Jeshua* The Voice of the Brotherhood


Jeshua through Judith Coates

7 March 2009

Beloved and holy and only Child of our heavenly Father, Child of the
one Source, Child of Light, divine. That is who you are. Take it
deeply within the consciousness and contemplate what that means.

I am the one known as Jeshua ben Joseph, Jesus you have called me, and
it is in great joy that I come to abide with you this evening in your
timing as you have chosen once again to call me forth.

Great joy; the heavens are singing. [Caleb the cat is upstairs singing
to high heaven trying to make friends with Toute Suite] I asked that
there might be a wee bit of music to precede my coming, and the four-
footed one has obliged. You see, you do not have to have singers on
just two feet. You can have the singers on four feet to announce a
special performance, a special gathering.

Indeed, every time we come together this way it is a special
occurrence, a time of remembrance. As I speak to you, you listen to
the words, you take them in intellectually, you play with them, you go
off on a detour with some of the words and ideas from time to time,
and then you come back to whatever the train of thought is later.

You play with the ideas intellectually, but truly I speak to your
heart. I remind you of the love that you are, of the master that you
are, of the divinity of being that you are that allows you to say that
you are human, that you are orchestrating the body, orchestrating a
lifetime incarnate.

The divine being of you is much more than the body. The divine being
of you is that which allows you to feel that you could be just the
body or just the personality or just the one incarnation that you are
focusing upon. But truly, the divine being that you are is beyond
time, from before time, and after the purpose of time has been

The divine being of you has brought forth all creation, seen and
unseen, and will continue to do so. The divine beingness of you is
expansive and is forever going forward, as you would understand linear
forwardness to be, but expanding in all directions to know itself, to
know what it can bring forth as experience and expression.

Some of the experiences are ones that you would say, “I would rather
not take a path on that one. Let someone else have that experience and
they can tell me about it, or they can write about it in a book, or
maybe I’ll listen to it on a magnetic recording of some sort. Of other
experiences you say, “What a joy. I have found my joy in that

But truly you bring forth all experiences to know the joy of them,
even if it is only to know the joy of having come through the
experience and to have survived it. I have heard you say that from
time to time; like, “Thank goodness, I did survive that experience; I
came through that. It was a bit difficult. It was not what I thought I
wanted to ask for, but hey, I survived it. I am here, and for that I
give thanks.” I’ve heard you say that, as well.

And then as the 20/20 hindsight becomes clearer, you look upon all
experiences and see the treasure of each one. As you get a bit
further, again with the 20/20 hindsight, you begin to see more of the
tapestry of this life and of other lifetimes, how the other lifetimes
have played into what you thought reality had to be and how you are
changing reality. And that, beloved ones, is what I wish to speak with
you about this evening, how you are changing reality.

We have spoken for some years through this vehicle, my beloved friend
and teacher, the one you know as Judith, of the changes to come and
the process of change that you are now in the middle of; all of the
changes that will be happening, as you have had prophecy that by a
certain date there are going to be happenings that will allow you—and
this is true—that will allow you to look back even to this point in
time and to see how things have evolved, for you are doing a most
wonderful change of the scenery onstage.

You are very busy playing your parts, your scripts; you are out
sometimes on the front of the stage, and the stagehands are behind you
changing the scenery. Sometimes you play the part of the stagehands,
and you are changing the scenery as the play goes on.

But in the days to come—and they are right here; you are in the middle
of them—you are going to see much of evolution and much of remembrance
of divinity; much of the power of creation that you are going to be
able to own and to say, “Now I understand what Jeshua has been saying
for all of these years about the changes that we are bringing forth.”

You have seen some of what I have spoken to you in other years about
things coming to light. We spoke some years ago that there was much
that would be coming to light that had been swept under the carpet,
and that ones thought that they could live a separate life and just
please themselves. Now you are seeing much of the underhanded
dealings, as they are called, coming out into the light, and ones are
having to re-examine policies that used to be in place and be approved
of and now are being re-examined and looked at in the light of
morality, in the light of, “Is this according to the Golden Rule; is
this how I would like to be treated; is this the best choice in any

In the days to come, your next year, even the next few months, you are
going to be seeing more and more of these changes. One of the big
changes that we spoke about some months ago was the power of one
thinking themselves to be separate and thinking themselves to be only
one voice, and yet when the one voice joined with other voices, there
was a power that was made visible, the power of the vote, that brought
forth an impetus for change.

You are very much part of that impetus, that energy that is going
forth, because you have envisioned it all of this lifetime, from the
time you would look back in this lifetime and say, “I started to wake
up; I started to ask, What is life all about? Life has to be more than
just earning a living, having a mate, raising the children, having a
career. What happens when I have accumulated to myself the career, the
house, the mortgage, the mate, the children; I put aside money for the
children’s education, etc. What happens; what does that mean later?”

And you started to question, even at an early age, of wondering, “What
is the meaning of human life? Is it truly the struggle that the peers
have told me and continue to tell me that life has to be a struggle?
Is it the struggle that my authorities, the priests, rabbis,
ministers, the religious/philosophical leaders have told me that if I
struggle a lot in this lifetime, then I will reap my reward later? Is
that what struggle all about? Am I gaining the golden stars in the
crown because I am struggling now? Is that really true? What is truth?
What is really true about me?”

You began asking that, and you threw aside the limitations of
religious/philosophical tenets and you said, “Maybe there is more.”
All of you have said that. All of you have wondered. That is why you
have searched out the teachers, the workshops, the books, to allow you
an expanded view, an understanding of what life can be, because you
have felt at a very deep level that life has to be more.

And why is it that good ones, loved ones live a certain lifetime and
then they pass on? Where do they go? Why does human life seem to have
a beginning and an ending? Is there truly an ending? What happens to
consciousness? What happens to me, the me that I think I am? These are
all questions that you have been asking of yourself.

And some of the friends have been asking of you, when you go to a
certain celebration of a life—known as a memorial, perhaps—and ones
ask of you, “What do you think happens now to that person? Where do
they go? What do they experience? Do they experience anything, or is
this just the end? Do they go into a void and become nothing? Is there
more to life?”

You have known deep within you that there is an ongoingness about
life. Sometimes you couldn’t find the words for it, but you knew. You
began researching and asking questions, and the friends began asking
questions that then made you ask of yourself more and more, “What is
life, and why, why is life? What am I going to do with this life?”

I have heard many of you and the brothers and sisters ask of me, “What
is my purpose? Why am I living this life? What is my purpose in this
lifetime? What am I supposed to be doing? I want to do what I am
supposed to be doing in this lifetime, but I don’t know what that

And I have said back to you and to the brothers and sisters that your
purpose is to be: light, love, laughter, joy, upliftment to each and
every one that you have discourse with. It doesn’t have to be
complicated; in fact, truly it is simplicity itself.

That is where healing comes forth, from the simplicity of joy, from
the simplicity of trust, the simplicity of appreciation.

I come to speak to you now about the voice of the Brotherhood. It has
been known as the White Brotherhood. It has been known as the
Brotherhood of Light. Is there a Brotherhood? Yes, there is. Should we
call it a Brotherhood or a Sisterhood? We can call it either one,
because it has no gender, truly. But for the patriarchal society
throughout generations, it has been known as a male Brotherhood. It
is a coming together of higher understanding.

The higher Selves of you truly have communion with the Brotherhood.
Now, we have spoken many times that you have and do a most wonderful
miracle of focusing upon the self—lower case “s”—the personality, the
body of this incarnation. You do a miracle in every moment that says,
“This is who I am, this personality, this body, this career; this is
who I am,” shutting out all of the rest of what you are. It is truly a
miracle of creation that you do. And yet you have taught yourself to
do it with a precision moment by moment that makes it seem as a
continuum, and it is a miracle.

But there is much more to you, and that is what you pass into when you
release the specific focus upon a body and what you have done many,
many lifetimes when you have laid down the body. You pass into the
higher understanding of life, into that communion with the Brotherhood/
Sisterhood, whichever you want to call it.

In this evening I have been asked to speak to you about the voice of
the Brotherhood, but to call it a Brotherhood still defines it as
something separate from you, and you are not separate from it. When
you had that moment of realization where all of a sudden the pieces
have fallen into place and you’ve had that ecstatic moment of “Aha!”
which was maybe only a moment or maybe longer, you have moved out of
the small self into the understanding of the divine Self, the higher
Self of you into truly that communion with the One—capital “O”.

There was a time when I spoke to you of the Council of One. The
Council of One is also the Brotherhood or Sisterhood. So perhaps it is
of better semantics to speak of it as the Council of One, because you
all have a seat at that round table. There is not a higher or lower
place; it is a round table, the same as One is in your writing with an

The voice that speaks to you is going to be more and more apparent as
time proceeds, and it is not going to be a lengthy process. You have
already decreed that you want to know, “What is life all about?” You
have already decreed that you want to know, “How can we bring more
harmony, more understanding of myself and others,” as you have put it;
“how can I bring more and more understanding to my relationships and
see the equality of each divine being that is incarnating as a point
of light?”

For that is truly who and what you are, a point of light. We have
talked about how you do the miracle of the coalescence of light in a
denser form to bring about the body. Now, there are stories that are
told of me, where I walked through walls—and I did. How did I do that?
I became the light particles that truly the body is made of and
allowed that light to pass through the porousness of every seemingly
dense surface.

You are light. You are Sunshine. You shine in your life and in
everyone else’s life as you allow yourself to feel lighthearted about
everything that happens and to see the greatness of truly what
humanhood is bringing about.

Now, for many, many, many, many, many generations you have been taught
and you have taught others that life is difficult, that life has to be
separate, and that it has to be a struggle. And when I came along two
thousand years ago and I spoke of the Father’s love and I spoke to you
that truly you were perfect in the Father’s eyes already, it was a new
idea. Some of you heard it, and some of you remembered it from
previous lifetimes when we had been together, because two thousand
years ago when I came as Yeshua, it was not the first time I had
walked our holy Mother, the Earth, and had been as teacher—by various

I was here as you were here when our holy Mother, the Earth, became a
densified being. We, as One, created our holy Mother, the Earth, that
so many of the brothers and sisters walk upon in this day and time and
take it for granted that it’s going to be there when they put the foot

If they were to realize that our holy Mother, the Earth, is light the
same as they are and that it is a miracle every time they put the foot
down that there is something underneath the foot that becomes dense in
that moment, and may not have been dense the moment before; if they
were to realize that, they would stand in awe of the divine energy of

Moment by moment you create. That is powerful. Moment by moment you
create your world, your relationships, your perceptions of the world
and your relationships. The world is changing rapidly in my relative
view of it, slowly in your relative view of it, but your world is
changing because you have decreed that you want it to change. And as
you decree, so it has to be.

So you have decreed that you want an evolution of remembrance, of
equality and respect for all beings; not only two-footed ones, but
four-footed ones, winged ones, ones that swim in the water. You have
wanted to have that be the accepted and understood way of expressing

You have seen much of inequality. There is still much that is
happening. And when that comes into your awareness, you feel a certain
reaction to it, a reaction that says, “This is not like love, and I
desire to feel love. I desire to see love expressed, equality and

And when that reaction comes up in you and then you transform it to
say, “I want to see differently, everything truly moves to provide for
you that which you have decreed that you want. It is the same as
putting the foot down on something that seems to be solid, and it is
solid when you put the foot down; you make the molecules of the foot
solid and you make that which you step upon solid.

Was it solid a moment ago? In truth, no. That boggles the mind a wee
bit, because that’s not what has been taught to you by generations.
But you make your own creation moment by moment. And the One that you
are, the voice of the Brotherhood, of the Council of One, the voice is
calling out to you more and more loudly to take a moment to listen; to
take a moment and to breathe in deeply the inspiration of divine
being; the possibility that that which has seemed to be dense—body,
our holy Mother Earth, relationships that seem to be dense—are in
truth very malleable, changeable, and you can change.

You can change yourself and you can change what is happening around
you. It is powerful when you begin to remember what you are; not just
who you are, because that brings it back to feeling that you are a
certain personage. But when you begin to remember what you are, the
extension of the one Creator, the one creative Isness, Thought itself
going forward, creating moment by moment the very chair that you sit
on, creating moment by moment the very vehicle that you drive,
creating moment by moment the reality that you say you live in, and
when you stop and you listen for the voice, it changes everything
around you.

And if it can happen one time, it can happen another time and another
time and another time until you come to that remembrance of, “Now I
know what I am and why I am here. I am much more than what I have
thought I was.”

And so you begin to live from a space of light, lightheartedness. You
begin to live from a place that says, “This is a reality. Whatever
befalls me in a day, as far as experiences, that is part of reality,
but it is not all of reality, and I can understand it in a greater
context as I listen for the voice of my higher Self, the voice that is
not attached to the body or to this reality.”

When you are working with another person and you see certain
appearance, that is reality, and it is not to say to be in judgment of
it, although that will be the first reaction. That is the habitual
reaction, because you have been taught and taught yourself down
through the ages that the way to defend that which was yours, you had
to immediately judge something, whether it was going to be good or not
so good, and if it was not so good, then you’d better know how to
defend yourself.

So you have “taught” yourself down through the ages to judge very
quickly; otherwise, that which you thought was important—the bodies,
the dwellings, the loved ones, the physical—could be threatened. That
which you truly are cannot be threatened and will never be threatened,
but there has been focus upon the physical and focus upon the reality
of separateness.

Now you are moving past that as you listen for that voice of higher
wisdom. You have all in the past few weeks had experiences where you
have had to ask, “What is the higher purpose of this? What is truly
going on? I see what is reality—lower case “r”—but that is not all
that is happening. I know there has to be more.”

And so you have asked. The brothers and sisters have asked. I have
heard them asking you; I have heard them asking me and my mother,
praying unto us and the masters, “Please give us an answer. Give me an
answer as to what is going on here. Why does my friend, my loved one,
suffer? Why does my beloved pet suffer? Are they truly suffering?”
Then the next question comes.

It appears that they are suffering. If I expand my understanding to
the place where I can see light between the molecules of density,
perhaps I will see that the reality that I thought was so harsh is not
so confining. Perhaps there is a blessing in everything that happens.

Now, the habitual way of looking at things, as we have said, is to
make instant judgment, and that has served you very well for
generations and eons of time, because it has allowed you to defend, to
keep in the same state of beingness that which you thought was
important—the body, the dwelling place, the loved ones.

But you have also seen that you are repeating patterns, and with that
realization that you are repeating a pattern—you even have a saying in
this world that history repeats itself—when you have realized that
there is a repeating pattern, that is the moment of awakening. That is
the moment when you begin to ask, “What more is going on here?”

That is the moment when you listen for the voice of the Brotherhood,
the voice of the masters, and what have I called you but master. I
have called you a master, for I know that which you are. Each and
every one of you, as you feel yourself to be separate beings, are the
extension of the higher master that you understand would be separate
from you, but is not separate from you.

You would not be, you would not be having the human experience if it
were not for the higher master of you that allows you to play as the
separate being.

Now, in the day and time two thousand years ago that is written about,
I spoke to you words of inspiration, words of enlightenment. I told
you stories that carried the kernel of truth—parables—to allow you to
begin to remember.

How often have I said unto you, even in these gatherings, to remember
that which you are, to remember that even two thousand years ago when
you were going through experiences and you wanted to know how to heal
a certain situation or person, I have said to you first of all to
acknowledge the reality of what the appearance is; you do not deny
that, but then you look beyond that.

That is why I spoke to the disciples about the healing with prayer and
fasting; to not deny the appearance; and then with a prayer to move
into a new perspective. And the fasting was not to do the cessation of
eating, but to not see the appearance any longer; to be able to take
the appearance of one who would be dense and see the light in between
all of the molecules of that density; to visualize that one as light,
which is truly what you are. And that then can bring about healing.

There is another line here that must be added. Every soul has a reason
for experiencing and extending itself in a certain way. You, as the
master that you are, cannot interfere with another soul’s purpose, but
you can offer to them a new way of looking at things. You can open a
door or throw open a window where they can look through to see that
there might be another way.

But if it is the soul’s purpose to keep on expressing in a certain
fashion for another time period, you cannot, even though you would
want to, alter it. I learned this myself.

I had to remember it, because I said to the Father, there were certain
ones who came to me for healing, and the healing didn’t happen. And I
knew them to be whole. I could see the wholeness of them. I allowed
myself to do just what I have described unto you, to see them as
light, to see all of the molecules of the body expanding into light
and to see them as the holy Self that they are. And then they
continued the way they were.

So I said to the Father, “Hey, what am I doing wrong? Why, if I can
see it, can they not see it? Why does it not instantly happen?” When I
stopped asking and I listened for the voice, I heard, “It is not their
soul’s purpose yet to be healed or to change. They have yet purpose to
be as they are. You have not failed and they have not failed.”

We are all equal masters. Now, that is very, very difficult, as you
see yourself just to be human, to accept. And you have not been taught
that by your religious/philosophical authorities that we are equal.
All of the religious/philosophical orders have had a great teacher
that they have listened to in the beginning, caught some of the great
ideas and enlightenment from, and then as time went on, the teacher
has been elevated to a pedestal way above any of the common folks.

But we are all equal masters; otherwise, you would not be. You could
not be. If you were not divine beings extended from the one creative
Source, you would not be having a life, an experience, a human
experience as you have chosen. You would not be.

So if you are—and you can pinch yourself; am I? Well, yeah, I think I
am. Oops, probably made a bruise; not really—but if you are, and I
assure you that you are, you are the extension of divine Being. And as
you will allow yourself to listen for the voice, you will get the
guidance that you are asking for.

Now, this brings us to a very good point. “Am I going to need—as I
understand reality—am I going to need to listen to the voice? Are
there going to be changes happening where I am going to ask and need
to understand, as I understand need?” Yes. Your world right now is
undergoing such change and will be continuing to undergo such change
in the next twelve months that you are going to want to—nay, you are
going to need to, to keep your sanity about you, to listen for the
voice of the Brotherhood, of the higher Self of you, the master of

You are going to ask for the voice, the still, small voice that is
written about in your holy Scriptures, and to ask, “How can I perceive
this differently? How can I understand what is going on, and where is
my place in it?”

You are going to want to know the voice of the Brotherhood that is
removed enough into the place of beholder that we have spoken of many
times, into the place of beholder where the whole picture can be seen,
the holy picture—w-h-o-l-e h-o-l-y—the whole tapestry of what is going
on; not just the one thread or two or three threads of the tapestry,
but to be able to catch hold of the whole picture and to see which
thread you are, and to see how you weave with the other threads to
make the most wonderful evolution of human consciousness to the place
of remembrance of divinity.

That is what you are working towards, that place of remembrance of the
consciousness of divinity that allows you to be the extension and the
expression of divinity even in a reality that doesn’t believe that
there could be divine intervention.

Divine intervention? That is you. Every time you choose to listen to
the voice; every time you choose to come up higher in your
understanding of who and what you are and who and what the other
brothers and sisters are, you have done divine intervention. It is not
for someone else, for in truth, there is no separation. You are not
separate from the master that you are. You are an extension from that
master that you understand could be somewhere out there above you;
you’re not quite sure where.

You have allowed the power of the master that you are to step down the
vibration enough to make the density of a body, to live within a
reality that yet says that it is dense. But at any moment you are able
to do the divine intervention of saying, “Hey, I am the master that is
creating moment by moment. I am creating this body, this experience,
this reality.”

And in that moment everything has to change. In that moment of divine
realization of what you are—the same as I am, the Christ; hey, wake up—
that is divine intervention at its highest level. The Christ of you
walks this Earth and can see it once again in its beauty, in its
original beauty as the light being that she is.

You have a celebration coming up in your next month or so that is
called Earth Day, a time when ones will put the focus of their
attention for a brief interval upon the Earth and what seems to be
best for holy Mother Earth. This is in itself an evolution of
thinking, to have ones come to a place of recognizing and celebrating
holy Mother Earth, to have a day where the focus of attention is upon
her and how to serve her, how to clean up the litter that you are very
good at scattering around. You create bits and pieces, and when you
are finished with them you toss them off. Some are big, some are
small, some of them are just thoughts that pollute.

Allow yourself to be that divine intervention that cleans up holy
Mother Earth by your thoughts and by your actions. Allow yourself to
live in joy and to appreciate the light being that we brought into
manifest form cooperatively as holy Mother Earth. Listen for the voice
of the ages, beyond even the traditional wisdom. Listen for the voice
that is always speaking within you, calling you to come up higher.

Why come up higher? Because if you are down here [He kneels down with
his face to the floor] looking at something, it seems to have a
certain picture of reality, but as you come up a little bit higher,
you see that that spot on the carpet is part of a larger carpet. And
as you come up a bit higher, if you were to stand on the stairs there
and look down, you would see a vast expanse of carpet and flooring.
You would see people; you would see feet; you would see much more than
when you were just looking at a spot on the carpet.

When I look just at that spot on the carpet, I don’t see the rest of
you. But when you come up higher, the perspective changes. The
totality of what you understand to be going on becomes expanded. That
is why the voice keeps whispering to you, “Come up higher.” Or, as we
have put it in other gatherings, times we have been together, to step
back and be the beholder, to step out of the picture long enough that
you can see the whole picture.

When I place myself in that picture (Painting of Jeshua on the wall),
if I were to be in that picture looking out, I don’t see the picture.
But if I allow myself to come out of that frame of the picture, now I
can see the picture; not only that, but the wall and the rest of
everyone around here.

When you have the nose pressed against the window pane, when you have
the nose pressed right against the fertilizer, that is all you smell.
But when you allow yourself to come up higher or to step back from it,
you begin to see the divine intervention and the blessing of what
truly is happening, and you begin to live the simple life once again,
the same as this beloved four-footed one known as the pussy cat.

The pussy cat trusts that there will be a loving one who provides for
him the food, the warmth, the love, the health care that may be
needed. That one lives in the Now, smelling the carpet, smelling the
feet, just living in the Now with the curiosity of what is, with no
thought of, “Is she going to feed me on the morrow? Well, of course,
she’s going to feed me on the morrow; I’m worth it,” and there is
complete simple trust and a living in the present moment.

The four-footed one comes up to a door and has curiosity. “What is
door? What is behind door? Why do humans have doors? Hmm, I think I’ll
walk and smell something else. I’ll see what else there is.”

It is the simple life of trust, listening to the voice that allows you
to know that you are not confined to this reality. During the changes
and upheavals that are going to be happening in the days to come, if
you are right in the middle of them and so focused on them, you are
going to get upheaved, as well, at least emotionally.

But you have been there, done that, and you know how that feels. As
you will allow yourself to listen to the still, small voice, the voice
of the Brotherhood, the voice of the Council of One, the voice of the
master that you are, you will take a deep breath and you will allow;
judge not.

Why did I say that to you? It is a truism. Judge not, lest ye be
judged. But who does the judging? When you are judging, you are in the
middle of judgment; not judgment from someone else or anything outside
of yourself, but yourself. You are standing right in the middle of
that hayfield of judgment, surrounded by judgment.

Judge not, lest ye be judged, because in that moment you are judged,
by yourself. But allow yourself to listen to the voice of the master
that you are, to see everything from a place of light. Allow even the
molecules of whatever seems to be dense to expand so that you see the
light in between every molecule, the light that is in between every
word that is spoken, every thought that is thought, every choice that
is made. Allow yourself to focus on the light. And that, beloved ones,
will bring you home. Come home unto me.

So be it.

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