The Sirian Council* Nov08 “Garden of Eden”



“Garden of Eden”
Message from the Sirian Council

by Meg Benedicte



Nov. 13, 2008

Well, it has been a significant week for all of humanity, as we witness the dawning of a New Age. As the world reacts to the election of Barack Obama as the new leader of the United States, the shift in consciousness is palpable. The time has come for the karmic cycle to swing into alignment with universal truth and benevolence. As we feel this realization within…we all breathe a sigh of relief!

It was not too long ago when we were caught up in the death-lock of duality. For every forward movement we made in our lives, the opposing counter-force pushed us back. What an uphill battle it was! It came out of the woodwork, hidden, sneaking up on us at unsuspecting moments. There was no way to prepare for the opposition, the crushing blow, the sabotaging wave that wiped our dreams away.
Just as I was beginning to feel broken, worn out and losing hope, the Universe responded with a harmonic display of inter-dimensional activations linking two parallel Earth planes in suspension. We are witnessing at this time the profound groundswell of humanity’s awareness shifting towards the vision of this New Earth. It is sparking alive in millions of awakened minds, a glimpse of One World, a world free of war, disease, hate and separation. It is a new world free of counter-force! It is a world that is free of duality…existing in perfect Union in the Law of ONE.
Many of us on the spiritual path have seen this New Earth for the past several years, and have been actively bridging into this alternate world reality free of counter-motion…a world alive with divine life force! All around us we observe the continuing collapse of the Old World Order…as we become familiar with living in a life space free of duality, humming with glimmering light! We have arrived at the “Garden of Eden”, the original human birthplace. It is alight with brilliant colors and tones, a magnificent, lush garden of abundant creation. It is our birthright! We are awakening and remembering…

eveAs we travel back in time to the “Garden of Eden” and the original human prototype…we can trace our DNA all the way back to Africa. Scientists have been able to determine through the mitochondrial DNA passed through the matrilineal descent, that the most recent common ancestor for all humans alive today is believed to have lived about 140,000 years ago in what is now Ethiopia, Kenya or Tanzania. Based on this evidence, Researchers have given her the name, Mitochondrial “Eve”, representing humanity’s African Mother.
As we spin around and come full circle, we now are witnessing at this propitious moment in time the “return to Africa” and the pure DNA of Mitochondrial “Eve”. Held within the receptor cells of human biology is the memory of divine human potential. And who better to lead the human race back to the “Garden of Eden” than an evolved African-American named Barack Obama. His Sirian lineage positions his “star” power to serve as humanity’s leader into the New World of love, hope and unity consciousness. He carries within his genetic makeup the African link to “Eve” and the American link to the New Age of Sovereignty. He represents the past, present and future. Barack Obama is the “bridge” to the New Earth, the parallel reality awaiting all human souls.
earth hologramWe welcome you to join us in this Unified Field hologram, so that you can begin to experience life without opposition, an open flow of abundance, a heightened feeling of joy and connection, a world reality free of pain and disease. This new world does exist, and you are being called to journey across the bridge. The movement has come to fruition and the wave is swelling, raising us higher and higher to step across the divide.
We’re no longer alone…the Universe has prepared a leader who embodies our African roots and our Divine Human lineage. He will pave the way for humanity to reach a higher vibration of living and loving. We are breaking free of the chains of enslavement, recognizing our divine right to freedom and sovereignty. As our hearts and minds open to new possibilities, we can ride the sea change of hope and sail into the New World of ONE.

Copyright © 2008 Meg Benedicte · All Rights Reserved





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