lack of clarity and most of you may have felt as though all you can focus on is the “now moment”. As disconcerting as this may feel at times, this is absolutely in perfection as you begin to recognize how in each moment as you choose what comes next, that what you have just chosen is indeed what is manifesting the next moment.

The March 20 Equinox brought with it a powerful Wave of Light that has left many feeling disconnected and adrift. You may feel as though you have let go of many attachments on many levels of your reality. This has been a time of rebirth, regeneration and transformation. This is a good time to simply allow yourself to relax and enjoy life! Let go of the need to know what comes next. KNOW that all is in Perfection as the energies are aligning to accelerate once again as our connection to ALL That We Are becomes simplified and more expanded.

Life continues to be very fast paced where there always seems to be more to do then can be accomplished each day which doesn’t allow much time to look to the future or even try to formulate in your minds what you feel you would like to create. This is a time of gaining greater clarity about just what you really do want by the way of opportunities that continue to present themselves yet the current energies continue to present more opportunities to clarify more of what you truly want as you continue to choose what not to include in this new world you are crafting in your hearts.

This also continues to be a time to integrate as you continue to expand your ability to love and accept all that you are, all that you have ever been, as well as all you can imagine yourself to be in the future. The importance of remembering to stand vigilant as the Observer Self should you find yourself feeling limited or you are questioning your ability to fulfill the role you have been choosing to create for yourself as you envision the possibilities of your personal ” piece of heaven”, know that as you simply choose to embrace all Aspects of the self with Love and breathe them into your heart they too shall become a strength as you go forward in each moment.

There is much transformation occurring on inner levels and we highly suggest the benefits you will receive when you find time to still the mind and commune with the Self within your Heart Center, even if only for 10 minutes at a time. Many of you are experiencing the continued expansion of your heart centers and spending time just breathing into your heart will bring a greater stillness and peace to your all too busy schedules.

Now more than ever before listening within will be of vital importance. You are entering a time of refinement within where the choices you will be making will become more challenging as many opportunities continue to appear on your reality landscape in all areas of your life. Some of them may resemble much of what you have been envisioning, writing about in your journals, or calling forth in your prayers, yet they may still be lacking some ingredients which would align with who you are and where you are going. As you are faced with many choices, listening to your inner feelings and the “still small voice within” is of great value as you learn to refine your inner discernment. We highly suggest that you not compromise yourself in any way when it comes to what truly matters in your life and the world you are creating in each now moment.

Your Angelic Medical Team and your Soul are standing by waiting for you requests should you be experiencing any challenges during this intense time of realignment and recalibration. As Mother Earth continues to recalibrate and rebalance so is your body making adjustments on a continual basis as well. The transformation of the 3rd dimensional self is dropping many layers of the old human and integrating many of the new 5th dimensional Divine Human self on every level of the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Self. Remember to ask for help in any area of your life for your Spiritual Team cannot assist you unless you REMEMBER to ask.

We highly recommend as you commune with your Soul to turn over the “human will” to be directed and guided by the “Divine Will” of your own I AM PRESENCE. Many of you may have initiated this relationship with your Greater Self, however a “renewal” of this “inner commitment” may be called for to “refresh” this relationship within your human consciousness. Opening your hearts to invite in a greater presence of your Divine Self within the cells of your being, within your hearts will expand your relationship within. Allow the Light that is you to expand to greater and greater BRILLIANCE within each cell of your body. Practice the Ascension Breath as you use Pranic Breathing like breaths to come down fully through your crown chakra, then see it pass through your Pineal Gland and down through your body into the “high heart” center of your Ascended Heart, or Sacred Heart Center.


As we mentioned a little earlier listening within is of great importance as you continue to move forward through this year. Through many of our messages in the past we have repeated ourselves many times in many ways as we would discuss the Truth that YOU are the Creator of your own reality. We have mentioned how your thoughts and belief’s when fueled by your passions and emotions and directed through your Personal Power of Conscious Choice manifest the Reality in which you are experiencing.
It is in-fact your consciousness of what you “believe” to be possible and the choice you make in each now moment that will place you dimensionally into different dimensional realities which resonate with your current level of belief or consciousness.

The more you move out of the old habits of linear thought processes that function from limitation, fear and doubt and choose to position your focus from within your heart center and use the Wisdom of the Heart-Mind the greater ease you will experience throughout each day of your experience. Tune into the “Voice of the Heart” as this is indeed where you will receive direction from your Soul Consciousness. It is through this relationship of seeking that greater experience of the Divine Partnership, or Divine Union of All That You Are that will sustain you through the journey that lies ahead for all.

As you refine your ability to discern the “Voice of Your Heart” you will discover and strengthen your ability to TRUST in you! Practice the art of listening as never before for this will be your truest “Navigation System”. Make ALL of your choices based on the “Voice of Your Heart” and you will always be guided in the right direction. Observe carefully that as you make choices that you are not making hasty choices “thinking” … well this “seems” like what I was asking for… slow down and check in with what you are feeling. Is there a TRUE feeling of Joy that accompanies the circumstances which are presenting themselves to you, or is there a slight “catch” in the flow of what you are feeling that is “tugging slightly” inside, even if only subtly. Give yourself the time to “sleep on it” before you “jump” into the next experience. Ask your Soul to “download” an image or a dream just as you awaken the following day that will guide you clearly in the right direction. If you already have a different method of “checking in” then we encourage you to remember to apply this to all your current and upcoming choices.

As you move forward remember to remain in absolute Truth with your own Authenticity with a new courage to be ALL That You Are!


During the times of Atlantis when much experimentation and alteration to the human form was performed to create a more uniform human design, many implants were placed within the human brain and the human DNA was greatly altered manifesting so much of what became the “veiled consciousness” of the current human form. As you have progressed through the evolutionary cycles since the days of Atlantis some of these implants have been lifted away through the choices of the collective as well as individual journey. However there still remain certain of these implants that still hinder your ability to perceive more of all that you are.

There are 2 very different, yet both affective ways to proceed forward to remove these implants. The first one is a rather easy one and simply involves asking for the help of your Soul and your Angelic Medical Teams to help you with the removal of these remaining implants.

The second and most important way to lift away these implants is to consciously choose to focus on the Truth of your Divine Heritage and in doing this consciously choosing to focus your awareness through your Heart Center as you remember to practice listening to the Wisdom of the “Heart-Mind”. By choosing to remember to apply your focus to your conscious awareness through your Heart Center you lift your energy into the Light of Love which in turn lifts you free of the density of “collective consciousness” and the 3rd dimensional melodramas which are now steeped with transformational changes. As you lift yourself free of the denser perceptions your DNA strands continue to ignite and become more fully activated enabling you to see with greater clarity how everything is indeed in PERFECTION no matter what it looks like from a more limited perspective.

We highly recommend that you remember to ask your Soul for any and all help you feel you are in need of. Spend time in conversation daily with your Soul and you will begin to notice how the answers you seek are just there now. Write in a journal if this is more comfortable for you. Whatever method is most comfortable for you to communicate with your Soul use it more often throughout your day.

We recognize that the demands on your time seem to be increasing making it more challenging to make time for your inner communication, yet it is your most valuable resource now and even more so as you move forward on the Ascension Journey.


Once Again Beloved Ones we wish to offer you a reminder of your True Nature and the Truth of Your Divine Heritage! Recall daily that the God Creator Created Each of You in Their Image and Likeness! Recall everyday that you were given Dominion over ALL living things on this Earth!

We invite you to recall our words from our December message:

TRUTH: Live your Truth ~ Speak your Truth ~ Act from your Truth ~ You Are God Individualized ~ God Incarnate ~ You have DOMINION over all living things, and EVERYTHING IS ALIVE!
* The moment you experience doubt or fear you have stepped out of your Truth
* The moment you step out of your Truth you have stepped out of congruency and into chaos
* Stepping out of congruency manifests separation from your Truth

TRUST: As you live your Truth you attain Trust in You ~ As you Trust in You, you discover the ease of living your Truth.
* Trust enables your power to create
*As you create this enables you to Trust
* As you live your Truth you build your foundation for Trust

PASSION: When Your Truth is supported with Trust and fueled by Passion, ALL Things Are Possible!
* Truth is the foundation for Passion
* Trust is the certainty which ignites Passion
* Passion is the fuel to manifest all form

As one owns their Truth with absolute Trust, how can one stifle Passion!

Walk in Your Truth and Speak Your Truth with Impeccability at all times, making all choices from a place of full Trust in Your Truth and your heart will be filled with Passion!

These Principles are the Fundamental Keys to Manifestation! To achieve Completion of Your own Mastery one must Communicate with Clarity based on The Truth of Who You Are!

You Are God Individualized!

And So It Is Beloved Ones, That We Honor You for The Journey You Have Chosen, We Love You Dearly!

We Send Each of You Blessings of the Highest Light of Love! The Love That You Are!

Blessed Be,
We Are One, Master Dakon, Sariniela, Anjuriel, and the I AM That I AM

Dear Ones,

As a result of some of the demands on my time I did not stay open long enough to pull through this information and so this follow-up message to complete this month’s message is below.

March 15, 2009



March Message Continued:

Dear Ones, we wish to emphasize one of the most important factors in achieving your Mastery in your journey through the Ascension Portal.

As you each move through your personal journey forward along your Path you will experience the continuing Waves of Light and Energy that stimulate the surfacing of any remaining core belief’s embroiled in fear and limitation that are connected to the Matrix of Mass Consciousness.

Many of these core belief’s are connected to “orphaned” Aspects of the self that wish to return “home” to you and be integrated into the greater wholeness that you are becoming as you move forward on your Ascension Journey.

Recognize that the moments of lethargy, fatigue, depression, hopelessness, thoughts that sound like this; “I’m not capable of that”, “how can I possibly accomplish that”, “there is no way I can do that because____________” etc., and all thoughts that are fearful or filled with limitation are all opportunities for you to choose to lift yourself free from these thought forms attached to the Matrix energies, or to integrate an Aspect of the self that is in need of resolution and reconnection to the you who is the “Designated Ascendee”…. Or both! It can be helpful if you find yourself unsure as to the source of the thoughts or feelings which suppress your joy and freedom to simply work with detaching from the Matrix of Mass-consciousness while also welcoming home and integrating all Aspects of the self who surface as they seek resolution and re-integration.

KNOW that all moments of feeling stuck, challenged, apathetic, defeated, hopeless, etc. are OPPORTUNITIES to recognize you can CHANGE these circumstances through the Power of Conscious Choice.

We suggest that it is VITAL to your journey to reach a place of COMMITMENT within that will act as the “fuel” that will propel you forward in moments of challenge along the path.

The world at large in the Matrix Reality is filled with fear in almost all areas of life and so we are suggesting that it will serve you to not tune in to your daily news so often if you find yourself being “hooked” by what you hear or read.

We recommend that you create a tool or a function that will act to support you during the times you are feeling challenges with all forms of limitations. We suggest utilizing the “Observer Self” always, yet if you find support by posting notes or signs in your environment as additional support to remain conscious of your COMMITMENT to resolve all attachment to Matrix Consciousness and the limiting beliefs which appear to block you in your forward movement, then So Be It!

Know that your Soul, your Over-Soul and your I AM Presence are your constant companions and are available in any moment to lift you up, to offer you all the support you will ever need!

We suggest that you begin each and every day by consciously anchoring their light into your Heart Center. Simply breathe in their Light into your Heart Center as you breathe all the way down and through your being. Consciously place your Divine Self in the “drivers seat” for the day ahead as you recognize this is really the Authentic You. Consciously choose to request that you be Divinely guided in every moment of EVERYDAY, not just when you find a few minutes to “focus in” during a meditation.

We lovingly suggest that you consider the idea of choosing every morning to open your day, everyday, by standing in front of your mirror and seeing yourself as the Multi-dimensional Being that you truly are. See the “integrated you” being mirrored back to you. Yes, see the physical vehicle that you see everyday looking back at you, but also see the Light emanating from you that is the reflection of your Souls energy as part of your Auric field, see the reflection of the Light of your Over-Soul emanating just outside the field of Light of your Soul and then see one more field of Light that is emanating the Light of your I AM Presence just beyond the field of Light of your Over-Soul. See this through your minds eye as the expanded Auric Field of your Trinity Field of Light surrounding your Body. (For those who are not able to see this, simply “imagine” that you are able to see this) This does not need to be a long process, unless you choose to savor this activity, yet taking even just 1 minute to set your energy for the day will align you in such a way that you will automatically be lifted free of the Matrix Energies.

At any point in your day if you encounter a challenge or feel yourself being pulled into the Matrix energies, simply focus on this image of yourself and you can instantly shift what you are aligned with and not be “sucked into” these lower vibrations or dimensions.

We lovingly suggest that at various moments throughout your day that you REFRESH this IMAGE of the Real You to revive and replenish your energies as you move through your day.

Have you chosen this level of commitment to your Ascension Journey? This is not a requirement! Yet anyone who holds passion in their hearts to achieve the Journey of Mastery and the experience of the Ascension will benefit highly from consciously choosing to make a commitment to their self/Self to persevere through the Cycles of Transformation.

KNOW that you are NEVER alone Dearest Ones; YOU are always in the constant presence of ALL THAT YOU ARE, The Divine Within! And of course those of us in the Angelic Realms who lovingly serve you are Ever-Present At All Times as well!

And So It Is Beloved Ones, That We Honor You for The Journey You Have Chosen, We Love You Dearly!



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I would like to contact the author/owner of this site? I have questions about some of the beautiful images and would like to know whom to contact to receive permission for these images relating to an archangel channeling. Namaste, Jenna

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