The Seventh Energy Boost- Archangel Faith


The Seventh Energy Boost- Archangel Faith
Channelled Though Natalie Glasson

I am Archangel Faith; I come with much love in my heart and news to share with
those who are ready to comprehend my words. It is deeply important for me to channel
my energies onto the Earth now because I stand before you as a representation of the
feminine energies of the Creator’s soul. I am the feminine aspect of Archangel Michael, I
am an active beacon of light akin to Archangel Michael but it is my mission to nurture,
encourage and inspire every soul’s faith in the Creator and their own abilities. I cradle
souls in love so that they may build courage within them to awaken and follow their
special path of spiritual growth on the Earth. It is also my purpose to help souls who
lose faith, trust and devotion while already travelling along their spiritual paths. When a
soul is need I stand strongly by their side, encouraging them to step back onto their
chosen path that leads them to unity with the Creator. I am the softer, gentle aspect of
Archangel Michael but I also hold the power and strength of the masculine energy. Both
Archangel Michel and myself are united as one, we are two aspects of one soul, we are
so integrated that we hold both the feminine and masculine energies of the Creator
within our being, drawing on the energies that are necessary depending on who we are
working with.

I am the feminine angelic representative energy for the first ray of light of a red
colour. I assist in anchoring the will of the Creator into souls, awakening their minds so
that they may accept the will of the Creator and integrate it into their lives on the Earth. I
lovingly guide and gently push souls to accept and achieve the will of the Creator, while
supporting their soul so that they feel safe at all times. I act as a healing and nurturing
balm helping the will of the Creator to melt and seep into your being and awareness, so
that it may become a true aspect of your being and eternal guiding light. There are
many light workers who forget to call on my energies, some do not realise I am such a
powerful and influential energy but I wish to say that I am here for you now and I am
ready to serve you as an aspect of the Creator, sharing my love, courage and devotion
to the soul of the Creator with you.

Now allow me to explain my true purpose of my communication with you today, I
have been assigned by the angelic kingdom, Archangel Metatron and the ascended
masters to bring forth to you the last communication concerning the energy boosts that
have graced the land of the Earth. Many on the inner planes wish to express their
gratitude and appreciation to you for your devotion and assistance in anchoring the six
energy boosts that were planned by the Creator onto the Earth. The energy boosts
have assisted many in beginning the process of change, in accepting change as well as
accepting themselves as love and understanding how the energy of love can be
powerful and transformational. This understanding and acceptance has activated the
preparations for the era of love, which is greatly important, this is an immense

All six energy boosts are now united and are channelling as one source of energy
from the inner planes and the Creator’s heart onto the Earth. This energy boost is
known as the seventh energy boost and has been named the Eternal Wave of
Transformational Love. This is a wave and source of love, abundance, healing and
peace that you can align to and bathe within. It holds the energy of the angelic kingdom,
the ascended masters and the nature kingdoms. It is a powerfully source and light of
love that can be invoked to assist you with any aspect of your spiritual growth
throughout 2009. It is the energy wave of 2009 that I bring forth to you now, I hope you
will accept and experience this energy each day as it will allow you to continue to
accept the new vibrations of love anchoring onto the Earth. Simply state, ‘I invoke now
the high vibrational light of the Eternal Wave of Transformational Love to flow
throughout my being.’

The energy boosts have been so important and influential in the lives of many and
as the seventh energy boost anchors into the Earth and manifest for a greater period of
time, it will continue to support and assist many along their spiritual paths. The Eighth
energy boost is planned to anchor into the Earth at the beginning of 2010 but this is
may change depending on the level of growth that humanity accepts during the first few
months of 2009.

I wish to also remind you that the Temple of Mercy which is an ashram of light on the
inner planes will remain open throughout the year of 2009 for all to visit and align to its
energies. The Temple of Mercy is a sacred ashram or haven where one can gain
healing, guidance and enlightenment. It is predominately focused on healing and
cleansing to assist many in passing through with ease any changes that occur in their
lives. The Temple of Mercy acts as a place of reassurance and clarity where one can
retreat to, to meditate and focus on the energies within their being. The temple assists
with soul discovery and mastery as well as manifesting the power and thoughts of the
mind. One can access the energy of love, abundance and peace from the temple to
energise, their being, positive thoughts and spirituals practices on the Earth. Many
masters and angels exists within the Temple of Mercy , if you have yet to visit this
sacred ashram then I encourage you to do so as it is a place where you can integrate
the energy boosts that you have received and anchored previously into you being.

Originally the temple was to open on the 29th 0ctober until the 17th November 2008
but the ascended masters saw that the temple was allowing many to elevate any stress,
fear or anxiety that may occur due to changes and so the temple has been allowed to
stay open throughout the year of 2009 as a place of guidance and comprehension of
the influence of the Eternal Wave of Transformational Love. You may call on my
energies or the ascended masters to align you to the Temple of Mercy during
meditation, so that you may experience its energy and vibration integrating into your
being. You may also ask before you fall asleep at night for your angelic guides to allow
you to visit the Temple of Mercy, stating your reason. When you have experienced the
energies of the Temple of Mercy you can ask your guides to anchor the energy of the
ashram into your being so that you may experience the ashram and meet with mentors
during meditation. The Temple of Mercy is akin to a vast and large church building with
pillars extending from the floor high into the roof, there are many chambers within the
temple, but it is completely composed of pure white light. The temple of Mercy situated
on the inner planes at Mount Shasta has become a place where souls from the Earth
and the inner planes congregate with a mission of sharing and anchoring love. This has
resulted in mass meditations where souls focus love onto the Earth as a vast group,
devoted to the Earth and humanity. You can participate in these meditations if you wish
by simply asking before you fall asleep at night to be transported by your angelic guides
while you sleep to the Temple of Mercy to participate in the group meditations of
sending love and healing to the Earth. Ask also that you wake in the morning energised
by the powerful energy of love and unity that you have gained from the united
meditation to aid the Earth. It is possible during meditation to ask to be aligned to the
energy of the united meditation group that is continuously occurring within the temple.
You can simply experience the energy or you can ask to join in allowing love and
healing to pour from your being as you focus on the Earth and its humanity. One could
explain the ashram as an up and coming ashram, because it is becoming more popular
as souls realise it is the ashram of the people, a gathering place for all to connect and
share energy, love and wisdom. Allow yourself to participate in the United Meditation
Group within the Temple of Mercy, as many unite on the inner planes, unity will
manifest on the Earth.

As we enter into 2009 it is important to remind ourselves to continue to anchor the
Christ Consciousness into our beings as integration with the Christ Consciousness is
embodiment of an aspect of the Creator’s heart and soul. The seven energy boosts will
prepared the way for the Christ Consciousness to truly anchor onto the Earth and
manifest within the hearts of humanity. It is the will of the Creator that the Christ
Consciousness of a planetary level becomes completely manifest on the Earth by 2012
which is a sacred year known as the Era of Love but it is also when the truth of the
Creator prevails.

You will notice that as we are anchoring love on the Earth we are also bringing forth
the feminine energies so that they may balance with the masculine energies. You may
notice that the feminine aspects of the Archangels will become more prominent as they
begin to influence humanity in the same way as the masculine archangels have acted
as spirituals mentors. The feminine archangels will bring a new aspect of the angelic
kingdom to the Earth and will share teachings of the power of unconditional love. The
feminine ascended masters and goddesses are bringing their energies forward to
humanity now so that harmony may be gained and most importantly peace will settle on
the Earth, akin to pure white snow dusting the Earth. It is important to be aware of the
feminine wave of energy as it connects with the Earth with greater intensity, honouring
the energy as well as honouring the feminine aspect of the Creator that exists within
your being.

The ascended masters also wished me to share that the love crystals that were
anchored into the Earth are safe and protected. We will bring forth teachings,
meditations and practices concerning the love crystals at a later date when their
energies have been allowed to settle on the Earth.

I am greatly humbled to be able to communicate with you now, I very rarely channel
my energies as a communication and I feel elated at doing so. To connect with so many
people through the power of my words is wondrous for me and I hope to practice it more
often, as the sacred feminine energies of the Creator step forward to aid the growth of
humanity standing tall beside the masculine energies of the Creator, united as one soul,
the soul of the Creator. What an incredible image this is, I hold it as devotion within my
heart. Remember my dear friends that I am here to assist you.

I express from my soul now the great thanks that swells from the inner planes to the
light workers on the Earth. We wish to express that it is a great honour to work with you
Wisdom will always come forth concerning the seventh energy boost as time

Allow love to embrace you now, connect your being with the feminine energies of the
angelic kingdom and allow us to support you.

Blessings and much love,

Archangel Faith

Please visit for more information about the
changes and the boosts of energy.

Best wishes and blessings,



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