Bridge to the New Earth


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“Bridge to the New Earth”
by Meg Benedicte


During the past few years, as the multiple timelines collapsed into each other, the New Earth hologram appeared as a parallel reality that existed in the higher vibration of unity consciousness. We had finally reached the vibrational doorway to peer through and glimpse the “Garden of Eden”, our original human home waiting for our passage.

As these doorways or “veils” of time begin to open, release and drop out, we are now able to “remember” who we truly are and where we came from. The memory in our cells ignited with a vision of the New Earth realm, a sacred place we came from and now return to. It is our destiny to achieve the elevated frequency and step across the membrane of time and space. No one will be denied! We are hearing the call across the dimensions to “look up” and rise to the New Earth! It is here, it is real and it is calling you to return home again!

As I peer into the multi-dimensional realm I see many slices of reality, like a sliced loaf of bread. And each one is viable, and real, but vibrates clearly from different frequencies. The New Earth realm exists in the frequency of Union – aligning with the Universal Law of One. All of nature is inter-connected in Union in a field of god-light.

To access the New Earth hologram, we must heal and erase ego-separation and break free of the enslavement of the subconscious mind. As long as our minds are imprisoned in the planetary Mind Matrix of control and manipulation, we cannot access the New Earth of One. It is by our very conversion from dis-union into sacred union that we are transforming life on this planet.

As we continue to heal our hearts, open our bio-energetics to Divine Light, and merge our bodies with our souls, we will fulfill the prophesies and support our soul’s mission. Now is the time to open our hearts to the spirit within, and harness the controlling ego, face the shadow within, and heal the human spirit. It requires the vibration of union to enter and access the inner-doorway. The vibration of our Soul is the key to that dimensional pathway – so we can bridge into the New Earth

Copyright © 2009 Meg Benedicte · All Rights

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