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How will global warming affect the Earth’s weather patterns?  What is the likelihood of mass migrations as a result of the effects of global warming?  How can we best prepare?

Global warming has already affected the Earth’s weather patterns.  You can think of this process through the lens of chaos theory, though it does not exactly follow chaos theory.  The Earth’s weather patterns are changing in ways that will lead to secondary dynamics and therefore secondary changes will then lead to a new level of dynamics.  These build upon one another, layer after layer, creating the effects you see now and those to come.  All weather patterns everywhere on Planet Earth are changing in response to global warming.  Global warming is the material cause and catalyst for worldwide climate change.  However, the Earth and humanity agreed upon the weather pattern changes long ago and the Earth has made these kinds of weather pattern changes time and time again.  Just as your scientists have described the changes you are seeing now, some of your changes are quite radical.  They are very small and very momentary compared to the larger history of Planet Earth in time/space continuum.  The Earth has gone through ice ages and periods of great heat and that will continue to be true so that your perspective on global climate change makes it seem much more radical than it is from the perspective of Planet Earth.  That being said, the effects on human lives and the survivability of the human race are radical. 

Mass migrations of humans and animals are already occurring in some parts of the world.  Huge numbers of people are moving in order to avoid particular weather patterns or in order to move toward particular weather patterns.  This will become more and more true.  Technology has enabled human beings to live in places that would have been relatively uninhabitable before certain technologies made them habitable.  Those technologies will continue to mitigate the effects of mass migrations, but mass migrations will continue to increase.  The most likely outcome 100 or 150 years from now, is that the patterns of where people live on Earth will be somewhat different and more closely aligned with the natural habitability of a place rather than the strains of an overpopulated Earth.  In other words, you will have fewer people and they will be living in more naturally habitable places.  Remember that this is 150 years away – the path to this reality will not be easy.

What is the likelihood of diseases and water shortages?  How can we best use water, save water, connect with water and understand water?

Many people have asked about water recently because water is the primary resource for human beings.  This goes beyond the fact that you physically need water before anything else in order to exist.  You can delay dying of cold, heat or starvation, but you cannot lack water.  Water is so necessary on a physical level.  The Keepers are saying in a similar way, water is that necessary on a metaphysical level.  Human beings never agreed to inhabit Planet Earth or to evolve on Planet Earth until the spirit and soul of Water had made its contract with you, just as the Earth has a contract with you.  The Earth is a divine being who made a promise to live as this physical planet, to be embodied by it and to stay here both physically and in spirit to be a resource and to be in community with all other beings.  Water is the very same thing.  Water has a spirit and a soul and a journey of its own.  In a sense you can say that water is your sister. 

On a purely physical level, it is the properties of water that have enabled life to evolve.  Not only the property of being liquid but the property of how it freezes and at what degree it freezes, that enables life to exist below the surface and for life to continue to evolve in the dormant seasons.  It is the properties of water that makes this possible on a physical level.  The energetic, nonmaterial properties of water also make it possible for HUMAN life to exist.  Water holds space for the human spirit to exist on Planet Earth.  The human spirit is different from the spirit of animals.  You are not better than animals; you are not more evolved or more Enlightened than animals.  The human spirit is just different from the spirit from all other living creatures on Planet Earth in that the human spirit has a particular relationship with its own divinity.  It has a particular ability to understand and therefore be accountable for its own divinity that is different from the contracts of animals or of other living things.  It is that space for the human spirit to be accessible and for you to be held accountable to, that is held energetically by the presence of water on the Planet. 

One of the reasons there is so much water, the oceans, which are relatively undrinkable, that they take up such a massive space on Planet Earth, is to hold that energy of the human spirit.  The ocean is holding a reservoir of spiritual or vibrational energy that is being accessed now by human beings as they go through Enlightenment.  The water element, as a spiritual being, holds a vibration that enables you to connect with your emotions and your higher self at the same time.  That is where the possibility for accountability lies.  An animal can have an emotion and it can act out of that emotion but not necessarily be held accountable in terms of karma, in terms of its own divinity or evolution.  If an animal becomes terrified and it bites or even kills, we understand that an animal was overcome by its emotions and cannot be held entirely accountable.  A human being is held accountable for the behaviors, words, and even the thoughts that they execute in response to their emotions because human beings have this spiritual reservoir of energy in water that enables you to hold all of the parts in place at all times.  This means that, in any moment, your true self includes your body, mind, subconsciousness, belief systems, spirit, intuition, and much more.  It is a very long list of things that encompass your true self.  It is because of your commitment from water and the connection you have with water that enables you to be these larger, more divine physical beings of Planet Earth.

The effect of global warming and water together, is that you will continue to see water as more precious.  At a very basic physical level, you will continue to see water shortages — shortage of usable, drinkable water for human beings.  As a human, you will continue to recognize how precious the physical resource of water is.  The deeper level, or spiritual dimension of that, is you will continue to understand the preciousness of your emotional lives and your ability to live as human beings, being both of spirit and matter so that even as the preciousness of fresh water on a physical level raises in your awareness, so does the preciousness of every human life, no matter how short-lived, no matter how distant from yours. 

One of the properties of water that is magnificently applicable to your Enlightenment process at this time on Planet Earth is cohesiveness.  The fact that once two molecules of water are touching one another, it takes a greater force to pull them apart.  This is the reason that once water is flowing through a tube, it creates a vacuum effect so that even without gravity, it continues to pull itself through the tube.  It remains cohesive, it naturally is magnetized to itself and longs to be connected or to operate as a whole.  This is one of the reasons that if you spill a drop of water on a table, that water remains together; it does not spread out in all directions unless there is a compelling reason from gravity or some other force.  Water left to its own devices strives to stay connected to itself; to all the other molecules of water around it.  Human beings work exactly this way.  Human beings, when you are born, naturally want to be near one another; you love one another, you are connected and you can feel that you are connected with one another.  Only through the very compelling forces of trauma, disconnection, hurtfulness, isolation and all of the ways that people are wounded, do you ever become convinced that you do not want to be around other people.  The fact is, you were born to be together, you are inherently and indelibly connected to one another.  Water demonstrates this for you, demonstrates both the power and the beauty of that. 

How do we deal with people who will hoard resources as resources become scarcer?  Is there anything we can do to change that?  How can we help each other realize that we need one another to survive?  

The answer to this is already being executed in some parts of the world.  You have been working on this for decades as human beings in much of what you call international development.  There is no single answer that will make this work across the human race.  The question of resource allocation is equivalent to every other question in regard to the human race.  Everything is answered by resource allocation and everything is caused by resource allocation.  Fundamentally, as a human race, you will need to come to terms with the fact that resources, both physical and nonphysical, have been improperly and unfairly allocated based on human power systems, based on systems that give some people more power to get the resources that they need and others less power to get the resources that they need.  As this becomes more obvious to everyone, all of you will need to step up to the plate and change the way you allocate resources.  This is already happening.  There is not much that the Records can offer about this on a larger scale. 

On a smaller scale, in your individual lives, if the larger question of resource allocation is to be answered and brought into balance, it will only occur as each individual grapples with and finds a resolution for the question of resource allocation within their own lives.  Many of you do not take the resources that you need.  You do not take the time that you need to make a decision.  You do not accept the money that you need or the gifts offered to you to help you be happy in your lives.  Many others of you take more than is offered or find ways to co-opt that which is not yours in order to be more comfortable or in order to avoid feeling lonely or scarce.  Each of you will need to ask the question, “What are the resources available in my life and how do I use them?”  Some of you will need to give more, others of you will need to take more and for most of you, it will be a little bit of both.  Doing that work in your individual lives will actually help propel the larger question of resource allocation forward.  In an intangible sense, that question will often lead you to sharing more money, time or other resources that actually does help to fill the pot of the larger question. 

The second thing is in regard to how you work with this in your personal life.  The way the resolution will happen in a larger picture is, this is the bigger message that Planet Earth has for humanity at this time, the reason that you have all fallen out of balance in regard to resource allocation, both in your personal lives and on the larger human scale, is that you have lost one another.  When human beings feel completely connected with other people, completely loved by other people and they feel a free flow of love for other people, naturally, you do not over consume or under consume your resources.  Naturally you easily, without any strain, acknowledge together how resources can best be balanced for the good of all.  It is only through the process of being isolated and wounded that you have lead yourself into these patterns of greed or lack.  In order for that greater question of resource allocation to be resolved, you will need to find ways that people can be connected with one another. 

In part, globalization is making this possible.  Globalization is only beneficial if all of you take advantage of the ability to meet, get to know and fall in love with people with whom you would normally never have contact.  As you build these bridges of caring for one another across the world, resource allocation falls into balance.  If you have a dear friend living in a country with very few natural resources, it becomes more obvious to you that you need to share your resources with those around you.  Even if you cannot reach your friend to share the resources with those who need it in your surroundings, it becomes more obvious.  It is that light of compassion that is meant to be lit and fueled by globalization, that is for you to use in order to heal and resolve the isolation and trauma that has been guiding humanity for generations and generations.  It is for you to reach out and build bridges of love and compassion that will eventually make it possible for you to heal your problems with resource allocation. (April, ’09)


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