How do we live in the third dimension while our consciousness is actually in the 5th, 7th, 12th or 15th dimension? We don’t. We are truly no longer in the third dimension. What we have always seen was a grand illusion. The illusion was created by miasms placed in us to shadow the light of our true home of the fifth dimension. There will be many who stay in the third dimensional dream because they choose to prolong that dream. It is still a dream. There is a belief that the fifth dimension no longer exists and we will travel completely into the seventh. This is true and false. The fifth dimension is our home base–it isn’t a number–it isn’t a geographical location. It is the state of Consciousness where we remember who we really are. It can be a magical kingdom or a technical kingdom. It can be anything we desire. We will become the creators of our new reality.

What is happening at this time is a harmonic shift that completely rearranges the atomic structure of our bodies. Our bodies have been transformed into a much more etheric, silica based system that aligns with the changes in Mother Earth’ s body. She will allow us to remove the gravitational pull as soon as our Consciousness chooses to assimilate the standing wave pattern that allows this transformation. Mother Earth is creating gravity for us because we believe it is necessary. Everything Mother Earth prepares for us is something that our cellular beliefs has created as a need. When we decide that we are the IMMORTAL BODIES that have been prepared and waiting for us in Mother Earth’s Heart, we will spend more time in that standing wave pattern than in the one that feels a third dimensional gravitational pull, and a limited perspective on our true Immortal Selfhood.

Our bodies will begin to remember to create through the energy of Prana. Our original manifestation templates will be restored to merge into Oneness with the Divine Plan of creation. Our bodies will remember that they don’t get sick and that they never die. Mother Earth will begin creating all of the energy sources we need as our cellular memory activates along with hers. The present electrical systems will no longer work on this Star. The Telsa system will be remembered once again as soon as our veil is removed. The electrical system was a part of the reverse spin technology, as was the HARP station, after our government reversed the technology to control us. These devices of control will no longer have any power over us as we choose to align our consciousness into the highest frequencies of light.

We can each collect and distribute the fine, sweet, pure angelic frequencies that transform us into our silica based chemical structure that bends and moves and flies and streams and braids light and sound into angelic frequencies. Come to our website and experience these frequencies:…

Each of the Suns in each Galaxy of the entire Universe have merged their Frequencies into a much grander, more powerful frequency of ONENESS than ever before. Mother
Earth has received all of these Stellar Wave Infusions plus Eight Dimensional
Frequencies of the Sun’s Parallel Matrix, plus the Frequencies of the Photon Belt of
the Fifth Dimensional Frequencies, which are the HOME Frequencies, plus the
Galactic Frequencies of the Parallel Matrix of the Original Aquarius Matrix.

Those who have been working in alignment with Mother Earth have gone through several ascensions with her over the past several months. Mother Earth has completed her Ascension and we are now entering alignment with her. She has completed her Ascension into the Third, Fourth and Fifth Spheres. We may not be able to perceive of this reality yet, but we can certain feel it. We feel it through the FREQUENCIES OF CONSCIOUSNESS. These are breaths of the angels and all entities of all five spheres. We can feel their presence when we align into their breaths of consciousness.

Those who are standing on Mother Earth are also a part of Mother Earth’s Body. We
are in the same Sphere. We contain the same Frequencies. Mother Earth’s
Frequencies are our frequencies. Mother Earth also has a Sun deep inside of her
Core. Her Sun is deep inside the Etheric Chambers, the Liquid Light Mantels.
Mother Earth has braided and woven her Sun’s Frequencies up through her body
and into three spheres to connect with and unite with all of the other Suns in the
Third Sphere or the Galactic Sphere. We are also uniting with the Universal Sphere of Christ Consciousness and the Cosmic Sphere of our Angelic and Co-Creative Consciousness. Mother Earth is also having her Veil removed as these Frequencies of Star Systems and Source Consciousness melt this shadow with their Light.

As our bodies stand on the Earth’s Surface, we are conduits of all of this Aqualene
Sun’s Frequency streaming up out of Mother Earth from below and from the Galactic
Suns streaming down from above. Mother Earth needs us to become a part of this
process. She needs us to be ascending with her. As we flow together Mother Earth
is very happy to feel all of her family rising with her.





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  Liara Covert wrote @

Re-alignment is an ongoing process for many beings who do not yet grasp what is going on. To attune to energy is part of awakening to levels of perception that ly beyond ordinary awareness. Choosing to discern and move beyond conditioning opens new possibilities to sense, feel and grow.

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