12-12-2008 Declaration and Discourse from Lords Melchizedek and Malkuth


12-12-2008 Declaration and Discourse from Lords Melchizedek and Malkuth, the Divine Progenitors of Humanity’s Ascension.

We welcome you on this day of openness and fullness. The Gemini full moon this evening is at perigee, or its closest point to earth in the last 15 years. Just a few weeks from now, the closest orbiting body to your planet, the moon, will be at apogee, the farthest point away from earth. To experience, see, feel and know this movement and shift, is to know what is happening in your world now.

Full Moon

Volatility is defined as “a tendency to fluctuate dramatically”. Volatility is the current condition of your world now. You are experiencing shifts in full polar opposites from apogee to perigee, in rapid fashion. This is what is occurring on every level of your reality now. We have only to look at the macrocosm and the microcosm to see the connections: stock market, oil prices, family discord and reconciliations are in full swing volatility.

Now, in the moment of greatest illumination in 15 years, you are able to see clearly. Those things which are resonating with falseness and self-motivation, are being made clear in this full moon. Deception and greed, avarice and falsity are revealed in the public eye.

The topic of our discourse on this evening 12-12-2008 is thus “What should I do?”

In the greater scheme of things, you have all been and done all things. You have all been in darkness as well as in great light. You have all experienced and or/been participants in great good as well as great destruction in the lives and livelihoods of others. What is the period of 14 days calling from the depths of your soul?

It is one thing and one thing only: BALANCE. Balance is often associated with Libra, but on this day of full moon in Gemini we will inform you that Balance is about the TWIN energy of seeing the self in the same light and compassion as we confer upon others. The Twin energy of Gemini full moon is calling upon all of you to let go of the false belief that you are separate from others, and thus disconnected. The Gemini illumination is to see the self in the same light as you see all others. This is the activation of the Wisdom Teacher, Sananda and the Golden Rule that he lived and taught. If you see all others as the Twin, or same, as yourself, it will reduce if not remove the fear and trepidation that is surrounding you now and tempting you to stay in imbalance and uncertainty.

To be in Gemini Balance is to see the volatility from apogee to perigee in great clarity. It is to see and to know what is being called from the depths of each and every soul: to live in Balance. To live and be in balance is to be at peace whether one is in apogee or perigee. It is to know and understand that it is not always in the brightness of the full moon that one sees most clearly. Why? Because you are all being called to restore trust in to the dark wholeness as well as the eternal light. You are all being called IN ADVANCE, to be the peace in the eye of the storm that will continue to wage around you in 2009. 2009 is a year of great CHOICE: entering deeper within the inner sanctum of the soul which is a place of balance, or collapsing back to duality. Duality is a state of chronic apogee-perigee: either/or – dark/light – yes/no.

What should I do? You “should” do no thing other than let go of the “should” and bring in the “shall”. Should implies obligation and obsequiousness. Literally, our students of wisdom, should –based action keeps you in the duality of disempowerment. Should keeps you beholden to those who desire to continue to control your lives through obligation and guilt. Shall, shifts you into the balance place where all things are transmuted to the pristine purity of BOTH light and dark. Shall means in root origin, “to be able to” compared to should which is “to be obligated to.”

Where is the Balance point in these final weeks of 2008? It is in the one and only law of the universe: Thou Shall Love.The law of balance is not “thou Should love”. But thou Shall love, with all your heart, your mind, your soul and your body. What should you do in these times of volatility? You should DO nothing. You shall open your heart and activate the choice to be in balance in the sea of change that is washing over all of the earth now. You do not need to arm yourself, put cash and conserves aside or batten down your hatches for a storm or tsunami. You shall open your heart and trust the Divine Plan that is manifesting very quickly on earth and in heaven Now. You shall open your heart to Receive the great bounty and abundance that is opening into the true state of being, which is balance, peace, prosperity and wholeness for all who choose the only path of Love.

When you begin to question “What should I do”, go to your heart and remember the answer:No – thing. There is no thing that you must do to be worthy of the great dispensations and shifts that are occurring. There is no thing that you should do to prove yourself to be enlightened enough to receive the balancing of eternal light and dark whole that is occurring now. Know that 2009 is attuned to a year of light-wisdom-gnosis. Know that light is not about visual light but about the eternal light of being that comes from following the one law: Thou Shall Love. When you embrace this with choice, rather than obligation, all the days ahead, whether apogee or perigee, the longest day or longest night, the illumination or eclipse, you are SAFE in the world. You have chosen to be here now to witness the greatest of all transformations: Liberation of humanity from shoulds and from untruth. You will know the truth, by being the truth and in the days ahead, this will set you free.

The Declaration of Liberation on the Perigee of Gemini.

Divine One that moves in and through all things,
We are moving to Balance and Wholeness.
We shall see self in others,
We shall embrace the light and the dark whole.
We shall Be the Balance point into the New.
We shall free ourselves from fear and from limitation.
We shall love and we shall serve.
Whether in knowing or unknowing, we free ourselves
by embracing the Love of One that exists
in all others before us in this dance of Twin balance.
We are returning whole and complete
to the Center where the Will of God is known.
Blessings on the perigee day of 12-12-2008.

Peace be with you in light and dark and in all the places in between where Whole Spirit Guides  you on your path.
Lords Melchizedek and Malkuth

Copyright 2008 Ronna Prince.www.azlivinglight.com



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