Shift Energy for 2009


This holiday season my mind has worked overtime as we approach new year energy emissions, because I realize humanity is rounding the bend or reaching the of 51% mass awareness of truths which we told ourselves so long ago,”We are not humans having a spiritual experience, but  Spirit having a human experience”, this has been a lovely idealistic phrase to embrace as our ideal, but not an idea  we have yet embraced as our reality.  This statement is the very concept of the  ‘2012  Shift of Consciousness’  or what some call Ascension.
It’s a new reality of viewing ourselves as Essence projecting a dream in which we are the character being dreamed. This is the reverse view of how we’ve viewed ourselves as the the old paradigm. As we begin to integrate this new awareness it becomes part of the beliefs embedded in our DNA, and we will begin to think and live as Spirit inner-connected to the Oneness of the greater cosmic field of Unified Consciousness as Oneness.  We humans are individualized thought points being projected in a journey of self awareness, and it’s time for us to tend to our own journey and not be concerned or comment on that of others. This Mastery of self is the energy prescription 2009.  All that the Spiritual Mystics have been telling us is now being shown to us by science, the faithful have stood lighting the way as we were told ‘ the meek shall inherit the earth’ ~ it’s unfolding before us. In 2009 we will step into the fullness of living this earth experience through our Oneness, or we’ll flounder to stay afloat in old paradigms ships with anchors drag us into the undertow.
saying for centuries. All creation is individualized points of a greater Oneness. Plants and water are connected in consciousness with humans.

Einstein said all is comprised of one unified field of energy which exists in all matter and in the space between all matter, which is inner-connected and inner-acts with itself. In the 1940’s Cleve Backster using a polygraph machine (Lie Detector) to demonstrate ‘plants are aware’.  His conclusion from experiments showed this is possible only because all is connected in a Unified Field of Consciousness indicating a Oneness with all.  His test involved hooking plants to this machine, then dropping Shrimp into boiling water. The graph went wild every time a Shrimp hit the water and worsened when one died. The plants had extreme reaction when a person in the room thought of breaking off a portion of it’s leaf. Words of violence had less to no effect when the thought was not present in the speakers mind thought. Many experiments were constructed along these lines as related in the book Primary Perception: Bio Communication with Plants, Living Foods, and Human Cells – White Rose Millennium Press 2003. The conclusion was that thought does not necessarily have to be sentto be received. Thought is simply there as part of the Collective Mind in the Consciousness Field and is non-local.  Also Masaru Emoto through his water experiments showed water reacted to thought and could be programed by thought intention. He showed the difference resulting from a loving good thought and  hate or anger, again proof that all is an inner-connected portion of this Unified Consciousness Field. These conclusion confirm many things Spiritual Mystics have been

*This inner-connectedness means our every thought effects all other of the remaining field.  
*It implicates  Karma is not as we noted it to be, but has effect from the thought or intention not the action.
*This gives us a much different view of  who/what humanity is.  It shows us the mind is all powerful and by changing our thought we can    change the reality we project as our life experience.
*It tells us we are not victims of fate, because we’re dreaming the dream and can change the outcome by completely embracing this awareness as reality because human manifestation is only the dreamed thought of our/the Essence.
*It shows us we are the co-creators of our reality through our thought and intention, and posses the ability to do magical things to change reality.
*It says we can create peace in the world when 51% live this awareness, automatically turning the tides of war and hatred as the Collective Consciousness Mind has the power to change the reality by holding the greater portion of  like
In 2009 it’s time for us to master our intentions and our thoughts to create the new reality we perceive for the Shift to a New Earth.  Mastery of this takes place in out mind from hearts desire living as Essence experiencing.



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  newdawnbreaking2012 wrote @

Looks like we are all on the same page. Exciting time to be alive, that’s for sure.

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