Maintaining Inner Power By Elohim Lady Amora


Maintaining Inner Power
                                      By Elohim LadyAmora

                                             Channelled through Natalie Glasson

Part 1- Introduction                                                                           12-01-09

      Dear beings of light, I bring many blessings from the high vibrational realms of the Creator’s
universe to the Earth and souls of humanity. It is a great blessing for me to be able to communicate
with you today as it is my first time of channelling my energy and words through the channel, Natalie. It
is a great honour to place my wisdom and insights into the growing consciousness of humanity. I am a
powerful light being holding a cosmic vibration of energy; I am labelled as an Elohim which is given to
light beings that manifest as and radiate the loving thoughts of the Creator. Elohims are the builders of
the universe; they energise the thoughts of the Creator so that the will of the Creator may materialise.
Elohims support souls on their journey of discovery, overseeing the soul’s thoughts and the unity of the
soul’s mind with that of the Creator. When a soul reaches a certain level of mastery concerning the
mind then the Elohims begin to work with this soul on the inner planes to energise their thoughts
helping them to gain greater mastery over their thoughts and eventually materialise the will of their soul
into their realities on the Earth. In some ways the Elohims assist with the integration of a soul with the
Creator’s mind.
      We hold the thoughts of the Creator within our energy, this is a great responsibility, we must
ensure that our energy and the thoughts of the Creator remain pure and of a high vibration. We then
share the thoughts of the Creator with the Archangels and Ascended Masters even the Elementals to
integrate the will of the Creator into the universe. The Archangels are so sensitive to the feelings of the
Creator and the loving heart of the Creator that they share the will of the Creator that is expressed
through feelings and love with us and the Ascended Masters. The Ascended Masters accept and
share both the thoughts and loving heart of the Creator. We are all one, we hold within us the great
expansive and complete being of the Creator’s soul and yet we are still learning, sharing and
understanding. The focus of our work allows us to progress and comprehend certain qualities of the
Creator more than others; it is always good to integrates energies as we are able to balance the
sacred energies of the Creator within us, awakening what already exists.  Integration, expansion and
openness are the keys to spiritual development and unity with the Creator’s soul.

      In truth I am a light being and aspect of the Creator, labels such as Elohim, Lady or Ascended
Master mean little to me as I am so integrated with the energy of the Creator. They are merely akin to
job descriptions or achievements. The achievements in spiritual growth that I have gained are visible
within my soul as jewels of the most precious light that I can always gaze upon. Even my name, Amora,
is a label to describe my energy; it is not my truth as my truth is the Creator’s soul. I hope that you will
understand my meaning that labels and names simply cause boundaries and limitations and we are
each so much more than this. Saying this it is important for humanity to hold some boundaries as the
universe of the Creator and even your soul are such vast sources of light that they are unimaginable to
the human mind.
I ask that you please address me as Amora, I am the bringer of consciousness. I would be honoured if
you lit a candle for me and I will channel a high vibrational consciousness into the candle. As the
candle emanates its light it will emit the consciousness that I place within it into your aura and being as
you sit within the candle.  The consciousness that I will place will be the most appropriate for you and
will literally emanate into the room so that you can exist within a higher vibration of consciousness and
integrate it gradually into your mind. When you light the candle you may wish to state;

      ‘Beloved Amora, I honour and respect you as a source of consciousness and the divine
loving thoughts of the Creator. As I light this candle I dedicate it to you, Amora and ask that
you draw close to me to connect with my energy. Allow me to feel your loving energy around
me and to sense your light integrating with mine. I would be deeply honoured if you would
use the power of this candle to anchor the most appropriate consciousness for me and those
around me  into the candle, so that it may act as a beacon of high vibrational light and
consciousness in my life and as I meditate now. Allow your high vibrational loving
consciousness to flow forth into my being so that I may accept and integrate the will and
loving thoughts of the Creator into my mind.  Thank you for this wonderful gift.’

      I ask that you then sit before the candle and allow the powerful waves of light combined with the
consciousness that I share with you to wash over you and melt into your being. You may wish to also
repeat my name, ‘Amora’ as a mantra within your mind to aid our connection. You may see my energy
as a bright yellow luminous light with hints of orange and violet; it is a symbol of my consciousness
which I openly share with you now.
      ‘Consciousness’ is the vibration of the Creator’s energy that holds illumination, insights and
wisdom. It is energy that when absorbed into the mind, body, aura or being can awaken and activate a
new process of growth, working to raise your energy vibration to new levels. Consciousness can
appear as millions of tiny orbs or bubbles of light washing over and pulsating within your being. It is a
most magnificent feeling when you accept the energy of consciousness; it is liberating, invigorating and
will produce a feeling of greater freedom and pure sharp clarity within the mind. Allow yourself to
imagine as you sit within the energy of the candle that waves of yellow orbs are washing over you and
entering into your soul and chakra system. As you accept my energy of consciousness you will accept
my soul light integrating it into your being.

      I am an aspect of one soul which has been labelled an Elohim, my combined aspect is named
Heros; we are united as one, as manifesters of the Creator’s will and thoughts. I come forth to you
today as the feminine aspect of our soul. The female aspect of the Creator is truly coming into fruition
now; it is the divine timing for the nurturing energies of the Creator to balance and manifest onto the
Earth and throughout the Creator’s universe. This doesn’t mean that the feminine energy is weaker or
any less than the masculine energies of the Creator but simply means that a balance is and will occur,
this is the will of the Creator. The balance and harmony is occurring because souls are accepting
themselves as aspects of the Creator’s soul, uniting and integrating with all energies of the Creator, it
is a raise in vibration that will bring forth harmony. For much time humanity has accepted the energies
of the universe and the Creator in many ways. The energies of the masculine aspect of each soul and
messenger of the Creator is far more noticeable and prominent, so humanity has realised the energies
of many Ascended Masters and Archangels accepting their deeply loving and wise energies. For some
the feminine aspect of souls or the messengers of the Creator are more subtle and so may have gone
unnoticed, but again this was the will of the Creator. A great number of people on the Earth are now
putting their faith into the energy of the Creator, the Ascended Masters, Archangels and so forth. This
trust and faith is a symbol that humanity is ready to advance, to open and accept the truth. They are
now able to accept the feminine aspects of the Creator’s soul and allow integration to occur. This in no
way means that one energy is better than the other as the coming of the feminine energy is a
celebration and a representative that awareness is evolving and unity is manifesting. As I connect and
communicate with you now, my feminine energies that hold both love and power are balancing and
bringing harmony to your being. I hope that this will bring greater insight into the changes that are
occurring on the Earth and the new energies that are drawing forth and making themselves known.

      It is my mission and wish to bring forth a collection of wisdom, teachings and comprehension to
you as a gift from my soul. I have named this collection, ‘Maintaining Inner Power.’  My communication
with you today is the first part of the wisdom that I share with you; I wish to assist you in connecting
with my energies and understanding the power that exists within you. I will also discuss how one holds
their own inner power while acting as a loving beacon of light. As the energies of love enter and
manifest onto the Earth and within the souls of many, accepting and manifesting one’s own inner
power is becoming more important to understand and integrate into one’s process of mastery and
growth. Today I have introduced my energy to you and ask that you connect with my energy each day
if you feel this is appropriate in the way that I have described. I believe that this will be deeply
beneficial to many. Power is not a negative energy but is a positive aspect of the soul; I believe that
teachings on this subject are greatly needed to bring a new level of clarity. My communications will be
distributed over a number of weeks to allow integration and understanding of maintaining inner power
at a gradual pace.

      My blessings, high vibrational love and thoughts remain with you, allow yourself to experience my

I am Amora, a powerful source of consciousness.

Best wishes and blessings,




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