The Ascending Cosmic Pulse* Jan2009~~ 2009 Collaboration ~~


The Ascending Cosmic Pulse

By Shala Mata

January 2009


~~ 2009 Collaboration ~~

Happy New Year


2009 dawned in an configuration of fluctuating frequencies, all vying to form a unified pattern or signature that will lay the foundation of “collaboration” over the coming months.  I contemplated the “energy of 2009” on my travel home after the holidays.  I kept hearing the word “collaboration” as the operative energy for the coming year.  Collaboration means to work in partnership, to bring together many different aspects or ideals of a project into balance or completion.


During the last few months of 2008, the energy around relationships in all forms was chaotic and dense.  The 8:8:8 , 11:11 & 12:12 offered opportunity to delve deep into our core, where we could transform and transmute much of the older vibrations that still held a resonance within our field.  The influx of light from the Central Sun during the Solstice created waves of light to accelerate and enlighten.  During 2008, we worked diligently to transmute lower or dense energies still circulating with ourselves.  We anchored more light, stretched our beliefs, and let go of old patterns and behaviors.  


2009 will offer grand opportunity for completion but equally offer great potential for manifestation.  Completion and manifestation merge beautifully as we continue to walk upon our path to ascension.  Endings give energy and space for the new the manifest.  The beginning of a New Year is always a fresh start, where we contemplate the part of our lives that flow the parts that require attention.


 As Lightworkers and Starseeds we seek harmony and balance within our heart, however as the illusion of our past is felt we often judge ourselves harshly and while we are in the “new” energy of 2009 many are feeling disconnected and adrift in this energy.  As the frequency and vibration of the Central Sun Light increases upon our beloved Mother Earth, so comes to the surface all things not in resonance with that vibration.  The drama of the collective was palpable, as the dense vibrations of fear rose to the surface. 


 We stepped into 2009 and once again left the old behind, as we have done so many times before.  But somehow, it didn’t feel new or did it?  We are walking between two worlds of energy at the moment, the ending of 2008 and the newness of 2009.  There is no separation between energy and we are all connected to each other and our beloved Mother Earth.


You may be questioning your role on the planet and your purpose.  This is also a re-calibration as the lower more dense energies leave and make space for a greater potential on all levels.  January is a time to nurture yourself.  Have a massage, hot bath, sauna, energy-healing session.  Read a great book, watch a great movie, and keep company with those that make you live, love, and laugh.





The numerology of 2009 offers us a great insight into the coming year.  2009 is an 11/2.  The basic understanding of the 2 year builds the foundation for possibilities of the 11 qualities to hold form.  Two relates to cooperation, collaboration while the eleven brings in the higher frequencies of intuition and vision, holds the energy of mastery and awakening, and will propel us further upon our ascension path.  Our reality is created by numeric codes; numbers in specific sequences create universal language for creation.  Sacred Geometry, the Golden Ratio, and the Fibonacci sequence are considered the architectural blueprint of our reality.


These numbers and sequences, similar to a computer program, digitally encode our consciousness and our DNA.  The grids within and around our beloved Mother Earth are also encoded with these numbers.  Certain sequences act as trigger points for activation and change.

Much as been written about 2009 and without question we can understand it will be year of challenges and change.  Of great awakening as more light penetrates our being, of letting go the fear, greed and control that has been our accepted reality.


The energy of collaboration is threading through the deepest densest parts of our collective during the month of January.  We will feel like we are at a crossroad for much of this month.  We are feeling with our hearts but our head feels confused.  There is a great pushing/pulling energy within as we house more of our soul light and collaborate with the energy of knowledge of our journey.

During the coming month we will feel a plethora of feelings as we transmute our own coded wake up calls and that of the collective.  We will be taking another initiation into our Mastery and as such must be diligent with our thoughts, words, actions, and reactions.  Everything we experience in our accepted reality is a Hologram, and can be altered or changed through the vibration of Love. 

We are be tutored by our 5th Dimensional teachers and star families to evolve our telepathic communication abilities, and bridge our 5D and 3D energy congruently.  The energy of 2009 will offer great magic and opportunity for healing and service.  There will be several cosmic transmission dates during the year that will amplify and accelerate the light and frequency upon the planet.

Our work will be to understand that every day is a new beginning within our lives and planet, not just the ceremonial end of the year.   New beginnings and opportunities exist within the moments between our planned goals and calendars.  Every morning is a new beginning as is every evening.  Every breath we take in creating new life with our cells. 

2009 will be an expression of our self-love and our ability to flow within our lives.  Our goals and plans are important and vital intentions; however, the energy of 2009 will be felt with magic and excitement when we simply flow with the energy of our life – the life giving energy our soul offers with each breath we take.

During the month of January, many streams of conscious light will braid together creating the unprecedented level of vibration and light upon the planet.  Many are feeling disconnected, withdrawn, and unsettled.  Our physical bodies are still playing catch up with all the transmuting done in November and December.  Muscle aches and pain, depression, feeling exhausted, sleep disturbances, emotionally aloof, headaches, nausea, neck pain. 

There is a tremendous feeling of uncertainty or anxiety as we step through January.  Being tired and wanting to rest is a common physical response as our nervous system finds a new balance.  Give yourself this opportunity when needed.  Focusing your attention on the light within your heart and expanding to fill your entire field is another helpful way to navigate this energy.


It is also important to understand that the plants, oceans, mountains, rivers, animals are also feeling anxious and will require support.  We can help each by each telepathically directing light to each group or area.  Often when a higher frequency comes to the planet, those that aren’t able to differentiate the light can become unbalances and make choices from fear.  Telephathically sending love and support to our beloved devic and elemental kingdoms will be greatly appreciated.



Image courtesy of Jean Luc Bozzoli –


Many threads of potential exist in what is known as our future.  Time is not linear by circular, our past, present and future spin concurrently through the circle or illusion of time.  New formats and sequences of events yet to birth are revealed.  There are many predictions at the beginning of each year, based on the potential energy at a given point.  Our thoughts, words, and actions feed the potential energy of manifestation.  We will refine this process with conscious thought and action during 2009.





Each month the New Moon and Full moon offer tremendous support and amplify or light our opportunities.  The first New Moon and Full Moon of the year anchor the alchemical energy we will surf upon through out the year.


Jan 10 & 11th Full Moon.  This full moon is filled with emotion and insight as our subconscious reveals its mystery.  How are we feeling about ourselves in this moment in time?  Emotions are running high. Knowledge and service are amplified.


Jan 11- 31st Mercury Retrograde.  A time for completion of unfinished business and an opportunity to patiently examine what is coming up for expression. 


Jan 25/26th – New Moon Solar Eclipse.  Eclipses amplify the sun and moon and their relationship to us.  This first eclipse will emphasize healing and service to others.  A strong signal to a new age.



During the month of January as our harmonic signature continues to tune to the new energy of 2009, our cosmic blueprint reveals more of our soul’s intention.  Begin to ask the deep soulful question “what do I truly want” in every measure of your life.  Allow the energy and wisdom that is your soul to answer. 


Don’t be upset if feelings or old thoughts are being felt.  We are birthing or emerging into a new hologram and our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies are requiring a time of integration and re-calibration.  Our endocrine and nervous systems are being downloaded with codes that will support our immune systems and over physical well-being.  This will take a few weeks, being kind, gentle and allowing will go along way in the well being department.


Keep shining your gorgeous Light

Live, Love and Laugh.


Love Shala


Upcoming Events with Shala


Meditation Links:


I am hosting a monthly meditation to connect and work with our beloved Whales and Dolphins. In December I also recorded a Solstice meditation.  The recent meditations have been recorded and the December links will allow you to listen and participate now.  The schedule for January is as follows:


Sunday Jan 18th at 11:00 am PST –  Conference line 712-432-3900 – Access Code 9735255
 For Download as MP3 file.  For Download as MP3 file.

A Day with Shala

Belgium – May 16/09    Details to be announced

London, Eng  May 23/09                      

A one day workshop with Shala, where she will share information and tools on navigating the current earth and galactic energies, working with our whales & dolphins and supporting the physical body.

The Ascending Cosmic Pulse




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  Johann wrote @

Thanks for the info on January 2009. I am feeling like you said. Is it possible to keep me up to date on a monthly basis? Blessings. johann

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